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How To Get Gift Cards For My Business

Our Custom Gift Cards Work With The Following Pos Systems

How do I tell customers my business sells gift cards & accepts donations? | Quick Help

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Ways Gift Cards Can Benefit Your Business

Worldpay Editorial Team

Everyone seems to love gift cards, especially consumers. Gift cards offer seamless convenience to givers. Gift cards recipients are empowered with choice and armed with an easy payment method.

Businesses like yours have even more reasons to love gift cards. Merchants everywhere use gift cards to raise awareness and grow sales. Adding gift cards to your marketing mix engages customers and keeps them coming back.

A September 2018 report by Mercator Advisory Group estimates the total loads on open-loop gift cards will reach $22 billion in 2019 in the US alone. Is your business ready to take advantage? Gift card programs are easy to implement and affordable for businesses of all sizes.

Consider these seven ways gift cards can benefit your business.

How Small Businesses Benefit From Selling Gift Cards

There are many reasons why you should consider setting up a gift card program. Here are the top three:

  • They increase your revenue now. When a customer buys a gift card today, you get that revenue today. You collect the payment upfront and remove purchases from your stock when customers redeem their cards. This can be especially helpful in generating revenue during the coronavirus outbreak.
  • They can attract new customers. Existing customers can give gift cards to a friend or family member who doesnt know about your store. Its a great way to promote word-of-mouth marketing.
  • They boost customer loyalty. Once a customer purchases a gift card, they have to return to your store to use it. Customers may even spend more than the gift cards balance, meaning more revenue for your store.

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The Cons Of Flipping Gift Cards

  • Acquiring cards with discounted rates requires lots of work. If youre looking to make a profit with this method, you need constantly be on the lookout for deals. You also need to be in tune with the markets supply and demand to know which brands have the highest-selling gift cards.
  • Reselling gift cards wont earn you a massive profit. Youll probably earn around $2 to $3 dollars from each gift card, or even less. In order to make a considerable income, youd need to trade a lot and trading a lot requires that your efficient in sourcing cards.
  • Scammers abound in this business. If you arent careful, you may purchase cards that no longer have value in them, or sell cards that no longer work because someone has stolen the code. Buying and selling gift cards on eBay or Craigslist, for example, is not advised as these are unsecured places where scammers run rampant.
  • Donate Cards To Fundraisers

    Get Your Gift Card Balance Online

    When schools and charitable organizations ask for fundraiser donations, offer gift cards instead of merchandise or full-value services. Youll reach more potential customers and dont have to give away merchandise that might not be appreciated. For example, if you donate a gift basket filled with $100 worth of products, the goods leave your store and you will likely never see the person who won the basket. If you donate a $100 gift card instead, the merchandise stays put and the winner will have to visit your shop in order to redeem the card. Two $50 gift cards will net you two customers, and so forth.

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    Enabling And Disabling Gift Card

    To start selling gift cards:

  • From your Ecwid admin, go to Catalog Gift cards
  • Click Create Gift Card.
  • Follow the one-page wizard: Either click Create Gift Card and start selling gift cards with the suggested settings or choose Edit settings.
  • Once a gift card is enabled, it appears among your other products in your Ecwid admin, in Catalog Products.

    Here is an example of a gift card with default settings in the storefront:

    You can edit gift cards from the setup wizard or anytime later from your Ecwid admin, in Catalog Gift cards. Here is what you can customize in your gift cards:

    To stop selling gift cards:

  • From your Ecwid admin, go to Catalog Gift cards.
  • Change the status to Disabled.
  • A disabled gift card disappears from the storefront, but it remains in your catalog with all the settings so you can easily enable it back anytime later. Previously sold gift cards can still be redeemed.

