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Does Ashley Madison Accept Gift Cards

Member Initiated Contact Fee


Once you purchase credits, Ashley Madison will prompt you to sign up for a Member Initiated Contact Fee. This allows you to view and respond to messages sent to you by other members for free.

MIC is free for the first month and costs $29.99 per month after that. It is optional and you can choose to use credits to respond to these messages instead. However, if youre an active user then the MIC might save you money in the long run.

They Ask For Your Help With Financial Transactions

One of the newer online dating scams doesn’t request money from victims, but turns them into “money mules.” Rather than trying to get money from the victim, these scammers make you an accomplice in money laundering.

One example includes the scammer sending money to the victim, who then sends them an Amazon card or another kind of gift card. Other times they might send you money and ask you to send it to another account for them.

Sometimes, scammers may ask a victim to open a bank account for them. If your online suitor asks you to get involved in these types of financial transactions and exchanges, it’s likely that they’re a scammer trying to lure you into illegal activities.

Using Ashley Madison To Find A Hookup

So far, weve examined the platform and taken a detailed look at how much its going to cost you. The big question is, how easy is it to use Ashley Madison to find a hookup?

As long as youre ready to spend some cash on the platform itself, Ashley Madison is an excellent place to find a hookup. Ashley Madison lets you sign up as attached, single, seeking males, females, or anything in between. People on Ashley Madison havent taken that decision lightly. They know what they want and are not ashamed to look for it . If you want a hookup and want it to be discreet, Ashley Madison is a great place to find it.

People on Ashley Madison are not afraid to tell you what theyre looking for, and theyre not looking to mess around. Theyre there for a reason, and theyre not going to waste their time on someone who isnt looking for the same. Just check out some of the profiles we found:

So, as long as youre there for the same reason, we think youll find success.

That said, as with most dating sites, you need to initiate contact if you want to find what youre looking for. Ashley Madison makes it very easy to browse user profiles and find like-minded people who share your interests and want the same thing as you.

After that, send them a message, and you can spark something from there.

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Best Lgbt Dating Sites That Accept Prepaid Debit Cards

Gay and lesbian dating can be difficult on mainstream dating apps because active LGBT profiles are in the minority and sometimes straight singles slide into the DMs and ruin the vibes. Thats why its important for gay singles and lesbian singles to find queer-friendly places where they can be themselves and explore their sexuality.

The following LGBTQ+ dating sites provide same-sex matching and chatting for singles with cash to spend on rainbow dating experiences.

Try MenNation FREE

MenNation is a gay hookup site for men only. Its free features include sexy photo browsing and local profile searches, but members have to make a purchase to view videos and send direct messages on the site. The paid membership doesnt cost a lot of money it amounts to less than $1 a day and it can add a lot of sexual excitement to a gay mans nightly routine.

MenNation has quite a few payment options available, and it even allows users to pay in monthly installments if they prefer. The cardholder can provide the account number for a prepaid Visa or Mastercard, and the dating site will automatically charge it as long as it has sufficient funds.

Browse Profiles FREE

LesbianPersonals is the sister site of MenNation, so it has a similar set up and payment process. The only difference is it serves lesbian women who are interested in casual sex and threesomes. Lesbian singles and couples can enroll in the free membership plan to take a look around the female-friendly space.

Try Grindr FREE

How Can I Cancel My Subscription To Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison: Costs, Experiences, and Functions

If you are using the site based on credits and have a Member Initiated Contact or Priority Man subscription, head to the Credit History page and select the subscription package you would like to cancel.

With a subscription-based membership, go to the Manage Subscriptions page and select the subscription package you would like to cancel.

In the case that you dont cancel a subscription prior to its renewal date, you will not be entitled to a refund. This will only keep the subscription from auto-renewing. You are able to use your canceled subscription until the expiration date.

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Look At Your Credit Card Statement

Ashley Madison is a paid service, so if your significant other is using it, theres bound to be evidence hiding in your financial records. In the past, the company has showed up on credit card statements as Ashley Madison, but more recently, its been appearing as AMDB. The site changes its billing ID frequently, so keep an eye out for the sites telltale $19 recurring monthly charges and $49 message access fees. Cheating with Ashley Madison, it seems, is incredibly expensive to do.

Its also worth noting that many people purchase subscriptions through the Ashley Madison mobile app. Keep an eye out for unusually large iTunes charges in-app purchases can range from $19.99 to $99.99. You can view these past purchases in the iTunes Store, but specific details may be locked behind your partners Apple ID, even if Family Sharing has been enabled.

