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How To Get A Costco Gift Card

Can I Redeem My Costco Gift Card For Cash


No, you cannot redeem your Costco gift card for cash. Instead, you have to use the gift card to purchase merchandise.

As mentioned above, some supervisors make you cash out the remaining balance of your gift card after purchasing merchandise. But this isnt policy, so its not going to happen every time you use a Costco gift card.

Buy Prescriptions And/or Immunizations

Got a prescription to fill? Whether its a one-time thing or a regular prescription, youll want to check out the low prices at Costco Pharmacy. They offer prescriptions for pets, too!

Due to state and federal laws, Costco is required to offer these low-priced prescriptions to all people.

This means you do not need a membership to purchase prescription drugs at Costco, and you can buy prescriptions both at their warehouses and also online.

Their Pharmacy counter accepts several different forms of payment: cash, ATM/debit cards, Costco Shop Cards, and Visa.

You may also be able to order your prescriptions online for delivery via mail and auto-refill, if necessary. How convenient!

However, Costco does offer members an extra benefit on prescriptions: the Costco Membership Prescription Program.

This is a prescription drug discount card program that provides eligible Costco members and their eligible dependents with the ability to obtain lower prices on all medications.

Its intended for members who either dont have insurance, or their insurance doesnt cover all of their prescriptions.

Also, you can get discounted immunizations and vaccinations at Costco without a membership. For example, flu shots currently start at just $19.99.

Walk-ins are welcome, but they do recommend you reserve your time in advance which you can do so online. Be sure to bring your insurance card as many insurance companies will cover the price of your shots.

Get Your Vision Tested

Non-members can use Costcos optical services for exams and screenings.

But if you need to buy glasses, contacts or hearing aids, youre going to need a membership or a friend who can get you in the store to purchase what you need on your behalf.

Of course, you could always use a gift card as we described in tip #1!

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Go Treasure Hunting At Costco Ymmv

One of the big parts of the Costco experience is the idea of the treasure hunt. Costcos product lines are based on the idea of triggers and treasures. Triggers are staples products youll buy all the time and these dont often change. Toilet paper, tissues, coffee, you get the idea.

Then you have the treasures. The stuff that rotates and whose discovery gets you excited. Almost crazed.

The best of the best? Returned but saleable items since Costco has a great return policy, people will naturally return stuff!

And some of that will be discontinued, seasonal, or otherwise no longer being sold in the store. Costco doesnt want to return it to the vendor when it could just sell it.

A few years ago, Costco started realizing that they could devote a small section of the warehouse to shelves saleable items rather than sending them back to the vendor or a liquidator. There are enormous price cuts on these returns and you might even find something you missed before it was sold out!

The special section in most Costcos will be in the hardline items, near automotive and household goods. Thats where it is in our local Costco though surprisingly thats next to the bread, which is not hard.

Go find the shelf in your Costco and see if you can find any gems!

Another piece of the treasure hunting experience is the Road Show. Unfortunately, those are not on a fixed schedule. The demo folks dont even know because its based on sales data.

Get A Bonus Gift Card Because Of Your Job

How to get Costco gift card

If youre employed in a particular field, youll get a $30 Costco Shop Card when you join .

This discount is currently available to first responders, nurses, medical providers, military, and teachers. Read all about it here.

College students can also get a $20 Costco Shop Card when signing up for a membership details here. Truth be told, I dont know what a college student would do with a Costco membershipbut, hey, the savings are nice!

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A Few More Quick Hitting Costco Hacks

Split Your Membership: Each membership comes with two cards, you can split a membership with a friend. The second card is supposed to be for a household member but theyve never checked whenever I shared a membership with a friend or relative.

Buy Online, Use Any Credit Card If you buy something online, you can often get free shipping on eligible items and you can use any credit card you want.

Rotisserie chicken is da bomb dot com Not a hack but worth mentioning, I love the rotisserie chicken.

Oh, and before you go, please enjoy this shopping cart full of MASSIVE BUNNIES. I took the photo and I didnt know what to do with it so now its yours to enjoy.

Earn Costco Rewards And Credit Card Rewards

Costco has two levels of membership: Gold Star and Gold Star Executive. The Gold Star Executive Membership is twice the cost of the Gold Star Membership, but it gives you some added perks, including cashback.

Executive Members earn an annual 2% Reward on qualified Costco, Costco.com, and Costco Travel purchases. This means that if you spend $6,000 at Costco in a year , youll completely pay for the cost of your Executive Membership through Rewards.

