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How To Get Cash Back From A Visa Gift Card

Final Thoughts On Converting Visa Gift Cards To Cash

Turn Your Visa Gift Card Into Cash 2017

Visa gift cards are pretty flexible in terms of how you can use them. Given that theyre accepted anywhere that also takes Visa credit cards, you already have a huge array of options on where to spend the balance on your gift card.

But its true that sometimes having cold, hard cash is preferable. Its easier to track as part of your overall liquid net worth, for example, and youre not limited in case you plan to use the money somewhere that a Visa credit card wouldnt work.

In those cases, one of the options on this list will definitely help you out. Just keep an eye on the fees to make sure theres not a more affordable option for what you intend to do with the money.

But once youve decided how to proceed, in only a few clicks, that money will be yours!


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Reselling To Get Cash From A Visa Gift Card

Another expensive way to turn a Visa gift card into cash is to resell it to Visa gift card resellers.

Most of these will charge veryhigh fees when you compare them to other methods mentioned in this article.

You should only resort to this ifyou are desperate to liquidate these cards.

There are companies such as Raisethat will charge you 15% of the balance on the card in commissions.

If you want to use Raise you candownload their mobile app where you can sell your visa gift cards.

Afterward, you can send the cardto them.

In terms of payment, they offertwo options i.e. PayPal or a check

Another way to resell your cardis to use sites such as eBay.

Here at least you have somecontrol over the price as compared to sites such as Raise.

This way you might be able to getan amount closer to the balance if you play your cards well.

Bring Your Id And Credit Card

I took my son with me to a Gift Card Exchange machine once and he asked the obvious question, How does the machine know that theres money on the gift card? Couldnt someone just say it has $20 and get cash back? The answer is no. The Gift Card Exchange kiosk will check the balance of the gift card before accepting it. But just to avoid any potential tomfoolery, youll need to provide your mobile phone number and email address, plus scan your drivers license and a credit or debit card in order to complete the transaction.

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Sell Gift Card To A Friend

An easy and quick way to convert a prepaid card to cash is to sell the gift card to a friend. If you have gift cards you want to liquidate into cash, ask your friend groups if they want to buy it.

The benefit of selling a gift card this way is that you can avoid paying any commissions or fees that are normally charged when selling a gift card online.

To make it worthwhile for the buyer It would usually be a simple case of offering the gift card for a little less than the value on the card. For example, the gift card has a $20 balance, you could ask for $15 cash for it.

Pro Tip Hit up your Facebook friends for a fast turnaround time on converting your gift cards into cash. You would be surprised how many people will reply when you offer a small discount!

Using this method to convert a visa gift card to cash is quick and easy. You will have the cash straight away to use for your own needs.

Add Your Visa Gift Card To Paypal Wallet

Earn Up to 5% Cash Back on Purchases with a Five Back Visa ...

PayPal Wallet is a phone app thatallows you to pay with a PayPal account.

It is called a wallet because youcan add your cards to this app and use them when making payments through thisapp.

One way to get cash from a visa gift card is to add the visa gift card to your PayPal wallet.

Once added then you can send itthat another PayPal account that you are holding.

Afterward, you can use a PayPaldebit card to withdraw the cash.

In case you dont have anotherPayPal account you can send the money to a colleague who can withdrawal it foryou.

The only drawback with thismethod is that PayPal will charge a processing fee of 1.4%

If your PayPal wallet isconnected to your bank account then that is much better as you can thentransfer the money to your bank account.

Unfortunately, sometimes it maytake up to five business days to reach your bank account.

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Many Ways To Sell Gift Cards For Cash

There are many ways to sell gift cards for cash. The most common way is to sell a gift card online to a gift card reseller that buys the unwanted gift card, sends payment to the seller and then resells the gift card to another customer. In addition to true resellers, there are also online sites that match gift card sellers up with gift card buyers, facilitating transactions without actually touching the cards.

One of the benefits of selling your gift card to an online reseller is that the cash back offer will generally be higher than any other method. The one drawback to using these sites, however, is that youll generally have to wait for payment to arrive. Depending on the reseller and payment method selected, you might wait a couple of days for a PayPal deposit or a few days for a check to arrive in the mail. Because the cashback offer is so good, however, I think online resellers are the best choice when you dont mind waiting to get your money.

