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How To Add Visa Gift Card To Amazon Account

How To Pay With Two Payment Methods On Amazon

Can I add a Visa gift card to my Amazon account?

William StantonRead more April 10, 2019

Amazon is one of the most popular websites where you can shop for literally anything that you want. From clothes to serious computer tech, you can find really affordable products in just a few clicks.

All you need to do is create an Amazon account, log in, and then look for something that you want to buy. Once you have found your desired item, click on Add to Cart and proceed to the next page where you will need to enter your credit card information.

But what if you dont have enough funds on your credit card? Can you use two payment methods to purchase what you need?

The answer is yes, and this article will show you exactly how to do this.

Why Cant I Use My Visa Gift Card Online

Visa gift cards are linked to bank accounts that generally must be activated in order to receive transactions. Inactive cards will be declined if used for payment because the associated bank accounts are not ready to be used. The same is true for Visa gift cards, whether you buy them online or at the store.

Can You Use American Express Gift Cards On Amazon

Head to Amazon and lick on the Account & Lists dropdown. Then, select payment options to add your gift card as a new payment source. Swap your Mastercard, Visa or Amex gift card for an Amazon gift card. Once the registration is done, you can now start using your gift card to make purchases through Amazon.

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How To Add A Visa Gift Card To My Amazon Account

Do you have a Visa Amazon gift card? Are you scratching your head wondering how to use it on your amazon account? Worry not, were here to help you out. You can redeem the Visa gift card on to pay for your Amazon purchases. All you have to do is follow the simple steps below.

  • Go to your Amazon accounts Reload Your Balance page.
  • Enter the amount on your Visa gift card.
  • You will be required to sign in to your account again for this process.
  • Enter your gift card information in the given space and click next if youre unsure as to which name is on the card, there is a balance check number on the back of the card that you can call to retrieve the information.
  • Select your gift card as the payment method and select done.
  • Finally you will be redirected to reload your balance screen verify the amount of the gift card and then click the Reload button.
  • Do you have a Visa Amazon gift card? Are you scratching your head wondering how to use it on your amazon account? Worry not, were here to help you out. You can redeem the Visa gift card on to pay for your Amazon purchases. All you have to do is follow the simple steps below.

  • Go to your Amazon accounts Reload Your Balance page.
  • Enter the amount on your Visa gift card.
  • You will be required to sign in to your account again for this process.
  • Select your gift card as the payment method and select done.
  • Thank you!

    How Many Gift Cards Can You Use On Amazon

    How to Add your Visa Gift Card to your Amazon Account ...

    Yes you can use multiple gift cards, however you cannot allocate certain amount from one GC and certain amount from other GC and make a purchase. Instead, you can completely use funds from one GC and if order amount is still more than that, pay the balance with another GC or through any valid payment options.

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    What Online Card Payment Looks Like

    When you get to the online payment processing portion of checkout, enter the gift card number, expiration date and Card Verification Number into the fields you typically use for debit and credit card payments. Do not enter a Visa gift card number into the gift card field. That field is reserved for retailer-specific card numbers.

    Below is an example of what online payment often looks like. This example shows many payment options including bank-issued debit and credit cards, store credit cards, PayPal, PayPal credit, a payment plan, store gift cards and even Bitcoin.

    Most online shopping carts do not have this many ways to make a payment, but nearly all have a place to enter a credit card that is different from the area in which you would enter a gift card .

    Amazon Gift Card Vs Visa Gift Card

    If you ask us amid the battle of Amazon gift cards, cash, and visa gift cards, who will emerge victorious as the best, we will indeed pick Visa Gift Cards over and again. And here is why.

    Now were not saying Amazon Gift Cards are anything short of a blessing, but the Visa Gift Card might surpass nirvana as compared.

    While you can buy the perfect gifts from Amazon gift card, the Visa Gift card can do that and more. Whats more, the Visa gift card beats even cash because what they cant do, the Visa gift card can.

    While you are unable to use an Amazon card at the gas station or your local cinema or pizza restaurant, you can use a Visa gift card. Also, while youre unable to use cash to buy from Amazon or other online retailers, the Visa Gift card, again, can.

    To use a Visa gift card on Amazon, you must convince the website that you are linking another credit or debit card to your account rather than using a gift card. So, before you add the cards balance to your account, double-check that the Visa is working well.

    Also, keep in mind that you cant break transactions between a gift card and another payment form, so shop carefully and keep your balance in mind.

