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Does Goodwill Have Gift Cards

Why Should I Give Money To Goodwill


Giving to Goodwill® is an investment in the future of our community. We are helping people in the greatest need become self-sufficient, who contribute to the support of their families and society. We are an engine of job growth in the local economy. Your contribution will have a direct impact on our ability to serve more people in need through our mission.

Please take the time to look through our Program & Services pages or call the phone number provided to speak with someone in the program to learn more about the people we help and the opportunities people receive.

If youd like to give a tax-deductible monetary donation, please click here.

Check Gift Card Balance

Whether you returned something in the past or won a Goodwill social media contest, you may have found yourself with a Goodwill gift card. The only problem? You dont remember how much money is left on it! No need to worry just use our simple gift card balance checker below to figure out the exact amount left on your gift card. Then, head over to your neighborhood Goodwill to find your next treasure. Your purchases help us fulfill our mission of empowering individuals, strengthening families, and building stronger communities. Thank you!

To check your balance by phone, call 602-535-4445

Small Electronics And Communication Devices

Many people are guilty of holding onto electronics longer than necessary. They think theyll plug them back in and fire them up sometime soon, when in reality, these electronics just sit unused. Dont throw them away, even if it seems tempting. Many electronics, though outdated, can still serve a purpose for those on a budget or in need.

  • Office computers: If you recently upgraded to a new laptop or otherwise have no use for a desktop monitor, send it over to Goodwill.
  • Personal computers: Likewise, if you dont have anyone in your family eager to take over your old laptop, donate it to Goodwill. That being said, be sure that you do not hand over any personal documents or information with the computer.
  • Consumer electronics: Goodwill accepts a wide variety of other electronics, such as camcorders, remote controls, tape players, and more.
  • Office equipment: Have other office equipment, such as printers, fax machines, or small copiers? Goodwill takes those, too.
  • Telecommunication devices: Likewise, if you have old cell phones, pagers, handsets, headsets, or answering machines, these are great for people looking to start a new business on a budget or those working for a nonprofit.

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I Am A Member Of An Organization Looking For Donations Who Do I Send A Donation Request To

Each request is reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Requests should be made by an officer of your organization and on letterhead. Please send your request to or by mail, Attn: Executive Assistant.

Goodwill® also partners with other non-profit community organizations by providing store vouchers. Partner organizations will distribute those vouchers per its own guidelines. We will refer individuals that need free clothing to those community organizations. For more information, please call .

What Goodwill Wont Take

Finding Bargains at a Goodwill Outlet

Though you may have the best intentions with some of your donations, there are some items Goodwill will not accept. Many of these items fit into categories, such as cleaners and chemicals, large appliances, and mattresses, among others. You may have to find other causes that will accept these items.

Here are the items that Goodwill won’t take:

  • Personal care items
  • Mattresses, mattress accessories, and recalled items
  • Miscellaneous home fixtures
  • Trash or recyclables

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Other Methods For Checking A Used Goodwill Gift Card

Other ways to check the balance of your partially used Goodwill gift card involve finding a suitable communication method with the local branch. Here are some options you should consider:

Seeing the remaining funds via an online checking toolIf a specific Goodwill division offers gift cards, it usually has a built-in balance check tool on its official website. All you should do is enter the gift card detailsthe ID number and the PIN codeand you will get an update. The bad news is that you must put some effort into finding the divisions website in the sea of other Goodwill web pages
Phoning the companyOfficial websites of local Goodwill departments usually have a Contact Us section where you can find the customer service phone number. Dial it and ask the representative to run a check on your gift card details. Note that you may spend some time on hold if the lines are too busy
Using other contact methodsThe Contact Us page also provides other ways to get in touch with the company, such as an email or the live chat option. Pick the most appropriate one and send your query. The problem arises if you dont get a response as fast as youd expect
Visiting a nearby Goodwill locationGo to the nearest retail location and have your card checked by the shop assistant. Stores have specific price checkers and software that can show the remaining balance. The bad news? You may need to travel to the store if there arent any in your neighborhood

Larger Electronics And Other Devices

If you think you own outdated electronics, such as early flat screens, Goodwill would love to have them. The wise use of electronics, as well as recycling programs, is an important part of being environmentally conscious.

