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Can You Buy A Gift Card For An Airline

Fluent City Gift Card

How To Buy Delta Airlines Gift Card Online | Delta Airlines Gift Cards

If being able to speak another language comfortably has always been a goal for your mom as she plans her dream trip to Rome, consider giving the gift of spoken word. Right now, Fluent City offers both private and group online language lessons. Even if it’s a while before she puts her Italian skills to the test, she’ll be more than prepared for when she finally arrives.

To buy: fluentcity.com

Buy An Admirals Club Membership

Alaska and American have a reciprocal lounge access agreement, so alternatively you could purchase an American Airlines Admirals Club membership. This allows you to access Alaska Lounges when flying either Alaska or American same day.

Heres the cash cost to buy an Admirals Club membership:

Then heres the cost to purchase an Admirals Club membership using AAdvantage miles:

With an Admirals Club membership you can bring two guests or immediate family members with you.

Will My Flight Earn Miles If I Pay With A Gift Card

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TPG reader Brian sent me a message on Facebook to ask about earning miles:

If I use American Airlines gift cards to cover part of my fare, will I still earn AAdvantage miles on my flight?

In order to maximize your flight rewards, its important to know which fares are eligible to earn miles. Generally, any flight paid for with cash will qualify, but airlines offer a variety of payment alternatives , and its not always clear how fares purchased through these methods are classified. As airline-branded gift cards have gained popularity in recent years, Brian wants to know whether they count as a cash equivalent. Fortunately, the answer is yes.

Just about every airline sells electronic gift certificates in one form or another, but several carriers offer physical gift cards that you can also find on the rack at major retailers, grocery stores and gas stations. These gift cards are treated like cash when you use them to buy airfare, so youll earn both redeemable miles and credits toward elite status whether your gift card covers the entire purchase or only part of it.

For more on earning miles with American Airlines, check out these posts:

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Delta Southwest Gift Cards No Longer Trigger Amex Airline Fee Credit

This post contains references to products from one or more of our advertisers. We may receive compensation when you click on links to those products. Terms apply to the offers listed on this page. For an explanation of our Advertising Policy, visit this page.

Update 7/16: Based on TPG tests and other reports, we can now confirm that Delta and Southwest gift cards no longer trigger the Amex the airline fee credits. We will continue to monitor this and share updates as we get them, but we do not recommend buying any airline gift cards with an Amex for the purpose of triggering the credit.

Many of American Express higher end cards come with an annual airline incidental fee credit. Although these fee credits were designed to cover airline fees such as checked bags, seat assignments, change fees and onboard food or drink purchases, historically, theyve also covered many airline gift card purchases. Enrollment required for select benefits.

However, in recent months, fewer gift card purchases have triggered the airline fee statement credits. And now, it seems that two more airlines bit the dust.

Reports on Flyertalk, tests from TPG staffers and data points from the TPG Lounge are suggesting that as of June 22 or June 23, Delta Air Lines and Southwest Airlines gift card purchases will no longer trigger the airline fee credit. If youve been keeping track, youll know that these were the final two airlines that allowed you to use the credit to buy gift cards.

Alaska Airlines Lounge Locations

Can you purchase visa gift cards with a credit card ...

While American, Delta, and United, all have dozens of lounges, Alaska Airlines has a comparatively small network of lounges. Alaska Airlines has a total of eight lounges at six airports. There are Alaska Lounges in:

  • Anchorage , Concourse C
  • Los Angeles , Terminal 6
  • New York , Terminal 7
  • Portland , Concourse C
  • San Francisco , Terminal 2
  • Seattle , Concourse C, Concourse D, and the North Satellite

As you can see, all of the above airports have a single Alaska Lounge, with the exception of Seattle, which has three Alaska Lounges.

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Lost Stolen Damaged Or Destroyed Cards

Treat your Gift Card or eGift Card like cash Air Canada is not responsible for any stored value balance if the Gift Card or eGift Card is lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed. If it is lost, stolen, damaged, destroyed or used without authorization, the value will not be refunded. Ownership and risk of loss is transferred to the recipient of the Gift Card and eGift Card immediately upon completion of processing of the order.

Airport locations are not authorized to deactivate or replace lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed cards. If you suspect that a Gift Card or eGift Card has been copied, stolen or compromised in any way, please contact Buyatab’s Customer Support or fill out the Gift Card Help Form at aircanada.com/giftcard. Replacement of lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed Gift Card or eGift Card may occur only if the customer is able to provide proof of purchase. Proof of purchase must include the unique card number which is located on the back of the card.

Air Canada and Buyatab reserve the right to reject any claim for replacement of a Gift Card or eGift Card where there is suspicion of fraud or dishonesty . In the case of the delivery of the Gift Card, we recommend that the Xpresspost or Express mail option be taken to allow for positive signature receipt of the package.

