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How To Get Spotify Premium With A Gift Card

Understand The Gift Cards Fine Print

How to Redeem & Use Spotify Gift Card Online 2021?

There are several rules to be aware of if youre purchasing a Spotify gift card for someone.

  • You can only buy a gift card for someone living in the same country. So if your brother will be redeeming his Spotify gift card in England, and you purchase the gift card in Kentucky, your brother will be out of luck.
  • Even though there may be other stores selling Spotify gift cards through the Amazon website, make sure you only purchase them through the official Amazon retailer. You may be able to find a gift card at a local retailer as well.
  • The online gift card that you purchase from Amazon cannot be used for family or student subscriptions. This is not clearly stated when purchasing the gift card, and many online reviewers gave the Spotify gift card scathing reviews because of this.
  • Make sure you know what you are purchasing. Gift cards for Spotify premium through Amazon cannot be returned.

Use Spotify Premium Promo Code

If you could hardly find any free deals, you may want to use a Spotify promo code to slash your cost on the Premium subscription. While searching for coupons is always troublesome, Coupert does this automatically for you!

Coupert is a 100% free browser extension that helps you hunt and verify promo codes automatically and get cashback on every order. Heres how to use it:

  • Add Coupertto your browser.
  • Open the Spotify homepage and click the Coupert icon at the top right corner.
  • Youll see all the available Spotify promo codes.
  • BONUS: With Coupert, you can also earn points when you buy from one 7,000+ participating stores, and redeem those points for cash.

    Get Your Spotify Redeem Code By Email

    Just select the subscription term you prefer and choose from the more than 82 secure payment methods we accept. Directly after your purchase, your Spotify redeem code is displayed on the screen. You’ll also receive it instantly by email, along with the invoice and the redeem instructions. If you have doubts or any trouble redeeming the code, please contact our customer service. They’ll be happy to help you by email, chat or Facebook Messenger.

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    Paying With A Visa Gift Card Isn’t Working

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    I’m trying to pay for the 0.99 for 3 month premium with a visa gift card, but it’s not working. The card is activated, I called visa and they don’t see any problems from their end, and all the information is filled out properly when I try to pay. It just keeps saying that my card provider must be having a bad day every time I try to register.

    Sorry, but Spotify does not accept prepaid credit cards

    Spotify is a subscription service that auto renews unless you cancel and therefore does not support prepaid cards.

    If you wish to subscribe to premium you will have to use one of the other listed payments.

    I suggest you to contact customer support.

    or Twitter If support replies you to check community for a solution or if you received your case number , please reply back even if there is “no reply” tag and tell that you still need help. If your inbox is empty please check spam.Support usually replies within 24-48 hours.

    “Accept as Solution”

    Sorry, but Spotify does not accept prepaid credit cards

    Spotify is a subscription service that auto renews unless you cancel and therefore does not support prepaid cards.

    If you wish to subscribe to premium you will have to use one of the other listed payments.

    Tips That You Need To Know

    Spotify Premium Gift Card US $30 (3 Months)

    Before you purchase a Spotify gift card online or offline, there are a few tips that you need to pay attention to.

    Tips 1. Spotify gift cards can only be activated on Spotify accounts that are registered in the same country where they were bought.

    Tips 2. Spotify gift cards are not redeemable along with other Spotify services, such as Premium for Family, student discount, or trial Premium.

    Tips 3. Spotify gift cards are only valid for up to 12 months from the date when they were purchased.

    Tips 4. The gift card is applied to your subscription payments from your next payment date. Your payments continue to be normal after all the gift card is consumed.

    Tips 5. If you find your Spotify gift card not working, please try the following things

    ââ¬Â¢ Ensure that your country registered to your account is equal to the country where the card was bought.

    ââ¬Â¢ Make sure a correct code. Do not mistake 0 as O or 1 as l .

    ââ¬Â¢ Verify that if the code has been already redeemed. Check it on your account page.

    ââ¬Â¢ If the card was bought from a store, it might be the case that the seller didn’t activate it. Please go back to the store and ask the seller to activate it.

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    How To Get Spotify Premium For Free On Pc/mac

    Step 1. Open your web browser and then go to the Spotify home page.

    Step 2. Click the button”Upgrade“, it will navigate to the premium page. There is a banner showing the free-trial offer.

    Step 3. Tap “Get Premium“, it will prompt you to input your payment info to complete the subscription. You can pay with either a credit card or PayPal.

    Step 4. After subscribing, you can enjoy premium for 3 months for free. When it expires, if you don’t cancel it, it will charge you $9.99/month.

    This way to get free Spotify Premium always comes with a big disadvantage. It will need you to pay $9.99 per month once it expired.

