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How To Get Gift Cards On Sweatcoin

How Much Is A Sweatcoin Worth


All this talk about sweating and coins and we don’t even know the real dollar value of what we’re earning!

Here’s the thing:

The value of a Sweatcoin is basically whatever people decide on. There’s no official exchange to determine an actual price.

With that being said, there is a way to get a general idea of what a Sweatcoin is worth:

In the past, you could trade 20,000 SWC for $1,000 PayPal as a marathon offer. Based on that exchange, 1 SWC = $0.05.

Unfortuntealy, the $1,000 offer is currently unavailable. Based on current offers , it seems 1 SWC =~ $0.02.

Again, the value of SWC is never set in stone. It fluctuates and changes based on the available offers and the perceived value.

Does Sweatcoin Give You Real Money

Yes I can verify that Sweatcoin 100% pays you in real cash. Thats not vouchers, gift cards or subscriptions but cash you take take to any shop you like and spend.

However, Ill say its not easy to qualify for Sweatcoins cash rewards. But then, this is an app you leave running on your phone and forget about.

If it takes some timedoesnt matter. Its not as if youre having to do anything extraordinary for it, right?!! Set it and forget it, that way youll get a nice surprise when you next check it 🙂

Can I Turn My Sweatcoins Into Paypal Funds Or Cash

You can, but its not as straightforward as you might think. Earning money might appear in several different forms. For example, you might exchange Sweatcoin for an Amazon Gift Card, which may be just as significant to you as cash. Or you might use it to download a paid app for free, which saves you money.

However, exchanging Sweatcoin directly for on-demand PayPal funds is not currently a feature with this app. Sweatcoin lacks an official exchange or financial marketplace to facilitate the interactions of buyers and sellers. Youll see other crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin have plenty of these types of exchanges, but Sweatcoin does not.

Thats because Sweatcoin is not a blockchain currency. It does not have a limited supply up to 20 coins can be generated per user per day, and there will never be a cap to how many coins are generated. This results in a very linear growth of how many coins are available on the market. This also means that, because there is not a limited supply, and because theres not likely to be an incredible demand for the currency, the price of Sweatcoin wont go above a certain amount. Unlike Bitcoin which has a limited supply and an increasingly high demand, Sweatcoin will continue to be generated by all of its app users, and the amount of Sweatcoin in circulation will forever increase without stopping.

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Sweatcoin Review And Earning Guide

That’s right around when I started using Sweatcoin, and I was pretty intrigued by it.

On one hand, I thought it sounded a bit too good to be true. I mean come on, getting paid to walk? My scam senses were definitely tingling.

On the other hand, I thought that even if it was legit, it wouldn’t be sustainable for long. How do you stay profitable when you’re paying people to do something as simple as walking?

It was at this point I quickly jumped down the rabbit hole of finding other apps that would pay me to walk, but that’s beside the point.

Fast forward to the present day, and the Sweatcoin app is still running strong .

That being said, I’ve seen the app go through some big changes over the years, and I’ve also seen and heard various Sweatcoin reviews from others, with some hating the app, and others loving it.

With all sorts of mixed feelings going around, I figured it was finally time for me to release my own Sweatcoin review, and I’m going to be as honest and transparent as I can here.

If you’ve been wondering how Sweatcoin works , what a sweatcoin even is, whether or not this app is worth using, and more, today is the day my friend. I am here to answer all your questions.

Earning Sweatcoin: More Info + Tips & Tricks

FREE $5 Amazon Gift Card &

There are four main ways to earn Sweatcoins:

  • Walking/Running/Cycling/etc. Walking/Running will work the best and result in the most converted steps, but cycling works too. Remember, you can earn for indoor steps now too.
  • Daily Bonus As mentioned above, the daily bonus gives you Sweatcoin in exchange for watching ads. You can anywhere from 0.5 SWC all the way up to 25 SWC for each ad you watch.
  • Sweatcoin Races These are challenges that you can join through the community tab on Sweatcoin. If you hit the step challenge for the race you’ll earn some Sweatcoin + have a chance at a bigger reward.
  • Referrals This is one of the most lucrative ways to increase your Sweatcoin earnings. For each friend you invite, you’ll earn 5 SWC. With 30 invites, you join the elusive Sweatcoin influencer club, which gives you access to exclusive Sweatcoin rewards .
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    Can You Cheat On Sweatcoin

    If youre seeking a means to cheat or hack Sweatcoin, you should know that there is no way to do so using the Sweatcoin Android or IOS app. It just does not function that way, as the only method to obtain coins without having to walk is to purchase them from your friends or various vendors using your PayPal account.

    Get To Steppin To Earn Gift Cards With Sweatcoin

    If youre trying to squeeze more steps into your day, Sweatcoin may be the motivator you need to get moving. There are a few catches, the first being that the app has a maximum of 5 coins per day. And you must walk outside for the app to calculate your steps . Also, you must keep the app open to track your steps.

