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How To Get A Steam Gift Card On Amazon

How To Get Free Steam Codes


Coming on to the most crucial question, how you can get a free Steam gift card or free Steam wallet codes which you can then redeem to purchase games?

Well, it can be slightly hard but not impossible. Here are over 23 ways to get free Steam codes or free Steam money to enjoy everything that Steam has to offer.

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How To Buy Steam Gift Cards Wallet Cards Or Steam Games From Amazon

Do you have an Amazon Gift Card that you want to use for buying Steam games or Steam Wallet Cards? Do you want to buy a Steam Gift Card from Amazon? Both scenarios are possible, but some things are a bit more complicated than you would expect. Heres how it all works:

Are Steam Gift Cards Region

Yes, Steam cards are region-locked. Your Steam User Account is associated with a specific currency, which is shown in the top right corner of your Steam Client. Therefore, the gift card currency must match that of the Steam User Account it will be redeemed to. It is not possible to redeem a gift card to your wallet with a different currency than the one that is linked to your account and will result in an error if you try to do so. Make sure your gift cards currency matches that of your Steam account before purchasing.

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How To Redeem Steam Codes

Its easy to redeem Steam wallet codes in the app or via the Steam website. It works much like redeeming a gift card online. You enter the code on the Activate a Product page, entering the cards information. You can access the website from any internet-enabled device or enter the code right into the app.

What Can You Do After A Steam Gift Card Balance Check

$50.00 Steam Gift Card (instant delivery)

When you find out what the remaining balance on your Steam gift card is, you can do the following:

  • Purchase an itemIf you have enough money in your Steam Wallet or on your Steam gift card, you can redeem it for a game, or any other item on Steam
  • Donate the physical cardSome charities accept gift cards as donations
  • Sell the gift card for moneyYou can find various kiosks and websites that resell gift cards and sell your new or used card there. A downside of kiosks is that you have to visit them in person, which might take too much of your time. Another drawback is that these places usually dont accept gift cards below a certain balance . As for the websites, some of them might be a scam, so you need to be careful when youre selling your gift cards online. Note that you probably wont be able to get the full amount of your balance because both websites and kiosks offer around 70% or 80% of the cards value
  • Exchange the cardYou can exchange your Steam gift card for a card from a different merchant. There are many websites and stores that offer this possibility
  • Request cash backOfficially, Steam doesn’t reimburse gift card funds in cash, but the law might be on your side. Use DoNotPay to find out how to get your money back stress-free

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How To Redeem Steam Wallet Codes

Adding points Steam Wallet gives gamers instant access to new content. Wallet codes work like a digital bank account. New people join game groups from clans chat in-game. The fun never stops when you find a community that meets new people, with almost 75 million potential friends.

To redeem access once you’ve bought or purchased a steam gift card, you’ll need to add it to your account.

You can redeem steam codes to your account by

  • Log into your Steam account.
  • Select Account Details
  • Select Add Funds to your Steam Wallet
  • Enter the code and select Redeem to get the credits and start purchasing games immediately
  • Buy A Steam Gift Card For Yourself

    You cannot buy a Steam gift card for yourself. You can add funds to your own account but you cant buy yourself a present like that. The gift card is just that a card. It doesnt offer discounts or anything. You get the face value of the card to use for buying games. There is no limit on how many gift cards you can purchase since theyre digital and its unlikely that stock will run out.

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    Get Your Steam Code Instantly By Email

    Just select the amount of Steam credit you would like to buy and choose from our more than 81 payment options to complete your purchase. Seconds later, your code is shown on screen and sent to your inbox. Follow the redeem instructions also found in your delivery email and enjoy your new Steam credit in moments! Our customer service is available to answer any questions about your purchase or the redeem process. Simply contact us via chat, email or Facebook Messenger.

    What Is A Steam Wallet

    How To Get Free Steam, Paypal, Amazon Gift cards 2016

    Steam Wallet is a digital wallet tool owned by the company Steam. It allows users to add funds to their Steam account by adding gift cards, a PayPal account, debit cards, or credit cards. Steam users purchase games or make in-game purchases with their Steam Wallets. Users can store money in Steam Wallet or choose to add as much as they intend to spend.

    Steam codes work just like regular gift cards and can only be used on the Steam website. Codes can be used to purchase games, hardware, items on the Community Market, or other items. The Steam Wallet acts as cash but is only eligible to be used on the Steam platform.

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    Check These Forums As Well

    Various Reddit communities are great places to connect with other gamers and earn Steam wallet codes, too.

