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How Do Amazon Gift Cards Work

Change Gift Card Order

How do e gift cards work on Amazon?

After your gift card order has been placed, we can’t change the type of gift card you selected. However, we can cancel Print-at-Home orders so you can place a new order. If you ordered a Print-at-Home gift card, for help.


  • You need to verify the payment method used for the original purchase when you print a Print at Home gift card or re-send an email or text message gift card.
  • You can create up to 400 Email and Print at Home gift cards on the same order, but purchases of gift cards from Amazon.com and its affiliated websites are limited to up to $10,000 for any customer in a single day.
  • Physical Amazon.com gift cards are delivered with FREE One-Day shipping when you select One-Day shipping at checkout. For more information, go to .

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Answer Surveys Through American Consumer Opinion For An Amazon Free Gift Card

American Consumer Opinion is one free online survey company I highly recommend.

They pay you for each survey you complete and you may be able to earn a gift card or two each month through them. They primarily pay through check and PayPal, but you can also cash out and receive an Amazon gift card in exchange for taking surveys.

Can You Buy Kindle Gift Cards

You might first be wondering: are there Kindle gift cards? And the answer is yes and no. So what is a Kindle gift card? The only available Kindle gift card is a gift card with the Kindle logo on it.

But just because it has a Kindle logo doesnt mean it has to be used exclusively for Kindle-related purchases. Instead, it functions exactly like a and can be used to buy pretty much anything on Amazon .

So why choose to give a Kindle gift card if it functions exactly the same as a normal Amazon.com gift card? Well, the Kindle gift cards design with the Kindle logo shows you were thinking of the recipients love of books when you bought it. The design also subtly offers Kindle books as a suggested item to buy with the gift card, but the recipient isnt locked into using it on Kindle books if there is something else they want more. For these reasons, Kindle gift cards make excellent gifts for any book lovers!

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Give Oneopinion Your Feedback

Another survey site also with free signup. OneOpinion wants you to Help companies make better products and earn cash, one opinion at a time. Members are delighted with the level of member support offered. They even have a 24/7 phone line. And OneOpinion is continuously adding new and interesting surveys. Again, the more surveys you take, the more you earn.

Like the others above, OneOpinion has flexible payout options. You can select from PayPal, Amazon Gift Cards, or a gift card from many other retailers like Target, Starbucks, and Walmart.

How Does A Gift Contribution Work

How Do Amazon Gift Cards Work?

Go to and in the Find someones list box, enter a friends email address. Amazon will show you the wish list your friend has built. Now, look through the different lists and items and decide what gift youre going to chip-in for

As a gift giver, simply click the Chip in on this gift button. Before you do that, you can see the number of people who have chipped in, how much has been Contributed so far and the Amount needed to make the purchase.

You can only contribute up to the full amount thats needed and once the final gift amount is given to reach the total, the item is immediately ordered and shipped.

Of course, we all know that products go up and down in price and often go out of stock or are discontinued. Price changes and discontinued items could be handled like this:

  • Price increases
  • Usually prices dont jump UP by much, so the Amount needed number would just change and each gift giver could see the current amount needed. If the price increases by a significant amount AND there is at least one contribution, the gift receiver would get an email that their wish list item increased and they have the option to ignore the notice or reallocate the contributions to a different gift.
  • Price
  • When an item drops lower than the amount that has already been contributed, the gift receiver would get an Amazon gift card in the box with their item OR they could simple show a credit on their wish list, that they could reallocate to other wish list items
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    How To Use A Mastercard Visa Or Amex Gift Card On Amazon

    by Josh Kirschner on January 14, 2021in , , , ::

    Trying to use a Mastercard, Visa or Amex Gift Card on Amazon can cause several headaches. First, simply registering the card as a payment method can be tricky. Amazon requires a name and billing address to register a credit card as a means of payment. Since many gift cards arent personalized to you, there is no name or zip code to enter, and Amazon wont be able to validate the card.

    Even if you get through that first hurdle, Mastercard, Visa or Amex gift cards arent well-suited to online purchasing. Since Amazon doesnt allow you to split a purchase among multiple cards, if your gift card is worth $50 and your order is $70, theres no way to make up the difference, and your transaction will simply be declined. On the flip side, if your order is $47, youll be left with a $3 balance on your gift card, which isnt useful for anything.

