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How To Buy Ps Plus With Gift Card

Simple Way To Activate Ps Plus


The main code activation mechanism is the same when you sell a PlayStation Plus card or a PSN gift card. To redeem PS Plus codes, follow the steps outlined below. Remember that in EZ PIN we have a huge selection of PlayStation gift cards that can be used to help your customers raise the amount of money in their PSN account. Of course, PSN is a fantastic service network, but it lacks the enhancements and juicy rewards that come with a PlayStation Plus subscription, so if you want to give the full capacity of the PSN service or PS console, guide your customers to buy PlayStation Plus gift card!

How to activate PS Plus code?

  • Create a PSN account for Sony Network Entertainment
  • On the PS4 or PS5 console home screen, choose the PlayStation Store icon
  • Pick Redeem Codes at the bottom of the PlayStation Store menu
  • Enter the main code that was emailed to you or you sent it to your customers
  • On the dialog box, choose Continue
  • To approve the terms and services pop-up, choose Confirm
  • Select Continue to finish activating PlayStation Plus code

For more information, please contact us or fill the form.

Playstation Plus Gift Card Everything You Need To Know

PlayStation Plus is a monthly subscription-based update to PlayStation Network account that allows gamers to buy free PlayStation Plus games and get additional discounts on weekly offers and all sales. In most cases, PlayStation Plus is well worth the money. PlayStation Plus Gift Card are available on EZ PIN for a great price and different denominations. Lets learn more about PS Plus gift cards.

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Free Playstation Games Each Month

PSN Cards

For a 365-day PlayStation Plus Card subscription , gamers will be able to get two free PlayStation games per month! Thats a total of 24 engrossing free games per year! Furthermore, PS Plus offers a plethora of exclusive discounts and sales on the newest, most popular, and most wanted titles. In the long term, these special deals and offers pay off handsomely, implying that purchasing a PlayStation Plus code is much less expensive than the value it provides to the customer.

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Fast Secure Digital Delivery

137,282 customers in 248 countries including United States

I love all the exclusive content that is available on the PSN Plus network. Every month they give me new games to try for absolutely no cost!

Boris R.

I found out my PSN Plus subscription had expired at 2 in the morning on a weekend. I found MyGiftCardSupply and placed my order and had the code in under a minute! Thank for this amazing service!

Oliver L.

I love playing the free trial games on the PSN Plus network, as well as playing with my cousin who lives in Germany. I highly recommend this service to all my friends and family!

Isabella B.

Do Psn Cards Work In Other Countries

No, PSN cards from one country will not work in another. Its really simple, even when you purchase the card, it has the region next to it. Let me give you an example of what Im stating. A USA PSN card will not work in the UK & vice versa, having said that if the country was an EU country then an EU PSN card would work in a number of countries, make sense? EU covers more than one country. However, when the PSN card is exclusive to a specific region, youll only be able to redeem that card in that territory, period.

So, in other words, wherever you are, whether in the UK, Canada, Australia, the US, or elsewhere, the gift cards you get to spend are region-locked.

Moreover, based on your country, youll receive specific content to tap into. Not only are PSN cards region exclusive, but whatever you get on your PS Store depends on your location. That, of course, comes according to the type of the account created. Ill be talking about this later on.

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Is Playstation Plus Gift Card Worth Selling

The PlayStation Plus card gives gamers the chance to play with like-minded gamers from all over the world! What does it mean? It means the PlayStation Plus gift card gives gamers access to multiplayer games in an online environment, and what could be more fun for a gamer than going on a journey with someone else? And thats just the beginning of the PS Plus memberships advantages! So, the answer is YES, PS Plus gift card worth selling.

How To Redeem An American Psn Gift Card Outside The Us

How to purchase and redeem instant digital code playstation store gift card from

How long have you been using Sony PlayStation? Long enough to know that you can use US PSN Gift Card even if youre not present in the country? Yeah, you read that right. Although PS Stores vary from country to country, you can always tap into what your region doesnt offer. That includes content, prices. offers, and redeem codes. In this guide, I will show you how to redeem a PSN Gift Card abroad. Follow my lead.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

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The Benefits Of Playstation Network Gift Cards

About time to add funds to your PSN account, but you dont want to use credit cards for that? Or maybe the birthday of your gamer friend is fast approaching? Make things easier for yourself by purchasing PSN gift cards. A PSN gift card is a digital voucher that transfers a specific amount of money to your PSN account once the code on the card is successfully redeemed. It only takes a few clicks and you are all set to buy the desired video game or choose anything from the rich selection that PS Store offers to its clients. Buy games, PS Plus membership, DLCs, bundles, season passes or invest in the games you are playing by purchasing game points or other in-game currencies to enhance your gameplay progress! And by all means do we encourage you to use PlayStation cards as a gift for someone you hold dear since a PSN card is a versatile gift that allows the user to decide on what he/she wants out of the store.