    Get 50% Off Student Discount

    Students can receive 50% off the subscription fees for Spotify Premium, costing only $4.99 each month, together with a 3-month free trial. Do check whether youre eligible and grab the offer.

  • Go to Spotify homepage, and click Premium on the top right corner.
  • Scroll down and click Get Started under the student plan.
  • Log in with your account that has never subscribed to the Premium membership. But if you dont have one, click Sign up for Spotify to create a new account.
  • Enter the information required, and click Verify.
  • Once the automatic verification completes, you need to enter the billing info.
  • So there you have it pay half the price and enjoy all the paid features that Spotify Premium offers.

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    Redeem Your Spotify Gift Card

    Redeeming your Spotify Gift Card is so easy, you can enjoy your Spotify Premium account immediately after redeeming. Here is how to redeem your Spotify Gift Card:

  • Go to Spotify.com and log in
  • Select Redeem in the menu on the left
  • Enter your premium code and proceed
  • Complete the process. Once completed, your Spotify Premium subscription has been activated. Enjoy!
  • Note that it is not possible to cancel this subscription. The subscription will end automatically if you dont have any other payment methods linked to your Spotify account.

    Get Your Spotify Discount

    How to enable Spotify Premium Using Gift Card and Cellular data

    For some of us, music continues to be an integral part of our lives and Spotify will most likely be the leading global music streaming provider for years to come. Paying for a premium subscription acknowledges the musician’s hard work, but it doesnt hurt to save a few dollars on the monthly fee.

    Unknown to most people, Spotify offers different premium fees in various parts of the world. In developing countries, the fee for Spotify Premium is often lower to increase the subscribers from the local population.

    You dont have to travel around the world to enjoy the lower rate of Spotify Premium. VPN, apart from providing online security, is an excellent service to mask your physical location on the internet.

    With the right VPN, you can leverage the difference in pricing in certain countries and enjoy a substantial discount. Weve demonstrated how you can easily download a VPN and subscribe to Spotify Premium with VPN at a cheaper fee.

    Also, weve highlighted the criteria that define a good VPN to gain access to Spotify Premium discount. Its less risky when you use one of the recommended VPNs from this guide.

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    Top Up Your Cryptocom Visa Card

    After receiving your Crypto.com Visa Card, you will need to top up your card. This will allow you to make daily transactions with your Visa Card.

    The way that you can top up your Crypto.com Visa Card depends on the country youre in.

    Im from Singapore, and I can top up my Visa Card via 2 ways:

  • Crypto Wallet
  • The Crypto.com Visa Card is a stored value debit card. This means that youll need to top up your card first before making a transaction!

    How Do I Give Premium As A Gift To Someone Else

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    Thanks for reaching out to us

    Keep in mind that you can buy Spotify gift cards for a regular Premium subscription from many leading electronic and retail stores. We’d recommend checking the leading chains.

    You can also find more info about redeeming gift cards here.

    Don’t hesitate to let us know if anything else comes up.

    Hey !

    Thank you so much for posting your question to the Community! I’d love to help you here!

    You can find out more information about Gift Cards for Spotify Premium here:

    Thank you for your response. I considered doing a gift card, however… I’d like to sign up for the current Premium offer to take advantage of the 3 months at .99 and 9.99 each month thereafter. It looks like I can’t do that with a gift card? What is the best way to achieve this? Here is my situation. My daughter currently has an account and uses free Spotify, I’d like to be able to sign her up for Premium without her knowing , it would be on her iPhone. Do I need to make a new account, and if so will this mean she will have to delete her current account?

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    Apply The Gift Card To Your Spotify Subscription

    The Spotify gift card will be delivered to the recipient’s email at the set time punctually. If you get one, you can redeem it from Spotify official website within 12 months.

    1. Log into the the Spotify redeem page.

    2. You can enter your premium code and postal code.

    3. Click “ENTER CODE”, the gift card will be applied to your subscription payments to extend the period.

    Ways To Get Spotify Premium Free Forever On Ios/android/pc

    Spotify Gift Card $60 (Email Delivery)

    Spotify offers Premium service to users so that they can access unlimited online tracks and download ads-free songs for offline listening on any device in extreme quality. Alternatively, those who can’t afford the $9.99 monthly Premium subscription fee, can select the Free plan but have to comply with a lot of restrictions, like shuffle-mode playback, ads-supported songs, etc.

    If you are currently using a free subscription of Spotify and don’t want to pay for the Premium, you still get a chance to try Spotify Premium free with its 30-day free trial. Or are you looking for an alternative way to get Spotify Premium for free even longer, say, after the free trial? No problem.

    Now the following article will introduce simple and legal ways for you to get all Premium features of Spotify for free forever. Move forward to find out how.