Can You Buy A Ba Gift Voucher

  • UK, but sometimes wish it was USA
  • Posts:

ECRI can’t see there being too much demand in the current circumstances for airline gift vouchers but it did always surprise me that this wasn’t something that BA sold. It would seem to be almost a money printing exercise as they would be able to sell at face value and a certain percentage of gift vouchers always get forgotten about, lost or simply expire.KARFAGo on, you will have to fill me in on what a MCO is?Miscellaneous Charges Order .Replaced by the Multiple Purpose Document .Used by airlines in years gone by for additional surcharges / supplements levied at the airport for such things as excess baggage, upgrades, additional fare collection. You quite often got them in times of compensation pre EC261. They looked a bit like a ticket and had a ticket style number plated to a particular carrier.These days the e-voucher has replaced the paper document. You can’t purchase a credit amount without an underlying booking. The aren’t a tradable item. Just an accounting process.ConfusBut the cost of creating an internal accounting process – with likely manual input in a world that runs on automation – is likely to far outweigh any benefit from retained revenue. Its not retail where its just a small database… its got to interface with Amadeus and IATA accountable documents.

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Have Partner Elite Status

Select partner elite members can access Alaska Lounges when flying with Alaska Airlines same day. However, this comes with some catches, and is pretty niche outside of oneworld. For example:

  • Hainan Airlines Fortune Wings Platinum & Gold members can access Alaska Lounges when flying Alaska same day
  • Icelandair Saga Club Gold members can access Alaska Lounges when flying Alaska same day

How To Access Alaska Lounges

End of Airline Gift Card Hack?! Which Airline Gift Cards Trigger the Amex Fee Credit March 2019

There are so many different ways to access Alaska Lounges, though theres some fine print associated with some of the lounge entry options. Below I want to look at all the ways you can access Alaska Lounges, from first class tickets, to a membership, to a day pass, to a Priority Pass membership, to oneworld elite status.

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American Airlines Tips And Tricks

How do I use an American Airlines gift card?

Although you might be intimidated by the idea of using a gift card to pay for a whole flight, American Airlines makes this surprisingly easy to do. If you have a physical gift card, scratch off the gray film over the pin number , then enter that four-digit pin number along with the card number, which is also on the back of the card, into their proper places when checking out. For an eGift card, you will be sent an email with a link. When youre ready to redeem your gift card, you can click on this link, and it will show you your card number and pin number.

If the total price of your purchase is larger than the amount on your gift card, you can then enter your credit card information to complete the transaction. Then your flight will be booked to your desired destination, as easy as that! Its also possible to use a gift card through calling a reservation, but thats less convenient because you may be charged a ticketing fee which you wont be able to pay with your gift card.

What kinds of gift cards are available?

American Airlines offers both physical and eGift cards, so you can use whatever is most convenient for your purposes. You may be charged shipping for a physical gift card, and your signature will be required upon delivery. EGift cards are delivered via email, and though they arrive instantaneously, you will not be able to access your eGift card until at least 72 hours after youve made your purchase.

Alaska Airlines Gift Card

While Alaska Airlines technically provides a gift certificate instead of a gift card, it works the same way. Choose your amount , customize it with one of the provided photos, and add your very own text. The certificates can be emailed or printed and mailed up to you!

The next thing you know, the recipient of this amazing gift will be jetting off to Portland, Cancun, or anywhere in between.

To buy: alaskaair.com

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Why Customers Love Our Gift Cards

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How To Access Alaska Airlines Lounges

Should You Buy Delta Miles or Airline Gift Card to Trigger ...
  • Ben Schlappig

In this post I wanted to take a look at how to access Alaska Lounges, especially with the airline recently joining the oneworld alliance, increasing the cost of a lounge membership, and opening a new lounge at SFO.

Alaska Airlines is unique among US airlines when it comes to its lounge access policies, as its the only major US airline to allow all paid first class passengers into lounges. There are of course many other ways to access the Seattle-based carriers lounges as well, so lets take a comprehensive look at how Alaska Lounge access works.

In this post:

  • Bottom line
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    Give The Gift Of Travel

    Think gift cards are lazy and impersonal? Well, when it comes to travel, gift cards are actually the perfect way to go! Booking a trip for someone can be tricky do you know the exact spelling of their name on their passport? Do you know exactly when they are able to travel? Or exactly where they want to go?

    Changing a trip once booked can be costly, and sometimes not even allowed. Open up the world for those who want to see it on their terms. A Flight Centre Gift Card lets them choose where they want to go, when, and with whom.

    Holidays, weddings, birthdays and corporate incentives are all great opportunities to give them what they really want.

    Get your Flight Centre Gift Card today and give the gift of travel.

