How To Create A Gift Card In Shopify


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    Create Gift Cards to Extend Online Presence (Shopify Basics)

    Don’t put off till tomorrow what you can do today. Gift cards in conjunction with an attractive and convenient interface of your store will work non-stop while you relax. The more cards sold, the more potential customers, recommendations and positive reviews. The strength of this method lies in its simplicity and grace. You just have to make sure that even one beneficial initiative can be more than enough for both your customers and yourself.

    With A Discount Included

    Gift cards are incentivizing in themselves, but when combined with a discount, its difficult to ignore. Consignment stores like Platos Closet have used gift cards as an incentive for sellers to spend their money in-store, as they get more in-store credit than they would in cash.

    Or you could also use a discount with your business gift cards as a way to encourage customers to visit your physical store. For example, you could offer an extra 15-20% off a purchase if the gift card is used in-store versus online.

    The discount doesnt have to be used with the gift card either. Instead, encourage customers to use their gift card by advertising that theyll get a special offer, coupon, or reward upon purchase.

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    As A Response To Complaints

    When customers bring a complaint either in-store or through email, theres a way to resolve it in terms of what youll provide to apologize for the specific inconvenience. With a gift card, you can easily do this in a way that says you hear the complaint, are taking it seriously, and appreciate their business.

    When you acknowledge the customer and make their input feel valued, you can reap the rewards of increased brand loyalty and sales.

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    Candy Rack Gift Card Cross

    Offer with a discounted price is a great idea to use while upselling. You will basically get your customers to spend money now, which will help you with cash flow and in the future, there is a fair percentage of customers that will overspend. Another factor that works at your favor is that some customers might not redeem the gift card at all, but thatâs not where you aim with this approach anyway. You will give your customers the opportunity to have a great bargain and buy something they normally wouldnât, just to spend the amount and make themselves happy.

    Cross-sell your gift card easily with Candy Rack

    The next perk that you could work within Candy Rack is to make the gift card customizable, then you are creating a new unique selling point, which you can combine with the option for a customer to send it to somebodyâs e-mail. All that is possible with a custom note field, which you can enable while creating your upsell.

    Custom note field checkbox will appear after you click on advanced settings

    Be Aware Of Ebays Gift Certificate Policies

    Shopify gift card

    Once you create your gift certificate, you need to create an eBay listing for it. But there are certain restrictions you need to be mindful of. For example

  • Youre allowed to list only one gift certificate at a time during any 7-day period.
  • You need to have the gift certificate in your possession .
  • You may list only one gift certificate per listing.
  • You must ship the gift certificate within five days of the purchase date.
  • The gift certificate amount cannot exceed $500.
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    How To Create A Shopify Gift Card

    Shopify made eCommerce super-easy. This is a fact! You just need a couple of clicks for some really complex actions which takes huge time and effort in other platforms like Magento etc. The same applies for the Shopify Gift Cards. It takes almost nothing to create a gift card and leverage it for your business in Shopify.

    Here is a step by step guide to create a Shopify gift card:

  • Once you are in your Shopify admin dashboard, go to Products> Gift Cards
  • Click Manage gift card products.
  • Add a new gift card product, or select an existing one.
  • Enter the gift card’s information like you do for a product. Title, description etc.
  • When you finish all the details, click Save gift card product.
  • You’re good to go with your gift card.
  • If you want to learn more about the Shopify gift cards and its features, please visit here.

    Customize Your Shopify Store

    With your gift card ready, the next step is to set up your online store.

    Our goal here is to launch quickly and start selling, so Ill only be covering the essential elements for creating your homepage. You can always go back and improve the look and feel of your online store later.

    To start customizing your store, go to Sales Channels > Online Store > Themes . For the purposes of this tutorial, Ill be using Debut, which is Shopify’s default theme , but you can also click Explore free themes for more options.

    When youre ready, click Customize to be taken to the theme editor, which will let you edit the homepage of your online store.

    Your homepage design is split into several Sections on the left-hand side, such as Featured Productor Testimonials, which you can add, remove, hide, or reorder to design your homepage. You can play around with the sections to design a homepage that feels right to you, but for this tutorial lets keep it simple:

  • Click on each section and click Remove section to permanently remove them until youre left with one Image with text overlay section. You can also click on the eye icon to quickly hide each section if you want to add it back in later.
  • Click on the Image with text overlay section to start editing it. Add an Image that reflects your business that customers will recognize.
  • When youre happy with your store, click Save and then use the Shopify logo in the top left corner to finish your setup.
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    Activate Gift Cards Feature In Your Store

    Before you can import Gift Card Products you will need to make sure that this feature is activated in your store.

