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How To Email Someone A Starbucks Gift Card

How Can I Send A Starbucks Gift Card Via Text

Starbucks App Basics: How To Send a Starbucks Card (StarbucksCare)

Starbucks is all about convenience, and the Starbucks experience of good coffee, drinks, and food in a welcoming setting.

Even if you cant always meet up with your friends and family, you can share the experience by sending them Starbucks eGift Cards.

Its easier to send eGift cards than the physical gift cards you used to buy for everyone. Now you can use your iPhone to send a friend, colleague or family member a Starbucks eGift using a text message.

Starbucks eGift cards can be used just like physical gift cards to pay for food, drinks and merchandise at participating Starbucks stores and also online.

The first step is to create an account, if you dont already have one, and join Starbucks Rewards. Once you are logged in, go to the eGifts page, and choose the link for Gift Cards.

On the Gift Cards page, youll find a wide selection of cards with appealing images and messages.

You can choose cards for various occasions like birthdays and anniversaries. There are also cards for different seasons and holidays, like Fall or Christmas.

Next, you have to pick the amount of the gift card, starting at $10. You can also enter a custom amount if you prefer.

Enter the name and email of the recipient and sender in the online form. You can add a personal message to the card.

Now youre ready to go to the checkout and pay with your Starbucks card.

Can I Text A Starbucks Gift Card

Recipients just tap the message, which opens the card in the Starbucks app. They can use it as a stand-alone gift card or transfer it to an existing balance on another card they have stored. Then, in the words of my java fiend, boom, coffee.

Thank, congratulate or just let a friend know they matter by sending an eGift using iMessage. Give a Gift by Email. Never miss a moment. A Starbucks eGift Card is the perfect treat for their special day. Send one now. Business & Client Gift Cards. A Starbucks Card is a thoughtful way to show customers and clients that you appreciate them. Shop now.

Using the card number and PIN from the email, add the gift card as one of your cards in your personal Starbucks app. Then underneath that card, click on Manage and set the Auto Reload to $10 . Now whenever the card empties, it will automatically add another $10 and no one has to worry about pulling up to Starbucks and the card doesnt work.

To redeem an e-Gift card, click the redemption link found in the bottom of the e-Gift email sent and follow the instructions accordingly. Once that is done, you may register your e-Gift card by creating a Starbucks account here or adding it to your existing Starbucks account.

Apple’s iMessage makes it easy to give your friend a quick caffeine boost thanks to new support for Starbucks gift cards. It sounds way more complicated than it is, so stick with me here.

Can You Give Someone Your Starbucks Gift Card

Just like a physical Starbucks Card, Starbucks Card eGifts can be used to purchase beverages, food and merchandise at participating Starbucks store locations or even online. Enter the recipient name and email address to send the Starbucks Card eGift within minutes after the order has been completed.

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Can I Send A Gift Card By Text

From the buyers perspective,an send a gift card via text message is a gift,giving in fitting type of present. While money as a present might be viewed as socially improper and present in another frame might be viewed as futile. The send a gift card via text message can likewise be exceptionally customized to address particular issues.

How To Purchase Starbucks Gift Cards

$100 Starbucks Gift Card Giveaway  Steamy Kitchen Recipes ...

You may purchase a Starbucks Gift Card at a designated Starbucks Store within the territory of mainland China by any acceptable means of payment. You may also purchase a card through other sales channels and the official Starbucks flagship store on Tmall – ) by any acceptable means of payment. We do not charge card production cost or processing fee relative to the purchase of the Starbucks Gift Cards.For bulk purchases, you may also call the Starbucks customer service hotline for information.

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How Do I Send A Starbucks Gift Card To Someones Phone

Heres how to send someone a Starbucks coffee from your iPhone

  • Start by opening up iMessage and tapping the app store icon at the top left side of the keyboard.
  • Youll see a list of iMessage apps here.
  • There are a bunch of gift card designs to choose from.
  • Now youll be able to choose how much you want to send.
  • Why Send An Egift Card Vs A Traditional Card

    Why would you choose to send an eGift card in the first place, especially if its so easy to find traditional cards? There are a lot of reasons why an eGift card is often more practical. Not only does it pair perfectly with a virtual thank you note or another card, but its also easier for most recipients to use. It has a lot of benefits vs. a traditional, physical card.

    • Distance: If youre not local to the shop, restaurant, etc., a virtual gift card allows you to gift exactly what you had in mind without needing to travel or pick up the phone. For example, you could give your parents a night out at their favorite restaurant, even if you live across the country.
    • Secure: A digital gift card is also more secure. Since gift cards are typically treated like cash, if theyre lost, thats it. A digital gift card is much easier to keep secure.
    • Eco-friendly: Additionally, virtual gift cards are more sustainable. Because they dont need to be printed on plastic, they save resources.
    • Customizable: eGift cards are also highly customizable. You can choose a specific design or even add your own text, unlike with physical cards.
    • Instant: Last but not least, its easy to instantly send your online gift card without needing to deliver anything in person or wait for the mail.

