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How To Earn Free Itunes Gift Cards

Our Top Pick: Amazons Trade

How To Get Free iTunes Gift Cards & More!

Sending your unwanted gadgets to Amazon is an ultra-fast way to convert them into gift cards.

Amazon will give you gift cards for devices like smartphones, video games and consoles, laptops, tablets and more.

Finding out whether your items are eligible for trade-in is easy. Just visitAmazons trade-in page and use the search function to see what the current offer is for whatever you want to get rid of.

Other Trade-In Programs

Most of the programs listed below will give you an instant offer for your items, so it can be worthwhile to check a few different sites before choosing which one to go with.

  • Apple: Only accepts Apple products, but offers some of the best trade-in prices available for those devices.
  • Banana Republic: Get Banana Republic gift cards for clothes that pass a quality inspection.
  • Best Buy: Accepts electronics, including cameras and video games.
  • : Accepts the widest range of items of any service on this list, including books, DVDs, electronics and even LEGOs!
  • GameStop: Accepts video games, game consoles and controllers, game headsets and smartphones.
  • Gazelle: Accepts smartphones and iPads only. You can ship your devices in, or take them to an ATM-like trade-in kiosk.
  • Swappa: Accepts electronics and a few other categories. Known for high payouts, but it also has high quality requirements.
  • Target: Accepts electronics only.
  • Whistle: Accepts electronics only.

Signing Up For An Online Rewards Program

Now to do this, simply create an account and by doing that an online rewards program might gift you iTunes free cards but be informed that they will create a lot of marketing email and spam, as this is how they offer to give gift cards. In this case, we suggest that rather than giving your official or personal email address, just keep a separate account for all your subscriptions. Also, never ever provide your credit details as card number and DOB as it may be an unsafe medium of getting free iTunes codes.

Also, these Reward programs will ask you to run surveys through an email sent to you on your ID. There are few very famous and rewarding programs out of which some are listed below:

My Points

Free E-bay Gift Card

Our Top Pick: Swagbucks

This Swagbucks money maker pays you $70 worth of points for opening a free digital checking account and depositing $10.

Swagbucks is the premier online rewards portal. The site lets you earn points in a number of ways, including by taking paid surveys, playing games, using their search engine and watching short videos. But the best way to earn on the site is via its money makers: offers that have a small cost but give you back more than you paid.

Here are some real examples of money makers we found on the site when writing this article:

  • Aspiration Bank: Get 7,000 points when you open a free checking account and deposit $10.
  • Sierra Club: Get 5,000 points when you make a $15 donation.
  • Postmates: Get 2,000 points when you sign up for this food delivery service and place an order.

Signing up for Swagbucks is quick and free. You can exchange the points you earn for a wide range of gift cards to stores like Amazon, Best Buy, eBay, Nordstrom, Starbucks, Target, Walmart and more. Its also one of only a handful of sites that offers .

You can learn more in our comprehensive Swagbucks review, which outlines more than 20 ways to make money on the site.

Put cash back in your wallet

Get paid to shop online, watch videos, take surveys and play games with this all-in-one rewards site. Redeem your points for gift cards and PayPal cash starting at just $3.

Other Sites With Money Makers

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Apple Gift Card + $10 Free Amazon Credit

Apple gift card deals are pretty rare these days so this one is well worth jumping on. $10 credit at Amazon is basically free money at this time of year when you’ll be shopping there a lot. Use coupon code APPLEDIGITAL for the free credit when buying a $100 digital gift card.

The deal applies to Apple’s digital gift card so you’ll receive it via email shortly after you make your purchase. The Amazon credit will be applied to your account within a few days of your order and remains valid until February 11 giving you plenty of time to spend it.

If the Apple gift card is not for you, this deal could help you check someone off your gift list in time for the big day. The digital card can be sent to someone else’s email address if you want and you can even schedule that delivery for Christmas Day. You’ll still benefit from the Amazon credit yourself and no one has to know.

Though the Apple gift card isn’t being discounted directly, the $10 credit is essentially free cash to use on your next Amazon purchase. Since holiday sales are still ongoing, it’s likely that you’ll find a use for it soon enough.

We may earn a commission for purchases using our links. Learn more.

Ways To Earn Itunes Gift Cards Legitimately In 2022

itunes gift card
  • 11 minute read

If youre paying full price for a movie, song, or app on the App Store, youre a sucker. You can easily earn iTunes gift cards legitimately, or get them for less than their full price, and redeem them to get an instant discount.

The secret is to know where to legitimately earn an iTunes gift card without getting scammed. Want to learn the trick? Continue reading.

Users of iPhones, iPads, or Mac computers, will most likely be using iTunes on some occasions. However, you cannot download everything that is available on iTunes at a free cost. A user has to pay some money for some download.

But the question then is, how do you get iTunes gift cards? There are various ways you can earn iTunes gift cards with or without a survey.