  • Flat-screen TVs: Flat-screen TVs are a great electronic to donate because theyre relatively inexpensive for someone on a budget to set up. They also take up a small amount of space compared to other television sets, which are not accepted.
  • Stereos, radios, and speakers: Did you go through a DJ phase? Feel like your devices are outdated? Theres likely someone out there who would love your old stereos, radios, or speakers.
  • VCRs, DVDs, and streaming devices: Though you may only use the internet and other devices to view shows and movies, many people still enjoy more old school options or look for ways to watch VHS tapes and DVDs.
  • Projectors and classroom aids: Projectors and other similar devices may help out teachers on a budget.
  • Tablets and E-book readers: Is your iPad so old you cant update it anymore? Donate it to Goodwill. It may become valuable to someone who really needs it but cant afford newer models.

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Games Toys Books And Other Entertainment Items

Are you cleaning out an elderly parents house and find an excess of board games and other entertainment items? Goodwill is always looking for these items.

  • Board games: As long as the board game isnt missing too many pieces or elements, this is a great thing to give Goodwill.
  • Electronic games, consoles, and games: Did someone in your household upgrade their gaming system? Goodwill would love any older items.
  • Books: Books dont require batteries, updates, or any additional installation. As long as theyre in decent shape, donate them to Goodwill.
  • Toys for all ages: Some children grow tired of toys quickly. Donating toys to Goodwill provides opportunities for families to buy new toys at better prices.
  • Records, CDs, music players, and more: Recently inherit a house full of stuff? Dont feel like going through old records and CDs? Give them to Goodwill.

Can I Purchase Xbox Gift Cards At Dollar General

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Yes, Dollar General offers a handful of Xbox Gift Card options to choose from. You can find a $15 Xbox Gift Card that can be used for in-game add ons and 1 Month Game Pass Ultimate edition, compatible with Xbox One for $14.99.

Customers can also purchase Xbox subscription Gift Cards, 1 month costing $9.99 the cheapest Xbox Gift Card 3 months priced at $24.99 and a 12-month subscription for $59.99. These Gift cards will allow users to enjoy live streaming content and play with friends.

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How Do I Apply For A Job At Goodwill

We are only accepting online applications and all of our available job positions are available at Please click on the job that you are interested in and an online application will open on your window. Please be sure to provide an active email address as all correspondence regarding your application will be sent via email.

If you need assistance filling out the online application, please visit one of our Job Connection Centers and our Career Development Specialist can assist you or call 623-5174.

Mattresses Mattress Accessories And Recalled Items

Donating a bed frame is a great idea, but mattresses and waterbeds, not so much. The same goes for outdated or unsafe car seats and mobility items.

  • Mattresses or box springs: You may think you have a perfectly good mattress or box spring to donate. However, mattresses and box springs take up a ton of space. These items may also be the perfect place for bugs, germs, and other pests to hide either in transport or at Goodwill facilities.
  • Waterbeds or waterbed frames: For safety and sanitary reasons, waterbeds and corresponding frames are not accepted by Goodwill.
  • Cribs: Similarly, for safety and sanitary reasons, cribs are not accepted by Goodwill.
  • Car seats, if recalled or otherwise unsafe: Child car seats and other similar devices must meet additional requirements from the US Consumer Product Safety Commission.
  • Mobility devices, if recalled or otherwise unsafe: Mobility devices, such as canes, walkers, wheelchairs, and more have to meet additional safety standards from the US Consumer Product Safety Commission.

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Donations Goodwill Cannot Accept

< < Donation GuidelinesPosted: 02-24-2014

Every donation and sale helps Goodwill provide free job training, education, and placement services to people faced with barriers to employment.

Goodwill greatly appreciates every donation. Unfortunately, due to safety, legal or environmental concerns, Goodwill cannot accept the following:

  • Furniture that is covered in animal hair, broken, worn, torn, stained, or missing parts.
  • Were pleased to announce that Goodwill of Greater Washington is once again accepting furniture donations. However, due to an ongoing lack of adequate storage space, we ask that donors refrain from donating any oversized items including large furniture and exercise equipment. Thank you for your patience as we continue to manage the large volume of goods donated by our generous community.
  • Bean bag chairs.
  • Due to the Digital TV Transition, Goodwill will only take flat-screen tvs.
  • Excessively large/bulky items such as swing sets, swimming pools, unbound carpeting, etc.
  • Large appliances:
  • Baby furniture, toys, and games that do not comply with CPSC safety standards.
  • Cribs with dropdown sides.
  • Auto parts including the following:
  • Tires, wheels, batteries, etc.
  • Any type of chemicals .
  • Firearms and fireworks.
  • Cosmetics and hair care products.
  • Severely damaged or stained clothing, apparel and shoes.
  • Rags .
  • Any type of trash or hazardous materials.
  • Items that are wet, mildewed, rusty, flammable, or in any way dangerous.
  • Knock down furniture not in original sealed box.
  • Give A Gift That Keeps On Giving One Size Fits All

    Goodwill of North Georgia

    When you give your friends and family a Gift Card from Goodwill of North Georgia, youre giving them a treasure mapa chance to visit a Goodwill store and uncover something amazing. Youre giving someone a terrific present, and youre helping us give someone else the tools to find a job.

