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Can I Use Amazon Gift Card For Audible

I Have Almost 2000 Audible Books And

How to redeem Audible Gift Card?
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  • Amazon Does Not Let You Use Credits To Buy Audiobooks From Audible

    January 4, 2016 By Michael Kozlowski

    Many people have received Amazon gift cards for Christmas and are itching to use them. Some people have run into the situation where they want to use their credits to buy audiobooks from Audible, after all Amazon owns them.

    Amazon has a bug in their system that will not allow you to use Amazon credit to buy Audible books. Instead, it will just charge your credit card for the full amount and the audiobook will show up in your Audible account.

    The same error happens if you visit the Amazon site to purchase the Kindle book and then add the audio for a reduced price. When this process is initiated it doesnt redirect you to Audible, it just charges you for the full amount on Amazon.

    Hopefully Amazon addresses this bug soon, because lots of people want to try an audiobook for the first time.

    Easy Ways To Gift Audible Audiobooks

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    Is there an Audible user in your life? Gifting an audiobook is easier than you think and you have several ways to do it.

    Some things are easy to gift, some are difficult. Print books will make great books this holiday season, and in ten or fifty years. A book has everything to make a gift recipient happy.

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    What about ebooks, audiobooks, or any other kind of digital content? They are not real objects which you can wrap in a gift paper and arrange an unforgettable gift unboxing moment.

    However, the demand for digital content is increasing. Maybe its the right time to find out what you need to learn and do to gift audiobooks, ebooks, movies, or games the best possible way?

    Jump directly to:

    In the following quick and brief guide, we will take a closer look at audiobooks from Audible. You can gift them easily, but most importantly, you can choose from multiple ways, depending on your preferences and the gift recipients habits.

    Audible is a leading audiobook platform thats connected to an Amazon ecosystem, making it easier than ever for Amazon users to seamlessly listen to their favorite titles. The platform offers currently almost 500,000 audiobooks in all genres, including romance, memoirs, thrillers, and original Audible productions.

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    Audible Gift Membership Plans


    The price is not the only difference. The second factor is substantial for Audible users its free monthly credits.

    Why are Audible credits so important? Because a single credit can be exchanged for a single audiobook, regardless of the audiobooks price. Having that in mind, Audible members usually buy for their credits the most expensive audiobooks the newly released hot titles or recent bestsellers.

    Bestselling audiobooks cost between $35 and $40. Therefore, a single credits worth can reach $40.

    Buying the membership via Amazon is cheaper, but the member will receive 1 free monthly credit only for 3 months. The regular Audible subscription provides free monthly credits for the entire membership period.

    Therefore, if you want to buy the membership for an Audible newbie, you can pick up Amazon, but if you plan to gift a regular Audible member, buy the fully fledged prepaid plan directly on Audible.

    How to buy Gift Membership directly on Audible

  • Go to Audible Gift Center and decide which plan you want to buy.
  • Choose how you would like to send the gift , and provide name and address of the gift recipient.
  • Which membership plan from these available through Audible is the best? As weve mentioned above, these plans will be the best gifts for existing Audible members.

    Therefore, the longer the plan, the better. When you choose the 12-month subscription, you pay $173 but save as much as 30%, compared to monthly payments.

    Part 1: The Mentor

    Can You Buy Audible Credits Without A Membership

    You can

    No, you cannot. You can purchase Audible content without membership through Amazon, but you dont get access to credits without membership. The Audible Plus plan doesnt land you with any monthly credits, but some countries allow purchasing extra credits through this membership plan. Audible Premium Plus gives you one credit per month or twelve credits per year.

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    Score Items At Amazoncom

    Naturally, you get to use your Amazon gift card to buy millions of items on and Amazon Marketplace .

    Amazon delivery drivers will deliver your item to your home based on availability and your preferences.

    Amazon Prime members get the greatest delivery speeds and prices, drastically affecting the budget of someone who enjoys shopping online for the better.

    If your Amazon delivery order takes longer than anticipated, learn more to ensure appropriate expectations in the future.

    What Can You Buy With Amazon Gift Cards

    The 25 best things you can buy with an Amazon gift card A relaxing essential oil diffuser You need to calm down after a stressful holiday season. A streaming stick for endless binge-watching Netflix and chill just got so much easier. So youve just gotten Disney+, alongside your Netflix, Hulu, and HBO accounts. A board game that everyone will enjoy playing Who doesnt love a good board game?

