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How To Activate My Amazon Gift Card

* Metro Food Basics Gift Cards

How to Activate a Giftcard on Amazon in 2020!
  • Metro-Food Basics gift cards can be used at all Metro and Food Basics Stores in Ontario and Quebec.
  • Metro-Food Basics gift cards can be checked for their balance at all Metro and Food Basics Stores in Ontario and Quebec and on-line at www.metro.ca.
  • Metro-Food Basics gift cards will be accepted at any time at Metro and Food Basics Stores. They have no expiry date and may be used immediately after activation by the store.
  • Use of Metro-Food Basics gift cards is subject to the terms and conditions expressed on the cards.

Activate Your Visa Gift Card

First of all, you will need to activate your Visa gift card if necessary.

Most Visa gift cards come activated and ready to use, but some require activation by the recipient. If your card requires activation, a sticker on the front of the card should inform you so. Activate the card by calling the number printed on the sticker.

The cardboard sleeve may even indicate that the gift card was activated when purchased.

Your gift card may indicate that it was activated when purchased.

How Do I Activate An Amazon Gift Card

ONLINE SHOPPING How to activate an Amazon gift card By Desireé Puchades | July 4, 2018 SHARETWEETSHARESHARE0 COMMENTS

Amazon has endless features when it comes to buying from home. If you want to get the most out of your online purchases with this platform, keep reading below we will tell you how to activate an Amazon gift card and what it is for.

What is an Amazon Gift Card and what is it for?Amazon gift cards allow you to buy through this website without using your own card. You can acquire them physically or you can obtain them by email to avoid entering your bank details on the Internet if you do not trust them. Two of the advantages of using cards with these characteristics is that they do not have an expiration date and that they also do not generate additional costs.

In summary, this type of card serves on the one hand to avoid entering your credit card details and is also used as a gift for anyone, because on Amazon you can find products of all kinds and from any sector.

Steps to apply a Gift Card on AmazonBooks, home, fashion, electronics and much more are part of the Amazon product catalog. If the time has come to use your gift card, whether you are an Amazon prime or a normal user of the Web, take note of these simple steps to apply an Amazon gift card and start filling your shopping cart.

In the case of having more than one Amazon gift card you can activate all of them since there is no limit, yes, you will have to repeat the process for each of them.

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Applying A Gift Card Balance To Your Order

How do I activate my Amazon.co.uk Gift Card?
  • 1Navigate to . Click the link provided to do so. Your gift card balance will be automatically applied to whichever purchase you make after entering the card’s code to apply your balance to a specific purchase, you’ll need to enter the card’s code at the checkout screen.
  • If you’re using the Amazon app, tap the app to open Amazon. You’ll need an internet or data connection to access your account.
  • 2 This is below and to the right of the search bar.XResearch source
  • On mobile, tap the three horizontal lines in the top left corner, then click “Sign in” at the top of the menu.
  • 3Enter your email and password. When you’re done, press “Sign in” to access your account.
  • 4Add any items you wish to purchase to your cart. After you’re done adding items, you’ll be ready to check out.
  • 5 This is in the top right corner of the Amazon interface. You can also click “Proceed to checkout” button below the cart icon.
  • 6 This is under the “Payment method” section of the checkout screen. On mobile, you may have to scroll down to find this option.XResearch source
  • 7Enter your gift card’s claim code. Your claim code should be on the back of your card you may have to scratch the protective film off of the back to view the code.
  • If you’re redeeming a digital code, select the claim code from the confirmation email and paste it into the claim code field.
  • 8 Your Amazon gift card balance should be applied to your order!Advertisement
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    How Gift Card Redemption Works

    When you redeem a gift card, Amazon adds the full value of your card to your account. You can then use these funds to buy eligible items on the site.

    You cant buy other Amazon gift cards with your gift card money, though you are allowed to purchase some third-party gift cards for other stores. You wont be able to transfer the gift card funds to other Amazon accounts, and these funds cant be exchanged for cash, either. However, there are third-party markets for gift cards if youre serious about not shopping on Amazon.

    S To Activate An Amazon Gift Card

    1. Locate the claim code.

    Note: Plastic gift cards may require you to scratch off its coating on the cards back in order to reveal the code. The claim code is not the 16-digit card number.

