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How To Find A Lost Gift Card

Save The Activation Receipt

How to find your Amazon gift card number.

This isnt my favorite thing to do when giving a gift because it looksugly, but I frequently tuck the activation receipt of a gift card into the gift card holder. This way, the recipient has a record of the purchase if anything goes wrong. If you receive the activation slip, hold onto it until the gift card is fully redeemed.

Retailers and gift card issuers will be more likely to work with customers on recovering or replacing lost gift cards if there is proof that the gift card story is legitimate. That proof comes in the shape of knowing the gift card number, when it was purchased, the dollar amount on the card, and so forth. Without that information, asking for a replacement gift card is like asking for a replacement 20 dollar billnot likely to happen. Better to avoid that situation entirely by keeping better track of the gift card in the first place.

As for my brother, he is out of luck. He didnt treat the gift card like cash, he didnt write down the number or get an activation receipt and he hadnt registered the gift card anywhere. All he got out of this particular gift card is a lesson learned.

If you have any experience on getting a lost or stolen gift card replaced, let me know about it in the comments below or reach out to me on Twitter . Perhaps your story will help us all learn something new.

Happy Gift Carding!

~Shelley Hunter, Gift Card Girlfriend

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Visa And Mastercard Gift Cards

Since 2013, Visa and Mastercard gift cards began utilizing PIN numbers. These numbers are not located on the card. Instead, customers must call the number on the back of the card to use the automated system to enter the card’s 16-digitcard number. Next, you’ll need to input the card’s expiration date and three-digit security code, which is located on the back of the card. The system will then allow you to select your own four-digit PIN code.

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Not That Tech Savvy Just Snap A Pic

If you’re just not tech savvy and the idea of adding a gift card to a virtual wallet gives you a headache, I have an easy solution for you. Just use your smartphone or camera to snap a picture of the gift card numbers when you get the card. This is an easy way to access your gift card if you end up losing it.

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Simon Mall Visa Gift Card Replacement Policy

Simon Mall has one of the best gift card policies out there. They will replace any lost gift card free of charge. Youll need to know the gift card number to report the loss, which is why my Simon Mall rep always recommend I hold onto my receipt until my gift cards have been liquidated. Thats pretty solid advice and one I personally abide by in case I do lose a card.

If you lose your receipt along with your gift card, there is still hope. Simon guest services may be able to recover your gift card number if you can provide the date, time, and location of purchase along with the card value.

Of course, to take advantage of these policies, youll need to retain proof of purchase.

Get Tech Savvy With A Virtual Wallet


Perhaps the most convenient and fool-proof way of protecting your gift card balances is using a virtual wallet like Google Wallet. You simply download the app to your smartphone , enter the card number, balance, snap a picture of the card and the app takes care of the rest. You simply present the app when checking out, the cashier scans the corresponding barcode on your phone, and your balance is automatically reduced.

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Are You The Purchaser

Whether your problem is with the expiry date of an afternoon tea gift voucher or youve lost a gift card you got at Christmas to be spent with your favourite retailer, your rights will depend on whether it was you who purchased the voucher or whether you received it from someone else.

If you purchased a gift voucher or card, then you will be bound by the terms made or known at the time of purchase – even if youve given the gift voucher to someone else as a present.

If you didnt purchase the gift voucher, but you have received one from a friend or family member, you will need to speak to the person who purchased it for you.

What To Do If You Didnt Buy The Gift Card

If you are the person who bought the missing gift card, then recovery is possible because you have all of the information needed to start the investigation. Yes, you may have lost the activation receipt or thrown away the store receipt, but as long as you can remember when and where you bought the card, you can call customer service to see about getting a new one.

If, on the other hand, you lost a gift card that somebody else bought and you dont have the gift card number, then the only way to get a replacement card is to involve the giver in the search. You can either ask the giver to send proof of purchase to you so you can contact customer service or you can ask the person who bought the card to make the phone calls directly. The latter would likely be more effective, but means the gift giver has to do the work. The only other solution is to do nothing and accept the loss. My son recently had to do just that.

When the gift card giver declined to give us that information, we had no choice but to drop the matter. In this case, we had the physical gift card, but it didnt work. Without information about the purchase, we had nothing to go on and nobody to call.