    How To Make Gift Cards For My Business

    Gift cards are a wildly popular consumer item. Online retailers and brick and mortar stores alike offer gift cards, gift certificates, and plasticloyalty program cards online and at point of sale. Gift cards promote customer loyalty and when your customers give gift cards to their friends andfamily members, youvegot an opportunity to expand your customer base. Creating and selling gift cards is surprisingly simple. Just follow these 3 easy steps:

  • Find an inexpensive supplier of gift cards. There are a plethora of companies that can help you make and design the perfect gift cards for yourcompany. For example,Plastic Resourceis a gift card provider that offers high quality gift cards with prices as low as $0.22 per card. You have the option of choosing from dozens ofpre-designed customizable cards, designing your own, or having Plastic Resource design your card for you. These cards can be redeemed for theirpurchase value by the consumer and also can be reloaded again and again.
  • Understand gift cards laws. Thecontains everything you need to know. Pay attention to Title IV, which explains that gift card must have an expiration date greater than fiveyears from the date of issuance or when funds were last loaded to the card.
  • The following list provides ten ways small businesses can make or save money with a gift card program:

  • GetYour Cards Into PeoplesHands. Find ways to make your cards attractive to customers, online and in-store.
  • RewardYour Employees With Gift Cards.
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    S To Make Business Gift Cards

    • Contact your point-of-sale system provider and let them know that you will be purchasing gift cards directly from a gift card manufacturer.
    • Request card data from your POS provider, which will be encoded onto your cards magnetic stripe or used to print barcodes onto your card, depending on the type of card reader that your POS system uses. Card data will typically be provided as an Excel spreadsheet or delimited file, such as a .csv file.
    • Send this data, along with your artwork for gift card printing to the gift card manufacturer.
    • Approve your proof, which is typically a PDF file depicting the appearance, quantity, and options chosen for your gift card. Once your proof is approved, your custom gift card will be put into production.

    Reasons Why Your Business Should Offer Gift Cards

    Cleaning Marketing: Gift Cards to Get Cleaning Clients

      If you want to boost your revenue, build meaningful relationships with your customers, increase traffic, and grow your business gift cards are one of the best ways to get started. Theyre extremely cost-effective to produce and the potential revenue you can earn makes them vital to a growing business. Lets look further into the benefits of offering gift cards within your business.

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      Integrating Gift Cards With Your Pos System

      If you use a POS system for accepting credit cards, youll want to ensure that it can process and track gift cards as well. With an integrated gift card option, youll be able to swipe the card through your reader as easily as you would a credit card. Many systems can also be configured to print the remaining balance on the customers receipt.

      Reloadable gift cards allow your customers to add money to their card as their balance runs low. An integrated POS system makes this process easy, showing the new totals as soon as a customer adds funds to the card.

      POS systems that offer detailed reporting capabilities and support gift cards can allow you to easily track how well your program is doing. Depending on the system you use, youll be able to view gift card sales, redemptions, peak purchase days of cards, and more.

      Dont have a POS system yet? Use our POS system directory to find a machine that supports gift card acceptance.

      Do you sell gift cards at your small business? Tell us your tips for success in the comments!

      Improve Your Customer Experience When Handling Returns

      Gift cards can help you deliver great customer service when . When customers want to return items without a receipt, dont disappoint them by sending them away with no refund offer them a gift card of the same value as the returned item. With a gift card, your customers can choose to use the money to purchase something else for themselves in your store, or they can offer the gift card to a friend or family member for a special occasion. Either way, its a win-win situation for you and your customers.

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      Bring In New Business

      A well-placed gift card program has the potential to bring at least two customers into your storethe giver and the receiver. In the same study referenced above, First Data showed that 11% of gift card receivers noted they had never or rarely visited the merchants location before receiving the gift card and over a third changed their purchasing behavior in order to redeem the card. With incentives for the giver and the receiver , you can reward both parties and encourage return visits.

      Standalone Gift Card Apps

      $10 Amazon Gift Card

      Some popular apps that lots of businesses use are:

      Gift Up: This app allows your customers to buy gift cards/ certificates for your services and products directly from your website. The application only takes 5-minutes to set up and you can sell in any currency and on your social media channels.

      GiftFly: Download on your mobile device and sell gift cards from anywhere to anyone. Giftfly allows you to design your own gift cards so that can promote your brand.

      Yiftee: Yiftees eGift Cards are simple to set up from any mobile device. Once you have your platform youll be able to create custom-branded eGift Cards, offers, rewards and incentives

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      Best Places To Buy Gift Cards On A Discount

      If you cant get cards for free, the second-best way to earn more is to purchase them for discounted rates and selling them for a higher price. Gift card discounts may vary depending on the market value.