    Once they have the Gift Card, they can simply book by calling us at

    Have Oneworld Sapphire Or Emerald Status

    With Alaska Airlines now being in the oneworld alliance, theres a whole new way to access Alaska Lounges based on oneworld status:

    • Those with oneworld Sapphire or Emerald status in any program other than Alaska Mileage Plan or American AAdvantage can access Alaska Lounges when flying any oneworld flight the same day, even if its domestic
    • Those with oneworld Sapphire or Emerald status in the Alaska Mileage Plan or American AAdvantage program can access Alaska Lounges when flying any oneworld flight the same day that includes travel outside of North America

    In other words, a oneworld Emerald member through British Airways Executive Club could access Alaska Lounges when flying exclusively within the United States, while a oneworld Emerald member through Alaska Mileage Plan couldnt.

    Eligible oneworld Sapphire and Emerald members can bring one guest into Alaska Lounges.

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    Buy A Day Pass For $50

    You can buy an Alaska Lounge day pass for $50 per person. This is valid for 24 hours from the first use, and you can even use it to visit multiple Alaska Lounges the same day. You can buy a day pass even if youre traveling on another airline, and the pass can be purchased directly at an Alaska Lounge.

    Frequently Asked Questions About American Airlines

    Delta Airlines Gift Card Tutorial: How To Redeem Delta Airlines Gift Cards (Quick & Easy!)
    How many American Airlines gift cards can I use at a time?

    You can use up to eight gift cards at a time, which means you can really rack up those savings!

    Are there any fees for American Airlines gift cards?

    American Airlines gift cards dont have any fees, and they dont lose their value over time. Feel free to save your gift card for a vacation, a business trip, or any other fun trip!

    How do I check the balance on my American Airlines gift card?

    We get it it can be hard to keep track of all your gift cards, especially when youre using a bunch of different gift cards as a saving technique. Thats why we make it super easy to check your balance online, so you can worry about catching your flight instead of paying for it!

    Are American Airlines gift cards refundable?

    American Airlines gift cards are not refundable, except where required by law, so make sure you really want to take that flight before purchasing your gift card. On the other hand, American Airlines gift cards also never expire, so dont stress you should be able to find a flight youd like to book eventually.

    How much can be on an American Airlines gift card?

    American Airlines gift cards can hold anywhere from $50 to $1,500, so even a little discount on your gift card can make for astronomical savings.

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    What Is An Air Canada Gift Card

    The Air Canada Gift Card is a stored-value card similar to a prepaid card or gift certificate. It can be used to purchase airline tickets or travel options on Air Canada, Air Canada Express, and Air Canada Rouge.

    Air Canada Gift Cards are available in both plastic and eGift card format.

    • In Canadian funds: individual gift cards can be purchased in amounts ranging from $25 to $2,000
    • In U.S. funds: individual gift cards can be purchased in amounts ranging from $25 to $2,000

    You can also purchase Air Canada Gift Cards at Canada Post locations in amounts ranging from $50 to $10,000, at Loblaws, Sobeys, Safeway, Save-On-Foods and Rexall locations in amounts ranging from $50 to $500 or by redeeming your Aeroplan MilesĀ® at aeroplan.com for specific denominations.

    Buy An Alaska Lounge Membership

    Alaska Airlines has two different lounge membership plans, at different price points and with different lounge access inclusions. An Alaska Lounge membership gets you access to just Alaska Lounges, and costs:

    • $450 annually for Mileage Plan non-elite members
    • $350 annually for Mileage Plan MVP, MVP Gold, MVP Gold 75K, and MVP Gold 100K members

    An Alaska Lounge+ membership gets you access to Alaska Lounges, American Admirals Clubs , select Qantas Clubs and select United Clubs , and costs:

    • $600 annually for Mileage Plan non-elite members
    • $500 annually for Mileage Plan MVP, MVP Gold, MVP Gold 75K, and MVP Gold 100K members

    Regardless of which membership option you choose:

    • You can access Alaska Lounges regardless of which airline youre flying
    • Alaska Lounge members can bring two guests or immediate family members with them into Alaska Lounges

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    American Airlines Gift Card

    American Airlines describes its gift card program better than we ever could: The whole wide world, it comes in a card, and it’s the perfect gift for anyone who loves to travel.

    Plastic or virtual, the American Airlines gift card can be purchased for anywhere from $50 to $1,500, and you can use up to eight at one time .

    Fly Oneworld Long Haul First Or Business Class

    Can You Use Gamestop Trade Credit To Buy Gift Cards ...

    Its not only oneworld elite status that will get you into Alaska Lounges, but also a oneworld long haul first or business class ticket. If youre traveling same day on a oneworld premium cabin ticket then you can access Alaska Lounges, either at your gateway airport, or at a connecting airport.

    In other words, if youre flying Qatar Airways business class from Seattle to Doha, or British Airways business class from New York to London, you could use Alaska Lounges.

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