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    How To Use A Visa Gift Card On Amazon

  • Go to Amazons Reload Your Balance page
  • Enter the amount on your Visa gift card
  • Sign in to your account this step is required even if youre already logged into your Amazon account
  • Enter your gift card information in the specified fields and click next if youre unsure as to which name is on the card, there is a balance check number on the back of the card that you can call to reference the information
  • Select your gift card as the payment method and click Done
  • Youll then be redirected to the reload your balance screen verify the amount of the gift card and then click Reload button
  • Still wondering why this is useful? Imagine you have seven Visa gift cards with funds ranging from $1.89 to $17.54. Instead of using each gift card separately, you can combine your Visa gift card balance for a lump sum of money to spend on Amazon. As an added bonus, there is no minimum or maximum amount required on your Visa gift card to reload your Amazon gift card balance.

    Dont forget that your Visa gift card may have an expiration date. Reloading your Amazon balance is a great way to avoid losing the funds!

    As an added tip, use the steps below to redeem your Amazon gift cards.

    How To Transfer A Visa Gift Card Balance To Your Bank Account With Square

    How To Add Vanilla Visa Gift Card To Amazon App

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    Visa gift cards are not cash, but it is possible to turn them into cash using Square, a card reader for small businesses to take credit card charges. Some articles suggest using PayPal, but PayPal doesn’t always work since these gift cards can’t be verified. Square is another option, but it will cost you a percentage of the amount transferred and the cost of the reader if you purchase one . Please note that some users report Square has started to block Visa gift cards for some users. There is a possible workaround, but there is no guarantee it will work either.

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    Activate Your Visa Gift Card

    First of all, you will need to activate your Visa gift card if necessary.

    Most Visa gift cards come activated and ready to use, but some require activation by the recipient. If your card requires activation, a sticker on the front of the card should inform you so. Activate the card by calling the number printed on the sticker.

    The cardboard sleeve may even indicate that the gift card was activated when purchased.

    Your gift card may indicate that it was activated when purchased.

    Does Amazon Accept Visa Gift Cards

    Since your visa gift card is not a regular credit or debit card, it cannot be used on Amazon. Amazon has its own Amazon Gift Cards which can be used to pay for products you buy at Amazon but certainly, a visa Gift Card is not accepted.

    But, there are ways by which you can trick the website into thinking that it is a debit or a credit card. It is as simple as it seems but you cannot split the purchase amount with any other payment method therefore, you will have to make sure that there is enough balance in your visa gift card.

    So we will discuss how you can use the visa gift card on Amazon but before that, we should do quick first things first.

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    Why Is My Payment Method Declined On Amazon

    If your order is on hold due to a payment issue, there are several things you can check to resolve the declined payment. If your payment method has been declined, do one of the following: Confirm your credit card number, expiration date, billing address, and phone number were entered correctly in Your Account.

    How You Can Use A Visa Gift Card To Shop On Amazon

    How to Add your Visa Gift Card to your Amazon Account ...

    We understand the problems of being broke and the out-of-the-blue birthday of a loved one who thinks you can measure love with the number of presents. And with just $5.92 on your visa card, youve accepted the impending doom to be called the worst person ever by your little niece. But wait, heres something to lift your spirits and moral character.

    Now you can use your gift card on Amazon. Oh, thats right, you heard us! And if you dont know , thats again not an issue.

    In this article, we are about to tell you just how you can use a visa gift card on Amazon step by step. But before we begin, lets have a duel.

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    Why Not Use Your Visa Gift Card To Buy An Amazon Gift Card

    Since dont expire, and Visa gift cards sometimes do, an alternative way to keep your money from disappearing is to buy an Amazon gift card, using your Visa gift card as the method of payment.

    Amazon declines some gift cards for this purpose, or only allows the purchase of an Amazon gift card up the balance on the other gift card, minus $1, but Visa gift cards work every time, and you can buy an Amazon gift card for the full amount available on the card youre trying to clear. This means you dont lose any of the value, and you gain the security of the Amazon card, which never expires.

    Add Your Visa Gift Card And Update Your Info

    Below this âAmountâ section is the âPayment methodâ section. At the bottom is the option âAdd a cardâ.

    Youll find the option to add a card.

    Enter the requested information as if the card were a credit card.

    The name on a gift card is often âA Gift For Youâ, âEspecially For Youâ, or âGift Card Recipientâ. Be sure to enter that name in the âName on cardâ box.

    If the gift card were a credit card, Amazon would verify that the selected billing address matches the address associated with the card. In the case of a gift card, there is no address associated with the card.

    Enter your billing address.

