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How To Get Free Gift Cards

Transfer Your Prescriptions To A New Pharmacy

HOW TO GET FREE GIFT CARDS (Amazon, Xbox live, Paypal)

Did you know that transferring your prescriptions to a new pharmacy can give you a free gift card?

Nowadays there are drug stores at every corner.

And most pharmacies want you as their customer, and theyre willing to reward you for switching prescriptions over to them.

However, note that these deals arent constantly ongoing, but they do pop up pretty frequently.

The following pharmacies will give you a free gift card for transferring your prescription:

Refer A Friend For A Service Or Credit Card You Love

Keep in mind you generally wont score a free gift card for just the referral alone. A friend may need to make a purchase or keep an account open for a certain amount of time.

These companies offer free gift cards for referring a friend:

Tip: If youre the one getting referred, you can also score a free gift card from Comcast, Sams Club, and many more. Anytime youre looking for a new service, ask around to see if you can score a referral.

Trade In Your Old Electronics For Gift Cards At Target Walmart And More

Dig out that old cell phone thats been collecting dust, and trade it for a gift card.

These places trade electronics for gift cards:

  • Target: The Target Trade-In Program offers gift cards when you trade in electronics such as a FitBit or Apple watch, electronic activity tracker, games, consoles, tablets, or phones.
  • Walmart: Get a Walmart eGift card for cell phones, tablets, video games, and MP3 Players.
  • Amazon: Trade Kindle e-Readers, tablets, game consoles, and cameras for .
  • Staples: Get a Staples e-gift card for your unwanted tech gear. Eligible devices for in-store trade-in include laptops, tablets, e-Readers, and phones. Eligible devices for online trade-in include tablets, smartphones, iPods, and MP3 Players.
  • GameStop: Trade unwanted games, consoles, and gaming accessories for a GameStop gift card.
  • Camcorders, cameras, car audio systems, notebook computers, tablets, gaming systems, and cell phones can be swapped for an gift card.
  • Apple: Receive an Apple gift card for any iPad, iPhone, Mac desktop computer, iPod, Apple Watch, and more.
  • Verizon Wireless: Receive a Verizon Wireless electronic gift card for giving up your old cell phone.
  • Dell: Old phones, tablets, laptops, 2-in-1 PCs, gaming consoles, video games, and desktop computers to earn a Dell gift card.

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Easy Ways To Get Free Gift Cards In Canada

Theres something about gift cards that I just love, especially from stores that I want gift cards from. When you get to grab a gift card for FREE, it is a magical feeling. I feel that gift cards give you permission to treat yourself or treat your family without feeling guilty about spending the money. This is why I love to get free gift cards in Canada.

To be honest, I wouldnt feel as good about being gifted $10 in cash as I do about being gifted $10 in a gift card . The $10 in cash gets squirrelled away somewhere, but the $10 in gift card dollars gets saved for a special occasion or used more thoughtfully than the $10 cash. Thats how I roll with gift card gifts, anyway.

Here are 5 easy ways to get free gift cards in Canada:

How To Get Free Gift Cards Online

How To Get Free Xbox Live/PSN Gift Cards! (FREE iTunes ...

We all have things we need or want to buy online, but if youre paying with your own money it can be expensive.

Thankfully there are a ton of ways to earn free gift cards online whether its filling out surveys, getting cash back on shopping your doing already anyway, or if its scanning your grocery receipts.

Free gift cards are out there and available. It just comes down to figuring out which programs are the best for you, and then going for it.

Lets get to earning some free gift cards!

Have your own places to recommend where you can earn free gift cards? Tell us what they are in the comments!

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How To Get Amazon Free Gift Code

If you get a free amazon gift card of the values indicated, you will be able to acquire any product of the value within the period of validity of the card from Amazon. There is no string attached with the gift cards, it is absolutely free and genuine as said.

These card are ready to go and can be used immediately after getting it. You may follow the following steps on how to successfully get yours in less than 3 minutes.

Get Paid $225/month In Gift Cards To Watch Cooking Videos

If we told you that you could get paid to watch videos on your computer, youd probably laugh.

Its too good to be true, right?

But were serious. A website called InboxDollars will pay you to watch short video clips online. One minute you might watch someone bake brownies and the next you might get the latest updates on Kardashian drama.

All you have to do is choose which videos you want to watch and answer a few quick questions about them afterward.

No, InboxDollars wont replace your full-time job, but its possible to earn up to $225 in free gift cards each month.

Its already paid its users more than $50 million.

