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Can You Add A Gift Card To Venmo

Use Gift Card Exchange Kiosks To Get Cash

Can You Add Secure Spend Prepaid Visa Gift Card To Venmo

Another way you can exchange gift cards for cash is to use gift card exchange kiosks.

Gift card exchange kiosks are machines that you can find in grocery stores or retail stores that will give you cash for your gift cards.

All you need to do is insert your gift card in the machine and the machine will tell you how much cash you can get for the gift card and if you accept the offer you will be given a cash voucher.

You just need to take this voucher to the cashier to redeem your cash!

However, there are a few downsides to this method

One big downside is that you will get less in cash than the gift cards are worth due to fees and these fees are pretty hefty, sometimes more than using online services.

Two other downsides are that these machines are not easy to come by and not all let you exchange gift cards for cash, many just let you swap to a different gift card or store credit.

So, its not the best method out there to exchange Visa gift cards for cash but its definitely an option to consider if you need cash quickly.

How Secure Is Venmo

Venmo takes several steps to protect users, including using encryption to protect account details and storing that information on servers in secure locations. You can also set up multifactor authentication and a PIN code for further protection. Venmo recommends using the app for payments to people you know and trust.

Turn Your Visa Gift Cards To Cash By Buying And Reselling Items

This may take a few extra steps to do but it may be the only other option on this list that lets you make money from converting your Visa gift cards to cash .

As mentioned, most stores treat Visa gift cards like credit cards. This means that you can generally use them to buy items at almost any store, so keep an eye out for things that are either heavily reduced or in high demand.

In both cases, theres a good chance you may be able to resell the item at a higher price than what you paid. This, in turn, will let you eventually get cash from your gift card.

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Use A Gift Card Exchange Kiosk

A gift card exchange kiosk is a dependable method to transfer Visa gift cards to cash. Look for machines within select grocery stores theyre often yellow machines that look like casino slots and make similar noises.

The system requires that you enter the card information, such as card number and expiration dates. Youre then given a choice to get a cash-back offer.

Once you accept, youll need to print the voucher and bring it to a nearby cashier. Thats usually all thats needed to do to get money through this method. If you have trouble with card swipes, ask for assistance.

Not all grocery stores dont have a gift card exchange kiosk so its best to do a search first so you dont waste your time. What I like about kiosks is its a faster way to turn Visa gift cards into cash.

Other methods take days before the transaction is complete. With kiosks, youll get your money almost instantly. Make sure you bring your identification just in case.

I should mention exchange kiosks do take a small chunk of your proceedings. If you dont plan on using that Visa card anyways, its a reasonable sacrifice to make. Dont accept the offer if you dont like it you can always cancel before the process is complete.

For more in-depth steps, check out this article that walks you through selling a gift card using an exchange kiosk.

Does Walmart Accept Venmo How To Use Venmo Online & In


Venmo is a popular contactless mobile payment method among the Millennials and Gen Z. Its similar to PayPal. Still, its uniqueness and popularity stem from the fact that the Venmo app simplifies money-sharing and payments by allowing purchases through social feeds. In addition, users can link and make payments with their bank account, debit/credit cards with chips, prepaid cards, gift cards, or by using their Venmo balance.

What a convenience! But wait, how did we get here?

It started with credit and debit cards, which brought the world into a cashless economy and made it possible to spend money without the need to visit banks or look for Chase, Wells Fargo, and other bank ATMs that dispense $5, $1, $50 or $100 near me. Then came the internet age and cutting-edge financial technology. Theyve given us online and mobile payment solutions that have delivered digital wallets like PayPal, Venmo, banking apps, and contactless mobile payment methods like Google Pay and Apple Pay.

Technology has managed to integrate all the payment methods to seamlessly work in a single device-the smartphone. For instance, you can link all your cards and checking accounts to your Venmo app, PayPal wallet, or Apple and Google mobile wallets and make transactions from your phone without the need of visiting a bank. And the good thing is, digital and mobile wallets add an extra layer of security to your money because you can use your debit card without a PIN.

So does Walmart accept Venmo?

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How To Make The Most Of Adding A Credit Card To Venmo

The best reason to add a credit card as your Venmo funding source is to make the most of rewards points. The following steps can help you do that:

  • Only use your credit card if you’re making a purchase that won’t incur a fee. Venmo lets you set up separate preferred payment methods. For example, if you’re buying a gift on Etsy from an authorized merchant, use your card and rack up rewards points. If you’re sending money to a friend, switch your payment method to your bank or debit card.
  • Keep track of purchases made and money sent using your credit card. You want to avoid two things: running over your credit limit and spending more than you can afford to repay.
  • Make sure you’re getting more than you’re giving. Is your primary reason for tying a credit card to your Venmo account to score rewards points? Then be sure to pay your credit card balance off in full each month so you’re not hit with interest payments that cost you more than points or cash rewards are worth.