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    How To Buy Credits On Audible Uk

    The UK version of Audible allows you to purchase three extra credits at a time. They cost £6 per credit, totaling £18. To buy extra credits, navigate to the top of the Audible website, and you should see a Buy 3 extra credits entry right next to your currently available credits. Click the entry and then select Buy Now to purchase three extra credits.

    If youre accessing Audible via mobile, youll find the Buy 3 extra credits option in the Menu section to the left.

    How Do I Buy An Audible Audiobook As A Present

    What Can You Buy With Amazon Gift Card?

    If you opt to gift someone an audiobook instead of an audible membership, you can use your Audible credit or a credit card to buy the gift audiobook. Log into your Audible account and follow the steps below to offer someone special the gift of a wonderful listen:

    • Find the audiobook you want to give as a gift and click on it.
    • Then select Give as a present.
    • Next, decide whether you want to send your gift via email or as a printable card.
    • Examine the data you entered and decide how you want to pay for your gift. However, note that coupons cannot be used to purchase a gift title.
    • To complete your purchase, click Confirm Purchase.
    • After youve purchased your gift, youll be directed to a Thank You page that confirms your order, as well as an email confirming your purchase. If you choose to print your gift, instructions on how to print and fold your card will be provided.
    • Your recipient will have access to all membership privileges and can keep any titles purchased.

    Its important to note that you can also share one book from your Audible library , so if you have a title that a friend will enjoy, you can save money by using the share shortcut.

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    Where Can I Use An Amazon Gift Card

    An Amazon gift card may look unassuming when you first find it in a celebratory greeting card instead of a present.

    However, with an Amazon gift card, you have received the gift of possibility.

    To make the best use of your gift, you need to know where you can use it.

    Here are 10 places where you can use your Amazon Gift Card and how to load your gift card to your account.

    Send An Audible Book As A Gift

    You can use your credits to give audiobooks to friends or family members. To give someone special the gift of a great listen, follow these steps:

  • Find the audiobook you want to purchase as a gift. On the audiobook’s summary page, click Give as a gift next to the purchase options.
  • Choose how you want to send your gift – either through an email or as a printable card. Fill in the blank spaces provided and click Continue.
  • Review the information you added and click Buy Now with 1 Credit.
  • Click Confirm Purchase to finalize your purchase.
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    Can I Gift Audible Credits

    Can you gift Audible credits? is a very common question, and the answer is kind of a yes and kind of a no. As shown above, you can buy Audible membership to give to someone , and if they already have a membership this essentially acts like just buying extra credits for them. But there is no specific plan that allows you to just outright buy Audible credits for someone, because if your recipient doesnt already have an Audible membership they will be given a normal month-to-month Audible subscription for the duration of the gift you sent.

    What Is A Wish List On The Audible For Ios App And How Do I Add To It

    Can I Use My Amazon Gift Card On Audible

    A Wish List is a place where you may save audiobooks that you want but arent ready to buy yet. With this list, youll know where to go if youre waiting for your next credit and/or want to find your next listen quickly.

    Follow the procedure below to add a title to your Wishlist on an iOS device:

    • Open the Audible app on your phone.
    • Select Discover.
    • Browse for the title on the discover screen or use the search icon at the top of the screen to find it.
    • Add to Wish List by tapping Add to Wish List Add to Wish List will then say Remove from WishList, verifying your choice.
    • You can then go to Home and scroll down to the Wish List carousel in the iOS app to see your Wish List.

    If you have an Android app, follow the steps below to add a title to your Wishlist on the Android app:

    • Open the Audible app on your phone.
    • Select Discover.
    • Use the categories to find an audiobook, or use the search magnifying glass to find a title by name.
    • When youve found a title you like, press it to go to the product detail page for that title.
    • You can go ahead to add to Wish List by tapping Add to Wish List.
    • After youve added your title, go to the Profile icon and then Wish List in the app to find and view your Wishlist.

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  • Gift A Single Audiobook On A Cd

    Pick up this option if you are not sure whether the gift recipient is using an Audible app or an Audible audiobook platform at all.

    This solution is also the best for anyone who prefers listening to audiobooks in a traditional, tangible form.

