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Can Visa Gift Cards Get Refunds

How Long Does It Take To Get A Refund On A Visa Gift Card

Can You Refund Items On To Vanilla Visa Gift Card

Earlier, we have answered the question, can money be refunded to a visa gift card. Moving on, you need to know the length of time it takes for the money refunded to get into your visa gift card balance.

Actually, if the good or service you purchased with the visa gift card is entitled to a refund, and you agree to accept a credit to the card balance in place of cash, the credit will reflect in 30 days.

Basically, it takes 30 days to get a credit refund on a visa gift card after returning a purchase.

The refund may come sooner than 30 days, but the time is usually capped at 30 days.

Easy Ways To Convert Gift Cards To Cash

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Do you have a Visa gift card that you wish to exchange for cash? Here are several easy methods you can use to convert gift cards to cash.

Visa gift cards are a great way of saving on shopping. Most are sold during promotions where stores offer incentives for shoppers to buy and use them. However, sometimes people need to convert a Visa gift card to cash.

Well, no cause for alarm.

If you wish to convert your gift cards to cash, there are numerous ways to do it.

In this article, we will explore the most feasible ways available to convert that Visa gift card to liquid cash.

But why would you want to convert your Visa card? Well, there are a number of reasons why someone may wish to do this.

If you are like me and check your net worth on Personal Capital daily, you likely think gift cards are a waste of time and space. Why carry virtual money when you can have cold hard cash to invest or pay down debt?

These Visa gift cards cannot be used to withdraw money at an ATM, which therefore makes them somewhat inflexible.

Preferred Method for Converting Plastiq

Our preferred method to use to convert a Visa card is with Plastiq. Its completely free to join and you can pay for anything with credit cards. Even where credit cards arent accepted.


Getting Gift Card Refunds On Your Own

To get a complete gift card refund, you have to go through at least two steps:

  • Returning the purchased product
  • Requesting that the funds on the card are returned to the original form of payment
  • Most businesses have generous return policies for both steps, but using gift cards can complicate things.

    You must have receipts for both transactions to be able to get a refund for the product and gift card involved.

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    Can I Return A Store Gift Card That I Dont Want

    There are not federal or state laws that dictate whether or not a gift card can be returned so it is up to each merchant to set that policy. Most store and restaurant gift cards that I see have terms printed on the card, on the packaging or on a website that say, This card is non-refundable and non-returnable.

    I have seen, however, that some stores will allow you to return a gift card within a short period of time after purchase so long as you have the purchase receipt and havent used the card. Target, for example, has a generous return policy.

    The FAQ says, Physical Target GiftCards can be returned in store with a receipt if unused and Your Target® Visa®, Mastercard® or American Express® Gift Card can be returned to any Target store with a valid, original-purchase receipt. Your card must be new, unopened, contain all original packaging, and must be returned within 90 days of purchase.

    Still, this is an exception. Even Nordstrom, the department store well-known for having a generous customer return policy says, Gift Cards may not be returned or applied as payment on any account.

    If you have a store gift card that youd like to return, check the back of the gift card for terms and conditions, check the retailers website for information or drop by the store to ask.

    If you are willing to accept less than face value for the gift card, then you could sell it to a gift card reseller for cash instead.

    Can I Get Cash Back From A Visa Gift Card

    Can you get cash back on a visa gift card

    In my experience, banks will decline transactions that are deemed cash. That means you cant use a Visa gift card at an ATM nor can you take it to a cash register and ask for cash back. I have tried it myself to see if it will work, but the transaction declines every time.

    In general, you cannot use Visa gift cards and Mastercard gift cards on peer-to-peer payment apps like PayPal or Venmo either. Though I have heard of people working these systems , loopholes that may have previously existed are now closed.

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    Can I Get A Refund On My Visa/mastercard Gift Card

    If your purchase was made with a Visa or MasterCard Gift Card, we recommend requesting a store credit refund unless you still have the original Gift Card in your possession. Refunds issued to Visa/MasterCard Gift Cards cannot be reversed or reclaimed if the card if no longer in your possession.

    Already generated a Return Authorization Number for refund? Contact us with your order number before the return is processed and we can change your refund request to store credit.