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Don’t Lose Out If You Lose A Gift Card

A lost gift card can seem like a lost cause, but with a few simple steps, you can easily protect those valuable gift card balances in the event you lose or misplace one.


Just last week, I was at Chipotle frantically digging through my wallet looking for my gift card. I knew it was somewhere in my pile of plastic, but couldn’t find it for the life of me. In the end, my “free” burrito ended up costing me cash, as my gift card was permanently misplaced.

Stores and restaurants absolutely love gift cards because of unorganized people like me. But with a few simple steps, you can easily protect those valuable gift card balances in the event you lose or misplace one.

Establish Proof Of Gift Card Purchase

Call Kurtis Can I Replace a Lost Gift Card Dec 9 2011

In order to report a gift card lost or stolen, youll need to know the gift card number. If you dont have the gift card number, then proof of purchase is the next best thing. This can be found on an activation receipt, a store receipt, a credit or debit transaction, a loyalty card or via some serious sleuthing. Below Ill explain each of these options and then we will discuss what to do if youre not the person who bought the gift card.

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Can My Gift Cards Be Used At All Of My Business Locations With Square

Yes. If you use multiple locations with Square, your gift cards can be issued and redeemed at any location.

If you use eGift Cards, customers can order them online from your eGift Card order site by sharing your custom URL with them, or they can order gift cards through the Give and Get Local Directory along with other local businesses in your area that also offer eGift Cards.

Note: Only businesses offering Square eGift Cards will appear in the search in this directory. Businesses that only offer physical gift cards in store will not be reflected.

If your business sells eGift Cards through Square and you have been processing payments with us, you should have the option to be included in the Give and Get Local Directory by visiting the eGift Cards section of your online Square Dashboard and toggling on Show a link to my eGift Cards in public directories. Once you toggle this on, your business should appear in the Give and Get Local Directory instantly.

If you wish to opt your business out of the Give and Get Local Directory, please visit the eGift Cards section of your online Square Dashboard and toggle off Show a link to my eGift Cards in public directories. Once you toggle this off, mention of your business will be removed from all directories, including those of our partners, but you will still be able to promote your business and sell eGift Cards online through your personal eGift Card site using your custom URL.

Gift Card Mall Visa Gift Card Replacement Policy

GiftCardMall, which sells Visa gift cards through their website and at Staples, claims to have a straightforward gift card replacement process that doesnt involve calling customer service. I say claims to because I logged into my GiftCardMall account and wasnt able to replicate these steps. I couldnt even find any of the cards Id registered in the past.

Cardholders who have registered their gift cards are supposed to be able to login to their accounts, go to the Wallet section, click on the card theyd like to report as lost or stolen, and select the lost/stolen feature.

If youre prone to losing your gift cards, you might want to start registering them. That will enable you to get a replacement card in the event of a loss or theft.

Gift Card Malls info page states that if customers cant login or dont have their card number, they can call 1-888-524-1283. Gift Card Mall does not charge a fee to replace lost gift cards. If you lose your card and its used fraudulently, Gift Card Mall limits your loss to $50.

If you let them know no more than two business days after finding out about the lost card. How Gift Card Mall will know when exactly you found out about the lost card, I have no idea, but its in the terms and could work against you, so keep that in mind.

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A Find The Activation Receipt

When you purchase a gift card, you will most likely be given a paper receipt that shows the last few digits of the gift card, the date and time of the transaction and the dollar value loaded onto the gift card. As easy as it may be to toss that piece of paper into the recycle bin, it can be super helpful in replacing a gift card that is gone. Sometimes the activation receipt is combined with the store receipt and other times it is a separate piece of paper. If you can locate the activation receipt, then skip down to Step #2 below and get ready to pick up the phone.

How To Find The Pin Number On A Gift Card

$150 iTunes Gift 3Card Unscratched (6 $25 cards ...

So you have a brand new gift card. Congratulations! You’re ready to start spending, but for some reason the retailer is asking for a PIN. The PIN, or personal identification number, is typically located on the back of a physical card or in the same email that discloses the electronic gift card number. Although the PIN can’t be used to retrieve money from a gift card at an ATM like a debit card, cardholders must present the PIN to check the card balance or get a replacement card.