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Open the app in your web browser. Take a look at this list of tasks you can simplify with DoNotPay:

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Shopping Online With Your Visa Gift Card Always Use The Honey Browser Extension

The Honey extension is a free tool that automatically scans thousands of potential vouchers, codes, and discounts so you dont have to! If there is money to be saved, Honey will find it and automatically add it to your cart!

This method could be used for anything that you normally pay with cash. Provided the vendor accepts Visa or Mastercard, then you can do this. You could use gift cards to pay large bills, small bills, or just for your regular purchases at the local store.

Whatever you use the gift card for, you now have the equivalent amount of cash still that you can use for any purpose. The cash could be saved in the bank, used to pay other debts, or added to an investment account.

Get The Most Money For Your Gift Card

9 Easy Ways To Convert Visa Gift Cards To Cash 2022

To make sure you get the most for any trade, visit a couple of different gift card exchange sites and compare offers.

Start at GiftCardGranny.com. This online gift card aggregator lets you select the merchant of your card and then easily compare offers from other reseller sites, including Cardpool.com and ABCGiftCards.com, to see the best deal among their partners.

CardCash.com was best for sellers, according to a WalletHub analysis of the major gift card exchanges. It offers immediate sales and an average gift card resale value of $76.50 for an $100 gift card.

Note that each gift card exchange uses different fees and payment methods. Be sure to read the fine print so you know exactly what you’ll get in return for your card.

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How To Void A Check For Direct Deposit

Visa gift cards are sold in predetermined increments and given as gifts in place of cash. The recipient can use a Visa gift card to make a purchase in stores, online or over the phone in the same way that regular credit cards are used. However, Visa gift cards cannot be used to get cash from an automated teller machine.

Can You Get Cash At Atm With Vanilla Visa Gift Card

Unless you need cash in hand, theres no need to convert your Visa gift card to cash unless you desperately need the cash for other reasons. If you have to do, I highly recommend you go either the PayPal or Venmo route. It can take a few days to get your cash, but its the best way to see cash show up in your bank account.

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Can I Buy Something And Return It To Get Cash Back

Many people ask if they can just buy something using a gift card and then return it to get cash back. This round-about solution depends on the sophistication of the merchant point-of-sale system. Many stores have their transactions on lock-down where money given back to the consumer for merchandise returned is automatically credited back to the card used to pay for the item. Youll also get a merchandise credit if you return an item without a receipt. Though I understand some people have successfully returned products to get cash back, I cant guarantee youll have a similar experience. Stores are increasingly looking to prevent this type of transaction so I would say getting cash off your gift card in this manner wont be a solution for long.

Want To Get A Visa Gift Card

Enter to Win a $500 Visa Gift Card! â Get it Free

A smart gift anyone can appreciate.

The Visa Gift card is an ideal choice for birthdays, holidays, weddings, and suits all your gift-giving needs. It’s also perfect for people of all ages. You decide how much money to give they decide where to spend it.

You will receive important information regarding the Visa Gift card such as how to activate and use the card. This information should be given to the recipient of the card.

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But If You’re Thinking Of Switching Credit Cards As A Result There Are Plenty Of Reward Cards Available

Martin explained that Amex’s fee-free credit card, Platinum Cashback, tops the charts and offers customers up to 5% cashback during the first three months of ownership. You can check your eligibility for the Platinum Cashback card using our Eligibility Calculator.

The best rewards Mastercard on offer is currently Amazon’s Platinum card, which offers customers £40 on acceptance. M& S Bank, Sainsbury’s Bank, John Lewis and Tesco also offer their own reward credit cards, which may be better suited to your shopping habits.

For a full breakdown of all reward credit cards visit our Best Reward Cards guide. And if you’re looking to earn air miles with your purchases why not check out our Airline Credit Cards guide.

If you regularly use Amazon to shop it’s also worth reading our guide.

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Ways To Get Cash From A Prepaid Visa Debit Card

The process is simple enough: You insert, tap, or swipe your prepaid debit card at the card reader and ask for cash back. Some card terminals ask you directly, but you may need to tell the cashier youd like cash back. You will be charged a fee for each purchase transaction when you get cash back this way if you are part of the Pay As You Go plan.