    Goodwill of North Georgia Gift Cards can be used in any of our stores just like cash. Plus, the gift cards are rechargeable, so they can be used again and again.

    You can get them at any Goodwill of North Georgia store. Find a store near you or click below to buy online .

    Note: When you click the Buy Now button below, you will taken to the PayPal website.

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    Clothing Shoes Boots And Accessories

    Goodwill is a great place to find unique clothing items, and you can be a part of this. Plus, recycling clothing is a great way to help out the environment. Many people think they can never have enough clothing. But, going through your closet each season and donating what you havent worn is a great way to help out those in need.

    How Can I Help Goodwill

    As a non-profit organization, we welcome financial contributions and the donation of gently used items from corporate and individual donors who believe in our mission. Donations are the economic engine that allows Goodwill® to be able to fund some of our programs without needing to rely on grants or other funding sources.

    If youd like to give a tax-deductible monetary donations, please click HERE.

    You can also learn what impact your donation has on our program participants by clicking HERE.

    We also appreciate your time if youd like to get involved by volunteering with Goodwill, please visit and fill out our Volunteer Form, HERE.

    Thank you for your support!

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    I Am Not Receiving The Email Blasts How Do I Re

    These emails may post in your Junk mailbox, please use your email settings to accept emails from Goodwill Industries of Southern Arizona or Goodwill GoodThreads Boutique.

    To re-subscribe to the email list, please click on the Join our email list icon at the top-right corner of the website.

    Please note: Goodwill® Industries of Southern Arizona is not responsible for the misuse of this sites legally protected content. Goodwill® Industries of Southern Arizona is not responsible for harm or loss that results from use of the site.

    Good Points: The Little Card With Big Savings

    â How To Redeem Amazon Gift Cards On Amazon ð´

    Goodwills Good Points members earn on purchases and get rewarded with extra savings. Its our way of saying thank you to our loyal shoppers! For every dollar you spend on regular-priced merchandise in our stores, you earn one Good Point. When you have 100 Good Points, you earn a $5 reward toward your next purchase.

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    Can I Purchase A Gift Card To Goodwill Stores

    Yes, you can purchase a gift card to use at any of Goodwill® of Southern Arizona thrift stores and Good Threads Boutiques. There is no expiration date. Please find the nearest store HERE!

    Please note: Gift cards purchased at Goodwill® of Southern Arizona stores are only valid at stores in Southern Arizona. There IS NOT a universal Goodwill® gift card available.

    What Is Your Return Policy

    Goodwill® thrift stores and Good Threads Boutique will provide in-store credit for clothing that is returned within 7 days of purchase as long as tags are intact and receipt is provided. All other items are sold as-is.

    Items purchased at our Outlets and Auction are sold AS-IS and all sales are FINAL.

    For items purchased on All items are sold AS-IS and all sales are FINAL.

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    What Kind Of Opportunities Does Goodwill Provide To Be Promoted Within The Organization

    Renew the Good: How You Can Help Impacted Goodwill Toronto ...

    Goodwill® has a robust training program that employees can take part in to get a pay raise and to move up in our organization. Employees also have access to our Employee Development Program where they can get assistance creating a Career Plan and follow-through on the steps to progress on their career and educational goals.

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    What Is The Color Of The Week

    Our Color of the Week gives you 50% off discount on items with specific-colored tags. On clothing, we are referring to the plastic tag that attaches the price to the piece of clothing. On housewares and other items, we are referring to the color of the price sticker. See our home page for the current Color of the Week! The Color of the Week changes every Sunday.

    Are You On A Tight Budget Cash Out Your Gift Card With Donotpay

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  • Look for the Gift Card Cash Back feature
  • Leave a few essential pieces of information about your gift card
  • Even if the location where you live doesnt permit cashing out, we will make sure to direct your demand to the companys branch in one of the states that accept it! You can use this procedure to claim the unused gift card money from any company, including:

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    Who Started Goodwill

    Goodwill® Industries was founded by Dr. Edgar J. Helms, a Methodist minister and early social innovator from Boston. Helms collected used household goods and clothing, then hired and trained people who were poor to repair the items. The goods were resold, and employee wages were paid from the revenues generated.

    To view a slideshow of Goodwills history, please click HERE.


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