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How To Make A Digital Gift Card

Spend A Few More Minutes Each Day And Earn Even More Gift Cards

Wix eCommerce | How to Sell Digital Gift Cards for Your Online Store

You will earn even more gift cards if you are willing to put in a bit more time and effort into performing point earning actions within a number of the programs mentioned above. I have also listed survey programs below that I have personally used to earn gift cards from with success.

A good goal to shoot for is to spend 30 minutes three evenings a week on doing additional point-earning activities. I used to do this when my children were tiny and there were only a small handful of these types of programs out there. I averaged $50 a month. Now I have readers who spend extra time on these programs and report earnings of up to $100 a month.

Again, I am just listing the names of the various companies that offer these different point earning actions, for more details on these websites and apps, read this blog post.

Your Guide To Small Business Gift Cards Plus 10 Best Gift Card Pos Systems

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Using The Buy Button To Sell Your Gift Card On Another Website

If you have an existing website that your customers are familiar with or you simplyt want to sell your gift cards on another website, you can do so using Shopifys Buy Button channel.

A Buy Button can be embedded on another website to allow your customers to purchase your products there. You can install the Buy Button sales channel to create one, customize the color and layout, and then generate an embed code that you can copy and paste into another website.

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Creating Digital Membership Cards In 5 Minutes

It is super simple. Just install the add-on. Once you open the add-on, it will guide you in your first steps and it will configure a sample setup for you.

It will:

  • create a sample membership cards sheet with data
  • create a sample membership card Gmail draft with merge fields
  • set up a mapping between the merge fields in the draft and columns in the sheet
  • set up an output configuration

Create A New Gift Card Product

How to Make Your Own Gift Cards in 4 Easy Steps

When you first visit the PW Gift Card screen, it will prompt you to set up a new product. To get started, click on the Create the Gift Card product button:

It will render a Success! message. Now, you can find the gift card product under the Products > All Products tab of your admin menu:

The gift card functionality is now added to your online store. However, you still need to configure some settings to customize the gift card.

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From The Square Point Of Sale App

If you are setup to sell Square eGift Cards through your Square Point of Sale app, then you can load and send eGift Cards to recipients while you’re in-store.

To load and send an eGift Card in the Square Point of Sale app:

  • Create a new sale or open an existing ticket.

  • Tap Library> Gift Cards> Sell eGift Card.

  • Select your eGift Card design.

  • Select a preset load amount or enter a custom amount.

  • Enter the eGift Card recipient’s email address > tap Done.

  • Tap Return to Sale to complete the transaction.

  • Once the transaction is complete, the recipient will immediately be sent their eGift Card via email.

    Virtual Cards Are Eco

    Letâs admit itâpaper business cards arenât the most environmentally conscious way to exchange contact information. Did you know that over 90% of business cards are thrown away within one week of receiving them? Talk about wasted paper! If everyone switched from paper to electronic cards, over seven million trees would be saved each year.

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    Beautiful Versatile Gift Certificates Creative Cloud Express Can Help You With That

    Gift certificates are a great marketing tool and an easy way to promote your business, organization, or cause. Creative Cloud Express puts the power of creativity in your hands so you can let loose and design your gift certificate the way you like. Best of all, Creative Cloud Express is free to use and easy to master, so you can always get the perfect gift certificate made every time, quick and stress-free. And with all your previous designs saved in your project folder, Creative Cloud Express makes it easy to come back and dust off an old art to re-imagine it and re-used it in new and innovative ways.

    What Is An Nfc Business Card

    Making money selling digital gift cards online.

    A new type of business card to enter the market is a Near-Field Communication business card. While they allow you to electronically send contact information, there are a number of disadvantages of NFC business cards. . While this can be burdensome to some people, others like the idea of tap-and-go technology.

    If youâre interested in using an NFC business card, we recommend staying away from strictly NFC apps because of their price point. With HiHello, you can make your own very NFC business card for free. All you need is an NFC tag, which you can buy on Amazon for the fraction of a typical NFC business card.

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    Why Create Digital Gift Certificates

    A gift card, or gift certificate, works similarly to a prepaid debit card, allowing consumers to use the funds for purchases at specific stores. With the advent of e-commerce, most companies are now offering digital gift cards. Some are reloadable, while others can only be used before the expiration date or until the balance is spent.

    Generally, e-gift cards come with a lower price tag for businesses and offer more perks than their traditional counterparts. These products can be a powerful marketing tool as they make it easier to track customer behavior, reward loyal buyers and expand your reach.

    A well-thought-out gift card program also allows companies to maximize their omnichannel strategy, bring in new business and increase brand awareness. For example, you can use e-gift cards to automatically notify customers about special offers when they are near a physical store. Organizations may also offer gift certificates to their employees, business partners or suppliers.

    Fill Out Your Basic Information

    Youll then need to fill out your basic information, which includes:

    • name
    • location
    • interests

    Youll also need to enter your occupation and select what you want people to do on your website. You can choose one of the options they give you or skip that section for now. You can always come back to it later.