    FreeGamesOnSteam has all the new games on Steam, SteamGameSwap can bring down your videogame expenses by providing a way to swap games you dont want for games you do want, and SteamGiveaways hosts giveaways that you can join to have a chance to win Steam wallet codes.

    Start Getting Free Steam Gift Cards Today

    Steam is a fantastic place for gamers, but it can be a huge drain on your wallet if youre not careful with spending, especially the summer and winter sales events.

    Thank goodness for free Steam gift cards and codes that you can earn legitimately and use to offset your budget for online games.

    If you play on other platforms, make sure you check out how to get free PS4 gift cards and free Xbox gift cards as well.

    Or if you need to buy something else other than games and in-game stuff, check out how you can get free gift cards from Walmart, Target, and even Visa.

    Have you tried getting a free Steam gift card from any of these sites? How was the experience? Share your stories with us in the comments!

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    How To Win Steam Gift Cards

    There arent many easy ways to earn a free Steam gift card. Most of the time youll have to pay with your own money or have someone buy you a free Steam gift card.

    Thats why weve put together the items on this list, to help you earn free Steam gift card codes.

    For prize drawings, we recommend using Ipsos i-Say. They dont pay you in Steam wallet codes directly, but if you win their sweepstakes you can use the money to get Steam digital wallet credit.

    What Can I Do With A $ 15 Amazon Gift Card

    Steam $100 Gift Card

    A $ 15 Amazon Gift Card is very useful, if you want to make purchases on, or if you’re looking for a fun last-minute gift. The gift card is worth $ 15 shopping-credit that can be easily used to reduce your Amazon order by $ 15. The person receiving the card can choose what he or she wants from the Amazon Store. Amazon has millions of products from all ranges, such as cosmetics, electronics, books, clothing and more.

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    How To Get Free Steam Wallet Codes & Gift Cards

    We hope that youve enjoyed our list of 12 legit ways to get free Steam wallet codes and Steam gift cards online.

    And even if youre not into Steam games, most of these websites will award you with an Amazon gift card, a Walmart gift card or PayPal money.

    Although not all of these methods may work for you, we hope that you can take away at least a few items on this list.

    Most of the items mentioned typically only require you to sign up using an email address, create a password and to provide a few pieces of personal information.

    In order to top up your wallet as much as you can with Steam wallet codes, we suggest trying out each item at least once.

    From there you can weed out the ones you dont like or the ones that dont have a high payout rate.

    For those simply looking to earn the most, weve found that Steam users typically enjoy using Swagbucks and Survey Junkie.

    If youre looking to buy Steam codes at a discount, we suggest checking out Raise.

    Scoring free Steam wallet codes and gift cards has allowed me to connect with some of their 90 Steam users and be a part of a small community that enjoys playing games, all at no cost.

    We hope you can do the same.

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    Can You Withdraw Money From Steam

    The Steam website states that money from a Steam Wallet canât be withdrawn as money because it has âno value outside Steam.â Some users find themselves with large Steam balances and want to remove it as cash, so this limitation can be difficult to navigate. Therefore, Steam recommends keeping your Steam Wallet balance low and only contributing to the balance when purchasing something on the platform.

    There are websites and forums dedicated to helping people pull their money from Steam. The tips on the sites include purchasing items then selling them to other people for cash or Bitcoin. However, Steam’s method is not protected and requires users to make these decisions at their own risk.

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    Can Steam Codes Be Converted Into Cash

    There is no way to convert a Steam code to cash on the Steam website. However, many users choose to trade codes with people they know and trust for money or any other payment method.

    Additionally, there are platforms on gaming websites that allow users to post their unused codes. Then, potential buyers can purchase the codes. These platforms typically take a percentage of the sale price and are not endorsed by Steam, so be sure to exercise caution if you choose to try to convert your codes to cash. Be sure to read site reviews so you don’t fall victim to a scam.

    Free Steam Gift Cards Generator That Works

    How to get free gift cards Amazon steam iTunes cards for free

    We are not here to sugarcoat things or soak up your bank account. If free steam codes are on your radar, we have a chilling declaration for you. You can own them in an effortless manner without any reservations. So, be prepared for the I got it for free speech. Yes, even if the government shuts down, you should be able to enjoy your free stuff. Believe it or not, you will surely be 100% smitten and satisfied with whats coming your way. So, lets press on to the real deal.

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    Steam Gift Card Scams: How To Report

    You are always highly suggested to report if something of the above-mentioned situations happens to you. Even though you were not a victim, but a person just tried to scam you, you should use the Report feature built into Steam.

    Once scammers are reported, the organization can take the necessary actions to stop them from committing more fraud:

    What you need to do is visit the profile of the user you want to report, then click the More drop-down. You can find that at the top right corner of the page.

