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How To Cash Out An Amazon Gift Card

Quick And Easy Way To Cash Out Prepaid Cards

Redeem a amazon gift card How To Cash On Your amazon Gift Card Balance

The upside of playing rebate games is that you can save a ton of money on something that you actually need. Youll often see a product advertised at a very low price after rebate. The whole scheme works because most people buy a product for a steal but never fill out the rebate form. But we are not those people, right? We submit rebate forms and get our hard-earned cash back in a month or two. The downside is that a lot of these rebate checks are not checks at all but prepaid cards. They show up in your mailbox with a preset amount and then you need to figure out how to use them before they expire. Today Ill share an easy hack you can use to cash out your prepaid cards in just a few clicks.

But first let me say this: if you dont do rebates you really ought to consider getting in on the fun. Dealing with rebates used to be a lot more complicated. Companies had you jump through the hoops to get that rebate check. Print the form, fill it out with a certain color pen, attach proof of purchase, mail and wait a couple of months to hopefully hear back. Good luck trying to check on the status.

But the process has been improving as of late. Are there companies that want to make sure its not easy to submit a rebate? Absolutely! After all, thats the only way the rebates would work for them.

I wanted to find a way to cash out prepaid cards instantly without having to go anywhere.

Easy Ways To Get Free Amazon Gift Cards In 2021

by Lauren Bennett – Last Updated December 31, 2020

Who wouldnt enjoy a free Amazon gift card?

With Earths Biggest Selection of products, it wont be that hard to spend that gift certificate.

To say that Amazon is a popular website would be an understatement.

Amazon gets 213 million unique monthly visitors!

And its not hard to see why. I do most of my shopping online and always find that Amazons delivery service is the fastest.

And I can pretty much always find what Im looking to buy on, whether its clothes, kitchen utensils, Xbox One games, or makeup.

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What makes shopping on Amazon even better though is when you have a gift card. Its free cash to spend on whatever you want.

Thats the thing about Amazon because there are literally millions of products on there, youre sure to find something you want to buy. This means that unlike gift cards for other brands, Amazon gift cards are actually useful!

So how do you get Amazon gift certificates without paying for em?

Use a free amazon gift card code generator?

No, those are useless!

There is no such thing as an on-demand Amazon voucher or gift card code generator that can create a working and legit code for free.

Convert Amazon Gift Card To Visa Cash Or Google Wallet

How to convert an Amazon gift card to Visa debit cards or Visa gift cards? Can I use an Amazon gift card to buy a visa gift card? We’ve got a solution for your questions, and it is very simple and straightforward.

Also, keep in mind that you can’t directly transfer your amazon gift card money to Visa or Paypal. First, we’ve to convert it to Money then we can move or use them to buy gift cards or use as PayPal money.

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Everyone Wants Free Amazon Gift Cards

In the age of online shopping, everyone notices free Amazon gift card offers. I know this because Im a nerd and spend a lot of time analyzing Google search engine queries to help identify user needs. Then I write articles to answer these queries on this blog.

There are a ton of websites out there explaining the best way to get free Amazon gift cards. The trouble is, many of the solutions they recommend require you to jump through so many hoops just to earn a few cents.

Some sites can also be spammy or invasive or just feel illegitimate. Other sites require you to watch videos or play games which could take a long time. Or on some sites, it could take you weeks to earn enough points to cash in whether youre going for Amazon gift cards, PayPal cash, or some other perks.

Ive tried nearly all of them so that I could compile the most legit ways to earn free Amazon gift cards. This is the one-stop-shop to earn Amazon gift cards fast. I hope you found it helpful.

Be safe, have fun, and earn some extra cash, or Amazon gift cards, in your free time!

Plainfield Police: Man Bought $800 In Gift Cards With Counterfeit Cashyour Browser Indicates If You’ve Visited This Link

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Plainfield police are searching for a man suspected of using counterfeit bills to purchase $800 worth of giftcards. At approximately 9 p.m. on Monday, officers were dispatched to the CVS pharmacy at 10 Lathrop Road for a report of an individual purchasing numerous Visa giftcards with counterfeit $20 bills.


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How To Sell Gift Cards For Cash Safely Online

Sure, its the thought that counts. But sometimes you get a gift card you really dont want or cant use.

Maybe you dont eat at that restaurant. Maybe theres no store nearby. Maybe theres not enough value on the card and you would need to spend your own money to buy something.

Unless you can regift it, chances are youll toss that card in a drawer or put it in your wallet, and hope youll find a way to use it someday. But will you?

