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How Much Money Is Left On My Gift Card

Facing Financial Issues Donotpay Can Take The Burden Off Your Shoulders

HOW TO check your gift card balance using walmart.com!

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File A Quick And Efficient Gift Card Cash Back Request With Donotpay

Did you know that unused gift card credit is taken over by the government as unclaimed funds or returned to retailers after some time? Regardless of the amount left on your card, you dont have to say goodbye to the money or use it for the goods you dont need.

DoNotPay is a perfect solution for tackling this issue and turning the remaining gift card balance into cash with ease. With our app, you will:

  • Find out whether the cash back option is allowed in your state
  • Reclaim your unused gift card money even if you live in one of the states that dont have a cash back policy
  • Collect all crucial details for filing a cash back request in one place
  • Avoid stressful debates with support agents because we do the entire procedure in your stead

Heres what you need to do:

  • Access your DoNotPay account from any web browser
  • Open the Gift Card Cash Back feature
  • Enter the name of the company, your gift card number, and other requested details
  • Once we confirm that your state approves getting cash back, we will send the request to the company. Even if it doesnt, we will find a retailers branch in a state that does and forward your claim there!

    Calling The Toll Free Number

  • 1 On the back of your card, there should be a number listed. This is a toll-free number that provides customer support. You can call this number to check your balance.
  • 2Answer the questions asked to check your balance. When you call the number, follow any prompts you’re given. You will likely have to enter your gift card number, expiration date, and the three digit code to get your gift card balance.
  • 3 If you can’t find a toll-free number on your card, Vista has a general number you can call with questions about your gift card. Call 511-GIFT if the toll-free number is absent or not working.XResearch sourceAdvertisement
    • Where do I reload my Visa gift card?Carly GallagherYou can’t reload it. It should say “not refillable” somewhere on the card.Thanks!
    • What does it mean when the available balance is 0?Community AnswerThis means that there is no money left on the card. If you do not recall spending the money, then the card may have expired.Thanks!

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    Protect Your Consumer Rights With Donotpay

    MasterCard gift card balance check

    Companies complicate cancellation and refund processes intentionally, hoping that consumers wouldnt want to spend hours trying to solve the issue theyre having. DoNotPay knows how important consumer rights are, and thats why we created numerous products that can help you:

    Many people forget to cancel their free trials on time and end up paying for the services they dont even use. To prevent that, DoNotPay has developed a nifty virtual credit card that will allow you to enjoy free trials risk-free. Our virtual credit card will also help you avoid spam email notifications by generating a random email address that you can use when signing up for a free trial.

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    Cards Bought On Mastercardgiftcardcom

    InComm runs MastercardGiftCard.com and is another gift card organization that sells both traditional and business Mastercard gift cards. These cards are issued by Sutton Bank. If your card was purchased on this site, you can either call the number on the back of the card or head to balance.mastercardgiftcard.com to review how much money you have left to spend. In the provided boxes, enter your card number, expiration date and CVV. Then click the orange “Sign In” button to review your remaining balance. It’s important to note that the gift cards purchased on MastercardGiftCard.com are not reloadable, so once you’ve brought your balance to zero, you can safely toss the card.

    Run A Cracker Barrel Gift Card Check Online Sipping Wine

    You can inquire about your balance on the company website. Here’s how it works:

  • Open the Cracker Barrel Gift Cards page
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page
  • Click on the Check Gift Card Balance box
  • Enter your card number, PIN, and email address in the provided fields
  • Hit the Check Balance box on the right
  • If you provide your email address, your gift card balance will be emailed to you as well.

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    Donotpay Is The Right Gift

    DoNotPay can run all necessary checks automatically. We will determine if your state requires Cracker Barrel or any other company to reimburse the remainder to you.

    If we find out that it does not, well look for its office located in one of the cash back policy states. DoNotPay sends your request to that address directly!

    Sounds easy? It is for an AI-powered app determined to fight for your customer rights! Register for DoNotPay and:

  • Select the Gift Card Cash Back product
  • Provide information about your gift card, including the company name, card number, original amount, and current balance
  • You can expect to get cash or a check within 14 business days via mail.

    How To Check A Balance On A Mastercard Gift Card

    How to Check Xbox Gift Card Balance Xbox Gift Card Money for Purchases without Credit Card

    Since Mastercard is widely accepted, a Mastercard gift card makes for an excellent birthday, Christmas or graduation gift. The gift card can be purchased in just about any amount and it doesn’t cost much to mail it to the recipient, should he or she not live close by. If you happen to be the lucky recipient of a Mastercard gift card, you will want to keep track of the balance, to prevent spending more than what’s left on the card. It’s easy to check Mastercard gift card balances with a few simple steps.

