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How Can I Get A Free Amazon Gift Card

Genius Ways To Get Free Gift Cards In 2022

How To Get Free Amazon Gift Cards and Codes! (Easy Method)

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A gift card sure would be nice when youre getting a little something for yourself, rather than paying in cash. Dont you think so?

Its easy to be tempted and spend a lot of cash or splurge from time to time. We are only human after all!

A great way to get around these potential budget breakers is to use gift cards and more specifically, free gift cards from companies like Amazon, Apply, and Visa.

In this article, I will show you exactly how to get started and earn gift cards fast from your favorite places.

Is It Easy To Earn Amazon Gift Cards

Absolutely! Market researchers partner with survey sites to gather the vital data they need to decide the next big products to hit the market. And they need your help! You’ve probably wondered if people actually get paid to take surveys. Now you have your answer!

However, If you’re looking to earn Amazon gift cards for taking surveys, You’ve got to find the right survey site. Not all sites are the same, and their payment methods can vary. Can you earn free Amazon gift cards on every survey site? No! However, you can at Branded Surveys! Branded is one of the most trusted sites around, and with 15 years in the business, they have issued thousands of Amazon gift cards to their users.

Play Games On Your Mobile Device

Online surveys arent the only way to earn Amazon gift cards some apps let you earn rewards playing games instead. These apps reward you with points you can exchange for cash or gift cards to your favorite places.


Rather than trivia or matching games, Lucktasticis an app for both iOS and Android users that allows you to play scratch-off lottery tickets virtually.

Its free to join, and you can win gift cards, including ones for Amazon, tokens to play more games, or cash. Cash prizes can range from $2 to $1,500.

To earn tokens for more chances to win, you can refer friends using your special referral link. When they sign up, youll receive 1,000 tokens.

You can learn more about ways to win with the app in our Lucktastic review.

Mistplay is a loyalty platform for gamers that allows you to earn rewards to redeem for gift cards to places like Amazon, iTunes, and video-game outlets. You can earn those points, or what it refers to as units and gems, by playing mobile games and completing in-game purchases.

How many points you need to redeem a gift card varies from retailer to retailer.

The premise of AppNana is to reward users for downloading apps and completing small tasks. Points are called nanas and can be earned for things like:

  • Logging in every day

You can convert your nanas to gift cards or cash out with PayPal.

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How To Earn Free Amazon Vouchers

Feel like you buy everything off Amazon these days? Here’s how you can get your shopping for free by bagging yourself some vouchers!

Credit: Gagarin Iurii Shutterstock,

Willing to spare a little bit of your time for some sweet, sweet Amazon vouchers? There are loads of ways you can earn free cash in return for you putting in a little bit of effort.

We’ve been using a few of these tactics for years now, and it’s possible to earn £100s of free Amazon vouchers just by following our tips.

So, without further ado, here they are and there are no catches, we promise!

Get A Free $5 Amazon Gift Card With Inboxdollars

Get a $500 amazon gift card completely free !!!! It

With InboxDollars, you earn money for small tasks like taking online surveys, watching videos, or just browsing and doing regular web searches.

Youll earn a $5 welcome bonus immediately, just for signing up. Its such a no-brainer.

One of the things I love about Inbox Dollars is using their search portal. I spend a lot of time on the internet, browsing and searching for stuff as part of my job. Instead of using Google search you can swap it with the InboxDollars Search portal, and get paid!

For every few searches you perform, you will accumulate reward credits and enter gift card prize opportunities. While most of these equate to 5-10 cent rewards, using the site every day adds up to some decent free cash at the end of the month! Rewards can be redeemed as Amazon cash, or an e-gift card to other well-known retailers.

InboxDollars has paid out over $57 million dollars so far, making it one of the most reputable places to earn free money on the net! Its 100% free to sign up and use, and available to anyone over 18 years old.

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Reload An Amazon Gift Card

Last but not least, you can get free Amazon gift cards by using Amazon gift cards. Confused? Let me explain.

If you load $100 or more onto a gift card you already have, Amazon will toss in an extra $5. Not only do you recycle a card that would otherwise end up in the trash, but you get a little extra back.

This is a great option for gifting, too. Spend $100 on a friend and get a few bucks for yourself. Its not the best conversion rate, but it is a free gift card, so depending on your circumstances you might appreciate this option.