    However, there are a couple of tricks that will make using a gift card on Amazon a breeze. In fact, theres probably . Heres what you need to know.

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    Get Paid To Take Surveys With Opinion Outpost

    Create a free account with Opinion Outpost and begin taking surveys. Opinion Outpost operates on the idea that A successful companys most important consultant is you. Participate as often as you wish and get paid for your input as either cash or points toward a variety of gift cards. A big plus is that your participation in surveys automatically enrolls you in their quarterly cash prize drawing of $10,000!

    You can complete most surveys in 10 to 20 minutes, and each offers anywhere from 5 to as much as 50 points for completing. Once you earn 50 points, you can redeem your points for a $5 Amazon gift card. If you prefer a cash payout, you can do so once you reach 100 points .

    Do Amazon Gift Cards Work For Kindle

    How To Redeem An Amazon Gift Card (And Use Your Gift Card Balance To Buy Stuff)

    Amazon.com Gift Cards can be used to buyKindle content, digital music and Amazon Videodownloads. To use an Amazon.com Gift Card for digitaldownloads, do one of the following: Redeem your giftcard in Your Account. Click Redeem a gift card orpromotion code before clicking Buy now.

    Similarly, you may ask, how do you pay for Kindle books with an Amazon gift card?

    Yes! You Can. Apply the gift card to your accountby Going to Your Account > Gift Card Balance orAmazon Sign In. When you buy Kindle books, it willautomatically pull the funds for your purchase from the giftcard balance, taking precedence over added credit or debitcard in your account.

    Also Know, what kind of gift card do you need for a Kindle? Shop for Kindle Gift Cards Shop all gift cards

    Amazon Music Stream millions of songsAmazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customersAmazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon
    Ring Smart Home Security Systemseero WiFi Stream 4K Video in Every RoomNeighbors App Real-Time Crime & Safety Alerts

    Also know, how do I redeem a Amazon gift card on my Kindle?

    Go to the Your Account page onAmazon. Click Apply a Gift Card to YourAccount. Sign in to your account. Enter your 16-characterclaim code in the Enter a Gift Card Claim Codefield.

    Can you use only part of an Amazon gift card?

    Amazon.com only allows you touse multiple payment methods if one of those methodsis an Amazon.com gift card code and another is adebit card, credit card or checkingaccount.

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    How Do Amazon Kindle Gift Cards Work

    So how do Kindle gift cards work? These gift cards work identically to other Amazon.com gift cards, meaning you can use them on millions of items storewide on Amazon.com . They also never expire and dont have any fees.

    And if youre wondering how to use Kindle gift cards for books, all you have to do is redeem your gift card prior to your purchase and then the gift card will be available to use.

    Those Apple Airpods That Everyone Wants

    If you were lucky enough to get a pretty hefty gift card, you should treat yourself to a pair of AirPods. You know you want them. They’re honestly worth it, even if you can only pay for some of it via gift card. They’re the best true wireless headphones we’ve ever tested for their great sound and seamless connection to Apple devices.

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    Prizerebel Earn Amazon Itunes Best Buy And Visa Gift Cards

    PrizeRebel is another survey site. It works a lot like Survey Junkie but tends to be simpler and even easier to use. I enjoyed using Prize Rebel because you can claim payouts in the form of about 500 different gift cards. The choices include a Visa gift card you can use anywhere.

    Like Survey Junkie youd need a minimum of 500 points to redeem a payout. Prize Rebel is so simple and straightforward I would probably list it higher except for one thing. The sites simplicity has a drawback: You dont know when you start a survey how much time it will take.

    More advanced sites like Survey Junkie let you know in advance how many points youll get and how much time you should expect to spend. Survey Junkie also lets you know in advance if the survey will require some kind of supporting documentation. The more information you know upfront, the better you can determine whether the activity is going to be worth your time or not.

    And, sadly, PrizeRebel does not have smartphone apps which means youd need to be on your laptop or your phones web browser to earn extra money for your bank account.

    All these drawbacks aside, I still recommend PrizeRebel because of its super easy-to-use interface. If youve got some spare time and want to try earning some Amazon cash, test it out for yourself.

