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Can You Buy Gift Cards With Google Pay

Find The Use Google Pay Nearby Section

How to buy v bucks using play store gift card or google pay on android( Easy)

Once you have your cards set up, you are good to go.

Open the app. On the home screen, you will see the Use Google Pay Nearby when you scroll to the bottom. The app will automatically give you stores near your location where you can use the service. This way you can see all the nearby stores that accept Google Pay.

Adding Visa Gift Cards To Apple Pay Or Google Pay

Before you add a Visa Gift Card to your Apple Pay or Google Pay accounts, make sure it’s activated. Please note that Virtual Visa gift cards are able to be added to Apple Pay and Google Pay Wallets, but are not able to be used at a cash register or physical point-of-sale systems. Also please note that at this time, Gift Card Granny Visa and Mastercard gift and reward cards can not be added to Apple Pay or Google Pay.

If you already have Apple Pay set up on your device, open the Wallet app and tap the plus sign icon or Add card. Take a picture of the gift card with your phone or manually enter in the information. Tap next. If need be, verify the card with the issuing bank or gift card provider. After confirming, tap next.

Open the Google Pay app and tap Payment. Then, tap the plus sign icon or Add credit or debit card button. You can take a photo of the Visa Gift Card or enter it in yourself. You may be asked to verify your payment method before proceeding. Enter in the provided verification code.

We Keep Getting This Question: Can I Use Google Play On Amazon

Google Play credits are gaining traction nowadays they can be redeemed, given, and loaded to ones accounts for use in the ecosystem of Google Play. But, can you use this balance outside of Google Play and in global marketplaces like say, Amazon?

Is a Google Play balance as useful as a credit card in Amazon? Lets find out.

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Things You Can Do: Buy Premium Apps

If youve seen apps that you have been dying to try but havent had the money to do so, its time to purchase them with your credit. Premium apps are powerful, and these are the apps that have fewer bugs and truly support developers.

You see, free apps come filled with ads because its the only way a developer is able to make their money.

Apps take a lot of time and resources to develop. A lot of the apps you love are made by small teams or even single developers. The ads, oftentimes, barely cover the cost of keeping the app properly hosted online.

Premium apps help support these developers, and it allows for developers to create a better product.

Youll also find premium apps are updated more frequently. Why? The developer is making money, and he or she has an incentive to keep the app running. Free apps definitely make developers money, but there needs to be a lot of users for the app to be profitable.

If you have an app that you use a lot, you can also see if theres a premium version available. When you upgrade to premium, youll be sure to receive a few additional features or the removal of ads.

Its definitely nice to give some of the higher end apps a try if you havent done so already. Not only are these apps rather affordable, but they usually blow away the competition and are more of a professional solution than a free program.

They Offer Convenience But Can Come With Hidden Fees And End In Wasted Funds

âCan I pay in gift cards?â? : Bestbuy

      Almost all retailers offer consumers gift cards as a way to shop or give money to friends, both in the online and brick-and-mortar variety. There are two types of gift cardsphysical and digital and each comes with a wide range of features and benefits. If youre interested in purchasing gift cards for others during the holiday season, or you want to buy them for yourself, it helps to understand how they compare with other payment methods.

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      Contact Information For Popular Gift Card Companies


      • Learn about .


      • Ask if the money is still on the iTunes card. If so, Apple can put a freeze on it. You might be able to get your money back from them.
      • Keep the iTunes card itself and your receipt for the iTunes card.
      • Learn about iTunes gift card scams and how to report them.


      • If you have a Steam account, report gift card scams online. Click the Purchases option, then click, I have charges from Steam that I didnt make. Then click, Contact Steam Support.
      • Keep the Steam card itself and your receipt for the Steam card.

      Dont see your card on this list? Look for the companys contact information on the card itself, or do some research online to find out how to reach the card issuer. If you cant find the contact information or the card issuer doesnt want to talk to you, report it to the FTC.

      Things You Cant Do: Forget About Using Your Card For Fortnite

      Fortnite has taken the world by storm, and youll find most teens and even some adults glued to their smartphones playing the night away. And while the game has come to Android, Epic Games has decided to the app store.

      What does this mean?

      Epic Games realizes that the game doesnt need Google Plays store to be a success, and they dont want to share 30% revenue to be hosted on the Play store. The developer has decided that they dont need the Play Store, so theyre offering their own dedicated installer that works on Android.

      The middleman is not required, so the developer earns more money and consumers can save money.