Getting In Touch With Other Members

if you are a woman, this is your today. On Ashley Madison, only females can dont think of other members and zero cost. On the other hand, men had to buy credits on the site, and these coordinates can be an exchange or specific features, which is messaging other members.Which we believe is an excellent concept everyone can sign up on the site check out the profile. There is anyone in their area or their country, and if there are enough people who they would be interested in seeing, they just purchase the credits so they can contact them. But dont worry, there are other ways with which you can confect other members. You can send them links, for example, and with winks, you can send a member your profile photo without the blur or mask so so that they can decide for themselves if you want to meet you or not.

And it doesnt end there you can give other members gifts, but obviously, this feature is not free.

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Can You See What You Bought On A Visa Gift Card

A) Yes, they do keep track of purchases. Almost all prepaid gift cards require some form of registration where they collect different data about you: name, address, zip code, phone number, etc. The gift card becomes an account, and you can review your purchase history just like a regular credit card.

What Is Message Plus On Ashley Madison

Marc Ashley – SHOP.COM Mastercard Giftcard

This feature allows you to read, reply and receive messages without the use of any credits.

It also gives you the opportunity to message anyone you have previously contacted even if you no longer have any credits available.

The Message Plus feature is free for the first 30 days after buying a credit package. After the free trial period, if you havent canceled the subscription then you will be automatically billed. If youre interested in Message Plus, you can .

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Best Senior Dating Sites That Accept Prepaid Debit Cards

Weve gotten a lot of questions from senior singles who are looking for the best dating sites that accept prepaid debit cards, so we decided to create a section to speak directly to this niche audience. If youre over 50 and single, the following dating platforms can help you meet new friends and love interests. And, yes, they will accept a prepaid card account in the online purchase.

View Profiles FREE

SilverSingles is a premium dating site geared toward helping seniors find companionship on their terms. The platform offers free daily matches and search filters based on age, religion, education, and other important compatibility factors.

The free SilverSingles membership never expires and unlocks a network of senior dating profiles. However, only paid subscribers can send private messages through that network.

SilverSingles will accept a prepaid card from a respectable card issuer, including Visa, Mastercard, and American Express, but members do not have to be a cardholder to complete a purchase. By connecting to a PayPal account, singles can make the upgrade immediately and pay for it later.


As a seniors-only dating site, OurTime offers free search and matching tools for singles in the over-50 age group. Seniors do not have to buy an OurTime membership to access free communication features. The platform has a Reply for Free section in the inbox, and it also allows members to send a gift card for a subscription as a gesture of goodwill.

How Can I Get Cash From A Prepaid Visa Debit Card

Visit an accredited ATM and use your prepaid card at an ATM that is run by the bank that issued the card. You can likewise visit any ATM that shows one of the network brands shown on the rear of your card. Enter your PIN, and complete your transaction. Insert your card in the ATM machine and enter your PIN.

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So Just How Is It That Businesses Like Ashley Madison Have The Ability To Accept Starbucks Cards As Money

A good way is by a gift-card redemption services like Pay Garden. These firms have actually relates to some gift-card system businesses that offer present cards for brands like Starbucks and Best purchase, allowing them to fundamentally purchase straight right straight back the unused stability on cards for the cost.

You can then pass what is called an Address Verification Test with 123 Fake St., Anytown United States Of America

Neither Ashley Madison nor Pay Garden responded to demands for remark, but this kind of solution additionally interests organizations like VPN solution Private Web Access, that also permits users to acquire their internet protocol address masking services with gift cards through Pay Garden.

The re re payment technique, PIA president Jonathan Roudier guaranteed me personally, preserves complete privacy.

Any payment that is anonymous seem sensible with your company, Roudier stated. to make certain thats why we accept gift cards. With regards to volume, cryptocurrency is the reason about five per cent as well as the present card represents around one per cent.

Screenshot of Ashley Madisons re payment web web page.

Roudier included that while this really is just half the normal commission of their companys xxxblackbook company, it nevertheless makes up about 45,000 gift that is single-use in the very last 12 months alone. Issue remains, nevertheless, whether or perhaps not this buying technique is actually fully anonymous.

Signing Up At Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison: Costs, Experiences, and Functions
  • Free sign up
  • Quick and easy registration process
  • Basic information is needed upon signing up
  • Relationship status has to be specified
  • Some information from the application are reflected on the profile page

Ashley Madison has a registration process that anyone can easily understand. It does not require much personal information from you, which is quite understandable given its nature, which is to look for an extramarital relationship. However, it does make you specify your current relationship status, and some general information like your height, ethnicity, limits, etc. The information that you give upon signing up is reflected on your profile page media.