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E Try To Get A Copy Of The Receipt

This tip comes straight from my gift card comrades and is my sleeper pick for ways to gather the information needed to get a replacement gift card. According to these lost gift card experts, you can go back to the store and ask for a reprint of your purchase receipt. I had no idea you could do this! Youll need to bring your loyalty card, if applicable, and the payment card used to purchase the gift card and be able to provide as much information as possible such as the day, time and dollar amount of the full transaction. If you can remember which checkout stand you went through, that would be helpful too.

If youve exhausted all of these choices and still cannot find proof of purchase, then the situation is dire but not necessarily unsolvable. Like it or not, stores capture quite a bit of information about our transactions. If you purchased the gift card with cash or simply cant find any other physical proof that you bought a gift card, but can still provide the information needed from memory , then you may still be able to find a customer service representative willing to help you determine whether or not the gift card is replaceable.

Working through the process will likely take some time, so be patient. Though a successful outcome is not guaranteed, I think its worth making a few phone calls to see if you can get a replacement gift card.

What Is An Air Canada Gift Card

The Air Canada Gift Card is a stored-value card similar to a prepaid card or gift certificate. It can be used to purchase airline tickets or travel options on Air Canada, Air Canada Express, and Air Canada Rouge.

Air Canada Gift Cards are available in both plastic and eGift card format.

  • In Canadian funds: individual gift cards can be purchased in amounts ranging from $25 to $2,000
  • In U.S. funds: individual gift cards can be purchased in amounts ranging from $25 to $2,000

You can also purchase Air Canada Gift Cards at Canada Post locations in amounts ranging from $50 to $10,000, at Loblaws, Sobeys, Safeway, Save-On-Foods and Rexall locations in amounts ranging from $50 to $500 or by redeeming your Aeroplan MilesĀ® at for specific denominations.

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Take A Picture Of The Gift Card

Somewhere between writing the gift card number down on paper and entering the cards digitally into a mobile wallet is this hybrid solution thats a mix of bothsimply take a picture of the front and back of the gift card. In your camera roll, youll always have a copy of the card number, customer service line and PIN, if applicable. . This is just one of 10 gift card hacks that can save you time, money and hassle!

Walmart Greendot Visa Gift Card Replacement Policy

Where to Find Amazon Gift Card Claim Code

Walmart sells Visa gift cards issued by a few different banks. However, its best that you buy the ones issued by Green Dot, especially for gift card churning purposes.

In case of a lost card, you can get your Walmart GreenDot Visa gift card replaced free of charge by calling 1-866-633-9096. Youll need the card number, 3-digit security code and card expiration date to request a replacement.

You really should do your absolute best to track and avoid losing Visa gift cards between purchase and liquidation. To err is human. If you do lose a Visa gift card, at least these merchants cover your losses. In most cases, card replacement wont cost you any fees. Just be sure to hold onto proof of purchase and be aware of each individual merchants gift card replacement policy.

Have you ever lost a Visa gift card before liquidation? Please share in the comment section.

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The Story Of A Lost Gift Card

My brother called the other day to complain that hed lost a gift card. He wanted to know if I had any tricks for getting it back. Like a crime scene investigator, to answer his question, I first needed to understand how he treated the gift card before he lost it. The situation is not good. He allegedly put the now-missing gift card in his pant pocket, but he could have thrown it on the counter next to the mail, or he left it inside the greeting card it came inwhich he cant find either. This case is about to go cold.

Youve heard the saying, treat gift cards like cash? Well, its true. Had my brother opened a greeting card and found a 20 dollar bill inside, I doubt he would have stuffed the cash into his pocket, tossed it on the counter or left it in the card. He likely would have immediately put the money in his wallet. He should have done the very same thing with his gift card. Since he didnt, the chances of recovery are slim, but there are a few things I can still suggest.

If you bought the gift card from a gift card mall, read this post on how to replace a lost gift card from the grocery store.

Where And How Can I Use My Air Canada Gift Card

The Air Canada Gift Card is easy to use: simply provide your gift card number and security code at time of payment on either the Canadian or U.S. edition of, or when you call Air Canada Reservations* at 1-888-247-2262 . You can also use your Air Canada Gift Card:

  • at an Air Canada airport counter in Canada**

You can check the balance Opens in New Window of your gift card online or by calling 1-855-281-1761

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