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Does Expressvpn Accept Gift Cards

Cyberghost Vpn Streaming Torrenting + Government Bypassing

Can You Use Debit Gift Cards On Coinbase To Buy Bitcoin?

Streaming: Strong

CyberGhost has special servers that are optimized for unblocking 40+ streaming services, and the app tells you which server is good for which streaming service. For example, it tells you if a specific US server is good for accessing Hulu, if a separate US server is good for accessing Amazon Prime, if a certain UK server is good for accessing Netflix, and so on. In my tests, I was able to access streaming services on CyberGhosts designated streaming servers in several countries. And my videos on Netflix, Hulu, and other services streamed in HD without any interruptions.

Torrenting: Strong

CyberGhost allows torrenting and has designated P2P servers all over the world, so youll be able to find a P2P server near your location with fast speeds no matter where youre located. I also really like that CyberGhost gives you the load percentage for P2P servers just select the closest server that has the lowest load in order to get the fastest download speed.

Government Bypassing: Weak

Unlike ExpressVPN, CyberGhost doesnt have obfuscated servers, which means CyberGhost isnt the best VPN for bypassing internet censorship in restrictive countries . But if you dont live in or plan on traveling to a country with internet restrictions, CyberGhost VPN is still really good for unblocking geo-blocked content, gaming, torrenting, and keeping you and your online browsing anonymous.

Disadvantages Of Paying Anonymously

You cannot set up recurring payments when using an anonymous payment method. You have to pay manually each time a payment is due .

So if you want to pay anonymously, its recommended you choose the longest subscription length possible .

This will give you a couple advantages:

  • You will only have to make a payment once every year
  • You will get the best discount
  • If paying via the gift card method, you will pay a lower % exchange rate

Private Internet Access Plans + Pricing

PIA has 3 payment plans that are all reasonably priced in fact, PIA is one of the cheapest VPNs out there, with plans starting at just and you get every feature with each plan .

PIA accepts credit cards, PayPal, and cryptocurrencies like Bitpay, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. I also like how you can pay with an Amazon gift card to remain completely anonymous. PIA covers each plan with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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How To Pay For A Vpn Anonymously

Before you buy a VPN of your choice, theres this thing to remember:

When you buy a VPN anonymously, its essential to hide your IP address

To hide your IP address when purchasing a VPN anonymously, you can:

  • Pay on a public wifi network
  • Access payment sites via Tor
  • Use a VPN or proxy server

Tor is secure, if a little slow, while public wifi is probably the easiest option. Most VPNs wont allow you to pay if youre using a proxy or another VPN at the moment.

Can I Pay For Vpn With Gift Card

Does Grocery Outlet accept gift cards or e

If you want an ongoing subscription to a VPN service, there are other private ways to pay. Another option is to pay for your VPN using an App Store or Play Store gift card. As long as your chosen VPN accepts payments through the App Store or Play Store, youll be able to purchase it using a gift card.

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The Pros Of Buying A Vpn Anonymously

Before discussing how to pay for a VPN anonymously, its useful to run through some reasons why you would want to avoid credit card or PayPal payments.

Most importantly, paying for a VPN anonymously helps you keep your personal data safe. While VPN servers and tunnels are protected by sophisticated encryption, buying a VPN using your credit card leaves a record you may not want to exist. And when it comes to transferring the payment to the VPN company, payment providers demand authentication that often includes personally identifiable information.

This extends to online wallets like PayPal as well. When you use PayPal to purchase a VPN subscription, theres a good chance that the company will store the email address linked to the PayPal account, and that address often can identify the user.

Most of the time, surveillance agencies or corporate investigators wont have any interest in whether you use a VPN. But if you do have concerns or live in a country where internet freedom is being abused, anonymizing payments is a no-brainer and thankfully, its not that hard to achieve.

Sms Payment With Mobiamo

This payment method is not anonymous for every country. Depending on your countrys laws, you may be allowed to get a prepaid SIM card without providing your ID. You can use that SIM card to pay for a VPN completely anonymously, using the Mobiamo payment gateway. All you need is to have a SIM card charged with a required amount of money.

You can top up your card using cash. Later on, once your payment has been completed, you can extract the SIM card from your mobile phone, and use it again when you need to pay for your VPN subscription again.

Its a good alternative to other anonymous payment methods, but you need to be able to get a SIM card without showing your personal details. This is impossible for many countries, so the SMS payment method is very country-specific.

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Why Expressvpn Is The Best Vpn To Get Your Disney+ Account

ExpressVPN offers a ton of payment methods like credit and debit cards, and even cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

Aside from flexibility in payment methods, ExpressVPN has reliable servers in countries all around the world, including most countries where Disney+ is currently available like the US, the UK, Canada, Australia, Spain, Norway, and more. That means that paying for your Disney+ account is easy and you will have fast access to its content from anywhere in the world.