Enter your email address here and youll immediately get a $5 bonus to get you started.

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What Can I Do With My Free Xbox Gift Card

With an Xbox Gift Card, you can choose the gift you want. It may be used to acquire new Xbox full game downloads, apps, movies, TV shows, entertainment services, and more. There are no costs or expiration dates to worry about. This digital gift code is good for purchases at the Microsoft Store online, on Windows, or on Xbox. It cannot be used to make physical store purchases. Enjoy all the features of the Xbox!

Ibotta: The Easiest Way To Earn Free Gift Cards

How to Get Free Amazon Gift Cards with 7 Apps in 2020

The easiest way to earn money to shop at your favorite stores is through Ibotta. Ibotta pays you real cash money whenever, wherever you shop!

This cash back site gives you REAL CASH for shopping with its 279 retailers.

You can also redeem your cash back for gift cards to places like Target, Walmart, and Amazon! Grocery shopping at Meijer, Cold medicine from Walgreens, and makeup shopping at Sephora all earn you cash back!

Heres How it works:

Find Offers: Before you shop, add offers on great products by selecting the + button.

Go Shopping: Buy the products you selected, but dont forget your receipt!

Redeem: Complete your offers redemption by taking a photo of your receipt.

Get Cash: Your cash back will be deposited into your Ibotta account within 48 hours.

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Easy Ways To Get Free Gift Cards

The content of this website often contains affiliate links and I may be compensated if you buy through those links . Learn more about how we make money. Last edited March 31, 2021

If youve read this site for any period of time, you know I like getting free stuff.

Why pay good money for things, if you dont have to?

In the past couple of years Ive realized that there are a ton of easy ways to earn free gift cards.


There are any number of websites, services, cash back sites and survey companies that will ask you to do certain tasks, and in return theyll give you points that you can use towards , Walmart, Target, Starbucks, Visa gift cards or any number of online and bricks and mortar stores. Free gift cards are just as good as cash in most instances.

Im a technophile, I love new technologies and gadgets. The problem? I dont want to pay for all those gadgets.

So what do I do?

I write about those products on this site, and often companies will send out free gadgets for me to use in a review. For the ones I cant get free, I use free gift cards that Ive earned online to pay for them. Or I sell gift cards I cant use to get cash.

Todays article will show you how you can get free gift cards of your own.

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  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Our Top Pick: Mistplay

    Mistplay has a long list of games from both indie studios and big-name developers.

    Mistplay is an Android app that rewards you for playing mobile games. Youll collect points by installing new games, racking up play time, reaching specified levels and completing in-game tasks.

    Its an increasingly popular platform with millions of users and a wide selection of games from major publishers across multiple genres from puzzles to real-time strategy and everything in between.

    But what makes Mistplay especially great is its game recommendation engine, which uses your demographic profile and activity on the platform to identify games you might be interested in trying .

    Mistplay also functions as a beta-testing service for game developers, so you can expect to play a lot of new games on the platform. If youre an avid gamer, its a great way to monetize your hobby.

    More Ways to Earn Gift Cards by Gaming

    These options dont offer as much earning potential as Mistplay, but they can be a fun way to kill some time while earning a little bit of extra money.

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    Set Your Earning To Autopilot

    There are so many ways to earn Amazon gift cards for free, its hard to know where to begin.

    A good place to start is with the low-hanging fruit: earning gift cards for things you already do. For many people, thats shopping. If thats the case for you then Swagbucks, Rakuten, and Ibotta are all great options. Once you set up your free accounts, you can earn rewards with each site automatically.

    Next, move on to the options that interest you most. For example, if you enjoy learning about new games, then you might want to check out an app that rewards you for this kind of activity. If, on the other hand, you like to share your opinion and influence brands, then paid online surveys might be your best option.

    You may find that some apps arent worth your time, especially if a more legitimate side hustle could earn you more money. If thats the case, drop it and move on to the next. However, if you prefer to specifically earn Amazon gift cards, theres no shortage of options.

    Get Paid Up To $80/month In Gift Cards Just For Sharing Your Opinion

    How to get free amazon gift cards

    Taking surveys might not sound like the best way to make money, but if youre just vegging out on the couch or pretending to be interested in your partners new favorite show why not click a couple buttons? It could earn you up to $80 a month. Seriously.

    There are a bunch of paid survey sites out there, but one of the best weve found is Survey Junkie.

    Theyll ask you questions about things like, what kind of laundry detergent you use, or if you prefer Pepsi or Coke. You get points for answering, and many people accumulate enough points to request a check within a few hours.