    Can I Get Cash Back After I Used Most Of The Gift Card

    In some states, if the balance of a store-issued gift card falls below a certain threshold, the merchant is required to redeem the gift card for cash upon request. In California, for example, a gift card under $10 can be refunded. In Maine and New Jersey, the limit is only $5. In both cases, the gift card balance must previously have been above the balance threshold.

    Please note, the rules do not apply to gift cards that were received via donation or as part of a reward, loyalty or promotional program. These rules do not apply to Visa or Mastercard gift cards either.

    How to get the gift card balance back in cash: Use the list belowstate laws that require merchants to cash out gift cardsto find out if your state requires stores and restaurants to give cash back when gift card balances drop. If so, then pay attention to the transaction when you redeem your gift card. If the balance falls below the cut-off line, ask the cashier to pay you the balance of the gift card in cash. Some will do it automatically and others will have to call the store manager to find out how to do it.

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    How Can You Get Cash From Your Visa Gift Card

    Although you can pay your bills or purchase items using your Visa Gift Card, you cannot get cash from it. You can get money back if you have the Visa Prepaid Card .

    Can you buy something with a Visa Gift Card and return it for cash at Walmart? No, you also cannot use a Visa Gift Card to buy things and then return them for cash at Walmart.

    Safeguard Yourself With Return Protection

    Can You Refund Items To Secure Spend Prepaid Visa Gift Card

    Return protection is offered by credit cards, and it gives you an extended amount of time to return or exchange items in addition to the retailers return policies. In some instances, there may be additional costs to cardholders such as shipping when exchanging or returning items.

    Qualifying Mastercard and American Express credit cards offer this protection, as well as eligible Visa Infinite credit cards.

    How to file a claimCall 800-Mastercard to request a claim formCall 800-322-1277 or visit American Expresss website to file a claimCall 888-221-3289 to file a claim

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    Can I Cash Out The Small Balance Of A Visa Gift Card

    State gift card laws that require merchants to cash out gift cards once the balance falls below a threshold do not apply to bank-issued gift cards such as Visa, Mastercard or American Express. In my opinion, however, it is pretty easy to use the miniscule balance on a Visa or Mastercard gift card in most places. Heres what I do:

    Step 1: Keep Gift Cards Handy I carry my gift cards next to the debit and credit cards I use most often. Doing so prompts me to consider whether or not I can use a gift card whenever I reach into my wallet.

    Step 2: Know the Balance Although not necessary, I check the balance of my gift cards so I know how much I have to spend. Many point of sale systems can deduct the balance of a gift card without knowing how much is on the card, but I have found that some older models will simply decline a card if the balance is less than the full amount of my purchase. Having the balance handy helps ensure the card is run correctly.

    Step 3: Tell the Cashier Before handing over the gift card, I tell the cashier that I would like to use more than one form of payment for my purchase. I might say something like, I have a Visa gift card with a couple of dollars left on it that I would like to use first. Then Ill pay the balance with another card. Is that ok? This gives the cashier a heads-up in case the system has issues with split-tender transactions.

    How Can I Use A Few Dollars Left On A Store Gift Card

    If the balance does not fall below the state-mandated threshold or your state does not require cashing out miniscule gift cards, then the only thing to do is simply use the gift card.

    If you can, use the entirety of the gift card balance when you first redeem the gift card. Thats the easiest thing to do. If your intended purchase does not exceed the balance, look for a small item near the cash register to push you over the limit. Though Im not suggesting you spend the money frivilously, I do believe that it is better to buy something in the moment than to let the tiny balance go to wastewhich is what it seems most people do.

    I keep my gift cards next to the debit and credit cards I use most often. So whenever I am in a store, I am reminded that I have gift cards to spend. Here are my other tricks for remembering to use gift cards.

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    Collect Everything You Need

    Once youve verified that you can get a refund, youll need to pick up a few items before you return to the business where you made the purchase. If applicable, place the item in its original packaging . You will also need to bring your prepaid credit card , the receipt and a photo ID :

    • If you no longer have the receipt, you can try requesting a card activity report from the issuing company to show the store manager that you made the purchase at the location on the specified date. Without any proof that you made a purchase at the respective store, they can refuse the refund or can only refund the store credit based on their return policy.
    • If you want a refund for a service, please bring any other supporting documentation to show why you were not satisfied. If a lawn care provider is mowing trees poorly, take pictures for example.