    Select the newly added card.

    After selecting an address, the new card is added to your account. If the card is not automatically selected, select it from the list of payment methods.

    Select the card if it has not been automatically selected.

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    Can You Use Walmart Gift Card On Amazon

    4.6/5Walmart gift cards on AmazonIAmazonwalmart gift card

    Yes. You can use a Walmart gift card to purchase any other gift card on their display. You could even in theory split YOUR gift card into smaller denominations of Walmart gift cards. Can you use a Walmart gift card to buy an Amazon gift card?

    Secondly, what gift cards can you use on Amazon? The following credit and debit cards can be used as payment:

    • Visa
    • Amazon Store Card.
    • Diner’s Club
    • JCB.

    Additionally, can you use a Walmart gift card online?

    Using a Walmart Gift Card online at is simple: Find a product you would like to purchase and place it in your cart. Simply click “Use a Walmart Gift Card,” and enter your card number and PIN. Your card balance will be automatically applied to your order total.

    Can you use Walmart gift card to buy Visa gift card?

    You cannot use a gift card to purchase another card of any kind. Also if you do want to purchase any kind of card it has to be paid for with cash or your debit card. You cannot receive cash back on a gift card but you can on app Visa.

    Can You Use A Vanilla Gift Card On Amazon

    How to Change a VISA Gift Card into an Amazon Gift Card

    You can use a prepaid Visa gift card to make purchases on Amazon, but you have to work around the system to make it happen. Amazon will not allow split payments between gift cards loaded onto an account and other payment methods, so you have to line up the price of your purchases with your gift card balance.

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    Use Up Your Old Visa Gift Cards To Shop On Amazon

    Originally posted on 12/6/13 at 9:00am

    Have an old Visa gift card lying around from a past rebate or offer? If youre like me, you may have a couple of these with odd amounts stuck on them, like $3.72 a number too small to buy anything large with, but also something that you dont want to throw away, right? Did you know you can use those small prepaid gift cards to make partial-purchase payments on Amazon?

    Consumerist has a great article on how to do this, and I love this idea, especially since many of us have been doing rebates lately that involve Visa, MasterCard, or American Express gift cards.

    While Amazon wont let you split payments among multiple credit cards, they will allow you to pay both with an Amazon gift card and another form of payment! Its easy to use up your old Visa gift card by turning it into an Amazon gift card. Send it to yourself as an e-gift card and then use that to pay on Amazon!

    Ill walk you through the steps, as its very easy to doHead over to Amazons page. Enter the amount of the balance left on your Visa gift card, and fill out the gift card info to have it sent to yourself. Once you pay with your old Visa gift card, youll receive a new Amazon gift card in your email!

    When the new Amazon e-gift card comes in your email:

    Can You Add A Vanilla Visa Gift Card To Paypal

    Yes. Anywhere in the U.S. where PayPal is accepted you can use prepaid gift cards that have a Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express®, or Discover® logo on it. For PayPal members, you can simply add prepaid gift cards to your wallet then start using them during checkout just like any other credit or debit cards.

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    Amazonca Shop With Points Program For Td Points

    By participating in Amazon.cas Shop With Points program using TD Rewards Points or TD Points , you agree to these Terms and Conditions as well as Amazon.cas Conditions of Use. Please review them carefully, together with Amazon.cas Privacy Notice, to understand Amazon.cas practices.’s Conditions of Use can be found and’s Privacy Notice .

    Please note that any information you provide directly to Amazon or that Amazon obtains about you as an Amazon customer or participant in SWP will be governed by Amazon.cas Privacy Notice.

    To use your TD points to purchase eligible items at, your eligible TD credit card account that earns TD points must be linked to your account through the SWP enrollment process. Amazon and/or TD reserves the right to restrict your use of SWP or to un-enroll your TD Rewards Account by de-linking it from your account at any time in Amazon or TDs sole discretion, including when misuse or fraud is suspected.

    TD and its affiliates are not liable or responsible for the products, goods or services offered or made available or purchased through

    Possible Reasons Why Your Visa Gift Card Might Not Be Working Online

    Can I use multiple gift cards for one purchase ...

    Although Visa, Mastercard, Discover and AMEX gift cards are accepted online, in stores and just about anywhere these major brand debit cards are accepted, sometimes people have difficulties using their bank-issued gift cards online. If you are entering the gift card into the correct field on the website, then it is possible the gift card is being rejected for another reason.

    In addition to this list of things to try if your Visa gift card is not working, the most common reasons gift cards decline online are listed below:

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