    2. Go to Your Account and click on Gift Cards

    3. Next, click on Redeem a Gift Card

    4. Enter your claim code in the box provided, and click Apply to Your Balance.

    Some things to remember:

    *You may also enter your claim code during checkout.

    *You cant use the Amazon 1-Click service to redeem your gift card unless the funds have already been redeemed to your account first.

    *If your order total is more than the funds in your gift card, you may pay the remaining amount due using a credit card.

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    How To Redeem Amazon Gift Card On Iphone Or Ipad

    If you don’t already have an Amazon account, you’ll need to create one before following the steps below to redeem your Amazon gift card claim code. You’ll also need to have the Amazon app installed on your device before you begin. To learn more about apps and shopping on your Apple devices, sign up for our Tip of the Day newsletter.

  • Open the Amazon app.
  • Sign in to your Amazon account if you are not already logged in.
  • Tap the three lines icon.
  • In the Payments section, tap Manage gift card balance.
  • Tap Redeem another gift card.
  • Enter the digital gift card claim code or the number on the back of the physical gift card .
  • Tap Apply to your balance to redeem the gift card.
  • For physical gift cards, you can also tap Scan your claim code to scan the code with your device.
  • Center the card in front of your camera to automatically scan the code.
  • If you’re using a computer, open your web browser. Type and you will automatically be taken to the Redeem a gift card page. Again, be sure to sign in to your Amazon account before trying to redeem any claim codes or gift cards. Now you can redeem credit to your Amazon account and use that money on your next purchase!

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    Gift Card Activation On Amazon

    How to Redeem Amazon Gift Card

      1. In order to activate your Gift Card on Amazon, first you need to log into your Amazon account.

      2. Once you successfully logged in. Search for the Gift Card section of the page

      3. There you should be able to find a “Redeem Amazon Gift Cards” button

      4. If you followed these steps “Redeem a gift card” window should pop. There you will be able to enter your gift’s card code.

      Bear in mind that your gift card must match the region/country you are in. For example, if your Amazon account is German your card must be for Germany. We suggest to always check the restriction of the gift card.

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      Redeem Your Amazon Gift Card On The German Amazon Website

      You can exchange Amazon Gift Cards on the German Amazon webshop only. If you are looking for UK Amazon Gift Cards, please change the country settings on the top right of our webshop.

      Here is how you redeem the Amazon Gift Card on Amazon.de:

    • Go to and log in or create a new account
    • Choose the product you wish to purchase and add it to your shopping cart
    • Once you have added everything you need, go to the payment screen
    • Choose Gift Card as the payment option and enter the digital redeem code your received per email from us
    • If the total order value exceeds the gift card value, please choose another payment method to pay for the remaining balance.
    • FAQ page

      Ways To Get Amazon Gift Cards Online For Free

      Here are several ways to start racking up these free Amazon gift cards today.

      Yes, you can get Amazon gift cards for free. Not many people know that there are actually several ways to start racking up free Amazon gift cards online.

      Who doesnt love Amazon? I sure do. Amazon gift cards are a gem because you can get nearly anything you want on there.

      No joke, in my last post I covered 20 cool gifts under $25 which absolutely surprised me.

      But how can we get free Amazon gift cards you ask?

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      Add Your Visa Gift Card And Update Your Info

      Below this âAmountâ section is the âPayment methodâ section. At the bottom is the option âAdd a cardâ.

      Youll find the option to add a card.

      Enter the requested information as if the card were a credit card.

      The name on a gift card is often âA Gift For Youâ, âEspecially For Youâ, or âGift Card Recipientâ. Be sure to enter that name in the âName on cardâ box.

      If the gift card were a credit card, Amazon would verify that the selected billing address matches the address associated with the card. In the case of a gift card, there is no address associated with the card.

      Enter your billing address.

      Select the newly added card.

      After selecting an address, the new card is added to your account. If the card is not automatically selected, select it from the list of payment methods.

      Select the card if it has not been automatically selected.

      What Does Your Gift Card Is In The Process Of Being Activated Mean

      How do I activate my Amazon.co.uk Gift Card?

      Sometimes, the authorized agents, retailers, banks, and companies take more time than usual to activate a gift card, most of the time the process is instantaneous, but it could take more than it should. The first time that the message Your Gift Card is in the process of being Activated, I almost went into a panic because it was taking more time than usual, I thought that I did something wrong, but the truth here was that the Your Gift Card is in the process of being Activated message is more usual than it should.