If youre not sure about committing to a long subscription, you can try ExpressVPN using its 30-day money-back guarantee. Simply contact ExpressVPNss customer service and request a refund if youre not happy with it. They helped me through the process and it only took 4 days to get my money back.

How Can I Pay For Peacocktv Premium Without An American Payment Card

Does Bovada Take Visa Gift Cards? What ones?

PeacockTV is the streaming service from NBC Universal in the United States, and it is a fantastic service for those who love good TV series, movies, and live sports, such as Premier League football and more. But, how can you watch PeacockTV abroad? And how can you pay for PeacockTV outside the United States?

I have already written an article on how you can watch PeacockTV abroad. It is quite easy and by using one of the few VPNs that work, you can easily stream and watch the PeacockTV content abroad. But, if you want to stream the Premium content, you will need to pay for your subscription. And to pay for your subscription, you need to have an American payment card or an American PayPal account. What can you do if you have neither of those?

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Privatevpn Plans + Pricing

PrivateVPNs monthly plans are a bit on the expensive side, but its yearly deal is one of the cheapest on this list it costs only , and it often includes up to an additional 12 months free. PrivateVPN accepts 6 different credit cards , PayPal, and Bitcoin. Each payment plan is backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Do We Accept Prepaid Cards

We accept most prepaid cards, as long as they contain all the information a regular credit card has. A prepaid card has to be registered online with an address and a name. It is explained by the prepaid card user’s guide.

All prepaid Visa cards are known to work, as well as, some others. Some prepaid cards apply conversion fees which are not included in our pricing.

If you have issues while making a payment, make sure your card allows international and recurring payments. We also recommend clearing your browser cache and disable any ad-blocking, privacy or security browser extensions.

Tip: Store your passwords, credit cards, and secure notes in a single place – NordPass. NordPass is a free password manager that helps you access your sensitive data on any device, share with people you trust, and save time by autosaving and autofilling.

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Getting A Secure Bitcoin Wallet And Buying Bitcoin

The first thing youll need to do, even before acquiring Bitcoin, much less buying something with it, is getting a Bitcoin wallet. A Bitcoin wallet is, as the name suggests, a digital wallet that stores your Bitcoin for later use.

One of the most famous wallet providers is Coinbase, and its a pretty reliable company. However, Coinbase will ask for your personal information during the signup process, so its just adding onto the money trace, instead of actually getting rid of it.

If you want to stay completely anonymous on the net, youll need to buy something like the Ledger Nano X, which is a physical Bitcoin ledger. Apart from being the most anonymous way to store your Bitcoin, a so-called cold wallet is also by far the most secure one. This is like having a small part of the entire blockchain register, where you store the cryptocurrency you own. This may be a bit outside your budget and effort commitment, so what are the cheaper alternatives?

If youre not willing to invest in a physical ledger, you can sign-up for a service like The Samourai Wallet. Its not the same as having your own ledger since you have an account in a database, but at least it doesnt ask for your personal information when signing up.

Now that you have a wallet, youll need to buy some Bitcoin. You can purchase some electronically through the interface of services like the Samourai Wallet, but if you want to be completely anonymous you should buy your Bitcoin in person, using cash.

Summary & Additional Reading

Does Dior accept gift cards or e
  • You can pay for a VPN anonymously with Bitcoins or Gift Cards
  • Easily get a free bitcoin wallet and buy bitcoins at
  • Hide your true IP address when purchasing by using public wifi
  • Make sure to use a Valid email address, because VPN accounts will require activation confirmation

Once your VPN service is paid for and activated, you should be good to go. Once your subscription expires, you can just send another anonymous payment from the same account

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How Do I Process My Anonymous Payment

There is no real point in setting up a system that protects your anonymity and facilitates a safe purchase of your VPN without protecting your identity in the transaction process. To truly make your VPN purchase private, you need to protect your IP address and use a burner email.

To protect their users from fraud, VPN providers usually log purchase activity on their website. Part of the information they log includes the IP address from where the purchase takes place, revealing your home IP. If someone knows your IP address, it is the easiest way to determine your servers geographic location that hosts your IP and, subsequently, your location.