    How Long Does It Take For A Refund To Appear On A Credit Card

    Visa gift cards containing only a few dollars can be ...
    • Refunds from a merchant can take up to seven days to process. Note that during this time the original purchase could still be listed on your account and accrue interest if you carry a balance on your credit card. You can contact individual merchants to find out how long they will take to process the refund or to request a faster refund.
    • The transaction dispute process requires providers wait for a response from the merchant before processing any eligible credit card refunds. This means that it could take some time for a credit card refund to show up on your account anywhere from a week to several months. During this time, your credit card provider may freeze interest charges on the disputed amount, or increase the funds available on your account. Check with your specific provider to find out more.

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    How To Request A Chargeback

    Getting a credit card refund from a merchant is relatively straightforward, which is usually the first direction to take. On the other hand, the chargeback process usually involves several more steps.

  • Contact your credit card provider. Explain the situation to them in detail. They may advise you to contact the merchant again before proceeding with the chargeback.
  • Provide evidence of the issue. Your provider may ask you for verbal or written details of the incorrect charges and you could have to fill out a credit card dispute form. Provide as much information as possible, including statements, receipts and any other details about your contact with the merchant.
  • Wait for a response. The credit card refund laws around chargebacks require banks to wait up to 45 days for a merchant to respond to your dispute claims. If the merchant does not respond in that time, your dispute will be approved and youll get your money back. If they do respond, further steps will be taken to resolve the situation. You can request updates from your provider during this time, but will have to wait it out before you can get a refund.
  • Provide any further details. If the merchant accepts the dispute, your refund will be processed as usual. If they reject it, your provider may ask for further details until the situation is resolved. Most credit card providers aim to provide an outcome within 45 days, but in some cases it could take up to 120 days for the provider and merchant to resolve the dispute.
  • You Can Give It As A Gift

    You can also give Visa Gift Cards as a gift to your friends and family members. This gift is best when youre not sure what to buy as a birthday or Christmas present.

    Weve answered the question: Can you buy something with a Visa Gift Card and return it for cash? Now, lets look at the Visa Prepaid Card and its differences from the Visa Gift Card.

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    Establish The Refund Policy For The Establishment Where You Made The Purchase

    Like the company that issued the credit card, you can determine your own refund policies, the store where you purchased the item or service can determine its own return/refund policies. For example, if you purchased something as is or stayed longer than the recovery period for a service, the store may legally reject your refund. Please contact the store before entering to ensure you can get a refund for the item or service:

    • Check your receipt. The purchase return or refund period are often listed at the bottom of the receipt.
    • If youre outside the refund window, you can often speak to a supervisor or manager to try to find an exception. For tangible items, the manager may still have authority to accept the return if it is in good condition. For services, the manager can still issue a refund if he can show why he was unhappy.
    • Make a note when talking to the manager if he or she offered to make an exception for you. Include the managers name, date, etc. Included as documentation in case he or she is not there when you return for the actual refund.

    So Many Questions About Gift Card Balances

    Can You Use Visa Debit Gift Card On Wish App?

    I get many questions about gift card balances and how to use the last little bit thats left over after a major purchase. The answer depends on the type of gift card you have. Store and restaurant gift cards are different from Visa and Mastercard gift cards, so I have to treat these questions differently. In the blog post below, Ill answer these main questions:

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    How Long Does It Take For A Refund To Show On My Visa Gift Card

    I bought a Vanilla Visa Gift card for $400 and linked it to my paypal account. I paid for something with that money, but canceled it, so I got a refund. On paypal, it says I was refunded $400, but I checked my gift card balance and I have $0. In the transactions, it has 400 dollars under the “-” sign and it says “Pending – PAYPAL *CARDENCY”. How long does it take to show on my card?? I was refunded 3 hours ago.

    Is There A Way To Put Visa Gift Card Into Bank Account

    Venmo lets you add Visa gift card balances as long as the transfer isnt blocked for fraud protection reasons. Once the funds are in your account, simply choose Transfer to Bank from the account menu. Youll need to be patient for this option since the transfer will usually take between one and three business days.

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