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Can You Buy Disney Gift Cards With Target Gift Cards

Target Gift Card Discount

Saving $ Money with Disney Gift Cards from Target

Here are some of the exclusions of the discount listed on the Target Circle offer, which can be saved to accounts early:

  • Limit one offer per guest to purchase Target GiftCards online or in stores.
  • The transaction can include multiple Target GiftCard items up to $500 .
  • Offer excludes Visa Gift Cards, Mastercard Gift Cards, American Express Gift Cards and gift cards issued by other retailers such as dining, lifestyle and entertaining gift cards.

Does Purchasing A Gift Card Count As A Cash Advance

You should also be aware that some credit cards threaten to treat gift card purchases as a cash advance. In this case, you would be charged a cash advance fee and a higher interest rate as well.

Generally speaking, gift cards code as a cash advance when you buy them directly from a financial institution or when you buy a prepaid card instead of a gift card. However, you can get around this by buying gift cards within your normal shopping, such as in your weekly grocery haul at the supermarket.

You can also get around dealing with surprise cash advance fees by asking retailers if their gift cards code as a cash advance or purchase before you buy, or you can call your card issuer and ask them to turn off cash advances on your card altogether.

Should You Purchase Gift Cards With A Credit Card

Theres nothing wrong with paying for gift cards with a credit card, but you should know there are some major pros and cons in doing so.

Advantages include the potential for rewards on your spending, although how much youll earn depends on the cash back credit card or rewards credit card you have. Its also common to find ways to buy gift cards at a discount so you can save money on a large purchase. For example, many people buy Disney gift cards at Target with the Target RedCard in order to secure 5 percent off. That may not sound like a big deal, but saving 5 percent off a Disney vacation that costs thousands can be worth the extra trouble.

As a side note, buying gift cards from small businesses can also be a helpful move if you are looking for a way to help small businesses recover from the economic impact of COVID-19. By buying gift cards now, you can send businesses some much-needed cash and wait to redeem your gift card for goods or services at a later date.

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What Is A Disney Gift Card

Yes, this is actually a question that has to be answered. There are actually three different things someone could reasonably refer to as a Disney Gift Card:

Let’s get to the truth about discount Disney gift cards.

1. An Actual Disney Gift Card

This is what people usually are talking about and what the rest of this post will be talking about. It’s the standard Disney gift card you can purchase everywhere from the Disney Store to Jewel and that can be used at most Disney locations in the U.S.

2. A Disney Rewards Redemption Card

This is what points earned from using a Disney Rewards Chase Visa get put onto. That is, they are the primary form of redeeming points in the Disney Rewards program. Like a Disney gift card, it can be used at most Disney locations in the U.S. Unlike a gift card, you don’t buy and sell these or give them away, theyre simply there to hold the points youve earned using a Disney credit card.

Disney Rewards Redemption Card

3. A Disney Store Merchandise Credit

Not many people would call this a Disney gift card but we want to alert you to the possibility of scams that are selling Disney Store merchandise credits, which come on cards, as Disney gift cards. These credits can only be used at the Disney Store, which makes them far less valuable to Disney travelers.

Target Redcard: Best For Gift Card Discounts

15 Sneaky Disney Cruise Tips That

The Target RedCard is available exclusively for purchases made at Target, which means it is rather limited. However, this card doesnt have an annual fee, and youll get perks like 5 percent off everything you buy at Target and, free shipping on most items and exclusive offers and savings.

Why this card is ideal for gift cards: The Target RedCard also lets you save 5 percent off specialty gift cards for travel, restaurants, subscription services and more.

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How To Save Money On Disney Gift Cards

Weve learned the basics about Disney gift cards, but the real fun starts when we learn how to save money when buying Disney gift cards. Buying Disney gift cards at full price works well for budgeting purchase . But why pay full price when you can save some money? Lets look at how to save some money when purchasing Disney gift cards!

Buying Gift Cards With Your Target Redcard

Target issues REDCards and when you make purchases from Target using your REDCard, you get 5% off. While this discount excludes purchases of Target gift cards, it does NOT exclude purchases of Disney gift cards, which you can purchase at Target. That’s an easy 5% to save if you cant access the best method.

The Target method ain’t what it used to be.

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How We Save Over 20% On Disney World Vacations With Disney Gift Cards

What if I told you that it’s possible to save up to 20% or more on your Disney World hotel, tickets, food, or souvenirs?

What if I told you that its possible to save up to 20% or more on your Disney World hotel, tickets, food, or souvenirs? Sounds too good to be true, right? As it turns out, theres no weird secret you need to know or shady back alley you need to go to in order to save on your entire vacation. If you simply know the right places to shop and the right credit cards to use, it is fairly easy. Because Disney World vacations can cost thousands of dollars, the savings can be massive.