    You earn .95 coins per 1,000 steps. Once youve earned enough coins, you can trade them in for different gifts ranging from money off your energy bill to gift cards.

    One current promotion is cash for invites. If you invite 20 people, you get $20. Youve got to put in some serious street time to earn higher gift cards, but if youre walking outside a lot anyway, its a quick and mindless way to win gift cards.

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    Where Is Sweatcoin Available Who Can Participate

    • Age requirement: 13 years old.
    • Country requirements: Australia, Austria, Bahrain, Belgium, Brunei, Bulgaria, Canada, Colombia, Croatia, Cyprus, Czechia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong SAR China, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Kuwait, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Oman, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States, Vietnam
    • Device requirements: Android, iOS
    • Payout requirements: Varies depending on chosen payout option.

    Sweatcoin is constantly expanding so if you don’t see your country on the list above, .

    How Do Sweatcoins Get Their Value

    SweatCoin: How to Redeem and Send Coins

    Is Sweatcoin legit even though you cant use it like regular money?

    Sweatcoin has ambitions to integrate long-term value into its currency via its stated goal of trading Sweatcoins for regular currency in the future.

    Until then Sweatcoin state:

    The value of a Sweatcoin is derived from our wide-reaching partnerships. From brands that want to connect with health conscious audiences, insurers wishing to encourage healthier lifestyle choices and governments looking to reduce healthcare costs. Innovative insurance companies are using Sweatcoin as an insurance distribution and a policyholder engagement platform. Sweatcoin helps users become +20% more active each day, even after 6 months this has the potential to transform public health, by using Sweatcoin as a prevention tool for sustained behaviour change.

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    The Marketplace As It Exists Now

    To be honest, it has a lot of growing room. There are anywhere from 6 18 offers available at any given time. Thats great because theyre constantly changing and adding more, but its still not that diverse. There may be a time when we can log into a website and browse offers on our computers opposed to simply in app .

    Check the offer marketplace constantly to see if theres something that makes your steps worthwhile!

    More Details On What Sweatcoin Is:

    Sweatcoin is an alternative form of currency gained by mining Sweatcoin through physical activity.

    You may have heard of Bitcoin . You earn BTC by using your graphics card to solve complex equations in hopes of finding the next block of coins, known as mining. Sweatcoin is similar, but different, in that you use your real-life steps to generate SWC.

    Its not random whether or not you find coins it is guaranteed. Many of the BTC miners may spend months of processing and gain nothing due to the limited supply of Bitcoin. Sweatcoin users who are runners can go out there and earn 1 SWC in as little as 8 minutes, or even less!

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    Whats The Future Of This App

    They have announced a Blockchain Cryptocurrency is in the works! That means youll one day be able to sell your coins for money/crypto. Thats why I encourage people to start saving NOW.

    In my personal opinion, this digital currency can be the ultimate Fitness Currency. Back in 2016 I predicted that well see Sweatcoin Accepted Here stickers on major sports and fitness retail shops, such as REI or Big 5 or Sports Mart if you know of them . There is SO much potential for this app if the creators keep up their great work.

    What is incentivized fitness and why is it exploding?

    This app is one of the first to earn you rewards for your steps. There are a few others out there that try to do the same thing. And thats very good for the market. Nothing is preventing you from using Sweatcoin alongside other apps that earn you free rewards for fitness. So you can check the other apps out and have them all running in the background.

    The future is incentivized. You gotta wonder why there are so many make money opportunities because the average person with a website and product can essentially be a business. Therefore, fitness apps can incentivize activity in their apps and provide a platform on which offer providers, services, and product companies market their services.

    Simply put, if you get in on ground level with Sweatcoin, youre gonna be way ahead of 99.9% of the population in how many Sweatcoin you earn.

    What effort is involved to use this app?

    Get Outside And Exercise


    Once youve got the app on the phone, youll need to let it run in the background and then get outside and start exercising.

    When you walk, Sweatcoin will use your phones GPS to monitor how many outdoor steps you take and it will reward you with 1 Sweatcoin for every 1,000 steps.

    Remember the goal is to build up your Sweatcoins over time, so you will not make thousands of Sweatcoins overnight and it may take a while to get a decent amount. But the app is free, its not costing you anything, all you need to do is let it do its thing, forget about it, and when you check back you might have a nice surprise.

    Please note: Sweatcoin calculates distance covered so presently it only works in the gym. Sweatcoin is looking into this but for the moment, only steps walked outside will be counted.

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    Earn Free Gift Cards And Help Businesses Improve With The National Consumer Panel App

    The National Consumer Panel is a partner of Nielsen . The trick with NCP is that you have to apply to become part of the panel.

    The application is simple. All you have to do is fill out a short survey and the panel lets you know when a spot opens up in your area. The market research company offers gift cards as rewards for scanning items you bought at the grocery store.

    Unlike traditional apps, NCP sends you a scanner in the mail. .