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    Checking Your Balance Online

  • 1Find the website on the back of the card. Flip the card over to the side with the black strip and read the fine print on the back of the card. It will usually have directions to find your balance and will sometimes list a website that you can visit to determine your balance.XResearch source
  • Beware of scam sites that aren’t affiliated with the gift card company. Only use websites linked from the company’s official site, or the website printed on the back of the card.
  • 2Type the required information into the site. Once you visit the website found on the back of the card, it will have fields for information pertaining to your card. This will usually include your card number and another numeric code like the expiration date or access code.XResearch source
  • Sometimes you may have to peel off a piece of tape to reveal the card numbers on the back of the card.XResearch source
  • 3Hit submit or enter. Once you submit the information you should be forwarded to a page that lists the balance on your gift card. If it doesn’t work, go back to the last page and enter the card details again. Double-check them to make sure that they are correct before you submit them.XResearch source
  • If the information still doesn’t work your card could be expired or there could be a technical problem. In this case, call the company or go to a physical location.
  • Do All States Allow Cash Back For Used Gift Cards

    In most retailers policies, its stated that you can return or exchange gift cards for cash only if the local gift card statute approves it. The term gift card statute refers to a law that allows or prohibits the gift card cash back option in a specific state.

    Some U.S. states and Puerto Rico require retailers to provide gift card reimbursement to customers if the remaining funds are below the threshold specified by the law. You can check out the applicable cash back limitations in the table below:


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    How Do You Check How Much Money Is Left On A Visa Gift Card

    Check CardVisaCardcardcheckgift cardHere’s the fastest way to get cash for gift cards:

  • Check the balance of your gift card.
  • Take the gift card to a Gift Card Exchange kiosk.
  • Enter the gift card information into the system.
  • Review the cash back offer and decide if you want to accept it.
  • Upon acceptance, print the voucher.
  • How To Check Your Visa Gift Card Balance

    [Contest] The " Guess How Much Amazon Gift Card Money I ...

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    When using a Visa gift card, you may occasionally lose track of its precise balance while making purchases. If you need to know how much you have left on the card, it’s easy to check your balance. To check your balance, you have two options. You can look your balance up online or call the toll free number on the back of your card.

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    How Do I Check My Canadian Tire Gift Card Balance

    4.1/5checkCanadian Tire gift card balanceCheck Canadian Tire Gift Card BalanceCheck Canadian Tire Gift Card BalanceCanadian TireCanadian Tire

    Accordingly, how do I check my gift card balance?

    To check gift card balance, you will need the card number and, if applicable, the PIN or security code located on the back of the card. Most retailers & restaurants allow you to check the balance online, by calling the toll-free number located on the card, or by visiting them in person.

    Additionally, can I use my Canadian Tire gift card at Sport Chek? They are only redeemable for merchandise and service at any Canadian Tire retail store or gas bar, and may not be redeemed for cash or applied as payment on any Canadian Tire credit account.

    Also Know, can I use my Canadian Tire gift card online?

    Gift Cards can be redeemed at more than 480 Canadian Tire stores, 400 service centres and 250 gas bars coast to coast. Gift Cards are not redeemable online and may not be applied as payment on Canadian Tire credit accounts.

    Does gift card expire?

    A. Under federal law, a gift card cannot expire in less than five years after the date of purchase. But if it’s not used within 12 months, fees for inactivity, dormancy or service can be charged to the card each month, diminishing its value.

    About Unused Apple Id Balance

    You can’t redeem or return Apple Gift Cards, App Store & iTunes Gift Cards, or unused Apple ID balance for cash, except as required by law. If your jurisdiction allows for refund of redeemed gift balances, you can contact Apple Support to request a refund. When you contact Apple, please include the following information:

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    Gift Card Balance Check

    Check your gift card balance on the Raise marketplace by selecting a brand name below. We provide gift card balance links for thousands of retailers and restaurants so you can easily check your gift card balance online. Use our gift card balance checker to find out how much value is remaining on your card in just a few simple steps. Select the brand name of the gift card to verify, and enter the gift card’s information on the merchant website. You may be asked to submit your gift card number and gift card PIN to verify the balance. You can find these numbers and/or characters exactly as they appear on the back of the gift card. If you are unable to check your card balance online, please direct all inquiries to the merchant’s phone number provided for gift card balance verification.