      Since Fortnite has chosen to take this path and bypasses the Play Store, you cant use the Google Play gift card to make in-game purchases. If Fortnite is one of your main reasons for buying a gift card, youll definitely be upset about this.

      But there is still a lot that you can do with your card, and there are still millions of apps and games that you can use to redeem your Google Play gift card.

      IOS users can still download the app on the App Store because Apple doesnt allow for apps to be installed without an internal review process, making the marketplace almost essential.

      Android doesnt lock down their system in the same way, so it makes economic sense for the developer to bypass the store, with their massive presence fueling organic downloads from the companys site.

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      Lost And Stolen Cards

      If your prepaid Visa card is lost or stolen, reach out to our customer service team by completing our contact form. A customer service representative will be in touch as soon as possible.

      Please note that in some cases, prepaid Visa cards with remaining balances may be suspended and reissued with a minor service fee.

      How To Know If You’re Being Scammed

      Can You Use Target Mastercard Gift Card On Google Pay

      Someone might be trying to scam you if they ask you to buy a Google Play gift card and share the code so that you can pay for something outside Google Play.

      • A scammer calls and pretends to be from a government agency . The scammer says that you owe money for taxes, bail money, debt collection, and more. They tell you that to avoid arrest, or to prevent the seizure of physical items or your personal identification information , you have to pay them with gift cards.
      • A scammer claims to be a family member in trouble, an attorney, or another representative of your family member. The scammer tells you that they need to be paid in gift cards in order to remedy the situation. They may deter you from attempts to contact the family member to verify the claim. Dont believe them. Never buy gift cards for them or provide them with any gift card codes.

      These examples only cover some types of scams. Scammers constantly change the ways they trick people. If anyone asks you for a code, it could be a scam.

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      Ordering A Gift Card From An Online Store

    • 1Go to in a web browser. You can use Chrome or any other web browser to buy a gift card online.
    • Though its not possible to buy a Google Play gift card directly from Google, most locales have online purchasing options through other retailers .
    • If youd prefer to make a purchase through Google Play directly, you could send someone a book.
    • 2Tap BUY ONLINE. Its the white button with a blue outline near the top of the page. This will take you to a list of online retailers that sell Google Play gift cards.
    • You can only purchase cards online from retailers listed under the Online header .
    • 3Select a retailer. The list of retailers may vary by country. Tap the logo of a company you trust to open their online gift card ordering form.
    • 4Choose a gift card value. The options vary by location and retailer. Tap the amount of money youd like to gift the person to spend on the Play Store, and how many cards youd like to send .
    • Some retailers allow you to enter a specific value or select one from a drop-down menu.
    • 5Select a delivery method. If options are given, you can usually select E-mail to deliver the gift card via email, or enter a mailing address to send it through the mail.
    • 6Enter the recipients information. If you see the option to do so, enter the persons email address or mailing address . If not, youll probably have to tap a button that says Add to Cart to add it to your shopping cart, and then open the cart to check out.
    • Check Your Visa Gift Card Balance

      Please have your gift card ready when you check the balance.

      If you purchased or received a Visa gift card right from Gift Card Granny, visit our Visa balance check page for current balance information.

      For Visa gift cards not purchased on Gift Card Granny, you must contact the financial institution responsible for your gift card in order to check the balance Visa is unique in that it doesnt provide gift card balances or transaction information for its gift cards.

      Here are the most common issuing banks and providers of Visa gift cards:

      See our Visa Gift Card fee schedule.

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      Things You Can Do: Pay For Netflix

      Netflix offers you endless entertainment with the best streaming content in the industry. Television shows, movies and Netflixs own content is worth every penny. Whats neat, according to Netflixs own website, is you can pay for your subscriptions using your Google Play gift card.

      Now, there are a few things you need to know:

      • The gift card must be supported in your country
      • You must be billed through Google Play

      This means that if someone bought you a gift card, youll be able to use it to keep your subscription up-to-date. Its a fast and easy way of being able to keep watching your favorite content and shows.

      But you will need to have a card from the correct region and also be billed through Google Play.

      How Do You Go To An App Store

      You Can Now Buy Google Play Gift Cards at Selected 7 ...

      There are two ways to access the App Store: either on your iPhone or through iTunes. Lets start with the iPhone App Store experience. With your iPhone in hand, tap the App Store icon. The user experience is very similar to using iTunes on your iPhone, so if youve been an iTunes user on your iPhone, then the App Store will feel very familiar.