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This marketing maneuver is referred to as retargeting. Lets look at ways to put an end to it.

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Get Valuable Information About Gift Cards

No matter how small the amount is, if you do not spend it or get the cash back, the money will be returned to the seller. You are probably giving it away to a super-rich corporation .

If you have gift cards from different companies, you should explore DoNotPays knowledge base and go through our helpful guides to get familiar with procedures and the specifics because you may be sitting on a decent sum. Here are a few articles you might find useful:

  • How to receive an

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Get Free Amazon Gift Card With Cred App

Cred is an amazing app for credit card bill payment. The app has many amazing rewards. You can also earn free Amazon Gift cards with the Cred app. To avail free Gift cards with the Cred app avail of the refer and earn offer. They have an amazing referral program that gives users a great chance to earn money online.

With the Cred app, you get an Amazon Gift card worth Rs. 1,000. Yes, a free gift card worth Rs. 1,000. To avail of the offer, you need to invite 3 friends to the Cred app.

  • Add a credit card to get Rs. 100 sign up bonus

Here’s Why It’s So Easy To Earn Amazon Gift Cards At Branded Surveys:

How to get free amazon gift cards – Free amazon gift card !!

No Special Skills Are Required You don’t need any training or qualifications to join and start earning free gift cards right away. There is no complicated interview process, and there are no applications to fill out. If you can use a computer or smartphone, follow directions, and have access to the internet, you can earn gift cards in your spare time.

You Can Take Surveys Anywhere Whether you have a long bus commute to work every morning or have 20 minutes between classes, you can take surveys anywhere. So here’s a secret: If you want to learn how to earn free gift cards away from home, it’s simple.

As long as you have internet access, you don’t actually need to be at home. Instead, you can squeeze your survey work in here and there around your schedule and watch those free Amazon gift cards add up!

There Are No Time Constraints With other part-time gigs, you usually have to work around someone else’s schedule, and once the business closes, you are done working for the day. With Branded Surveys, you can work anytime you want, day or night. So if you’re wondering how to earn gift cards when you have hardly any free time, it’s easy!

Are you having a terrible night’s sleep? Get up, grab a cup of tea and take a survey or two. Are you up at the crack of dawn with the birds in the morning? Make taking surveys part of your morning coffee routine. There is never a wrong time to take surveys and earn free Amazon gift cards.

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Nielsen Computer And Mobile Panel

Maybe, youre familiar with Nielsen, the world-renowned statistic gathering company. After all, they have the famous Nielsen family.

Well, Nielsen does more than monitor tv watching habits and they want to know your internet habits.

Just install their app and get rewarded just for your normal internet usage.

As simple as that.

Sell Or Trade In Your Stuff And Cash Out In Gift Cards

If you have unused electronics, consider trading them in at popular retailers for gift cards. It’s a great way to save on upgraded items.

Walmart has an online “Gadget to Gift Cards” program in partnership with CExchange. Answer a few questions online and ship your items with FedEx. You’ll receive an instant Walmart eGift Card after your items are evaluated.

Target’s trade in program can be done online or a participating store. Answer questions about the quality of your item for a quote. Once the item is retrieved, they’ll send you a Target gift card.

Best Buy has trade in deals where you can bring your unused electronics to trade up for newer items or a Best Buy gift card. They will also have special trade in deals for even bigger savings.

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How To Redeem Amazon Gift Card Code

  • Signup or Login to your amazon account.
  • Now Goto the Gift Card Redeem page.
  • Or directly visit on this link
  • If you have an valid code, paste the code you have just copied in the box.
  • To check your gift card, Hit the Apply to Balance button.
  • Cheers! Youve successfully claimed your amazon gift card balance.

Get A Free American Consumer Opinion Account

Get Free Amazon Gift Cards

American Consumer Opinion is a company that pays you to answer online surveys that are available for you to enter on the website.

You earn points per online survey, they will be between 100 to 5000 points, with each 1 point being equivalent to 1 penny.

When you redeem your points, they will be offered as cash, but you are able to win a free gift card with their lucky draw opportunities.

Bonus: You can use the Honey Extensionto get rewards when you use this site.

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Is Amazon Gift Card Code Generator Work

I dont think so that itll be work, there are so many amazon gift card generators exist online but are quite fake as well so it is difficult to find the working genrator tool. Remember, Gift Card Generator is not a legal method.