Signing up is convenient and completely free. It will usually only take you less than five minutes to finish. Part of the process is selecting your display picture. Once you have chosen a photo that you want to use, it shall allow you to make simple edits on it. You can either blur out the image or add masks to cover parts of your face. This is a way for Ashley Madison to keep its members anonymous and safe.

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How Does Ashley Madison Work

According to Ashley Madison, it is a place for everyday, people just like you to join a network to find relationships of all kinds. Ashley Madison is for those married, attached, looking to explore, or just curious to discover whats out there.

It is a place free of judgment and revolves around the idea that consenting adults should be able to do whatever they want in private.

Many members are attached and seeking a connection, something like-minded or polyamory. They are looking for online flirtation, excitement, or someone with a mutual feeling. They could be students, lonely housewives, married men, office workers, tradespeople, retirees, or everyone in between.

You might be wondering how to use Ashley Madison. Ashley Madison allows you to set up an account, fill in your details and start with a basic version of the website for free. With the basic account, you can browse profiles and have a look around the site. You can search users depending on your preferences and see which users are ready to interact in your area.

Men can send one free message upon registration but theyll have to buy credits if they want to continue the conversation after the first message. After this, you need to start paying to continue interacting with others. Men will need to purchase credits to start messaging and creating connections.

Look At Their Browser History

Many cheaters use their browsers incognito mode, delete their browser history and erase all their cookies after visiting personals sites. Not all do, however, and plenty who do occasionally slip up and forget to erase their tracks. Keep an eye out for visits to sites like Ashley Madison and Adult Friend Finder, along with visits to more innocent personals sites like or OKCupid.

Update 8/19/2015: You can now download the full data file with profile information on all cheaters from PirateBay.nm.

Update 8/24/15: You can lookup hacked Ashley Madison email addresses directly through However, be aware that any email addresses checked could potentially be stored and tracked by the site.

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The Infamous Panic Button

Say youre at work, surfing Ashley Madison. You got one eye on a coke-bottle-shaped honey in a stunning red dress and the other on your office door, hoping to heaven that your boss or a co-worker doesnt burst in on you.

After 10 minutes of surfing, you get lost in a sea of profiles messaging women back and forth and engage in several interactions that look promising.

Just when you are about to hit enter to solidify a meeting, the next thing you know, your worst nightmares come true. The heart races, you pause for a moment, thinking what shall you do as someone burst through those pearly doors.

On the average dating site, you would need to look for the X button quickly in the upper right-hand corner to close the window as far as you can, but it might not be enough reaction time if your desk is located right next to the door. If someone sees the website and knows what it is-maybe they visited it before and cheated, then you could be in big trouble.

Ashley Madison installed a panic button that you can press, and it will immediately direct you to a neutral site. All your current info gets saved, so when you revert to the previous page, all your conversations are there, and you can continue being a sneaky pervert. A weight lifts off your shoulders because AM saved the day again.

The Politics Of Cheating

Ashley Madison Hack

Company research also said 60% of cheaters identified themselves as Republicans and a majority would prefer to cheat with a Republican, an interesting outcome for the family values party. Strangely, 89% said opposing political views by their spouses would compel them to cheat as well.

Are you looking over your shoulder nervously, or eyeing your spouse a little differently after your most recent argument over whose turn it is to do the dishes?

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Ashley Madison Review: Fact Checker

Does Ashley Madison really help you find someone to creep under the sheets with?Yes.

AM is not some magical fairy randomly landing on married people and casting a cupid spell no, its just like any other dating website in that you have to put in work to get something out. Of course, you will attempt to communicate with a few profiles that might not lead anywhere. You know how it goes the conversation falls dead-flat after the credits vanish. It happens. This is why AM lets you purchase hundreds of them in bulk to save. Also, keep in mind that most people using this site are looking for an affair – hardcore sex with a stranger – and once you connect with someone like that, the skys the limit.

Are you required to give your factual information to Ashley Madison:No.

Ashley Madison created a system where the user can remain completely anonymous in their dealings if they choose. Some people prefer to withhold their factual information because they have too much to lose. Marriage. Family. Career. Reputation. Etc. Ashley Madison profoundly understands the need for users to hide their identity, which is why the staff has created a secure system that will make the military jealous. Take a look at what happened to Matt Gaetz. Do you want to become like him? He allegedly used similar sites and got his ass caught. Miss Ashley Mad is the protector in this case.

Are there bots on AM?Yes and No.

Is Ashley Madison only for cheating people?No.

Is Ashley Madison free?Yes and No.


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