Note that Rewards are not calculated on purchases of gasoline, Costco Shop Cards, alcoholic beverages in certain states, prescription purchases in certain states, and at food courts.

Whether or not youre an Executive Member, you apply for the Costco Anywhere Visa Card by Citi to earn additional cashback including

  • 4% on eligible gas for the first $7,000 per year this works out to up to $280 for the first year and $70 for subsequent years
  • 3% on all restaurants and eligible travel
  • 2% on all other purchases from Costco
  • 1% on all other purchases

This credit card doubles as your membership card and has no annual fee as long as you have a paid membership.

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Check Online Deal Websites

Usually once or twice a year, Groupon and/or LivingSocial will have a fantastic Costco membership deal that offers a gift card or freebies along with the price of the membership.

Youll still have to pay for the membership, but the freebies typically offset most if not all of the cost.

For example, in August 2020 there was a Groupon deal that offered a Costco membership along with a $40 gift card and $40 off an online purchase of $250+ for just $60, which is the normal price of a Costco Gold Membership.

You can check Groupon periodically to see when they offer the deal again. A little patience may pay off big!

Keep tabs on popular websites like Slickdeals that help you find the best deals online, including on Costco memberships.

Know Which Credit Cards Costco Accepts

How to get $300 in Gift cardS from COSTCO

Years ago, they only accepted Discover Cards. Then they partnered with American Express. Now, its Visas turn. Costco now accepts all Visa cards and they replaced their old American Express card with the Costco Anywhere Visa Card. Its a pretty good card but its not the best card to use.

We love the Chase Freedom Flex.

The Chase Freedom Flex card has a welcome offer of $200 after $500 in purchases in the first 3 months. It also gives you 1% on all other purchases. This is on top of 5% cash back on up to $1,500 in combined purchases in bonus categories each quarter , 5% cash back on grocery store purchases on up to $12,000 spent in the first year, and 5% on Chase travel purchased through Ultimate Rewards, 3% on dining and drugstores..

Learn more about the Chase Freedom Flex Card here.

If you dont have the card you can open one and take advantage of current opening bonuses. These change all the time but you can check out the current promotion here. Its a nice juicy to get your day going!

If you already have this card, youll need to activate any cashback bonuses by going to the Activate 5% Cash Back page. Enter your information, click Activate, and youre all set. Enjoy the bonus cash back!

On Costco.com you can use any credit card except American Express! This also means that you can use any credit card to buy a Costco Cash Card and use that card in the store to get around the payment limitations.

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Find A Costco Membership Discount

Costco rarely offers a membership discount directly but sometimes, very rarely, they offer one through discount buying sites like Groupon. Sometimes you can get membership deals directly at stores too.

The offer isnt structured as a direct discount though. Instead, they will offer a membership plus a Visa Gift Card , plus perhaps some other bonuses like a rotisserie chicken or some other products.

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You can even get compensation for reporting robocalls or apply for a crime victims compensation program in your state by signing up for our app and following a few simple steps.

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Can You Use Costco Gift Cards Without A Membership

Yes, you can use a Costco Gift Card without a membership. Non-members who have a Costco Gift Card can shop at any Costco warehouse location or online. You can also purchase a membership, merchandise, gas from Costco Gas Stations, and food from the Costco Food Court.

Purchasing a Costco Gift Card for a non-member is great for students whose parents are Costco members.

Instead of paying for a membership, parents can buy them a gift card and reload it when needed. They are also a great present for the holidays and special occasions.

To use your Costco Gift Card in the warehouse without a membership, you would just need to show the door attendant checking member IDs your Costco Gift Card.

No You Don’t Need To Convince A Member To Get You In

Try Huggies Snug &  Dry Diapers with a $50 Costco Gift Card ...

A Costco membership sure has its benefits . But those of us who havent decided to commit to the $60-a-year membership yet can still take advantage of those unbeatable deals. And the store totally condones it.

Sure, you could stock up on items costco.com, but non-members pay an extra 5 percent and dont have access to the members-only sales. You also probably already know Costco members can bring up to two guests into the store to take advantage of the big-box deal. Of course, that leaves the obvious problem of relying on that friend to get you in. If you do your shopping Monday mornings but your friend can only go on the weekendswhen youre totally bookedyoure out of luck. Thankfully, theres another sneaky way to get into the store without a membership and without being a guest.

Like most stores, Costco offers gift certificates in the form of its Costco Cash Cards. The thing is, it cant control who those cards go to. The superstore touts the cards as a convenient way for members to pay, but the small print allows non-members to use them, too. Just ask a friend to pick up a card for you and you can get anywhere from $25 to $1,000 in store credit to spend at Costco. With your Costco Cash Card in hand, you can get into the store and do your shopping just like any other shopper, without tagging along with another member. While youre there, keep an eye out for this Costco price tag symbol that signals you to stock up.