    Ultimately, with so much flexibility with online gift cards nowadays, its no wonder these are the first choice for many people.

    Heres the step-by-step guide to getting started.


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    A New World Of Socialising With Co

    This move by both Microsoft and Starbucks is an interesting insight into companies predict workers will interact in the future. With COVID-19 still making the rounds and people working from home when they can, taking co-workers to a coffee shop isn’t as possible as it once was.

    However, instead of drumming its fingers on the counter and waiting for COVID-19 to go away, Starbucks brings that tradition to the digital world instead. It shows that the companies are willing to accept that the pandemic lockdown is here to stay and adapt as a result.

    It’s not nearly as good as bringing someone to a coffee shop, but with everyone now stuck at home for the foreseeable future, it’s a lot better than nothing. As such, this may be the first of many adaptations to bring office culture online.

    How Do You Send Someone A Starbucks Card

    How to send a Starbucks gift card with the iPhone app

    Ordering for a friend?

  • Send to Friend. Choose the lucky friend.
  • Place Order. After placing an order on Uber Eats, click the share icon in the top right corner to send a delivery tracking link and a special message to your friend.
  • Track Coffee. Your friend can then follow the delivery through the tracking link sent.
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    How Do Starbucks Digital Gift Cards Work

    Just like a physical Starbucks Card, Starbucks Card eGifts can be used to purchase beverages, food and merchandise at participating Starbucks store locations or even online. Enter the recipient name and email address to send the Starbucks Card eGift within minutes after the order has been completed.

    Can Starbucks Gift Cards Be Returned

    Yes, provided that the Starbucks Gift Card shall be returned by the original purchaser and such return shall be handled through the channel designated by the Issuer. To request a return, the purchaser shall provide required proof documents according to relevant requirements. We will handle the refund within 20 business days from your submission of the request.

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    Can You Send A Starbucks Gift Card To Someone Without The App

    Starbucks Now Allows You to Send Gift Cards Through iMessage So You Can Text Your Friend an Actual Cup of Coffee. Calling all Starbucks stans. Starbucks just gave the world another reason to love them: Beginning in April, youll be able to send and receive Starbucks gift cards through iMessage. Yes, thats right.

    How Can I Better Protect The Balance Stored In The Starbucks Gift Card Bundled In My Account And Prevent Any Embezzlement

    $100 Starbucks Gift Card Giveaway

    In order to ensure the security of the funds stored in your Starbucks Gift Cards, please take good care of your physical Starbucks Gift Cards and your mobile devices and take all measures to ensure your account security. Please take security measures to protect your My Starbucks Rewards account password and update the password from time to time to prevent any leakage of your account information. We also strongly recommend that you set up and turn on the PIN code in the Starbucks App when you bundle or purchase your Starbucks Gift Cards in the Starbucks App.

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    Starbucks Egift Cards From Cashstar: Faqs

    Can I send my Starbucks gift card to someone else? You can transfer balances of $5 or more from one Starbucks Card to another by doing one the following: In participating Starbucks retail locations. By signing in to your Starbucks account, and then select Manage.

    Disability Customer Support. Celebrate Fourth of July. Gift Cards Best Sellers By occasion Redeem Gift Cards View Your Balance Reload Your Balance By Brand Amazon Cash For Businesses Be Informed Find a Gift Registry & Gifting.

    Can I send an e-gift card to someone in another country? I live in Canada, but my best friend recently moved to California. I wanted to send her a Starbucks e gift card as a gift, but I’m wondering if it will work? I’ve never done it before so sorry if it’s a stupid question. Has anyone else done this?

    Explore all of our Starbucks Card designs. Whether it’s by sentiment, occassion, or industry, you’re sure to find something to delight your team and customers alike.

    In some countries, the use of US starbucks can be used interchangeably, which include US, Australia, Hong Kong, the UK, Ireland, and Mexico, while in other countries, the cards can only be used in the same country. Can you send someone an electronic Starbucks gift card? Send an eGift or pick one up at a participating Starbucks ® store.

    Can You Text A Starbucks Gift Card In 2021

    You can send a Starbucks gift card to anyone via text from your Starbucks account or the Starbucks mobile app. If they have an iPhone, it will show as a gift card in their messaging app. Additionally, if they have an Android phone, they will receive a URL linking to the gift card online.

    You may have more questions about how it works, how to redeem eGift Cards, if you can add money to a gift card, and more. Here are all the answers!

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    May I Receive Stars For My My Starbucks Rewards Account When Purchasing Starbucks Gift Cards Or Using Starbucks Gift Cards To Purchase Other Products

    The prices paid for purchasing the Starbucks Gift Cards may not be used for the purposes of receiving Stars for the My Starbucks Rewards cards. However, when purchasing beverages or other products with a Starbucks Gift Card at Starbucks Stores, if your Starbucks Gift Card has been bundled into your My Starbucks Rewards account, and after the store POS reads your Starbucks Gift Card, the amount you pay with the card will be recorded in your My Starbucks Rewards account where such My Starbucks Rewards card is bundled for the purpose of receiving Stars.