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Remember you need to buy items from vendors that accept gift cards as payment. Established sites such as eBay and Facebook Marketplace are a great place to start.

Once you have bought the item, you now just need to resell it for a higher price than you paid. After it has sold you now have the cash in your account to use however you like.

Buying and selling goods will involve more work than the other methods listed. However, it can mean making a profit on the gift cards which for many means the extra time spent is worth it. If you are in a rush for cash then one of the other methods will be better.

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Can You Use Venmo At Walmart

Yes, you can use Venmo at Walmart for in-store and online purchases. Simply open the Venmo app and hit the Scan button to scan a QR code at the checkout counter. Youll be asked to confirm the purchase before its charged on your Venmo balance.

Alternatively, tap the Show to Pay button on your Venmo app to generate a QR code. Present the QR code to the cashier so that they can scan it to complete the purchase.

To pay with Venmo on, use your preferred mobile phone browser to shop for items on the site. Once youre done, choose PayPal as your payment option. Youll be directed to the PayPal website, where you can select Venmo as your payment method. In addition, some merchants websites display a Venmo button that you can click to make the purchase right away.

That said, you may still find some Walmart stores that dont accept Venmo. So its always advisable to carry an alternative payment method. Use the Walmart store locator to find contact details and any 24-hour superstores nearby to avoid the guesswork.

Pay With Gift Card Instead Of Cash

Can You Use Vanilla Visa Gift Card On Venmo

The first way to convert a gift card into cash may seem obvious. Use the gift card to pay for something that you would normally use cash for. This means the bill is paid, but you still have the cash to spend!

Keep in mind that credit card fees may apply when paying with a Visa or Mastercard gift card. Check that first to make sure it still makes sense to pay with the gift card. If it does, then go ahead with the payment and now you have the equivalent cash remaining in your bank account.

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Fees For Using A Credit Card On The Venmo App

  • When you use your credit card to send money to friends on Venmo, you will be charged a 3% transaction fee. For example, if you send your friend $100 and use your credit card as a source of money, your total spending will be $103.
  • When shopping with the Venmo app, partners usually dont charge you
  • In addition, you should note, there may be an additional currency conversion fee

Instructions for sending money to a friend with a credit card through Venmo:

  • On the main screen of the Venmo app, you will see a Pay or Request Money button, tap it
  • Then you can choose 1 or more friends you want to send money to
  • Enter the amount and transaction notes
  • If the balance in Venmo is not enough, the app will ask you to choose a source of funds
  • You choose your credit card
  • Then click Finish

What Visa Gift Cards Can Be Used At An Atm

If you currently have a Visa gift card and want to know if you can use it directly at an ATM, the short answer is no. Because these types of gift cards are coded to be used in stores or at restaurants, you cant directly get money from an ATM from them.

You can, however, use some of the methods listed in this post such as selling the gift cards for cash on places such as Facebook Marketplace or Gift Card Granny.

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Is There A Way To Combine Visa Gift Cards

Although you cannot combine the balances on your various Visa gift cards onto one gift card, you can pay with more than one funding source. For instance, if you know your Visa gift card balance is below $10.00, you may have a hard time using that balance to complete a purchase entirely on that card.

Use Your Visa Gift Card To Buy Other Merchants Gift Cards

PayPal vs. Google Pay vs. Venmo vs. Square Cash vs. Apple ...

If theres a particular store you shop at that doesnt accept your Visa gift card for purchases, you can use this card to buy a gift card from the store where you want to buy something.

And if you look online, you can sometimes find these for sale for up to 20% off meaning youre getting 20% of the Visa gift card balance for free.

This could include stores like Amazon, Walmart or even Starbucks if you were planning to convert your Visa gift cards to cash simply to get a caffeine hit.

Alternatively, you could earn gift cards to all these stores and dozens more just by using an app like Swagbucks. Its basically like earning free coffees from procrastinating on your phone!

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Does Walmart Accept Venmo Summary

Many of the 5,000 Walmart stores accept Venmo as a payment method for in-store and online purchases. So when shopping for the cheapest items to buy on a budget, you can pay directly from your Venmo mobile app.

To pay with your Venmo account at Walmart in-store, simply scan a QR code at the register and confirm the purchase to complete the transaction. For online purchases, select PayPal and choose Venmo at the PayPal page.

You can also get cash back from Venmo at Walmart, but instead of scanning a QR code, pay with your Venmo debit card. Its because you cant get cash back unless you PIN your card. It helps prevent PINless debit card fraud, where someone may try to use a stolen debit card to their advantage. Just purchase anything like protein powder and shakes, indoor succulents, or an FM radio for drive-in movies to be eligible for cashback.

