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How To Get Money Off Of American Express Gift Card

Add Your American Express Gift Card To A Digital Wallet

How To Get Cash For American Express Gift Cards (2021) | Maleah’s Diary

Do you regularly use Google Pay, Samsung Pay or Apple Pay? If so, add your American Express Gift Card or eGift Card to your digital wallet to use when making regular purchases. This can be done by opening the wallet app on your device and entering your card number or by taking a picture of the plastic card.

Do American Express Gift Cards Have An Activation Fee

American Express Gift Cards dont have an activation fee. Its one of the many perks that come with Amex gift cards. They have no inactivity fees, no monthly fee, and funds loaded on your card dont expire. Although the card has a valid thru date, you can always get a replacement if the date is passed.

The only fees that apply to your Amex gift cards are purchase fees and shipping fees if you buy the card online. Once you have your card, just go ahead and activate it for free. Then go on a shopping spree anywhere American Express is accepted.

How To Use Your American Express Gift Card For Online Shopping

The process of shopping online with an American Express Gift Card is the same as using your debit card. At checkout, youll be required to enter your name, billing and shipping addresses, the gift card number, expiration date, and the 4-digit security code on the front of the card.

Once you have entered your gift card details, youre ready to make your purchase. If your gift card balance is high enough, your order will process and be complete.

Just like a normal debit transaction, your purchase will not be processed if your gift card has insufficient funds. That is why it is always advisable to check your Amex gift card balance online before shopping online or at a store.

Make sure that you have enough money on the card to cover the purchase.

Many online merchants dont allow splitting purchases over multiple payment methods. Apps like Wish for online shopping only let you choose one form of payment.

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How To Get American Express Gift Card With Free Shipping

There are a few ways you can get American Express Gift Card with free shipping. When you buy an Amex gift card via Amex Online, shipping fees start at $5.95 for standard delivery and $8.95 for expedited shipping. Shipping fees can skyrocket to $15.95 for rushed delivery in 2-4 business days.

A frugal consumer can save money if you find a way to avoid the shipping cost. Luckily, there are a couple of ways to sidestep shipping charges, including:

  • Buy in-store: Buying in-store is your best bet if you want to get an American Express Gift Card without shipping fees. Just walk to any retail store or financial institution that sells Amex gift cards. Pick a design, pay, and go!
  • Buy online from Target: Another way to get an American Express Gift Card with free shipping is to buy one through Target Online. The purchase fee starts at $4 with free standard shipping. Although your card may take longer to arrive, its a great option if you want to avoid the shipping fee.
  • Walmart Online: You can also get an Amex Gift Card with free shipping when you buy one online from Walmart. Walmart offers free shipping on orders over $35. Otherwise, join W+ to get free next-day and two-day shipping on items with no order minimum required.

What To Consider Before Taking Out A Credit Card Cash Advance

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Before you take your plastic to the ATM, consider that a credit card cash advance is expensive and should generally be used as a last resort. Plus, with many cards, there is no grace period for cash advances. This means interest starts accruing as soon as you take the advance.

Also, be very careful when paying only the minimums when you have a cash advance. The CARD Act requires issuers apply only payments beyond the minimum payment to the highest interest portion of your balance. Depending on your balance, this means it can take a long time to pay off a cash advance if youre only paying the minimum amount due each month.

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How To Use It

Sign your name in the signature panel on the back of the card. Make purchases as you would with a credit card, by handing the card to a clerk, swiping it through a card reader or by entering the card number for an online purchase. Identify your card as a “gift card” if asked, but if this option is not available, use the “credit card” option.

Your card should be used for purchases that do not exceed the balance of cash stored on the card. However, some merchants may permit you to make a partial payment with the balance on the card and use cash or another form of payment for the remainder. Use the website or toll-free phone number on the back of your gift card to check the available balance.


Some merchants also ask you to enter the card verification value number, which is the 4-digit number on the right side of the front of your gift card.


Check at restaurants and gas stations for proper usage. Some restaurants automatically add a service charge to your bill. If the total exceeds the card balance, the restaurant will reject your card, so specify the exact amount you want on the card to your server. Not all self-service gas pumps accept gift cards for swiping. Instead, take the card to the clerk to pay in advance of pumping gas.