    More than 10 million people already use Survey Junkie, and it has 4.5/5 stars on TrustPilot.

    Join for free and take your first survey to start earning points you could cash out as soon as today.

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    Buy The Promotional Product At Target For A Free Gift Card

    Target often offers a free gift card when you purchase something specific. This is just one of the easy ways to shop smarter at Target.

    Other stores that do the same include BuyBuy Baby, Safeway, Bed, Bath & Beyond, Victorias Secret, and Sams Club.

    Use the Krazy Coupon Lady app to help you find these free gift card deals.

    Check These Forums As Well

    Various Reddit communities are great places to connect with other gamers and earn Steam wallet codes, too.

    FreeGamesOnSteam has all the new games on Steam, SteamGameSwap can bring down your videogame expenses by providing a way to swap games you dont want for games you do want, and SteamGiveaways hosts giveaways that you can join to have a chance to win Steam wallet codes.

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    Get Surveying And Start Earning

    As you can see, there are tons of sites out there that will reward you nicely for simple and fun tasks. Answering survey questions from the comfort of your own couch isnt a bad way to earn a free Amazon gift card or put some extra money in your pocket, right? Sign up for as many of these companies as you like and watch your earning-from-home power soar!

    Complete Money Maker Offers


    One of the fastest ways to get free gift cards online is by completing money maker offers, which are promotional deals or paid trials that give you more money back than you initially spent.

    Why do these offers exist? Because the companies that offer them hope youll like the product or service and remain a customer.

    These offers are typically found on online rewards sites, where you can earn gift cards for completing a variety of tasks, like taking surveys, watching videos and more.

    We recommend the three sites below for finding money makers.

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    Get A Free $80 For Playing This Cell Phone Game

    We all have our favorite ways to kill time. A good book, a good conversation, a hockey game.

    Heres another good time-killer: Playing games on your iPhone. And what if you could play for money? Real money?Theres a free iPhone and iPad app called Bubble Cash that pays you to play. You can get paid up to $80 per win!

    You might be wondering if theres a catch. But theres really not. Bubble Cash is free to download and is completely skill-based. And its quite popular. It has more than a million downloads and averages a rating of 4.5 out of 5 on the App Store.

    Players have won hundreds of thousands in prize money so far.

    To get started, just and start playing your first game immediately.

    Complete Surveys For Free Gift Cards

    Companies want to know your opinion, and theyll reward you for it! These three companies offer points that can be redeemed for free gift cards or cash.

    Survey JunkieShare your opinion with Survey Junkie by spending a few minutes answering questions. Youll be matched with a variety of surveys, depending on your profile, and will soon see your points pile up!

    Cash out for free gift cards or via PayPal once you reach 1,000 points .

    InstaGCInstaGC gives you instant gift cards for completing surveys, watching videos, and shopping online.

    Youll receive points for each activity. Points can be redeemed for free gift cards or PayPal, and they have a huge number of available options for as low as $1. Theres no wait youll get your gift card codes instantly.

    PrizeRebelIf youve got some time to answer online surveys, PrizeRebel wants to hear what you have to say. Earn points for surveys as well as signing up for offers and watching videos.

    Once youve earned enough points, cash them out for free gift cards from over 100 big name brands or PayPal.

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    Credit Cards Rewards Program

    If your credit card does not offer a rewards program, you need to switch now. You earn credits based on how much, when and where you spend.

    We recommend:

    Discover it Cash Back Card Discover card gives you terrific value for your money. You pay no annual fees, yet you get up to 5% cash back rewards on your purchases on different categories each quarter.

    For the first year, Discover will match your cashback, allowing you to double your rewards.

    You have no limits on when and how you start redeeming your rewards, whether for a free gift card, cash or credit against your bill.

    Gift cards require $20 in rewards, to which Discover will give you an additional $5 in credit, giving you $25 gift card.

    Chase Freedom Card The Chase Freedom card also has a 5% cashback reward on different categories each quarter, with 1% on all other groups.

    To sweeten the deal, theyre offering a $150 bonus credit if you make $500 of purchases within first three months of opening the card. Sign uphere.

    Capital One Venture Card An unbelievable option for travelers.

    Imagine earning 50,000 bonus miles once youve spent $3,000 within three months of opening the account.

    Also, you instantly earn 2 miles for every dollar you spend on the card, with 10 miles for every buck you spend on hotels. What a smart way to fund your next holiday. Check out the details here.


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