These are the best websites to get Amazon Gift Card for Free. Best websites to earn free Amazon gift card and these sites will help you to redeem the points.

Time to Take Action

Here we have explained some effective and easy ways by which you can get Amazon gift card for free without spending any money. This amazon gift card is very beneficial for people who like shopping online. Actually, the craze of online shopping has increased rapidly nowadays after global pandemic. If you are also one of those shopping lovers, then this amazon gift card will help you in getting more discounts and shopping.

Happy Shopping!

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Do you think that your property taxes are too high? Use our app to reduce your property tax bill as effortlessly as possible.

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Gift Card Reload Bonus

If you have a gift card associated with your Amazon Prime account, the company will give you a $10 bonus when you reload it with $100 or more.

You can only take advantage of this promotion once, and its not always available the company runs it off and on for 30 days at a time.

That said, if you plan on shopping on Amazon anyway, this amounts to $10 of totally free money.

You can check the promotions status on Amazons offer page here.

Pick Up Some Extra Work

FREE Amazon Gift Cards – 5 REAL & EASY Ways to Get Amazon Gift Cards

Now, this one isnt necessarily free since youll be putting back work. But Amazon can pay you in gift cards when you work for Mechanical Turk, its crowdsourcing service. When companies need basic data entry or copy editing for cheap, they go to Mechanical Turk.

Amazon is happy to issue payments in the form of Amazon gift cards. If you have some time on your hands, and the right freelance skills, sign up for Mechanical Turk and earn some gift cards.

Want more work-from-home inspiration? Tap or click here for 20 great ways to make money online.

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The Fastest Way To Earn A $25 Amazoncom Gift Card

Winning a sweepstakes might be the easiest way to get free Gift Cards, they arent guaranteed, and if youre not winning right away, they certainly arent the fastest way to earn that elusive free gift card. The more sure-fire approach is to sign up for an online rewards program that gives you gift cards in exchange for doing every day things online, like playing games, watching videos, answering survey questionnaires, shopping for essentials & coupon clipping. Sites like Swagbucks, InboxDollars, MyPoints and ShopAtHome offer all that and more, giving you an opportunity to earn free gift cards quickly, without spending anything more than you would otherwise.

When looking for the best online rewards site for you, choose one that has been around for a long time and have earned sterling reputations from The Penny Hoarder, Dollar Sprout and Well Kept Wallet legit personal finance sites that vet potential money-making opportunities to make sure they are both safe and worth your time.

Take Surveys With Inboxdollars

InboxDollars is another top survey app where you can earn a free Amazon gift card.

As with Swagbucks, you can earn rewards by taking surveys and watching videos. You can also get paid a few cents just for checking emails and using the InboxDollars search engine.

New members can earn a $5 instant sign-up bonus, but youll need to rack up $30 worth of rewards to cash out. Once you hit $30, you can cash out for an Amazon gift card, among other merchants.

InboxDollars is free to use for anyone 18 years old and up.

Learn More:

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How To Secure A Gift Card Refund

Do you know that some states require businesses to reimburse you in cash if there is some money left on your gift card after your purchases? While this limit varies by the state, in most cases, companies need to refund up to $5. In some stateslike Californiathe law obliges enterprises to reimburse up to $10 in cash.

If you would like to collect a gift card refund on your own, you would need to:

  • Check your state legislation to see whether your state allows this type of refund
  • Get in touch with the gift card providers customer service to collect information regarding the procedure
  • Follow the required lengthy procedure

Gift Card Deals For Everyone

Get a $500 amazon gift card completely free !!!! It

Before we get to the special Amazon Gift Card promotions that get you free money, there are a few other gift card deals we want to show you.

Only certain people are eligible for the offers that add free Amazon credit to your account. Meanwhile, theres a hidden page that lists special gift card deals available to everyone!

Right now, there are several great gift card deals available on Amazon for a limited time. One gets you a $50 GrubHub gift card for just $40 with coupon code GRUBHUB21. Another gets you a $7.50 Amazon credit when you buy a $50 Happy You gift card with the code HAPPY21. This card can be used at GameStop, Ulta, Cheesecake Factory, AMC, Dave & Busters, or PF Changs.

Definitely check out Amazons hidden page for more, and keep one thing in mind. Gift cards obviously make great gifts, but you can also send these digital gift cards to your own email address and get the bonus credits for free!

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