Sell Your Gift Cards For Cash

Once youve officially made the decision to part ways with your gift card, there are plenty of official websites that can help you sell your gift cards to people who might actually want to use them.

Companies like Raise and CardCash let you sell gift cards for as much as 92 percent cash back. While you wont walk away with 100 percent of the value of the card, you can use these sites to turn old gift cards into cashwhich you can then use to buy whatever youd like.

Reputable gift card resale sites also ensure that your gift card transactions stay safe with money-back guarantees and fraud protection. Why is this important? Well, when youre weighing the pros and cons of selling a gift card via a resale site vs. selling directly to someone on social media, you need to consider all potential security issues. If you sell gift cards person-to-person, you could run into online scammers or people who take your gift cards without giving you your promised payment.

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How To Get A Cash Advance From An American Express Card

American Express is a global services company with an astounding 110 million cardholders. The company has total assets of $158.9 billion and provides credit cards that cater to individuals, businesses and corporations. If you are a current American Express cardholder, you may not be aware that you can get a cash advance. This feature comes in handy for emergency expenses that can’t be paid with a credit card.

Can I Cash Out My American Express Gift Card

Can You Use American Express AMEX Gift Card On Paypal?

Per the terms and conditions for American Express gift cards, you cant withdraw cash from an Amex gift card. You can only use it to purchase goods and services because the card only supports credit functions.

That means there is no way you can get cashback on your American Express Gift card. You are not allowed to withdraw $5 cash from an ATM or get cash back at a store with your gift card.

Although there is no direct way to cashback on your American Express Gift Card, there are alternative ways to get cash out, including:

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Avoid Redeeming Credit Card Rewards For Gift Cards

Theres one more thing you need to know about making money from gift cardsin most cases, redeeming credit card points, miles or cash back for gift cards isnt the best use of your hard-earned rewards. While you can redeem credit card rewards for gift cards, youll often get a lower value than you could have earned if youd redeemed your rewards for statement credits, travel bookings or online shopping.

If you want to maximize your credit card rewards, its best to avoid turning your points, miles or cash into gift cards. Instead, take some time to learn which rewards redemption methods offer the biggest bang for your buck. If you have a Chase travel credit card, for example, your points are often worth more when you redeem them for travel through Chase Ultimate Rewardswhich means youre leaving money on the table if you redeem your Chase Ultimate Rewards points for gift cards.

What Is A Gift Card

A gift card is also a type of stored value card loaded with funds for future discretionary use. Only it contains a specific amount of money. Once this sum is spent down, the card can no longer be used. Gift cards also have expiration dates, which are often much shorter than that of prepaid cards.

Gift cards can be purchased in several different formats. The most familiar type is what’s technically known as a closed loop card: It is good only at a particular merchant or certain retailer and bears that outfit’s name and logo. Some retail groups will allow the same gift card to be used at any of their affiliated stores.

Gift cards began with specific stores. Now, however, many of the major charge or credit card issuers, like American Express, Visa, Discover, and MasterCard, are also offering gift cards, good anywhere the regular plastic is accepted. Known as open-loop cards, these are most easily confused with prepaid debit cards, especially since some of them are reloadable as well. These cards may carry a one-time activation fee.

Prepaid vs. Gift Cards

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How To Add Funds

There are four ways to load your Serve account: direct deposit, bank transfer, mobile deposit, or a cash deposit at a retailer. With direct deposit, employers can electronically transfer your check. This is the best option if you want to minimize costs because the standard Serve card has a fee waiver for direct deposits. Most banks will also allow you to make electronic transfers to your card at no cost.

If you need to deposit cash, supermarkets, convenience stores, and pharmacies nationwide participate in this program, although a fee may apply depending on which kind of Serve card you use. Mobile deposits are also convenient, but you may need to wait up to 10 days or pay a modest fee before funds are available for spending.

Activate An American Express Gift Card Guide

Top 380 Complaints and Reviews about American Express Gift ...