      You can get Google Play gift codes by email, physical gift cards, or other methods of delivery. Find where to buy gift cards or digital gifts. When you redeem this code, the gift will add to your Google Play balance. You can also get Google Play promo codes, which can add to your Google Play balance or give you specific apps and digital content.

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      Gyft Integrates Gift Cards With Google Wallet

      SAN FRANCISCO, July 18, 2014 Gyft announced today that it has integrated with Google Wallets new gift card functionality. Google Wallet users will now have the ability to upload plastic gift cards to their phones via Gyft and Google Wallet.

      Gyft is a leading digital platform that enables consumers to buy, send, manage, and redeem gift cards via mobile devices to over 200 retailers. Gyft is thrilled to be integrated with Google Wallet at launch. Customers can now push gift cards from the Gyft app directly into their Google Wallet and access everything that they need directly from one place in their phone.

      Starting today, users can buy gift cards on the Gyft platform and pay with Google Wallet. As a special incentive and for a limited time only, Gyft is offering 5% Gyft Points back for all purchases made paying with Google Wallet.

      We will be able to offer the digital gifting experience to the masses through this partnership, said Vinny Lingham, Co-Founder and CEO of Gyft, We strongly believe that this will expedite the adoption and usage rate of mobile wallets, and will encourage users to not have to carry a physical wallet again.

      Since Google Wallet stores loyalty cards, offers, and now, gift cards, users are able to carry less and simply pay with their phones. Users can also send money easily to friends with just an email address.

      Google Wallet and Gyft are available for download now for both iOS and Android.

      Prepaid Credit Cards Vs Gift Cards

      When weighing the pros and cons of gift cards, its important to understand the distinction between them and prepaid debit or credit cards. Both can be used to make purchases either in stores or online, but while you might purchase gift cards to give away, a prepaid credit card is something you might use yourself for everyday spending if you dont have a bank account or would rather not pay with cash or a regular credit card.

      There are several cards offered by prepaid credit card companies that offer consumers the ability to buy cards and reload them at retail locations. For example, the PayPal Prepaid MasterCard allows users to easily transfer money between their PayPal account and a physical card that can be used anywhere that MasterCard is accepted.

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      What You Can Buy With Your Google Play Balance

      To see what you can buy with your Google Play balance, select your country below.

      • Google Play Promotional Balance Terms of Service
      • Maximum limit: 2000
      • Maximum limit : BRL 1,500
      • Maximum limit : BRL 1,500
      • Maximum limit: 2000

      Important: If you can’t buy books with your Play balance due to changes in our Terms of Service, contact us for help.

      • Maximum limit : 79,000 MXN
      • Maximum limit : 79,000 MXN
      • Maximum limit : $5,000
      • Maximum limit : $10,000
      • Maximum limit: 10000000 VND

      Add The App To Your Family Library

      Can You Use Vanilla Mastercard Gift Card On Google Pay

      The best way to buy an Android app for somebody else is to add it to your Google Play Family Library. In essence, you’ll buy the app using your own account, then the recipient will be able to download the app as if they paid for it.

      There’s a drawback to this method, however. You’ll need to add the recipient to your Google Play Family Library, which is ideal for actual families, but not a perfect solution if you’re gifting an app to a friend. The main problem is that members of your Google Play Family will have access to your payment method, meaning they’ll be able to buy apps and other Google Play items using your credit card in the future.

      But if that’s okay with you, start by opening the Play Store app on your Android phone. Open the side navigation menu , then scroll down and choose “Account.” From there, choose “Family,” then tap “Sign up for Family Library.” If you’re on a computer, you can do this from .

      From there, tap “Sign up,” then press “Continue” twice. You’ll now be asked to enter a payment method for your Family account, so choose “Set up,” then type in your credit or debit card number. Remember, other people in your Google Play Family will be able to use this card to make purchases on the Play Store.

      At this point, the person or people you added to your Google Play Family will get an email. All they’ll have to do is tap “Accept invitation,” then sign in with their Google account and follow the prompts on the following page.

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      Where To Buy Google Play Gift Cards

      For that person who has everything and you have no idea what to buy them this year, consider a Google Play gift card. They can use it to select from a variety of digital content to access on their mobile device, from apps and in-app purchases, games, subscriptions, and more.

      There’s plenty of great content to choose from in the Google Play Store, including apps, games, and movies like these ones, which were deemed the best of 2020.


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