About 6 percent of all gift cards are never used, according to Anduro Marketing. If you havent used the card within 180 days, chances are you wont, according to the Paytronix Annual Gift Card Sales Report 2019.

Rather than losing money, why not sell the card? You wont get full value for it, but its better than losing the card or forgetting to use it. Thats a 100 percent loss.

Id rather see people spend their gift cards, redeem them, and get the full value, but I really like the fact that theres a backup plan if you cant do that sell them, said Shelley Hunter, Gift Card Girlfriend at

How Do I Transfer A Gift Card Balance To My Bank Account

10 Legit Ways to Transfer Visa Gift Cards to Bank Accounts

  • Pay your bills with your Visa gift card.
  • Buy discounted gift cards with your Visa gift card.
  • Transfer to your Bank Account via PayPal.
  • Pay Yourself with your Visa Gift Card.
  • Transfer cash via Venmo.
  • Trade for Cash using a Gift Card Exchange Kiosk.
  • Sell your gift card.
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    Amazon Gift Card Exchange In A Nutshell

    While an Amazon gift card can be a dream present for some, you may not feel that way. If your friends or family have made an error in judgment by buying you an Amazon gift card, know that you can exchange it for cash in several ways.

    DoNotPay is here to explain how to turn a gift card into cash and give you helpful pointers on performing an Amazon gift card exchange!

    Questions About Using Your Barcode

    Cash Out Gift Cards with no Fee

    1) How do I use my barcode?To use your barcode, visit a participating store, show the cashier your barcode to scan, and then pay the amount you want to add to your Amazon Balance.

    2) Will I have one barcode for all participating stores?Yes, you will only need one Amazon Cash barcode. Your barcode is linked to your account and can be used every time you want to add Amazon Cash. There is no need to generate a new code each time.

    3) How do I get quick access to my Amazon Cash barcode?From the Amazon Cash barcode page in the Amazon App:Android – Select Add to Home Screen to create a shortcut on your smartphones home screen.iOS – Select Add to Apple Wallet to store your Amazon Cash barcode in your smartphones digital wallet.

    4) What should I do if my barcode wont scan?If your barcode is not scanning, please make sure your phones brightness is set to the highest value and then retry. If you are still having issues with the barcode being scanned, we suggest using our Print-at-Home option which you can access by visiting on a desktop browser and selecting Get your barcode. Here you will be given an option to print out your barcode which can be brought into the store for scanning. Additionally, many stores will have the option to add Amazon Cash via your phone number or using a claim code.

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    How To Redeem An Amazon Gift Card Via The Website

    The process is pretty similar if you go through Amazon’s website.

    1. Head to Amazon and log in, then hover your mouse over the Account & Lists option in the top-right.

    2. In the menu that appears, click Gift Card Balance.

    3. You’ll see your current gift card balance and transaction history. To redeem a new gift card, click Redeem a Gift Card and enter its code.

    Quick tip: Just like on the mobile app, you can set up an “auto-reload” schedule so your gift card never runs out of money. Just head back to the Gift Card Balance page and click Set up Auto-reload.

    You can also redeem an Amazon gift card right from the checkout page. Under Add a gift card or promotion code or voucher, type your gift card number and then click Apply.

    How To Convert Visa Gift Cards To Cash

    There are a bunch of different ways to get your Visa gift card balance converted to cash. In a few cases, theyll let you end up with actual cash in your hand, while others will let you treat the card as if it were cash in terms of how you use it.

    There are a few ways though that involve a transfer of the Visa gift card to your bank account. From there, youll then be able to withdraw the money as cash.

    Want to get started with a free $5 Visa gift card? Simply and youll get a free $5 welcome bonus, which you can then convert into a Visa gift card

    Whichever option you choose though, the outcome is the same. So it just becomes a question of which one is easier for you.

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    Bring Your Id And Credit Card

    I took my son with me to a Gift Card Exchange machine once and he asked the obvious question, How does the machine know that theres money on the gift card? Couldnt someone just say it has $20 and get cash back? The answer is no. The Gift Card Exchange kiosk will check the balance of the gift card before accepting it. But just to avoid any potential tomfoolery, youll need to provide your mobile phone number and email address, plus scan your drivers license and a credit or debit card in order to complete the transaction.

    Embee Mobile Performance Meter

    Amazon $200+ Gift Card Giveaway Ends 10/30

    If youre looking for a way to earn free Amazon gift cards that requires no effort, give Embee Mobile Performance Meter a try.