    The next step is to choose Report Violation, select the type of violation you have experienced, and press Submit Report.

    That way, you will draw attention to this user, and Steam will explore whether there is evidence against him/her taking illegal actions.

    If it turns out to be true, Steam Support will ban his/her account from using the Steam Community and the Steam Market.

    How long the ban will last, it always depends on the number of scams performed and how significant they were. If the acts are too severe, scammers will be banned from using their account permanently.

    There are occasions when the same person has a few accounts, and if he/she is proven to be a scammer, all the accounts will be banned.

    Steam Digital Gift Cards

    Steam is the largest online store for buying games. Much like youd get a digital gift card for iTunes, you can get one for Steam. A Steam gift card can be used to buy games, and to buy other items from the Steam Community Market. They make great gifts if someone you know is looking to buy a major/expensive title that going to be released on or around New Year.

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    How Do Steam Codes Work

    To understand how Steam codes work, you need to first learn about the Steam wallet. The Steam wallet is an exclusive feature found in Steam, and only Steam users can use it.

    It is a kind of digital wallet where you can store funds and then use them for transactions around the platform.

    For example, you can buy and download games with that money, or if youre selling something on the Community Market, your earnings go in your Steam wallet.

    It is an alternative to paying with your debit cards or through PayPal.

    In some cases, its the only way to buy something, for instance, Downloadable Content for Counter-Strike GO.

    Similarly, for minors, a wallet is more convenient than using their parents debit cards. Now the question arises: how do you add funds to this Steam wallet?

    This is where the Steam codes come in, which are one of the two ways to add funds to your wallet.

    The other way is transferring money through your bank account.

    Steam codes work much like your regular gift cards.

    You can purchase a Steam gift card online or at various physical stores and scratch them at the back to get the codes. Once youve gotten these codes, you can redeem them on Steam to get the credit transferred into your wallet.

    Additionally, you can also get Steam codes separately to access a game as you would typically receive a code for the activation of a game.

    Did You Successfully Buy Steam Games Or Steam Wallet Cards From Amazon

    $5.00 Steam Gift Card GLOBAL (Instant Delivery)

    We use these methods for purchasing Steam games from Amazon with our Amazon Gift Cards or simply a credit card. Hopefully, the whole process worked well for you, and youre now enjoying playing your favorite games on Steam. If you know other ways to buy Steam Gift Cards, dont hesitate to leave a comment, and we promise to update this guide to help other readers.

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    How Do I Buy An Amazon Gift Card For Amazoncom

    You can buy an Amazon Gift Card for the American Amazon webshop at anytime, at Gamecardsdirect. Our webshop is open 24/7 and our digital gift cards are sent to you digitally within seconds.

    Order a $ 15 Amazon card in 3 easy steps:

  • Place the $ 15 Amazon Gift Card in your shopping cart
  • Go to the checkout and enter your personal details
  • Select a payment method and complete the order.
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    How Else To Report The Steam Wallet Card Scam

    Let your family and friends know about these Steam card scams by sharing the article. You can also officially report criminals and any other suspicious activities to the Federal Trade Commission using the link below:

    How To Protect Yourself More

    If you want to find out the most prevalent scams every week, please subscribe to the Scam Detector newsletter. Youll receive periodic emails.

    Meanwhile, educate yourself with a few other fraud-related articles listed under this paragraph. Learn how to stay safe online. Finally, use the Comments section below to expose other scammers.

    How To Buy Steam Gift Cards Or Steam Wallet Cards From Amazon

    How To Get FREE STEAM AMAZON Itunes Gift Cards (Fast) (No Surveys) (APPBOUNTY)

    If you have an Amazon gift card and you want to convert it to a Steam gift card, you can do that by buying a so-called Steam Wallet Card from Amazon. Unfortunately, these Steam Wallet Cards are physical cards sold by third parties on Amazon. Theyre not digital Steam Gift Cards, and theyre usually more expensive than the gift card value you purchase.

    You can find Steam Wallet Cards on Amazon

    Here are some direct links where you can find Steam Wallet Cards:

    Some Steam Gift Cards are sold by Valve directly at better prices but for most of the year, are unavailable for sale. Click on this link to see if theyre back on sale again: Steam Gift Card – $20.

    When you buy a Steam Wallet Card from Amazon, you receive a physical product similar to the one pictured below. To redeem your credit, scratch to see the activation code on its back. Then, read the next section of this article.

    Scratch the code for your Steam gift card

    Before buying a Steam Wallet Card from Amazon, keep in mind these pros and cons:

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