    Follow Up With The Recipient

    Can I use a Starbucks gift card on Postmates?

    Last but not least, be sure to follow up with the recipient on the day theyre supposed to receive their virtual gift. If its a holiday or special day, they might not be checking their messages as frequently. Let them know to be on the lookout for your eGift so they dont miss it.

    From there, stay in touch with them in case they have any trouble with it. Most likely, theyll put it to use right away, and thats all you need to do!

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    You Can Now Buy Someone A Starbucks Coffee Over Microsoft Teams

    It’s not as good as printing out a hot latte, but it’s the next best thing.

    With the world moving to a work-from-home model, the old-age tradition of buying someone coffee has come to a standstill. However, Microsoft aims to change that by allowing people to give each other Starbucks gift cards through Teams.

    Is It Safe To Use The Starbucks Gift Card Mobile Pay Function

    In order to ensure the security of the funds stored in your Starbucks Gift Cards, please take good care of your physical Starbucks Gift Cards and your mobile devices and take all measures to ensure your account security. Please take security measures to protect your My Starbucks Rewards account password and update the password from time to time to prevent any leakage of your account information. We also strongly recommend that you set up and turn on the PIN code in the Starbucks App when you bundle your Starbucks Gift Cards to the account. Each time you make a purchase and use the Starbucks Gift Card mobile pay function at a Starbucks store, the Starbucks store will only accept payment by scanning the dynamic QR code displayed in your account . Any QR codes shown in other forms will not be acceptable at Starbucks stores.

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    How To Instantly Send Egift Cards Via Text Dm Or Email: Step

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      Gift cards have long been one of the best ways to send a treat to friends and family. Unlike traditional gifts, you dont have the same stress of choosing the right thing. You simply send a specific amount of money towards a particular retailer, restaurant, or service, and the recipient chooses what theyd like with those funds.

      Jump ahead to these sections:

      But, what if youre not able to send a gift card through the mail or deliver it in-person? What if you dont have access to the store, restaurant, or service? The good news is that its still possible to send a gift card.

      In this case, youll need whats called an eGift card or virtual gift card. In this guide, well share how to instantly send eGift cards via text, DM, or email.

      Grabbing A Coffee Over Microsoft Teams

      Starbucks $10 Gift Card: Gift/Send Valentine

      If you need a caffeinated beverage to keep you going during a workday, why not share the happiness? Microsoft Teams now has a Starbucks app that lets you buy each other coffee, and it may be the first step in bringing the feel of the office into the work-at-home scene.

      Now that the coffee is sorted, why not use Teams to catch up with co-workers over a hot brew? With the recent announcement of all-day calls in Microsoft Teams, you can now chat away with your friends for as long as you like.

      Image Credit: charnsitr /

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      Are There Any Processing Fees For Return Of Starbucks Gift Cards

      Yes. For the return of a Starbucks Gift Card, the processing fee will be equal to 2% of the balance amount in one card, or total balance of two or more cards, with the minimum fee being RMB 20 Yuan. Upon deduction of the above processing fee, the balance on the Starbucks Gift Card will be refunded to the bank card used by the purchaser when purchasing the Starbucks Gift Card , or the bank account opened in the name of the purchaser .Please note that if you reload your Starbucks Gift Card through different channels , upon return of your Starbucks Gift Card, the balance in your card will be refunded to the bank card or the account corresponding to the other reloading payment method by which you originally reloaded your card.

      Microsoft Brings Starbucks Coffee To Your Inbox

      Tired of your typical office meetings and generic thank you notes? Microsoft and Starbucks are joining forces to boost your inbox with a caffeine jolt.

      A plugin released on Wednesday allows Microsoft Outlook users to email Starbucks electronic gift cards and to set up meetings at nearby Starbucks locations.

      The Starbucks for Outlook free add-in, available for Outlook 2013/2016, Outlook on the web and, can be installed by going to Microsofts website.

      In this fast-paced, hyperconnected world, where meetings are often conducted remotely or in a formal office setting, we sometimes lose a personal connection which is so important in building a great business relationship, Microsoft wrote on its website. Outlook now makes it easier for you to have that personal connection by enabling you to meet your customers, business partners or study group at your favorite Starbucks location.

      The tech company expressed an interest in continuing to explore ways to expand the collaboration with Starbucks to benefit a broad spectrum of users worldwide. It also wants to stress the importance of personal connections at the workplace, a Microsoft representative said.

      When you consider how one in every seven people use Office every day to get work done that is a massive reach Starbucks now has for business users, Microsofts representative said.

      The add-in has been well received by the public since its release, according to Microsoft.

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