The Wealth Circle, in its commitment to keeping you abreast of tips that will make you wealthy, is bringing you this guide on how to earn iTunes gift cards.

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Ways To Get A Free Itunes Gift Card

If you use an iPhone, iPad, Mac, or other Apple gadgets, Im sure youd be interested in getting a free iTunes gift card.

  • Daily Goodie Box – Grab a GIANT box of free samples from some of the world’s most popular brands.
  • Try Products – What’s better than one giant box of free stuff? TWO giant boxes of free stuff. Join Try Products to get even more free samples shipped right to you.
  • Opinion Outpost – Work with companies like Nike, Sony, and Apple and get paid to test out their latest products!
  • After all, every song or music album you buy costs money. Thats around 99 cents a song and almost $10 a pop for an album . Movies cost between $7 and $20, while TV show episodes are priced at about $3/episode.

    Apps on iTunes are pretty cheap at 99 cents, but this would still depend on the developers. Well-known apps are priced higher, so if youre looking for something specific, prepare to shell out more than just a dollar.

    For those of us who love eating up content, whether youre on a TV show marathon, or youre trying to expand your music playlist, receiving a free iTunes gift card now and again is awesome.

    Itunes & Apple Gift Cards

    If you own an Apple product, use Apple Music or iTunes or want to get your hands on a new Apple product, youre in luck! At Branded Surveys, we have an easy way for you to earn iTunes and Apple gift cards. Next time you find a paid app you want or a new pair of headphones, you wont have to search for the funds to purchase it. Find out how you can get iTunes gift cards and more by taking online surveys with Branded Surveys.

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    Awesome Ways To Get Free Itunes Gift Card Free

    Are you tired of having to pay for iTunes gift cards for hard earned cash, do you want to get free iTunes gift card instead? You have come to the right place, we know several ways to get some absolutely free iTunes gift cards!

    Now the first question I have for you is how much free iTunes cash are you looking for? Do you want a $5 iTunes gift card, a $10 iTunes gift card, even a $50 free iTunes gift card? Yes, we can help you with any of those.

    Now as much as I would like to tell you its super easy to get $50 free iTunes money, I would be lying, you are going to have to do some work, but I am here to tell you, it is possible. And we know 3 awesome ways to get free iTunes gift card! So lets get right into it.

    Our Top Pick: Shopkick

    How To Get Free ITunes Gift Cards For Free April 2017 IOS

    Shopkick offers a top-notch user experience and a great selection of gift card options.

    There are six ways to earn points with ShopKick, which can be redeemed for gift cards:

  • Walk-ins: Youll get points for literally walking into retailers.
  • Scan barcodes: Visit a store, find the target product, and scan its barcode.
  • Upload your receipt: Earn points when you buy specified products.
  • Pay with a linked card: Earn points passively by paying for your grocery purchases with a linked debit or credit card.
  • Use their shopping portal: ShopKick offers a cash-back portal for online purchases, similar to TopCashback and Rakuten.
  • Watch videos: You can earn a few points for watching advertisements .
  • We like the fact that ShopKick has a best-in-class app thats easy to use, as well as the fact that its owned and operated by one of the worlds leading market research and data visualization companies.

    Plus, it offers a wide range of gift cards to choose from, and cashing in your points is a quick and hassle-free process.

    Other Ways to Earn Gift Cards at the Grocery Store

    These two apps are almost idenitcal to Shopkick.

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    Earn Itunes Gift Cards When You Cash Out Your Swagbucks Sb Points

    Ive been a member Swagbucks since 2009 and LOVE it! With Swagbucks you can earn SB Points for Free Gift Cards so many ways. You earn SB Points by taking surveys, watching videos, playing games, getting shopping rewards and more!

    You only need 500 SB points for a $5 iTunes Gift Card! I love Swagbucks and I love how Im consistently earning multiple Gift Cards every month from Swagbucks!

    Right now you will get 100 FREE Swagbucks SB Points right when you sign up using promo code: FRUGAL100

    Dont stop earning SB Points! Learn even more ways to earn SB Points with these 16 Ways to Earn More Swagbucks SB Points. More SB points = More Free Amazon Gift Cards!

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    Hey there!

    Thanks for stopping by The Frugal Girls… I’m so glad you’re here!Want to stretch your budget this month? Be sure to check out my top tips for Easy Ways to Save More Money!

    Win Gift Cards Through Giveaways

    Winning giveaways is more realistic than most people think you just have to enter the right ones. Contests sponsored by big corporations often have thousands or even millions of entries, but there are many drawings that fly under the radar and give you a decent chance of winning.

    For example, small businesses use giveaways to promote their social media accounts, and brands sometimes partner with bloggers and influencers to offer gift card giveaways as part of promotional campaigns. In many cases, these contests only have dozens of entries rather than thousands.