In this video and article, we are sharing a few ways to save 5%, 6%, 20% or more just by using Disney Gift Cards and credit cards.

For more videos like this, be sure to subscribe to the Guide2WDW YouTube Channel.

How To Use A Disney Gift Card To Buy An Annual Pass Online

Using Target to Save on Disney Gift Cards Mickey Money Monday E.3|DISNEY ON A BUDGET

Yes, you can absolutely use Disney Gift Cards to buy an annual pass, and you can also upgrade a ticket into an annual pass.

The initial down payment for a Florida Resident Walt Disney World Annual Pass must be paid with a credit or debit card. After the initial down payment, Guests can make changes to their payment information and pay using Disney Gift Cards by contacting the Passholder Payment Team at 1-888-701-4100.

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Shop Online At Targetcom

The upside of shopping online is the convenience the downside is the cost of shipping added to the price. If you subscribe to Amazon Prime for $119 a year your Amazon purchases ship for free.

But if you have the Target REDCard, you get free shipping on most items you buy at, with no annual membership cost required.

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Combining Disney Gift Cards

Instead of hauling around a stack of gift cards in small denominations, its a good idea to consolidate them all on the Disney gift card website. This website allows you to combine your gift cards onto 5 cards, each totaling $1000. This enables you to store up to $5000 on 5 cards instead of having 100 different gift cards in your suitcase.

I highly recommend that you mark the 5 gift cards with the money on them clearly with permanent marker matching the labels you give them on the website and put them in a safe place. This helps you make sure you have the right cards when you need to use them.

I always keep the empty cards that I have already transferred, but thats more due to my own paranoia than anything else.

When I leave for Disney I take one extra empty card with me along with the cards with the money on them. This is the back up in case I lose one of the cards with my money on it. If that should happen, I simply need to go on to the Disney gift card website and transfer the entire balance of the lost card onto the empty card.

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Save At Least 5% At Office Supply Stores

Like many larger retailers and grocery stores, office supply stores often sell Disney gift cards. Office Max, Office Depot, and Staples are a few notables.

There are a few credit cards that offer generous rewards on office supply store purchases, so it may make sense to buy your Disney gift cards at these locations.

Your best options for Disney gift card deals are the Chase Ink Business Cash and American Express SimplyCash Plus Business credit cards.

Both of these cards offer 5% cash back on office supply store purchases. In addition, you will receive a nice cashback sign-on bonus and 5% of your wireless bill , among other perks.

Sign up for the Chase Ink Business Cash here and get 5% cashback at office supply stores, plus an extra $300 cashback. Click the link below for more details.

The Chase United MileagePlus Explorer card is another fantastic option for saving money at office supply stores while accumulating mileage points for your flight to Orlando.

The Double Award Miles consumer card allows you to earn 2 miles per $1 spent on airline tickets purchased from United and earn 1 mile per $1 spent on all other purchases.

This strategy should save you plenty of cash.

Sign up for the United MileagePlus Explorer and receive double reward miles, plus an additional 40,000 bonus miles. Chick the link below for more details.

Grocery Store Fuel Rewards

Save 5% on Specialty Gift Cards when REDcard

Groceries stores like Kroger, Safeway, and Stop and Shop have fuel rewards programs. In general you earn one point per dollar spent at the grocery store and 100 points will give you a savings of 10 cents per gallon on a fill up. In recent years many stores have given customers the ability to redeem fuel rewards for fuel or groceries, giving us even more flexibility with our rewards points.

You can often do better than 1 fuel reward per point. Grocery stores will often run 2X, 4X, or even 5X fuel rewards points earned on gift card purchases, including Disney gift cards. The best way to stay on top of these deals is to check your weekly circular. The circular will indicate if bonus points are being offered for gift card purchases and at 5X fuel rewards points youre essentially saving 5% on your Disney gift card purchase. Make sure Disney gift cards are included in the sale before you purchase.

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Guide To Discounted Disney Gift Cards

We may earn money or products from the companies mentioned in this post. Please click my disclosure policy to learn more.

Saving money is always a good thing, and this is especially true for taking a trip to Disney World. Everyone knows that a trip to Disney is ridiculously expensive. This post takes a look at how you can use discounted Disney gift cards to bring down the cost of your Disney vacation.

Honestly, there are ways to get discounted Disney gift cards which get pretty convoluted. I want to highlight a few of the more straightforward options before pairing them with some higher level savings techniques.

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  • Your Thoughts
  • Is Buying Disney Gift Cards In Canada Worth It

    The short answer is yes. And no.

    There are a handful of great Credit Cards available that dont force you to pay Foreign Currency fees, which is the main reason one would want to buy an American Discounted Disney Gift Card in the first place.

