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How To Cash Out American Express Gift Card


Book Travel Via The Amex Portal Or Expedia

How To Get Cash For American Express Gift Cards (2021) | Maleah’s Diary

You can use Membership Rewards points to book travel directly through American Express via the AmEx Travel site, where you can find flights, hotels and vacation packages. You can also use points to book directly through Expedia at checkout. Either way, the value of points ranges between 0.7 and 1 cent each in these cases.

How Do You Use American Express Gift Cards At Walmart

The Walmart cashier will scan or swipe your American Express gift card when paying for goods in-store.

If youre operating the self-checkout, swipe the gift card yourself or scan the barcode. Use an American Express gift card to pay for gas at Walmart stations youll need to pay inside the station.

Pay for merchandise at Walmart.com using an American Express gift card by inserting your name, the 15-digit card number, and the 4-digit security code at the checkout.

Can I Cash Out My American Express Gift Card

Per the terms and conditions for American Express gift cards, you cant withdraw cash from an Amex gift card. You can only use it to purchase goods and services because the card only supports credit functions.

That means there is no way you can get cashback on your American Express Gift card. You are not allowed to withdraw $5 cash from an ATM or get cash back at a store with your gift card.

Although there is no direct way to cashback on your American Express Gift Card, there are alternative ways to get cash out, including:

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The Blue Business Plus Credit Card From American Express

If you’re going to become invested in the Membership Rewards Program and you’re looking to maximize your return, The Blue Business┬« Plus Credit Card from American Express is pretty much essential.

The card earns 2X Membership Rewards Points on the first $50,000 in purchases per calendar year, then 1X for the remainder of the calendar year.

This means you can pair it with just about any Membership Rewards credit card to ensure you don’t earn less than 2X on your miscellaneous purchases .

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How Do I Convert My American Express Gift Card To Amazon

How to convert an Amex or Visa gift card to your Amazon gift card balance in only 10 daysStep 1: Reload Your Balance. Step 2: Set Payment Method to Gift Card. Step 3: Do Not Enter the Full Amount on the Gift Card. Step 4: Wait 10 Days and Charge the Rest. Step 5: Remove the Gift Card from your Payment Options.

How Do I Use A American Express Gift Card

You can use your American Express Gift Card at merchants and retailers in the United States, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands that accept American Express Cards. Know your Card balance before you shop. Present your Card to the cashier when paying for your purchase. Select Credit and sign the receipt.

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Earning American Express Membership Rewards Points

American Express Membership Rewards Points are earned by using any of their 10 available Membership Rewards credit cards. American Express offers some of the best travel rewards credit cards on the market in terms of earning rates and travel benefits.

Listed below are a few of their best travel rewards credit cards.

Can I Return A Gift Card For Cash And How

Can You Use American Express AMEX Gift Card On Apple Pay?

Have you found out that there is still a small balance on your gift card, but you dont feel like spending it on the retailers goods? We bet your first thought is to return it to the store and reclaim the unused cash. The bad news isthis isnt always so simple.

There are three possible scenarios, and they are listed in the following table:

  • Vermont
  • Puerto Rico

Each of these locations proposes a gift card cash back limit, which means you must ensure that your balance is below a specified threshold before returning it

The retailer approves returns only if required by law, but you dont live in a state that supports the cash back optionIf your state isnt on the list of locations with favorable cash back policies, you can use DoNotPay to get assistance with reclaiming the remaining gift card funds

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How To Use An Amex Gift Card On Itunes

Second most common way to use American Express gift card comes from iTunes. However, the process to redeem an Amex gift card on iTunes is a little tricky. Why? because iTunes prompts users to use specifically iTunes cards for making any purchase on its platform. So, the idea here is to buy an iTunes card first using an Amex gift card. Then, you can buy what you want on iTunes.

  • Exactly, what you have to do is just first login to your iTunes account.
  • Now get into the payment section.
  • Now simply follow the instructions as mentioned on the screen.
  • Finally, add the card successfully.
  • Now, come back to the home screen.
  • Buy the iTunes card using Amex card as the payment method.
  • Now purchase what you want using your iTunes card.
  • That’s how you can use your Amex gift card on iTunes.

Activate Your American Express Gift Card By Phone

Suppose you find online activation a hassle or dont have internet connectivity. In that case, you can activate your Amex gift card via phone by calling the Amex Customer Care representative to do it for you. Follow these steps:

  • Provide the card details, including the card number, valid thru date, and Card ID. You may also be prompted to provide your personal information, such as your home address or Social Security number.
  • Once you provide these details, Amex Customer Service will activate the card on your behalf.

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Other Ways To Make Use Of A Used Gift Card

If you change your mind regarding the return and you prefer to use the card in another way, you can:

  • Give it to someone who needs ita friend, relative, or any other person or organization
  • Sell it on one of the designated websites
  • Exchange it on a gift card exchange kiosk for cash or online for other retailers gift card

What To Do If You Have Extra Balance On Your Amex Gift Card

My Kitchen To Yours

After you do a balance check on your gift card, you will probably be wondering what to do with the remaining money. Some options that you can go for are mentioned in the table below:

Exchange the card for cashMost companies dont allow you to return your card for cash, but in some states, you are eligible to get the remaining balance on your card. In most states that allow this practice, you cannot claim an amount higher than five dollars

If getting the cash back yourself seems too intimidating, turn to DoNotPay to do it for you!