    This app gives you money just for having it installed on your phone! Thats it. Just use your phone as you normally would and youll earn yourself points that you can redeem for free Amazon gift cards!

    You can earn points faster by taking surveys if you want to, otherwise, this app basically pays you for doing nothing!

    Heres where you can get the app:

    • Download Embee Mobile Performance Meter here.

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    Get Them Directly From Amazon

    While most people have heard of doing surveys online for rewards and know about cash-back shopping apps to earn free Amazon gift cards, the easiest way to get them is directly from the source.

    Reload an Amazon gift card

    Right now Amazon has a sweet deal: reload an existing gift card with $100 or more and get a free $10 bonus. If you shop on Amazon regularly and have $100 to reload or buy a gift card, then it could be worth it to snag the free money.

    Consider the Amazon Visa Card

    If cashback is your thing, and youre a frequent Amazon shopper, you may be interested in the .

    Youll get a free $150 Amazon gift card instantly upon approval. Afterward, double-dip on all your shopping with 2% back at restaurants and gas stations, 10% back on select Prime purchases, and 1% back everywhere else.

    Trade in your electronics and books

    If you have an old smartphone or tablet you no longer use, you might be able to get paid for it through . It buys smartphones, tablets, game consoles, e-readers, and books.

    You have to send in your products to be assessed, but shipping is free. If theyre accepted, you get free Amazon gift cards for the appraised value of the item. If not, itll send your items back and you can try to sell your electronics elsewhere.

    Work for Amazon

    If youre looking for a flexible side hustle, Amazon has a program calledMechanical Turk thats essentially a marketplace for online work.

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    How To Transfer Money From Amazon Gift Card To Paypal

    Amazon and Paypal happen to be two of the best companies in their respective niches and have provided a great deal of feasibility for their customers. However, despite being the giants, both of the businesses do not offer any joint functionality where users could redeem their Amazon gift cards to get Paypal balance.

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    What If I Think The Offer Is Too Low Will It Take My Card

    Though you enter the card information to find out what the offer will be, youre not obligated to accept it. If you like the cash back offer, then you complete the transaction and deposit the gift card into the kiosk when asked. If you dont like the offer, decline it, cancel the session and keep your card.

    What Is Amazon Pay Upi

    Cash Out For $2 Amazon E-Gift Card , For Playing Lucky Dice App On Android System

    Unified Payment Interface is a payment platform developed by the National Payments Corporation of India , an RBI regulated entity. It allows you to make instant online payments between bank and accounts of any two parties by using a valid UPI ID, a virtual payment address linked to your bank account.

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    Can I Sell My Visa Gift Card

    No. Though Visa®, Mastercard® and other bank-issued gift cards are accepted at a wide range of placesonline, in stores, over the phonethey cannot be sold for cash at a Gift Card Exchange kiosk. Since we were standing in the grocery store, however, I suggested she use the card to buy groceries or pay for her prescriptions next time she visits the store.

    Having never used this kiosk before our trip, I can honestly say that it is something I will consider trying again depending on the card I have and how quickly I want the money.

    The process of exchanging a card for cash in this way takes a few minutes because you have to enter information about the card as well as provide personal identification, but it only takes a few seconds to get an offer. So theres no harm in walking up to the machine, scanning your card, selecting a retailer and seeing how much money you can get. If youve got cards that have been in your wallet for a few months, then its worth taking a few minutes to see if you could get cash instead.

    Do you have other gift card questions or need gift card help? Leave a note for me in the comments below or reach out to me on Twitter . I never get tired of answering your gift card questions.

    Happy Gift Carding!

    ~Shelley Hunter, Gift Card Girlfriend

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    Sell Or Trade To Your Friends

    Another local option is to sell or trade your card to a person you know:

    • Friend
    • Coworker
    • Family member

    Since you already know each other, you might be able to get a better deal than dealing with a stranger.

    Once again, Amazon gift cards are akin to plastic gold so it should be relatively easy to sell or make a trade.

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    How To Get Cash From A Vanilla Visa Gift Card

    While you cant get cash from a Vanilla Visa gift card directly, you have options like selling the gift card either online or in person or having the money transferred to your PayPal account. You will then receive money in exchange for the gift card.

    That is, much like the other cards in this article, you cant transfer money or withdraw money from your Vanilla Visa gift card. However, there are several workarounds available.

    In fact, the process of how to get cash from a Vanilla Visa gift card is the same as how to convert any Visa gift card to cash, allowing you to use the balance in exactly the same way as cash. Check out some of the options earlier in this article to see which one may work best for you.


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