There are four ways that you may purchase your VPN without compromising your IP To ensure that your IP remains safe from tracking:

How To Pay For Your Vpn Using A Gift Card

In general, when you pay using gift cards, you just need to enter the card ID number and the balance will be deducted and transferred electronically to the VPN provider. Keep in mind that in most cases, an extra 20% to 30% percent of the service cost is charged when you pay using gift cards. This is because the VPN provider has to sell the gift card below its retail value to be able to convert it to cash. Once you select you find the gift card option to pay, a list of the brands supported should appear and you should see the exchange rate available. The best option is to get a gift card option from a well-known store and the amount should be well over the price of the plan you want to get. This will allow you to cover the additional percentage added when you pay using a gift card. The exchange rate can be checked before completing the purchase. Usually, the transfer is completed within a few seconds and once it is done, you will get a confirmation email from the provider with the information required to activate the account.

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What Are Some Of The Best Vpn Providers That Allow The Anonymous Payments

Now, as we have listed the most popular and highly-available anonymous VPN payment methods, we need to know what providers do actually accept those methods. While many VPNs would claim to be completely anonymous and having a zero-logging policy, most of them would still only offer a standard payment method via PayPal or a credit card, which is just hilarious for them to be considered as anonymous VPNs.

With that in mind, we have came up with a list of VPNs that actually allow anonymous payment. Here is the list, feel free to choose whatever VPN you like.

Mullvad Vpn Plans + Pricing

How To Use Vanilla Visa Gift Card Online

Mullvad only offers one reasonably-priced monthly subscription there are no long-term deals. Your payment will automatically roll over each month, or you can pay for a full year in advance at the same monthly rate.

Mullvad accepts credit cards, PayPal, cash, bank wires, and cryptocurrency. Your purchase comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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Does Expressvpn Work With Amazon Prime

Accessing Amazon Prime is a hit and miss affair with most VPN services.

ExpressVPN enjoys relative success for unblocking Amazon Prime from the United States although this is dependent on the type of device you’re using.

While it’s relatively easy to use ExpressVPN with Amazon Prime from the US on a desktop computer, your mileage may vary when using other devices such as the Amazon Fire TV Stick for example.

If you’re after watching US Amazon Prime then our recommendation is to use ExpressVPN on a Windows or Mac desktop or laptop device as you’re likely to struggle with other devices and systems.

Privatevpn Streaming Torrenting + Government Bypassing

Streaming: Strong

PrivateVPN successfully unblocks Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, BBC iPlayer, Disney+, and many other streaming services. It has pre-configured servers for specific streaming apps. For example, there are dedicated Netflix servers located in 19 countries. And thanks to PrivateVPNs fast speeds, my videos were always crisp and clear even when streaming content from the other side of the world.

Torrenting: Mostly Strong

PrivateVPN supports streaming on all of its servers . I tested random servers with all of the major torrenting clients uTorrent, BitTorrent,, and several more and PrivateVPN was fully capable of downloading and sharing content from all of these clients.

I also ran PrivateVPN through a series of 10 DNS leak tests and there were 0 DNS leaks.

Government Bypassing: Strong

PrivateVPN is able to overcome government blocks in many countries with a government block on internet content including China, Turkey, Iran, Russia, Indonesia, and Vietnam.

This is due to PrivateVPNs Stealth Mode feature, which is an obfuscation tool that masks your VPN traffic from the government.

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What Are The Disadvantages Of Paying For Vpn Anonymously

If you are considering an anonymous VPN purchase, you should be aware of some of the disadvantages you may encounter.

  • Recurring payments are impossible with an anonymous VPN purchase, making it a monthly endeavor to keep yourself under VPN protection. You will also not have the benefit of refunds or potential discounts that your VPN may have on offer.
  • You are limited to VPN providers who accept anonymous payments, so you might find yourself unable to subscribe to your VPN provider of choice.
  • You might be unfamiliar with cryptocurrencies and their operation, which can confuse the uninitiated process.
  • Each month will necessitate a manual paying process, unlike the ease and convenience of a one-click recurring subscription.

Paying For Vpn With Prepaid Credit Cards

Does Buyma accept gift cards or e

Prepaid credit cards are another option to eliminate your identity trail when purchasing a VPN. Several larger retail groups provide prepaid cards that function as a credit card but without a link to your identity. Because you load the card with money before your purchase, it eliminates the need for transactions that might leak your identity.

To use these cards online, one would typically have to register the card with some form of a website, but certain prepaid credit cards do not require any personal information or credit card check. OneVanilla allows users to register their cards with only a ZIP code and does not require verifiable identification beyond the ZIP code. You should ensure that your IP address is not linked to the online registration to eliminate potential trails.

Users should avoid reloading enabled cards as they require an actual credit card and SSN to activate, which defeats the purpose of anonymity. Also, the anonymity of a prepaid credit card comes with a cost. Because the card providers can not accrue interest on your prepaid card, the prepaid credit card usually has higher transaction fees than ordinary credit cards.

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