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    Spotify Gift Card Faq

    We know you are excited to get your Spotify gift card! Thats why we have staff working at all hours to help get your order processed as quickly as possible! We try to have all orders processed within 60 seconds or less, but sometimes extra verification is required.

    So dont worry about speed, its very important to us as well!

    A Spotify gift card will add the balance of the card to your account, which you can use to upgrade your account to Premium. Spotify Premium subscription services allow you:

    • Play any song

    How to redeem your card on a desktop computer:

  • When you are logged into your Spotify account, click your username in the top right corner then click Account.
  • Scroll down the menu on the left side and click Redeem.
  • Enter the PIN code off the scanned image emailed to you.
  • How to redeem your card on a mobile device

    There is no current solution to redeem your Spotify gift card using the Spotify App. You will need to open the browser on your phone and follow the same steps above.

    Physical Gift Cards For Spotify Premium

    If you want a gift card to toss in a holiday card, you can purchase physical Spotify gift cards online from Amazon and Best Buy. , and there’s also a separate $99 Spotify gift card. Best Buy sells Spotify gift cards for $10, $30, $60 or $99.

    You’ll also find Spotify gift cards in brick-and-mortar stores including Walmart, Target, Staples, CVS, 7 Eleven, Kroger and Simon Malls.

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    How Does The Spotify Reimbursement Work For Cryptocom

    You are required to make the payment for your Spotify subscription with your Crypto.com Visa Card. You will receive the rebate into your Crypto.com app in the form of CRO tokens.

    You may want to take note that you will only receive up to USD $12.99 per month in Spotify rebates. If you subscribe to a more expensive plan, you may not be able to receive a full rebate!

    What Is A Spotify Premium Gift Card

    How to Redeem Spotify Gift Cards 2021

    Do you want to buy a Spotify subscription, but would you rather not be tied to it? With a Spotify gift card you can top up your Spotify credit with a card, so that you can get access to all the benefits of Spotify Premium. You do not have to sign up for a Spotify membership. This means that you are not committed to anything and you do not need to save or link payment details to your Spotify account. You can also give the Spotify gift voucher to a friend or acquaintance so that he or she can listen to Spotify without ads without being subscribed. At Startselect we offer the Spotify gift cards of 10 euros, 30 euros and 60 euros. These vouchers are equivalent to 1 month, 3 months and 6 months.

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    Hacks To Reduce The Cost Of Spotify Premium

    If youre a Spotify Premium user, it can be hard to give up all those perks and go back to the free version. But if youre on a strict budget and need to make some cuts, here are a few ways to enjoy Spotify Premium for less.

    If youre a new user, youll get three months of Spotify Premium for free. After that, youll have to find your own Spotify deals.

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    Our ultimate goal is to educate and inform, not lure you into signing up for certain offers. Compensation from our partners may impact what products we cover and where they appear on the site, but does not have any impact on the objectivity of our reviews or advice.

    To get the most out of Spotify, you need a Spotify Premium membership that costs $9.99 per month. But you can save on your Spotify membership using these special deals.

    Music can turn even the dullest activity into something enjoyable. If youre like most people, you love listening to your favorite tunes when working out, doing the dishes, or commuting to work.

    With services like Spotify, you can easily stream your favorite playlists, find customized radio stations, and even listen to podcasts. To get the most out of Spotify, you need to get a premium membership that costs $9.99 per month. And if you want to share the premium membership with your family, youll spend $14.99 per month.

    If youre on a tight budget, paying for a Spotify membership might not be worth it. There are ways to save on your Spotify subscription using special hacks and deals.

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    How To Get Spotify Premium Free On Android

    Here is the tutorial telling how to get a free Spotify Premium account on Android devices.

    Step 1. Open the Spotify app on your Android device. Log in to Spotify or sign up for it.

    Step 2. Click the Settings button and the GO PREMIUM button.

    Step 3. Tap GET PREMIUM choice. Enter the payment information including card number, name, and others.

    Step 4. Tap the START MY SPOTIFY PREMIUM button.

    How To Redeem A Spotify Card Successfully

    [Premium] Spotify Lifetime Gift Card

    Do not be too excited when you first get a Spotify gift card because you need to redeem the card. To redeem a Spotify gift card is quite easy. Follow the steps below to activate the gift card.

    Step 1. Visit Spotify official website on your Google browser.

    Step 2. Sign in your Spotify account. Create one if it’s your first time to use Spotify.

    Step 3. When you finish signing in, click your username in the upper right corner and choose “Account”.

    Step 4. Scroll down the page and select “Redeem” on the left side.

    Step 5. Enter the code on the back of your gift card.

    Besides the physical Spotify gift card above, a Spotify gift card can be an electronic one. This kind of card is given to you via an email. There is a link inside leading you to redeem it. When you log in your account, this visual card will be automatically applied to your account.

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