      Youll find that gift cards for popular brands have lower discount prices than other products. If youre aiming to sell gift cards, heres where you can buy them at discounted rates.

      Choose A Free Template

      Business owners can easily create digital gift certificates with Adobe Spark, Canva, Microsoft Office and other apps or software programs. Canva, for example, offers free gift certificate templates that can be customized with your logo and message. Users may choose the desired size and shape, add frames, upload images and change the fonts. When you’re done, you can send the gift certificates directly to your customers by email or download and print them.

      Another popular choice is Adobe Spark. Simply choose a theme and size for your gift certificate, select a stock photo or upload an image that reflects your brand and then add your logo, message and business name. Next, download the design to your computer or smartphone and print it out or share it on your website and social media pages.

      These apps don’t offer the same functionality as a POS system or a more advanced program like Square, Shopify or Toast. They only provide a free gift certificate template and no analytics or marketing tools. A better option is to set up an online gift card program that allows you to track customer engagement and other key performance metrics. Although you may need to pay a commission per sale, you’ll gain valuable insights into your audience.

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      Reward Employees With Gift Cards

      Rather than cut checks or buy less useful incentive products , where applicable, reward top salespeople and other star performers with gift cards. Not only does the money come back to your business, but employees get the opportunity to act like customerstry the food, buy the fashions youre selling or use the services offered. You may get valuable feedback in the process.

      Thats just the beginning. I truly believe any business should be able to make a gift card program profitable. For some, that means customers buy their gift cards in droves and recipients quickly return to the store to shop. For others, a gift card is more of a marketing tool that businesses use for sales incentives, customer rewards, come back offers and more. I do find that smaller businesses frequently make the mistake of simply putting a gift card display on the counteror worseputting a stack of gift cards underneath the register. One store owner told me she removed her card display because kids were taking the cards. I would suggest moving the display to a higher level, replacing it with one that does not hold physical cards or more fully analyzing the tradeoff. Is losing ten cards to kids in a month worth sacrificing what you might earn in potential gift card sales? Not in my mind. When in doubt, I suggest following the example set by large department stores in making sure your gift card is visible and available in as many places as possible.

      Gift Card Design Options

      How to make a gift certificate or coupon code for your shop or online business

      Whether you have never designed a graphic before or youre a seasoned gift card design professional, we have design options to fit your needs. We provide a free design library, professional templates, and offer complimentary design assistance that will take your card’s design to the next level.Have questions about business gift card artwork, custom gift card printing or anything else? We are here to help contact uswith your questions.

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      Choose Your Gift Card System

      Choose how you plan to process your gift card orders. For many small businesses, the easiest option might be to use whatever gift card option is in their POS system. You can also purchase them from vendors and create a new item for sale in your POS system. Another option is to buy them through a bank that offers the service. Once you choose how youll process cards, youll need to order them. You have a few options.

      Online or e-gift cards

      Gift certificates

      While a bit of an old-school option, you can use gift certificates if you dont have a POS system that can track gift cards. Instead, you can print your certificates and track purchases in a digital ledger or create a new line item in your POS system. Some businesses also use a mix of gift cards and gift certificates. For example, a spa might offer a gift card for any purchase and a certificate for a free massage. However, gift certificates can be easy to counterfeit and arent the safest or most reliable option.

      Electronic strip or barcode gift cards

      The last option is a physical gift card, ordered from your POS provider, a merchant bank, or a third-party vendor. These cards often look like credit cards, with magnetic strips or barcodes and identification numbers. Many vendors will provide you with customizable options so that you can include your brand information on the card. Although they can be a pricer option, customers may prefer the physical card over a paper certificate or e-card.

      What Is Gift Card Fraud

      According to SEON, gift card fraud covers all forms of fraudulent activity that uses gift cards to accomplish fraudsters malicious intentions. This type of fraud does not discriminate and it can target a retailer or a customer as with either of targets the fraudsters will come out with a financial gain. With the various types of gift card fraud like gift card chargeback or return fraud, purchases with the stolen credit card details, account takeover purchases or even brute force bots attacks it is getting harder to prevent it from damaging your business. This is where risk operations or RiskOps come to save the day.

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