    Instagram is one of the best places to find these giveaways.

    Here are some hashtags that had active contests when we were writing this article.

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    Why All This Work For Earning Free Itunes Gift Cards

    Well, this is BeerMoney and we love freebies.

    And lets face it the app store has a bunch of apps that youre not using .

    Wouldnt it be nice to get iTunes cards for nada?

    If youre a fan of your iPhone/iPad/Macbook etc, youll probably love scoring free iTunes gift cards.

    And there are many ways to earn them online.

    Following are some of my faves :

    Get Your Free Itunes Gift Card From Survey Junkie

    How to Get Free iTunes Gift Cards

    Im personally a member of Survey Junkie and I love how its an easy way to earn some extra money in my spare time!

    When you take Survey Junkie surveys, you earn points. Simply cash in your points for Gift Cards to iTunes, Amazon, or Starbucks or cash in your points for PayPal Funds!

    Once you reach 1,000 points on Survey Junkie, you can cash out your points for a $10 Gift Card.

    When youre ready to cash out your points, you can choose PayPal Cash or an Amazon Gift Card , or select a different Free Gift Card instead!

    The Free Gift Cards available from Survey Junkie include: PayPal Cash |Amazon| iTunes | Groupon | Starbucks | Target | Walmart

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    Previous Review Was Very Critical But

    My previous review was very critical. I had a lot of problems with my account being wrongfully deactivated, probably over several times. I think it all has something to do with their security system being kinda bad. I believe if you go through a survey too quickly your account gets disabled until you reach out to customer service to resolve the issue. Anyways, thats the number 1 con about this about. Now, lets get to the pro . I kid you not I started using this app again back in July and have made $1000 in Amazon/iTunes gift cards from being a loyal and dedicated user to this app. $1000 in 3-3.5 months its absolutely astonishing and beats any other survey app Ive ever used in my life . Nothing beats QuickThoughts. At first, you may think what Im saying is ridiculous. Though, if you put the effort in and use the app enough, youll realize how easy it easy to make money with this app and just how great this app is compared to other survey apps where you only make like 50 cents a day. This app has its problems, like many, but that should not stop you from giving this app a try. It has truly helped me out a lot and I was able to buy a lot of stuff Ive always wanted with the money I made off this app Note: This is NOT a paid review

    Uk Itunes Gift Card Providers

    Looking for sites that work best for people specifically living in the UK? These sites work well:

    • Branded Surveys Take paid surveys for cash and e-vouchers. Join and receive a 100 point joining bonus.
    • Swagbucks Earn credits for completing surveys, watching videos, and conducting internet searches. $5 USD joining bonus offered to new members.
    • YouGov Take interesting political polls in exchange for cash and gift cards you can redeem.
    • Pinecone Research Earn £3 for every successful online survey completion. Period product testing opportunities are also available.
    • Toluna Influencers Take fun surveys, polls and more with Toluna. New members receive a free 500 point account credit.
    • Earnably Complete surveys, watch videos, download apps and complete tasks for App Store and iTunes gift cards.

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    Best Bank Account Bonuses Right Now

    • Chime: Chime will spot you up to $200 if you accidentally overdraft. And even better: they wont charge you a dime. Get Spotted $200
    • Aspiration: This mobile banking app lets you do everything for free and takes no fees ever. Better yet, if you join through this link you can get $150 in your new account.
    • Robinhood: Offers commission-free stock, ETF and options trades. Get a free stock worth up to $200 when joining through here .

    Canada Itunes Gift Card Providers

    How To Get FREE iTunes Gift Cards LEGAL (Working 2019!)

    If youre Canadian and are wondering which of the sites listed above apply to you, heres a quick list:

    • Swagbucks Earn credits for taking surveys, watching videos, and doing internet searches. $5 joining bonus offered to new members.
    • PrizeRebel Take paid surveys and complete micro-tasks for cash. Redeem your points for an iTunes gift card with just $5 in your account.
    • Survey Junkie With over $10,000,000 in rewards already paid to members of this paid surveys site, the low $5 cashout has been achieved by tens of thousands of people.
    • Pinecone Research Earn $3 for every online survey you complete. At home product tests are also available periodically.

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    Use Bing Instead Of Google

    There are a handful of ways to get paid for searching the web, but they typically dont pay much by themselves. To earn enough for a gift card, you have to pair them with some other activity .

    One exception to that rule is Microsoft Rewards, which gives your points for running searches on Bing. Unfortunately, there are limits to how much you can earn per month, which means youre likely to max out at around $10 in earnings per year.

    Still, if youre willing to switch your default search engine from Google to Bing, its an easy and passive way to score a small gift card.

    The reviews of Microsoft Rewards are solid across the web. The big downside is that you can only exchange your rewards for Microsoft-related purchases, such as Xbox or Skype credits, or for items at Microsoft.com.


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