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Psn Plus Gift Card Faq

Most orders will be approved and sent within a few minutes of your purchase. If it is your first time ordering, and depending on the method of payment you choose, it is possible we will need some extra time to process your first order.

Once youve redeemed your PSN card to your account, you will have full access to all the content on the US Playstation store including games, add-ons, upgrades as well as movies and TV shows.

The card can be used only on the US PlayStation Store. You should also have a valid PSN Store account. Once you redeem the card, your PlayStation Wallet will be loaded with the cash value of the card. You can then use the cards as you wish.

Yes! You can redeem this card from any country, but you will need a PSN account registered to the United States. You can easily register your own US PSN account in under five minutes.

Your information is not stored on any servers, which keeps it 100% private. Using a Playstation gift card to make purchases on the Playstation store guarantees protection of your personal identity.

Redeem PSN gift card on your PS4/PS3 System:

  • Click the Store Icon on your system home screen.
  • At the bottom of the menu select Redeem Codes.
  • Enter your PSN gift card code and select Continue.
  • Agree to the Terms of Service and Continue again.
  • Redeem on a Playstation Vita

  • Enter Playstation Store from the Vita home screen.
  • Login to your PSN account.
  • Select the Redeem Codes icon.
  • Enter your 12-digit PSN gift card code and click Next.
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    Exclusive Ps Plus Gift Card Features

    This deal is your best deal if you want to give the full PSN experience to your customer . Furthermore, a PlayStation Plus 365-day subscription gives your customers access to the most recent video game betas, as well as free downloads of the most recent content patches, generous cloud data storage, and even more! If your customers are a frequent PlayStation console gamer, purchasing a PlayStation Plus card is a wise investment that brings their satisfaction, loyalty, and provides your customers with a plethora of the aforementioned advantages.

    Playstation Plus Monthly Games

    Get Major Savings on PS Plus, PS Now, and PlayStation Gift ...

    Expand your game collection with new PS4 games each month, as well as regularly added PS5 titles. All PlayStation Plus monthly games are playable on PS5 and yours to keep as long as you’re a member.

    Build your collection with blockbuster hits, indie gems and multiplayer party games to play online or at home with family and friends.

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    Get Access To Exclusive Psn Plus Content

    Did you know when you are part of the PSN Plus network, Playstation actually gives you access to exclusive content that otherwise isnt available? With a PSN Plus subscription you get access to free games, exclusive discounts, and private trials to upcoming games!

    If you need to purchase a PSN Game you will need to use a PSN Gift Card. Stay on top of all the new exciting things in the online gaming community with a PSN Plus subscription!

    How To Redeem An American Psn Gift Card Outside The Usa

    Again, every PSN card is country-specific, you can only redeem it inside its country of issue. Well, thats unless you follow my guidance. Once youre done with this tutorial, you wont have to worry about country-exclusives any more.

    Before I provide you with the steps, you need to know that it doesnt happen if your account isnt based in the US. You need to create an American PS account in order to do so. Heres what you have to do:

  • Log out of your PSN account on your PS4.
  • Select New User and click on Create an Account.
  • Choose Sign Up Now.
  • Select the United States as your country. .
  • More info will be asked for along the way. Just fill them the same way you did when you created your first account.
  • When the process is done, youll receive an email address to verify the email you submitted.
  • Youve successfully created a US PS account.
  • Now, head over to the PlayStation website.
  • Sign in with your new account.
  • Go to your profile by clicking on the small image on the top right of your screen.
  • Select Payment Management -> Redeem Codes.
  • Enter the US Gift Cards code.
  • Youre done.
  • Now, if you live in a region that only sells exclusive gift cards, youre going to love what Im about to say next. Sony has strict policies and multi-layered background checks on transactions. Therefore, you cant use the likes of PayPal, and you wont be able to benefit from your own credit card.

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    What Is A Psn Card

    A PlayStation Store Card is a digital product that holds a preloaded balance. Use it to conveniently top up your PSN account. Redeem it in just a few steps and youre good to go. Spend your prepaid credit in the PS Store and buy your favorite games, in-game items and more. Its the perfect gift for every gamer, especially for young people without their own means of payment. They can easily choose the game they like or the skin they have been begging for. Play Has No Limit!