    Raise offers a convenient way for you to check your gift card balance online or over the phone. Especially when selling these cards on our gift card exchange, it is important to verify a gift card’s balance to ensure an accurate value. We verify all gift cards before listing on the marketplace to provide our buyers with the correct gift card information. All sellers on Raise are held responsible for the full gift card balance at the original time of listing, therefore it’s important to know the exact gift card balance when listing your item for sale.

    Video Transcript: How To Check The Balance On Your The Home Depot Gift Cardvideo Transcript

    How To Check Walmart Gift Card Balance

    I’m Shelley Hunter, Gift Card Girlfriend at GiftCards.com. If you have a gift card to The Home Depot — whether you purchased it from us here at GiftCards.com or in a grocery store, or directly from The Home Depot — then, to find out the balance of your card, you’re going to need to know the gift card number, as well as a PIN. And you’re probably going to have to scratch it off to get to it. If for some reason your card does not have a PIN, then you’re going to have to take it into The Home Depot and have them check the balance for you. But in most cases, if you have a card number and the PIN, click the link on this page and it will take you right to where you need to go to get the balance of your Home Depot gift card.

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    Ask Gift Card Girlfriend

    Have a gift card balance check question for Gift Card Girlfriend?

    Gift Card Girlfriend Tip: I always check the balance of my gift cards before going shopping to make sure there are no surprises at the cash register. I want to know exactly how much I can spend in order to use the full value of the gift card.

    How Do I Find Out How Much I Have On An Amazon Gift Card

    How to check your Amazon gift card balance on desktop

  • Log into your account and from the homepage, hover over Accounts & Lists, then click “Your Account.” Click “Your Account” from the account menu.
  • You will be taken to a page where you can view your gift card balance, as well as recent transactions using Amazon gift cards.
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    Check Mastercard Gift Card Balance

    The easiest way to check Mastercard gift card balance is to flip the card over and call the customer service number on the back of the card, as Mastercard points out that their prepaid gift cards are sold via a number of different banks and retailers. An automated system will pick up once you dial the number on the back of the card. You’ll need to follow the instructions to punch in your card number and possibly a pin or the CVV . In some cases, the automated system will immediately reveal your balance and, in others, you’ll need to press a number to hear your balance.

    Video of the Day

    Most Mastercard gift cards will also have a link on the back of the card. Type this into your Internet browser to check Mastercard gift card balances. You may have to register the card and create an account before you view the balance. With an account, you may also be able to reload the card, should you wish to continue using it in the future.

    What Else Can Donotpay Assist You With

    My tea plus tax used up the exact amount of money left on ...

    DoNotPay boasts many useful products that help millions of Americans handle their everyday hurdles in minutes.

    With us, you can prepare for any government test for a low monthly fee, send online faxes in the blink of an eye, and request cash back for your gift cards stress-free.

    Do you have a friend or relative whos serving time? Use our mailing service to send letters to inmates with no hassle.

    Learn how to fight workplace discrimination and confront a neighbor whos giving you headaches all through the same app!

    Log in to DoNotPay and solve any administrative issueincluding setting up an appointment with the DMV and filing an insurance claimby following a few simple steps.

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    What To Do With The Remaining Balance On Your Gift Cards

    If you still have a few bucks left on your Cracker Barrel or some other companys gift card but believe you cannot purchase anything with this amount, youre wrong! Theres always a way to use the money, especially if you have a few gift cards lying around your house.

    Check all their balances first and make a list to know precisely how much you have on each. Here are some choices you could consider:

    • Combine:
    • A few gift cards from the same company to buy something nice. Gift card providers often allow you to use a few gift cards per purchase
    • Your gift card with another gift card, a credit or debit card, or another method of payment. Even though you will be able to spend all the remaining money from a gift card, youd still need to invest additional funds to complete a purchase
  • Return a gift card for cash as some issuers might want to refund it
  • Give the card to someone whod appreciate it, but only if there is a reasonable amount left
  • Sell your gift cards for cash online, at some retail stores, or specialized gift card exchange kiosks
  • Donate to a charity organization
  • Get your cash back
  • If you would like to choose the last option from the list, you need to know that most companies wont offer any reimbursement for the remaining balance on your gift card. However, some U.S. states require gift card providers to return up to $5 or even $10 to their clients.

    How to find out if your state is among the ones with a cash back policy in place? You could:


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