    Go to Shopify Admin -> Products -> Gift Cards in your Shopify Admin.

    To create a Gift Card Product, Shopify requires activating Gift Cards in the store, which shows that you have approved their Terms and Conditions for Gift Cards.You can activate Gift Cards by creating a new Gift Card Product in the store. You do not need to actually save and create it, just press the Add gift card product button, and then in the new Gift Card Product page click Discard.Then Gift Cards in your store will be activated.

    For more technical users you can check if Gift Cards have been activated by checking the shop_settings.json in your store admin.

    Open this page while logged in your store admin the JSON page, you can see if gift cards are activated by checking the gift_cards_activated? property.The process to activate them is the same as above by creating a new gift card product.

    Benefits Of Offering Gift Cards

    How to Setup Gift Cards in Shopify

    First, lets talk about the benefits of adding gift cards to your business


    Nowadays, anything that has your name and logo on it is a plus for your business. And gift cards arent exceptional. A branded gift card can bring new customers to your store.

    Spending boosts

    As mentioned above, customers tend to spend more than the total on their gift cards. Knowing that part of their purchase is already covered really motivates your customers to buy more than they had originally intended.

    Repeat business

    With gift cards, it is easier to attract new customers or garner repeat business. Having someone who purchases a gift card and gives it to their friend or family member is a big bonus to your store. And you can give your customers a small gift card when they purchase a gift card of a certain amount.


    With all the benefits it offers, its super easy to set up and purchase gift cards.

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    When Partnering With Other Companies

    When you have a brick-and-mortar store, chances are youre aware of a similarly sized business that provides a complementary service or product to yours. By partnering with a business like this, you can use gift cards to benefit each business while increasing customer loyalty.

    According to Paycorp, a partnership with a complementary business can help to widen the services and/or products you offer to your customers, resulting in a win-win for all parties involved: increased sales for the business and discounted prices for the customer.

    One example of two brands that used cross-promotion through gift cards is Subaru and Merrell. After Subaru was the presenting sponsor of Merrells Down & Dirty National Mud and Obstacle Series, Subaru leveraged its partnership with the shoe brand to provide $100 gift cards to each consumer who took a test drive.

    We were able to drive traffic to our dealerships while introducing consumers to the Merrell brand,” said Todd Lawrence, Subarus promotions and sponsorship manager.

    It was a win for us, a win for Merrell and a win for consumers that took advantage of the offer.

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    Changing Existing Products To Gift Card Products

    The process itself to change an existing Product to a Gift Card Product is quite simple.But since Shopify does not allow updating that for existing Products then we will need to replace the product .

    First, in the Matrixify app, create a new export select Products and all their sub-checkboxes.Make sure that all columns show as selected to be sure that no information is lost when the product is being replaced.

    You can also click on the Filter button to apply filters and export only specific Products that you wish to change to Gift Card Products in Shopify.

    Press the Export button to start your export.

    Once the file is exported we can start editing it.

    In the file we only need to change the following columns:

    • Command set to the value REPLACE in all rows for the product
    • Gift Card set to the value TRUE in all rows for the product

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    How Can Shopify Gift Card Apps Help

    Using a Shopify gift card app will allow you to manage gift cards on another level.

    Your customers can save their gift cards for another purchase. And you can use gift cards as a marketing ploy with your branding across the gift to promote your store.

    Plus, a Shopify gift card app will show you the number and use of gift cards. These data will give you more insight into your customers and help you build your marketing strategies.

    And the best gift card apps can add extra design classes and functionality to improve the user experience.

    So below, we will review 6 best Shopify gift card apps: They are:

    • Gift Cards & Loyalty Program by
    • VITALS | 40+ Apps in Oneby VITALS
    • Gift Box Free Gifts Purchase by Digismoothie
    • Shopkeeper Branded Gift Cards by Shopkeeper Tools
    • Shopkeeper Easy Gift Cards by Shopkeeper Tools
    • Shopkeeper Gift Cards by Shopkeeper Tools

    Using The Buy Button To Sell Your Gift Card On Another Website

    Shopify enables gift cards on all plans to help stores ...

    If you have an existing website that your customers are familiar with or you simplyt want to sell your gift cards on another website, you can do so using Shopifys Buy Button channel.

    A Buy Button can be embedded on another website to allow your customers to purchase your products there. You can install the Buy Button sales channel to create one, customize the color and layout, and then generate an embed code that you can copy and paste into another website.