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Trading Your Gift Card

  • 1Use a Coinstar Exchange kiosk. Coinstar Exchange kiosks are usually located towards the front of many large chain grocery stores. Simply swipe the gift card and you will receive an offer. The offer will typically be 60% to 85% of the gift cards balance. You can choose to accept or reject the offered amount. If you accept the offer, you will receive a voucher that you can redeem for cash at a cash register.XResearch source
  • A Coinstar Exchange Kiosk is different than a regular Coinstar machine that only exchanges coins for bills.
  • 2Go to a Gift Card Exchange kiosk to trade your card for cash. A Gift Card Exchange kiosk is usually bright yellow and located in a grocery store. Insert the card information into the kiosk and then choose to accept or reject the offer the kiosk gives you. If you accept the offer, you can choose between a voucher that can be taken to a cashier in exchange for cash or receive a Visa gift card.XResearch source
  • You can search online to see where the closest Gift Card Exchange kiosk is.
  • 3Trade your gift card for a different store. If you dont like the store your gift card is from, you can exchange it for a gift card to a store you like. You can do this online or at certain kiosks. For example, you can use a website like CardCash to exchange your gift card. Or, you can go to a store like Target and exchange your card for a Target gift card at a kiosk in the store.
  • Transfer Points To Travel Partners

    AmEx has multiple transfer partners more than any other major U.S. card loyalty program and you can transfer your points directly to those partners’ loyalty programs. The transfer rate varies by partner, but in most cases, it’s 1-to-1, meaning that when you transfer 1,000 Membership Rewards points, you get 1,000 points in the partner program.

    One thing to keep in mind: When transferring Membership Rewards points to U.S. airlines, you’ll owe a fee of 0.06 cents per point, up to a maximum of $99. For a 1,000-point transfer, that comes out to 60 cents.


    For details on transfer ratios, see AmEx’s website.

    The exact value you ultimately get per point depends on which program you transfer to and how you redeem the points within that program, but NerdWallet estimates the overall transfer value at 2 cents per point.

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    Alternative Ways To Get Cash From A Gift Card

    Can You Use American Express AMEX Gift Card On Paypal?

    While you cant directly get cash from an American Express gift card, there are a couple of workarounds you can try to get cash from your gift card. We explain these options below.

    Selling Gift Cards

    Some online gift card marketplaces, kiosks, and check cashing stores will buy your unwanted gift cards for cash. You typically wont receive the full value of the gift card in return, but if you wont use the gift card any other way, you can use this method to exchange it for cash. Most places will pay you anywhere from 50% to 90% of the gift cards value. See our list of places to get cash for gift cards.

    Money Orders

    You may be able to purchase a money order with an American Express gift card and then redeem the money order for cash. The United States Postal Service, Western Union, and Walmart stores sometimes accept gift cards for money orders . When purchasing or cashing a money order, there will usually be a fee typically the whole process costs $5 to $10.

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    Ways To Convert Amex Gift Cards To Cash

    Do you have an Amex gift card, but need cash instead? Here is how to convert AmEx gift cards to cash.

    Gift cards can be a kind and thoughtful gift. If youve received one, the giver probably intended for you to be able to purchase something for yourself that you either want or need.

    However what do you do if you need cash for the gift card instead? While it can take a bit of creativity, there are ways to get the balance of your gift card so that you can use it for other purposes. Today, were sharing some tips to make this process easier.


    Remember Your Balance When Making Purchases

    Just like when using your personal debit card, your purchase will not be approved if there are insufficient funds on your American Express Gift Card. Thus, you have to make sure that your purchase is for an amount equal to or under the balance available on your gift card, unless the online merchant allows splitting the charges over multiple payment cards.

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    How To Use American Express Gift Card Online

    Have you ever scratched your mind thinking- Can I use an American Express gift card? If yes, then believe me you are not alone. Founded in 1850, American Express is a reputable multinational financial services provider. In recent years, American Express’s popularity has grown as a premium credit card service provider. Also, at the same time, the popularity of gift cards has also increased.

    You can think of a gift card as an innovative way to shop online and offline. As the name suggests, the gift card comes in a rectangular shape with its own unique number & expiry date. Also, note that the gift card holds preloaded money in it. One more important point to bear in mind is the fact that a gift card is neither a debit card nor a credit card. As gift cards could be used to buy things online that’s why they are known as e-gift cards as well. Generally, gift cards are offered at festivals seasons to employees, customers, users, buyers, and students. In fact, it is quite popular among friends and family members. A trend to give such kinds of cards is on rise.

    Now let’s come back to our main topic: How to redeem Amex e-gift cards? Luckily, there are more than one way to use an American Express bank gift card. Two common ways I have explained right below in this helping post. In case, if you are wondering- how to turn an Amex gift card into cash, continue to read this post or contact us for free consultation.

    Does Walmart Accept American Express Gift Cards In 2021

    American Express Gift Card Giveaway

    Walmart does accept American Express gift cards in-store, online, and at Walmart gas stations as of 2021. Customers can scan or swipe the American Express gift card in-store or insert the 15-digit card number and 4 digit security code at the self-checkout aisle.

    If youd like to know precisely how to use your American Express gift card at Walmart, which types are available for purchase, and Walmarts gift card restrictions, read on!

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    Use Points To Upgrade Your Seat

    The Upgrade with Points feature, available via the Membership Rewards portal, allows you to bid on seat upgrades with your points at over 20 participating airlines. Its a convenient option when you fear you may be cramped into a long flight. Still, be aware that your points can lose value as your bid escalates. Membership Rewards are worth at least 1 cent per point, depending on how you redeem them. If youre not getting the equivalent amount on your bid, it may not be the best use of your rewards.