    You transfer the data to the panel, they convert it into points, and you can save your points or redeem them for free gift cards or other prizes.

    The NCP isnt always looking for panelists in every area, but you may get lucky, or you can check back every few months.

    Earn Free Movies And Gift Cards With Microsoft Rewards

    While Microsoft Rewards isnt technically an app, its still a program you can use in the background and earn points.

    You can earn points by leaving your account logged in and using Bing as your search engine, completing daily polls, and taking quizzes. Level 1 users can earn five points per day. Level 2 users earn up to 20 points per day searching Bing.

    Most of the quizzes are entertaining, and theyre easy to complete. Plus, you get bonus points for meeting point goals several days in a row. If you have a few minutes to burn during the day, you can quickly snag several hundred points. You can earn up to 20 points per dollar shopping at the Microsoft store.

    The kicker here is that your points can be traded in only for Microsoft rewards . You can use points to earn a Microsoft gift card or to enter sweepstakes to win items like an Xbox One. Are you feeling charitable? You can donate your points to charity too.

    If you prefer to do your earning on the go, you can earn Microsoft Rewards points by downloading Microsoft Launcher on any Android device.

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    Reason : Get Offers Discounts And Freebies With Your Favourite Brands

    There are hundreds of offers on Sweatcoin and these are growing every day.

    If were asking ourselves is Sweatcoin legit than the number of partnerships also testify to its huge profile and reputation in the app-exercise-rewards space.

    Sweatcoin works with over 300 partners, including many of your favourite brands, including fashion brands, popular restaurants, travel and adventure experiences, workout clothes, high spec tech and luxury products.

    You will find new offers on the app daily, however before you exchange your hard won Sweatcoins just make sure you do a quick google search to check that the offer does represent a worthwhile discount as compared to what you would be paying via a standard retailer.

    Free Rewards Like Paypal Cash Gift Cards Snacks & More For Walking With Sweatcoin

    Sweatcoin Hack – How To Get Unlimited Free Sweatcoins Without MOVING! (2021) [FREE CASH]

    Since Pact shut down, Ive been testing out new apps to replace it. So far Sweatcoin is one of my favorite apps for earning for being healthy. How it works is you install the app and it runs in the background counting your steps. You must have your phone on you while walking and it just counts away every step. And every thousand steps you get about 1 Sweatcoin. Once you acquire enough Sweatcoin currency you can use it to get rewards.

    So far Ive gotten 2 free snacks, but what sucked is that I had to pay shipping. The biggest drawback is there are usually only 1-4 offers per day and they vary greatly. So if you want to work your way to a $100 gift card, it might not be there the next day because someone redeemed it. And another thing about the rewards is that some of them require costs which is pretty annoying. That being said, there have been some really cool rewards like the BauBax Travel hoodie that you could get without paying a dime. Its hit or miss for the rewards depending on the day but there are some great ones you can get without paying shipping or anything. And the app does a decent job at trying to identify if additional money is involved when you redeem, but they arent perfect.

    If you can look past the limited rewards and remain patient until a great reward comes up, Sweatcoin is a good app to install and walk up a storm. Once its installed its easy to forget and just rack up steps. See below how to get started earning Sweatcoin.

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    How To Transfer Sweatcoin To Paypal

    Methods of transferring Sweatcoin to PayPal cash is all users want to know. Here is the answer. Converting sweatcoin to PayPal cash is possible but it is not as easy and straightforward as you would want.

    Earning money through sweatcoin comes in different forms like exchanging it for Amazon gift cards which have significant value as cash. However, Transfering the earnings from sweatcoin directly to cash is impossible for now. You also cannot link your sweatcoin to the Paypal account.

    Go to the market place, tap on Paypal reward, it will open instructions on how to purchase it. If you dont see PayPal reward, that is because it is not currently available. Keep checking daily to find it. Again, you need at least 20,000 coins to redeem via PayPal.

    Moving on, follow the instructions on how to claim the selected offer, an email will be sent to you. Tap buy. This will redeem your sweatcoin and send you cash to Paypal after following the how-to claim.

    So, if the app has no platform for such conversion, how then do you convert the coin to cash? Keep reading!

    Sweatcoin Review: Get Paid To Walk And Exercise

    On the App Store and Google Play Store, Sweatcoin is one of the most popular fitness apps in the world.

    Getting paid to walk or exercise is a relatively new concept, and the Sweatcoin app is well worth investigating if you want to get paid to walk.

    Being active is beneficial to both your health and your finances. While it can be difficult to get moving if youve grown accustomed to sitting at a computer, an app like Sweatcoin provides some incentives to break the couch potato habit.

    This Sweatcoin review explains how it works and why I dont think its a rip-off.

    App Sweatcoin

    Sweatcoin To USD is approximately equal to 1 Sweatcoin worth is USD 0.01. Sweatcoins cant be exchanged for money at this time. Sweatcoin is a virtual currency that rewards you Sweatcoins for the number of steps you take via a smartphone app.

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