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Current Costco Spafinder Promotions

Purchase $100 Spafinder Gift Cards for $69.99

Purchase $100 Spafinder Gift Cards for $69.99!

Currently, there is a Costco Spafinder promotion where members have the opportunity to Purchase $100 Spafinder Gift Cards for $69.99! This is the perfect deal to give yourself or a loved one the gift of relaxation. Simply click the link below to view and purchase this discounted gift card. Also, remember this offer will only be available for a limited time, so be sure to take advantage today!

  • What you get: Purchase $100 Spafinder Gift Cards for $69.99
  • Expiration: September 10, 2021

Is Costco Executive Membership Worth It

When is it worth it to get the Executive Membership? How much did you spend at Costco last year? If the answer is more than $2,750 then you need to be an Executive Member.

Executive Membership is just like the regular membership except you get 2% back on nearly all purchases

If you spend $3,000 a year, thats $60 back. Thats the difference in the membership fee between the regular and the Executive membership.

If you spend $6,000 a year, thats $120 back. Thats the cost of an Executive Membership. We spend over $6,000 a year at Costco so we always end up getting a check!

$5,500 sounds like a lot but its only a little more than $450 a month.When you get the check, you can use it to pay or get it cashed out at a register.

Not sure if youll spend enough to get a rebate of more than $60? If you dont, you can go to the customer service desk and get the difference back. So if you only earn a $20 rebate, you can get $35 from Costco. You really cant lose.

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What Can You Buy At Costco

Before figuring our what Costco card you want to buy, you need to look at the types of things you might be buying from the store. What can you actually buy from Costco? If you can think of it, you can most probably buy it from Costco. From tea and coffee to treadmills. Garden sheds to outdoor heating. Tyres, pressure washes, mattresses, jewellery, laptops, ovens and so much more. This includes CCTV systems, childrens toys and if you havent tried a Costco cake, you havent lived! For those who wear glasses or contact lenses, did you know that Costco has its own professional Optometrists? You can join Costco Optical and NHS patients are welcomed too.

What Is A Costco Digital Shop Card

Costco Gifts Cards

A Costco Digital Shop Card is an electronic gift card that is sent via email and redeemed using your smartphone or by bringing a printed copy with you when you visit a Costco location. Digital Shop Cards aren’t available for purchase at this time. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.While not available for purchase, Costco Digital Shop Cards are issued for select promotions and a variety of other uses. Digital Shop Cards received from do-not-reply@wgiftcard.com are valid and yours to use! For more information on how to redeem a Digital Shop Card, click here.Costco Digital Shop Cards may be used to shop at any Costco location or online at Costco.com and Costco.ca. At this time, Digital Shop Cards cannot be redeemed at Self-Checkout, Food Court Kiosks or the Gas Stations.

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Costco Hacks You Might Not Know About

Ah, Costco our beloved big-box wholesaler where too-good-to-be-true deals and delicious food samples knock us off our feet at every corner. While we all know how massive the stores are, we also have to navigate the online resources and all the services Costco has to offer its members . It can be a largely overwhelming task, but we are here to help. Whether youre a devoted weekly Costco goer, a skeptic, or a tagalong who just goes with friends, this article will blow your mind. Weve rounded up some insider tips and tricks you might not know about to help you get the most out of your membership and how to shop there without being a member.

We are grateful to all our sponsors:

Use The Instant Costco Coupons

Using coupons at Costco is a breeze because you dont even need to have the coupons with you in order to maximize your savings.

The company has a monthly book full of coupons that offer great savings, but you do not need to have the coupons at the register.

The coupon discounts will be taken at the register automatically. So even if you missed the monthly book, you will still get the discount.

However, it is a good idea to take a look at the coupon book to make sure you are not missing out on any amazing deals.

These coupons are so easy to use that you might not even realize they are being used.

I recommend making sure to keep track of this savings because it can really add up. You might even hit the 60-dollar membership fee without even trying.

While we are on the subject of coupons, there is something you should know about coupons at Costco.

Costco does not accept any manufacturers coupons. Yes, it is disappointing. But Costco prices are typically very low so youre already getting a great deal.

Although you will not be able to use any of the coupons you normally use at other stores, with the low prices and easy Instant Costco coupons it is unlikely that you will feel like you are missing out on any savings.

You might even appreciate that you do not have to track down any coupons while you are in the check out line.

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