    If you cant get a hold of a fee-free credit card, all of your savings will be eaten up by this fee.

    Lets look at Sams Club, for example. Since it is the only Gift Card that would require you to purchase across the border.

    After paying for your membership, which comes to roughly $59.49 per year, you need to pay that off in savings, before you are in the black. At 3.5% savings, and 2.5% fees, it takes a minimum of $6,000 spending before you net save your first $50.

    You are then still looking at 1% savings on every dollar spent after that. While it is better than nothing, you are not hitting any multipliers on your credit card from your local grocery store.

    As mentioned above, you are looking at between $150-175 savings on a standard $6000 purchase, which is better than nothing, but dont spend too much time looking for deals.

    Youre best bet is to earn Air miles for free tickets, or PC Optimum points for free groceries . Simply buy gift cards whenever you see them, knowing you are saving these fees and prepurchasing expenses.

    Youre best bet is to earn Air miles for free tickets, or PC Optimum points for free groceries . Simply buy gift cards whenever you see them, knowing you are saving these fees and prepurchasing expenses.

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    Can I Combine Disney Gift Cards

    Keeping track of a bunch of gift cards can be difficult, but thankfully there is a solution. Disney allows you to combine multiple cards into one card here!

    I think his is one of the best features of Disney gift cards. You can move balances between cards and only have to keep track of one card on your trip.

    The most you can move onto one Disney gift card is $1,000 so if you have more than that youll need multiple cards.

    Note that if you have more than five to combine, you will have to transfer the balance to the primary card, then delete cards from your collection of My Cards as you go.

    Target Giftcard Sale Means You Could Save 10% On Disney Gift Cards

    Use Target Red Card to purchase Disney Gift Cards at 5% discount. Apply towards food or pass entry

    Chip and Co Past Writers and FriendsPlease note: some posts may contain affiliate links which means our team could earn money if you purchase products from our site

    Saving money on Disney Gift Cards is the best! Especially since a Disney Gift Card can be used to pay for almost any part of a Disney vacation . Not to mentioned they can also be used at The Disney Store for awesome merchandise.

    On December 3rd, rumor has it, youll be able to save 10% thanks to a sale at Target.

    Now the sale isnt for Disney Gift Cards, its for Target GiftCards 10% Target GiftCards in stores and online for one day only but that doesnt mean youre out of luck.

    According to , Target GiftCards can be used to purchase other entertainment cards including Disney Gift Cards. But you must make those purchases in-store only! Many fans have told us you cannot purchase a Disney Gift Cards online using a Target GiftCard.

    And remember, you can always say 5% on Disney Gift Cards at Target using your Target Red Card its my favorite way to save on a Disney vacation!

    Let our friends at Destinations to Travel help you plan your next Disney Vacation! Just fill out the form below and someone will be in touch! Remember their services are 100% Free!

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    Using Discounted Disney Gift Cards During Your Trip

    There are a couple of different ways you can use your discounted Disney gift cards during your trip. The easiest way is to use the gift cards directly at the point of sale. Simply hand over your gift card to the Cast Member and they take care of the rest. The other option is to pay your room balance off at your resort with the gift card.

    Unfortunately, there is currently no way to attach a Disney gift card to your MagicBand. If you are a Disney resort guest you can opt to charge everything to your MagicBand first, then pay down the balance with a gift card at the front desk of your resort.

    However, timing is key. Disney will charge your room balance to the credit card on file the night before check out or every 5 days, whichever comes first. Its easiest if you make sure to pay down your balance with your gift cards before the charge goes through.

    I use the discounted Disney gift cards to pay down the balance every couple of days. But if you forget, a Cast Member can easily take the charge off your card and use the gift cards instead. It just takes a little more work and time.

    Disney Gift Card Discounts At Kroger Save Up To 20%

    If youre lucky enough to live near a Kroger supermarket, then you can easily take advantage of a unique strategy that will save you up to 20%.

    Not only can you use the AMEX Blue Cash Preferred to buy your Disney Gift Cards at Kroger , but you can also maximize your saving by utilizing their Fuel Points promotions. Kroger frequently offers a whopping 4x Fuel Points on gift cards which you can apply to Disney gift card purchases.

    Heres the best way to maximize your savings at Kroger:

    When you buy $250 in Disney gift cards during the 4X Fuel Points promotion, you will receive 1000 Fuel Points . Therefore, if you buy 35 gallons of gas, you automatically save $35 on the $250 cost .

    Combine this promotion with your American Express Blue Cash Preferred Card and you will save an additional 6%. Add the 14% and 6% and you have a 20% savings to apply to your Disney World vacation!

    Note: If your car doesnt hold 35 gallons, you can always bring your second vehicle to fill up at the same time.

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