Are you looking to gift a friend, family member, or colleague at work for a special occasion or a holiday? Instead of sending an item, you can send a gift card to buy what they want. Or maybe, you just want a place to buy gift cards for yourself and use them, later on, to buy stuff online or in-store instead of using your debit card.

Whatever your needs, American Express gift cards offer a lot of flexibility and gifting choices. From classic cards to personalized Amex Express cards for special occasions, you have options between electronic and traditional versions based on your gifting and giving preference.

But before you send an Amex gift card to someone or use it to make purchases online or in-store, you need to make sure the card is activated to avoid inconveniences. If the card hasnt been activated or the balance is insufficient, the purchase will be declined. It can be embarrassing at a retail store or a restaurant when paying the bill and tip.

How do you activate American Express gift cards?

Short Answer: Most American Express gift cards, especially those bought online, come ready to use and may not require activation. But other cards, mostly those purchased in-store, require you to take further steps and activate the AMEX card before you can use it.

Alternatively, call the number on the back of the card and give your card details to the customer care representative to activate your Amex gift card.

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What Are The General Fact To Know About The American Express Gift Cards

There are many benefits to using an AMEX gift card:

  • There are no monthly or inactivity fees: There are no monthly fees or inactivity fees for carrying an American Express gift card.
  • Funds wont expire: Yes, you heard that right! Funds loaded on your Amex card wont expire. The card has a valid thru date, but not the funds. If your card is past that valid thru date, just ask customer service for a replacement or request a refund via check.
  • Millions of places: American Express gift cards can be used at any retail location where the retailer or merchant accepts Amex credit or debit cards.
  • Buying options: You can buy an Amex gift card online from the Amex website or in-store from drug stores, supermarkets, grocery stores, and other places where gift cards are sold.
  • Avoid fees: Purchasing fees apply in both cases. There are shipping fees when you buy online, but the fees can be waived with promo codes. Buying in-store has no shipping fees, but the buying fees could be higher.
  • Amex cards are prepaid cards: Amex gift cards are prepaid cards issued with a preset dollar amount. In-store card amounts are capped at $500. The maximum American Express gift card denomination goes up to $3000 online via their website.

Can I Use My Amex Gift Card On Amazon

Yes, you can use your Amex Gift Card as payment on . However, Amazon does not allow “split tender” payments with gift cards. The entire amount must be able to be deducted from the gift card. It is also possible Amazon has a temporary $1 authorization on the gift card the first time it is used. So be sure your purchase total accounts for this hold. An alternative solution is to buy an Amazon Gift Card with your Amex prepaid card balance.

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Best Sites About American Airlines Gift Card Promo Code

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Activate An American Express Gift Card Summary

Can You Use Amex American Express Gift Card On Amazon?

American Express Gift Cards offer a lot of flexibility and choice for gifting friends, family, colleagues, or employees-from custom personalized cards to traditional designs. Before you go shopping, you should first activate your American Express Gift Card and check the balance to avoid unwanted surprises at checkout.

While cards bought directly from Amex Online come ready to use, in-store Amex gift cards require activation. Simply navigate to to activate your card and check the balance. Alternatively, use the Amex mobile app or call the number at the back of your card and give the card details to a customer service representative to activate it on your behalf.

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Sell American Express Gift Cards

Raise does not sell American Express gift cards at this time.

Its always free to list gift cards for sale.
Selling a Card15% is deducted from the selling price when the card sells.
Shipping$2.75 or 1%We provide a prepaid shipping label for cards that need to be mailed to the buyer. The greater of $2.75 or 1% will be deducted from the value of the card

1 Year Money-Back Guarantee

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Where Can I Spend An Amex Gift Card

Spend this Amex Gift Card, within the US, online anywhere that accepts American Express Gift Cards. Simply place items in your shopping cart when shopping on your preferred website. Then proceed to checkout and enter the card number, 4-digit security code , and expiration date to pay with your prepaid card balance. Note: Some online retailers do not accept “split tender” payments with a gift card. Your card could be declined if there arent enough available funds to cover the amount of your purchase or a pre-authorization request from the merchant. Be sure to know your balance before making a purchase and that the total can be completely covered by your available gift card funds if this is the case.

*See Cardholder Agreement at AmexGiftCard website for further details.

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