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    Rise Gift Card Loyalty Program

    Build an impressive gift card solution that can be used as a way to offer store credit or as a way for customers to present gifts to others with this simple to use app. Customers can send their gifts to their friends and family with just a few clicks via email. These gift cards are branded, so new customers can be introduced to you quickly. And customers can even use the gift cards across multiple platforms including on your Shopify store and in-store.

    You can create gift cards that are automatically generated when you want to reward customers for shopping with you. These rules can be set by you, so the system only generates and distributes them when the rules are met. For instance, you could set a rule that allows customers to collect a gift card for the value of 3% of their purchase when they spend more than $100. Or a $10 gift card on the third purchase from the store.

    The potential therefore to use gift cards as a loyalty program and a way to increase conversions is high.

    Incorporate Into Your Customer Loyalty Program

    The easiest way to use gift cards to build customer loyalty? Simple: Make it part of your customer loyalty program. A great place to begin is to offer a gift card to customers on their birthday. It doesnt have to be a hefty expense either.

    Think about the number of people you have in your customer loyalty program and the amount of money off a purchase you could comfortably provide to each of them. Keeping this in mind can help you stay within your budget, especially if youre a newer retailer.

    If your business has a mobile app, you can also take this a step further by making gift cards accessible through the app. By making egift cards available on the app, youre providing an incentive at the tip of your customers fingers which can lead to more immediate purchases for your business.

    Are your products available on Amazon? Their program provides Amazon gift cards or Amazon Prime and Audible membership codes to reward new customers or help you motivate potential ones, too.

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    Gift Box Free Gift Motivator

    This app allows you to offer free gifts, like gift cards, when customers spend over a certain amount on your store. This is a great way to improve your customer loyalty and order values without having to do any more work. It works simply and you can set your own rules to motivate and reward your customers. Plus, if you want to offer physical products for purchases, you can also use this app, making it more multi-functional than some of the other apps featured on this list.

    The app allows you to choose any product from your store to use as a free gift, so gift cards arent a problem. And it can also allow you to offer free shipping, gift wrapping and a small present as well. There are also an unlimited number of rules allowed on your store. So, if you want to offer a free gift card when they spend $50, and another one when they spend $100, you can. The great thing about this app is that you can localize it.

    Discounting Your Gift Cards To Reward Customers For Bigger Purchases

    How To Create Gift Card In Shopify

    One way you can reward loyal customers for helping you through this time is by giving them a discount for purchasing a gift card for a larger amount. Not only does this increase the amount of immediate cash flow you can generate per sale, its a nice way to say thank you to your customers.

    Dont be afraid to reach out to your most loyal repeat customers. These customers often spend hundreds of dollars with you throughout the year. Incentivize them to support your business now by offering a discount when they purchase a gift card.

    You can create one discount to apply across all you gift card denominations, or have discounts that apply to specific denominations or purchasing thresholds. Its up to you how you want to reward your customers.

    Lets walk through an example by creating a 15% automatic discount applied across all gift card tiers. Customers will see this discount automatically applied at checkout, but remember to also communicate it upfront on your product page:

  • Go to Discounts > Automatic Discounts in Shopify .
  • Click Create Discount and choose Automatic Discount so customers can get the discount without entering a code.
  • Choose your discount type . In this case, Im going to pick Percentage.
  • The Value section will change depending on the discount type you select. Since I chose percentage, Im going to set the Value to 15% and have it apply to Specific products, searching for the gift card product I created.
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    Candy Cart Gift Card Upsell

    Upselling the gift cards for a full price or just slightly lower is the best way for merchants with low margins and customers who tend to stockpile.

    For example, if you sell mainly dog food, itâs probable that people come to you letâs say once a month. If you give them a promotional gift card for free, theyâll just buy the same dog food with a long expiration date more times and stockpile it for next few months. With your low margin profits, thatâs not the best scenario. But on the other hand, if you upsell the gift card for a full price or slightly discounted, youâll have your immediate sale and some extra cash right now, with a really big chance that your customer will buy something âon the top of itâ when he will be using his gift card later.

    As proof could work a survey performed buy Accenture where 500 consumers stated that they buy something they wouldnât normally do when redeeming their gift cards. Which means they might try the premium pet food, or buy a nice leash with treats on the top of the usual order.

    Also, you have a good chance to speak to your regulars in your cart upsell and tell them that they can support you with a purchase of a gift card. Itâs not a charity if youâll do your math and provide them your services next month. Gift cards work great in cart upsells, because theyâll create a potential bargain for this whole purchase and also the future one.