    How To Buy A Digital Copy Of A Ps4 Or Ps5 Game For Your Friend

    How To Purchase PlayStation Plus Gift Card From Amazon

    Unfortunately, you technically can’t gift a digital copy of a game anymore, on PS4 or PS5. While this used to be an option, it’s no longer possible. Now, if you want to give a digital game to a friend, you’ll want to send them a PlayStation Store gift card so they can buy the game themselves. It’s far from ideal, but it’s the only real option. You can buy someone a physical game, but then you’ll have to ship it to them, and they can’t play it if they are using a PS5 Digital Edition. While inconvenient, if you truly want to buy a game for someone without them, a physical copy will be your only option.

    Fortunately, if this is truly the way you want to do it, Sony continues to produce physical copies of all its first-party games from Sony Worldwide Studios and major third-party titles from other companies. All of the best PS5 games will be available physically and digitally for the foreseeable future.

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    Can You Get Playstation Plus For Free

    If youre still not convinced about the merits of PlayStation Plus it is possible to sign up for a free 30-day trial. Youll only be able to do this once so make sure you have some time to explore things properly.

    To see if you are eligible for a free trial, access the PlayStation Store and look at the PlayStation Plus section.

    To sign up for the free trial its important to note that youll need to provide payment details.

    Also worth noting is that at the end of your free trial if you do not unsubscribe, a monthly subscription will automatically start.

    To learn more about this check out this link to the PlayStation website: PlayStation Plus Free Trial

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    Gameflip Is The Safest Way To Sell Psn Gift Cards For Cash

    Gameflip is the simplest way to sell unwanted PSN gift cards for cash. You can sell any unused, prepaid and non-reloadable gift cards on Gameflip. Popular gift cards on Gameflip are Steam cards, PSN, Xbox Live, Amazon, iTunes, and Google Play cards.

    Your PSN gift card will be listed in front of the thousands of buyers participating in the marketplace. To sell PSN gift cards quickly, set the price between 2% and 15% off the original amount. Depending on the popularity of your PSN gift cards, you may need to adjust the asking price to attract buyers.

    Simply list your PSN gift cards using our website or our free mobile app. We recommend choosing auto-delivery for fastest and smoothest transaction. After the buyer receives your git card code, redeems and completes the transaction by rating, the sale proceeds are immediately deposited into your Gameflip wallet. You can choose to withdraw your sale proceeds any time.

    What To Know Before Buying Your Subscription To Playstation Plus

    PSN Cards

    What’s included with a PlayStation Plus 1-Year Subscription?

    This product includes a 1-Year subscription to the PlayStation Plus network.

    Is there a region lock for this PlayStation Plus 1-Year Subscription?

    Yes this product is only available for PSN accounts in the US.

    How will I receive my instant download key for my PlayStation Plus 1-Year Subscription?

    After payment has been approved, your key will be included in the order confirmation email. You can access your key by following a link in the email. Next, you can redeem your key on its corresponding platform.

    How will I activate my key for PlayStation Plus on PS4/PS3/PS Vita?

    PS4/PS3 Console:

  • Log into your PSN account and head to the PlayStation Store
  • Select Options, and then Redeem Codes from the menu
  • Enter the code you received in the confirmation email from
  • You can find additional support for your PSN account here:

    PlayStation Plus Subscription details

    • A PlayStation Plussubscription brings you ultra-fast online multiplayer gaming.
    • With a PlayStation Plus subscription, you’ll get free games for you to download every month, including some of the hottest titles.
    • Secure cloud storage – free up hard drive space, and take your games on the go with PlayStation Plus.
    • PlayStation Plus members get access to exclusive deals and discounts every month.

    Want to get a free PlayStation Plus Subscription?

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    Can You Combine Gift Cards And Credit Cards On Playstation Store

    PSN cards are the easiest way to purchase games through the PlayStation Store for PS4 and PS5 users. They can be purchased as either a physical card or a digital eCard in values of $10$100. Cards are activated at the time of purchase and they come with a unique code. The physical cards have a scratch-off material over the code while e-cards will be followed up with an emailed digital code. The only downside to PSN cards is they are limited to use on accounts from within the same country of purchase.

    When you go to the PlayStation Store, enter your PSN code under Redeem Codes. Entering your PSN code here will add the card’s value to your account’s wallet so when you go to checkout there will be an option to use your wallet’s balance before other payment methods. So if you want to pull from either your wallet balance, or credit card, it’s all in the order you use them.


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