And the good thing is, you can split payment on Walmart online and So if your gift card or EBT balance cant cover the entire purchase amount, ask the cashier to split your order into two different payment methods. Pay with your Walmart gift card or EBT card first, and then use another accepted payment method like Venmo or debit/credit card to complete the remaining part of the order.

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Most Recent Posts

Best Way To Convert A Visa Gift Card To Cash

The best way to convert Visa gift cards to cash fast is to use Prepaid2Cash.

With Prepaid2Cash you can sell your Visa gift card easily using their website or app!

All you need to do is go onto the Prepaid2Cashwebsiteorapp then choose to sell your gift card and use their calculator to find how much you can get for your gift card.

You can then choose to sell the gift card for the price they offer or not.

However, you will have to pay a fee to sell your gift cards on Prepaid2Cash but as you will see youll have to pay a fee to exchange Visa gift cards for cash regardless of the platform you use.

Prepaid2Cash is great because its extremely easy to use and you get to exchange your Visa gift cards for cash instantly so I highly recommend checking it out!

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Add A Debit Or Credit Card To Fund Your Venmo Account

You can also add a debit or major credit card to your Venmo profile, allowing you to make purchases through the app that are paid by your card.

  • Select the Profile icon from the bottom menu.

  • Go to Settings and tap Payment Methods.

  • Choose Add bank or card… and then tap Card.

  • Enter your card information manually or with your phone camera.

  • Entering a credit or debit card doesn’t require micro-transfers to verify the source, so it’s the faster of the two options if you’re in a hurry to make a Venmo purchase.

    Users should know that credit cards are subject to a 3% fee in Venmo unless they’re used at a Venmo-approved merchant.

    Shopping Online With Your Visa Gift Card Always Use The Honey Browser Extension

    Can You Add One Vanilla Prepaid Visa Card To Venmo

    The Honey extension is a free tool that automatically scans thousands of potential vouchers, codes, and discounts so you dont have to! If there is money to be saved, Honey will find it and automatically add it to your cart!

    This method could be used for anything that you normally pay with cash. Provided the vendor accepts Visa or Mastercard, then you can do this. You could use gift cards to pay large bills, small bills, or just for your regular purchases at the local store.

    Whatever you use the gift card for, you now have the equivalent amount of cash still that you can use for any purpose. The cash could be saved in the bank, used to pay other debts, or added to an investment account.

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    The Pay With Venmo Button Will Appear *only* When:

    • You’re on the eGifter checkout page from a mobile device browsing the web*
    • If on iOS, you must use the Safari browser
    • If on Android, you must use the Chrome
    • The Venmo App must be installed, setup and approved for purchases


    • Venmo is not available from eGifter Mobile Apps
    • Venmo is not available when purchasing from eGifter on a desktop computer
    • Venmo is OWNED BY PayPal, so you may see the PayPal logo on various screens


    • Be sure that the Name and Email address you enter, when prompted, are the same credentials used for your PayPal account
    • In order to complete your purchase, you must have a U.S. Verified PayPal Account
    • Most all of the eGift Cards sold at eGifter are valid in the U.S. only, so you will not be able to redeem them while out of the country. However, you can regift or transfer them to a friend in the U.S.

    Transfer Visa Gift Card To Bank Account Through Moneygram

    MoneyGram is the second largest money transfer company. They are fast, affordable, reliable, and most importantly safe. Get ready to transfer visa gift card to Bank account by visiting MoneyGram website and following the steps below

    #1. Sign up to create an account at MoneyGram

    Once you open the MoneyGram website, click the Sign up button, fill in your email address, provide a strong password and sign up.

    Go to your email and verify that youve successfully created an account.

    #2. Click Send Money at the MoneyGram website

    At the top menu bar of the website, click the Send money icon and it would take you to a page where you are required to fill in the payment details. Which includes

    • Amount to be sent
    • Select Debit or Credit card
    • Select the Account Deposit or Debit card deposit option.

    Make sure that your visa gift card is linked to your bank account you are sending the money to.

    #3. Fill in Bank Details

    Youd be taken to a page where youd fill in your bank details after sending the payment information. Here youd enter

    • Receivers Name
    • Address
    • Card information

    After entering these information, click Next and your money transfer would be processed. Viola! In few minutes youd have transfered money from your visa gift card to bank account.

    Note that MoneyGram charges a fee based on the amount youre sending. And fortunately their fee is ridiculously cheap. $1.99 for amounts less than $200. For amounts above $200, it charges $1.99 + 1% of the transferred amount.

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