    Giving an audiobook on a CD gives two more benefits:

    • As a physical object, it makes a much better gift than a printed card with gift membership details or a digital audiobook thats sent via email.
    • Gift recipients can play an audiobook directly from a CD , but they can also download it to their preferred audio/music platform, such as iTunes or Google Play Music, and listen to it in a familiar environment.

    Opposite to the option listed before, if you decide to buy an audiobook on a CD, you can do it via Amazon, not Audible website.

    How to gift an audiobook on a CD

  • Go to and use a search box to type the title and author of the audiobook you want to gift.
  • Go to book details page and select Audio CD from available formats and editions .
  • Proceed to check out.
  • Now, you have two options of how to give this audiobook as a gift. Depending on which one you prefer, you can choose different check out options.

    1. Give the audiobook personally

    Simply, buy the audiobook together with other items you need for holidays, and send it to your address. After it arrives, use your imagination to prepare a creative gift box.

    2. Send the gift directly to the recipient

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    Get Groceries Delivered Through Amazon Fresh And Amazon Whole Foods Market

    Amazon Fresh brings groceries and everyday essentials to your home quickly.

    In many cases, you can get free delivery the same day as long as you purchase more than $35 worth of items.

    You simply shop in the Amazon Fresh category and then select the delivery window when you check out.

    You can also use the gift card to make purchases through Amazon Whole Foods Market.

    Whole Foods only sells organic, eco-conscious products.

    Similar to Amazon Fresh, you can get the food delivered to you the same day.

    Amazon Fresh and Amazon Whole Foods Market are different services, and they have unique processes and locations.

    You cannot combine your order.

    You cannot use your gift card toward tips for the delivery driver, so have cash available or use a different method of paying to make things fair for the delivery driver.

    Amazon Fire Hd 10 Kids Pro Reviewyour Browser Indicates If You’ve Visited This Link

    How To Buy More Audible Credits

    Where the standard Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Edition is designed for very young children, the Kids Pro version of the Fire HD 10 is for older kids the recommended age group is 6 to 12. That means a less childish-looking but very strong protective case and a more grown-up walled garden of games and apps.


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    Selecting Book As A Gift

    After finding the book that you want to gift, you need to select the item. Then a box will pop up on your screen that shows add to cart, price, and other options buttons. After clicking on the Other Options button, you can go to the gift sending page. Here, you will find the Give as a Gift button. After clicking on the button, you will go to the next step to send the book.

    How Do I Un

    Did you cancel by mistake or change your mind after canceling your audible membership? Dont fret, as you can reverse your actions and reactivate your account with ease.

    Learn how to un-cancel your membership by using the following simple steps:

    • After you cancel your Audible plan, go to the top of the Membership details page to see how many days you have left to un-cancel your membership.
    • Follow the steps to reactivate your Audible subscription.
    • On the Audible desktop site, go to the Account Details page.
    • Follow the directions and actions on the screen.
    • An automatic email will be provided to you as verification of your plan changes after you un-cancel your membership.

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    Filling The Recipient Details

    When you click the Give as a gift button, you will see another page to fill it up. This page is all about the basic details of sending gifts to your friend or family member. Here, you need to enter the e-mail id, name, and your name.

    The most attractive option of this part of the Audible is the sending date of the gift. You can select any date within a year from the purchasing date. Also, you can choose the option of e-mailing or printing that you want to send. Besides, you will get a message box to write a short message for the recipient.

    How Can I Buy An Audiobook From My Wish List

    Can i use amazon gift card for audible books ...

    You can purchase a title directly in the iOS app if you have a credit. Take the following steps:

    • Open the Audible app on your phone.
    • Select Library.
    • Select the title you want to buy by tapping on it.
    • Select Buy with 1 Credit from the drop-down menu.

    However, if you dont have a credit, you can use the Audible mobile site to purchase a title from your Wish List. Take the following steps:

    • Using the web browser on your mobile device, go to the Audible website.
    • Select Menu, then Wish List.
    • Select the title youd want to buy by tapping on it.
    • Tap Confirm Purchase after selecting Buy Now for $X.XX.

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    Making The Most Out Of Audible Credits

    Amazons proprietary services can be somewhat confusing at times, and Audible is no exception. We hope that weve clarified the basics of credits on Audible. If you have any additional questions or extra tips to add, dont be a stranger youll find a comments section below this entry go ahead and comment away.


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