      When a client purchases a gift card, they must be activated by the retailers and/or authorized agents at the moment the gift card is acquired. However, the process is a little bit more complicated than that. First of all, I recommend waiting some hours when this happens, the person should wait 24 hours, and then try again. If this does not work, the person can do a few things to try to solve this:

      • If the gift card was acquired in a physical store like Walmart or 7 Eleven, it should have two bills, one is the bill for the purchase, and the other has the activation code and the amount of the gift card. The person must go to the store where it bought the card with both bills, and the store should solve it.
      • When it is a gift card bought on Amazon, the person has to contact Amazons customer services phone number. This is weird when a gift card buys in Amazon is not already activated, but in case this happens, the person has to contact Amazon or the manufacturer.

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      How To Redeem Amazon Gift Card

      • In order to use your Gift Card, log into your Amazon account.
      • At the top bar, select Amazon Pay and then click on the option to add Gift Card
      • Enter the Gift Card code at Add Gift Card / Voucher Code to AmazonPay balance
      • Click Add to your balance button and the amount would be ready to be used at the time of checkout.

      Getting Started With Your Amazon Credit Card

      Once youre approved for your Amazon credit card, youll want to do a few things to set yourself up for credit success.

    • Getting the Chase mobile app or the Synchrony mobile app depending on which Amazon card you got can simplify your finances in many ways. For example, the Chase app lets you set up autopay, monitor your accounts and spending, make payments or activate the Chase Offers program.
    • Set up digital wallets. Chase supports digital wallets, meaning you can add your , Google Pay, Garmin Pay and more.
    • Enroll in online banking. Visit Chases website to enroll in online banking. You need to provide personal information, such as your SSN or tax ID, your bank account and your mobile phone. Once you set it up, you can monitor your accounts, activate autopay, redeem rewards and more. Amazon also has an online banking service for cards issued by Synchrony Bank.
    • Add your card on Amazon.com. Make sure you have set your Amazon credit card as a preferred payment method on Amazon.com to earn your cashback rewards.
    • Set up a PIN. Its likely that your card will already have a personal identification number , but in case you dont have one or you want to reset your old one call 800-297-4970. Simply follow the automated instructions and you should be all set. Having a PIN number is important, especially for those who travel abroad.
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      Amazon Gift Card Activation Amazon Card Activation

      If you have recently received your Amazon gift card and want to Activate Amazon Gift Card then you will need to check the steps available here for Amazon Card Activation.

      You must be excited to activate Amazon Card as the gift card offers many new services and benefits the cardholders on activation of Amazon cards.

      Find The Amazon Gift Card Claim Code

      How to Redeen an Amazon Gift Card â Add Gift Card Money Buy on Amazon Without Credit Card

      To redeem an Amazon gift card, you will need your gift cards claim code. This code is clearly visible on your physical or digital gift card. You will enter this code on the Amazon website or the Amazon mobile app to add the cards value to your account.

      A claim code usually looks something like this:


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      How To Redeem Your Xbox Digital Codes From Amazon

      When you buy an Xbox One game from Amazon, an Xbox Gift Card, or Xbox Live Credit , you get a digital code like the one below.

      The Digital Code that you get from Amazon

      To find it, open your and go to Digital content and devices-> Digital games and software.

      Go to Digital content and devices > Digital games and software

      Write down or copy the product code that you have received.

      See More Terms & Conditions

    • Metro Richelieu Inc. issues the three following categories of gift cards:
    • The Metro gift card, which can be used in all participating Metro and Food Basics stores in Ontario
    • The Food Basics gift card, which can be used in all participating Food Basics stores in Ontario
    • The corporate gift card, which can be used in all participating Metro, and Food Basic stores in Ontario. The corporate gift card is identified by the presence of the logos of both Metro and Food Basics banners.
    • The gift card must be activated prior to its use.
    • The use of the gift card is subject to the terms and conditions which govern it, terms and conditions that can be revised by Metro Richelieu inc. without prior notice.
    • The gift card must be presented to the cashier at the time of purchase.
    • The gift card can be used several times. The total purchase amount is deducted from the card until the balance reaches zero.
    • The market value of the gift card is in Canadian dollars.
    • To check the balance left on your gift card, you can visit any Metro store or find out online by .
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