    Next Steps

    How Gift Cards Work

    What Is Best Gift Cards: How Do Amazon Gift Cards Work ...

    A gift card is a form of payment that can be used to make purchases at retail stores, gas stations, restaurants, and other locations. You load money onto the card, which you or the gift cards recipient can then spend at accepted locations.

    Gift cards can be open-loop or closed-loop. An open-loop gift card can be used anywhere that brand of card is accepted. For example, if you have a gift card thats branded with the Visa logo, you could use it to make purchases anywhere Visa is accepted.

    A closed-loop card, on the other hand, can only be used at specific merchants. For instance, if you purchase a gift card from Starbucks or Amazon, you or the gift cards recipient would be able to use them to make purchases only at the retailer issuing the card.

    Some prepaid gift cards charge a fee to purchase them. You may also pay a separate fee to reload money to a gift card if you wish to reuse it.

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    Gift Card Currency Conversion

    For those stores and restaurants that do allow their gift cards to be used outside of the U.S., a currency conversion will be needed to calculate the value of the gift card. For example, if you buy a gift card in the United States for 50 U.S. dollars and give it to someone in Canada, the card will be worth approximately 65 Canadian dollars, depending on the exchange rate at the time the gift card is redeemednot the exchange rate in place when the gift card was purchased.

    Thats what Ive found so far. Digging up the answer to whether or not a gift card can be used in Canada turned into quite a challenge. Some websites clearly outline whether or not their cards can be used internationally, some provide clarification deep inside terms and conditions pages and others dont have cross-border redemption listed at all. So I will update this list whenever I come across a new opportunity. In the meantime, let me know if you find other gift cards that can be used in other countries or purchased from other countries and used in the United States. We might not have the flexibility of sending Visa gift cards to friends and family members across the border, but there are some really great store brand gift card alternatives. If you have other suggestions, leave a note in the comments below or reach me at on Twitter.

    Happy Gift Carding!

    ~Shelley Hunter, Gift Card Girlfriend

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    Why Am I Not Able To Add My Gift Card

    Try the following steps:

  • Check if the gift card you’re trying to add has expired. If yes, contact us to extend the expiry date.
  • Make sure you are entering the Gift Card Code and not the Gift Card Reference ID .
  • If while adding the gift card, you get an error stating that ‘the gift card has already used/redeemed’, please Your Transactions to see if the gift card is already applied to your account, or to the Amazon account of any of your family members.
  • If the gift card you are trying to use was given to you by an organization, please contact them to check if the card is activated.
  • Note: Gift cards cannot be used by International Customers for Export orders.

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    Delivering Amazon Gift Cards Or Gift Boxes

    Note that for buyers in Australia, the cost of delivering a gift card or gift box needs to be taken into consideration. Physical Amazon gift cards cannot be shipped to Australia direct from Amazon. You will have to use a mail forwarding service like Shopmate if you’d like to purchase a physical gift card.

    The Best Cast Iron Skillet Money Can Buy

    DOES IT WORK?!How to Get Free Amazon Gift Cards 2017

    One way to majorly upgrade your cooking is to invest in a cast iron skillet. This cookware is super versatile and can be used on the stove, in the oven, on the grill, and even over the campfire. Lodge makes the best cast iron cookware out there because it lasts a lifetime, comes preseasoned, and is always very affordablewhich makes it a great thing to spend your gift card on.

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    How To Buy An Amazon Gift Card

    You can purchase an Amazon gift card via Amazon.

    • Visit Amazon and sign into your account. If you don’t have an Amazon account yet, registration is free and only takes a few minutes to set up.
    • Once inside your account, click the “Gift Card” link from the top of the menu list to access the gift card store.
    • Now, select your type of gift card. On the next screen, select your design and occasion. You can personalise your gift card by adding a photo and/or a personalised message. You can also customise it to reflect the celebration, such as a birthday or wedding.
    • Enter your gift card value and fill in the rest of the required information, such as recipient’s name, email address or mailing address. When you’ve filled out all the required fields, click “purchase”.
    • Select a payment method, enter your payment details and authorise the transaction. That’s it, you have now purchased an Amazon gift card. Congratulations!

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