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Transferring The Gift Card Balance

  • 1Charge the gift card balance on Square. The gift card will be authorized, the card’s balance will fall to zero, and the funds will be deposited by Square into your bank account within one business day.
  • If Square does not allow the transfer, you will see a note that it is against their policy to transfer a Visa gift card balance. They will still charge the 3.5% or 2.75% fee to your bank account, and the balance will get credited back to the Visa gift card.
  • 2Check your bank account for the money. It should take just one business day for the money to show up in your account. Allow an extra day if you made the charge later in the day, some banks also take time to process it. The transaction could show up as a pending deposit and may not have immediate availability. Check your bank’s policies online or with your branch.
  • A bank’s stated policy is typically the worst case scenario for your fund availability. It is often faster than the stated time frames.
  • 3Check the Visa gift card balance. The Visa gift card should have a zero balance if you successfully transferred the funds. However, if Square rejected the transaction, you will need to check the balance and make sure the fund were returned to the Visa gift card.Advertisement
  • How To Transfer A Visa Gift Card Balance To Your Bank Account With Square

    How To Get Cash Off A Visa Gift Card | How To Get Cash Out Of A Visa Debit Gift Card

    wikiHow is a wiki, similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are co-written by multiple authors. To create this article, 20 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. This article has been viewed 611,269 times.Learn more…

    Visa gift cards are not cash, but it is possible to turn them into cash using Square, a card reader for small businesses to take credit card charges. Some articles suggest using PayPal, but PayPal doesn’t always work since these gift cards can’t be verified. Square is another option, but it will cost you a percentage of the amount transferred and the cost of the reader if you purchase one . Please note that some users report Square has started to block Visa gift cards for some users. There is a possible workaround, but there is no guarantee it will work either.

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    Transfer The Amount To Paypal

    A great way to convert your Visa gift card to cash is to use PayPal to transfer the money.

    You can add Visa gift cards to PayPal and then use the balance as cash at retailers that accept PayPal as payment.

    Its one of the easiest methods to use to exchange Visa gift cards for cash if you have a PayPal account so definitely consider using this method.

    Sell It Via Online Marketplaces

    The second no fee Visa gift card strategy is to sell it via online marketplaces. It is also an excellent way to sell anything you want online. In my opinion, their most significant advantage is that you dont have to pay for shipping fees.

    Youll sell your Visa gift card face to face with the buyer, so you can decide whatever payment method you desire like cash, Venmo, CashApp, Apple Pay. The options are limitless and it is a great way to make a no fee Visa gift card sale.

    A few great places you can sell your Visa gift card for cash are Facebook Marketplace, Letgo, or CraigsList.

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    Can You Get Money From Selling Your Gift Cards

    The answer is yes. The first consideration is that you may want to sell your gift card to friends and relatives first. If they don’t want it, you can turn to a number of websites like Prepaid2Cash or MyGiftCardPlus to sell your gift card.

    Just make sure that the site is legitimate so that you don’t end up getting scammed out of more money or lose your gift card.

    Also make sure that by the time you do sell your card, that it hasn’t expired. The last thing you want is to sell your gift card to someone and have it be completely expired.

    To ensure this doesn’t happen, list your gift card weeks before the expiration date to ensure you have enough time to sell it.

    Go To A Gift Card Exchange Kiosk To Trade It In

    Cash out visa gift card

    One super easy way to convert Visa gift cards to cash is to find a Gift Card Exchange Kiosk. Theyre usually yellow and you can often find them in shopping malls and supermarkets.

    All you have to do is enter your gift cards information into the kiosk, which will include things like the set of numbers on the front of the card.

    Youll then be presented with a range of offers for you to decide which one you want. Once youve made your selection, youll be issued a voucher to take to the cashier to get your money.

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    Sell It On The Raise App

    Another way to convert a Visa gift card into cash is by selling it on an app called Raise. Raiseis a site where you can sell your unwanted gift cards with ease.

    Its really simple! All you have to do is find all your unwanted gift cards then list them to sell on the platform. Lastly, you will get paid either via Check, PayPal, or by direct deposit when someone buys the gift card.

    Raise is an amazing site if you have unwanted Visa gift cards or any other gift cards from stores such as Target, Amazon, and Walmart. In addition to selling unwanted gift cards on the site, you can save money when you buy other gift cards on their site.

    You can also check out their coupon section to find some of the latest deals on popular stores and brands.


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