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    Electronic Business Cards Are Contactless

    With online meetings and virtual events becoming the new norm, virtual business cards are becoming a staple of everyday life. Digital cards can be shared with anyone, anywhereâsimply send the link over email, text, or social media. During a Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or video call, you can hold up your QR code, and anyone in attendance can scan your code and will have instant access to your card. Even when in-person gatherings resume, digital business cards will stick around because theyâre germ-free and no physical contact is required.

    Select And Install Your Woocommerce Gift Cards Plugin

    How to Create a Digital Gift Card Program Today Using ...

    As we mentioned, there are many options to choose from. For the purposes of this post, well be using the PW WooCommerce Gift Cards plugin . However, regardless of the plugin you use, the process will be largely similar.

    Once you decide which plugin you want to use, the first step is to add it to your WooCommerce site. To do so, navigate to Plugins > Add New from your dashboard. Search for it in the relevant field, then click on the Install Now button, followed by Activate:

    After its installed and activated, you can find it under WooCommerce > PW Gift Cards.

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    Choose And Customize Your Card

    Next, if you have the option, choose and customize your card. Many online card providers have multiple designs to choose from, and you might even be able to design your own. Again, consider the purpose of the gift. Choosing a design with the right theme helps set the stage for your gift, even if its digital.

    When customizing your card, pay close attention to the following to make it special:

    • To/from:Make sure you spell the recipients name properly in the to field, and use a name theyll recognize in the from field. Avoid using placeholders like friend,dear, or love unless you know theyll recognize the nickname.
    • Message:Share a special message along with your gift. Wish them well and let them know youre thinking of them.
    • How to send:Some online platforms let you customize how you send your card. You can send via email, text, or even DM. Be sure youre using the choice thats easiest and most accessible for your recipient.
    • Timing:In many cases, you also have the option to customize when your card is virtually sent to your recipient. Most people want the digital gift sent as soon as possible, but you might want to wait until a special occasion .

    Online Greeting Cards For Any Occasion

    The Smilebox card maker has templates for any event or occasion. Our online card maker provides designs for holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, and just to say thinking of you. Express yourself by customizing the online greeting card. The detailed personalization options of the card maker let you turn the template into something truly yours. All of the color, font, and text options are right on the page, as are options for adding photos and music.

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    Earn Gift Cards While You Grocery Shop


    I have been using Ibotta for several years now and have earned dozens of gift cards. The app keeps getting better and better with each new update. It is good for so much more than saving money on groceries they work with all types of businesses, both brick and mortar and online. Go here to sign up for Ibotta.

    Fetch Rewards

    Use my referral code RE9FU at sign-up and receive bonus points when you complete your first receipt.

    Fetch Rewards allows you to earn 25 points from each grocery receipt you scan . However, you earn even more points when the receipt has items on it that are a particular brand or part of one of their current promotions. I love that you can cash out at just 3,000 points for a $3 gift cardit doesnt take long to earn enough points to reach that level.


    Open up the CoinOut app, hit scan, and snap a photo of your receipt. CoinOut will then reward you with a random amount of cents. I have earned as high as .08 cents for one receipt. The best partyou can cash out for an Amazon gift card whenever you want, although I would wait until you at least have a few dollars. Go here to sign-up for CoinOut.

    If you frequently shop online, get the Rakuten browser tool, which makes it easy to start earning cash back at all qualifying websites. Rakuten does have a $5 cash out threshold and it does only give out payments each quarter, but it is well worth using. I have received as much as $15 in cash back from one order. Go here to sign-up for Rakuten.

    The Easiest Way To Make Your Own Custom Gift Cards

    Digital Foil Gift Cards using Photoshop

    With just a couple of clicks and tips, you can make your own custom gift cards this holiday season. Deliver digitally, by mail or in-person.

    Find out about Gift Card Deals that last beyond the holidays.

    For the umpteenth year in a row , gift cards are the most-requested gift on holiday wish lists. Gift cards have been my favorite gift to give for longer than that. I love that recipients get to create their own experiences with the gift cards they receive.

    Though I may get someone a gift card thinking he or she will spend it one way, the recipient might have entirely different plans. For example, my neighbor just gave me some movie gift cards as a thank you gift and suggested I use the gift cards to go to the movies with my friends. Though I could do that, Id rather use the gift cards to take my kids to the movies on Thanksgiving Dayone of our favorite holiday traditions. She picked the movie theater , but I still get to pick what movie I see, when I see it and with whom I sit.

    If youre planning to buy gift cards for the holidays, an upcoming birthday celebration or as a thank you gift, then I have a tip for you. Make the gift card yourself. If youve never made your own gift card, then youre in for a treat. In just a few simple steps, you can create a gift card that is as unique as the experience it delivers.

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    Send The Link To Your Card

    If youâre networking from a distance, you can share your digital business card by copying the link to your card, and then paste the link in an email, text message, social media post, and other means of communication.

    If you plan on sending the link to your card often, you may want to think about upgrading to HiHello Professional or HiHello Business. With either plan, you can customize the link to your card. The link will always begin with the prefix ââ but you can customize anything that goes after the â/.â

    Share Your Business Card Using A Qr Code

    Every HiHello digital business card has a unique QR code. If youâre networking with someone in-person and want to share your card with them, have them scan your QR code. . When someone scans your code, your digital business card will appear on their phone, and from there they can save your card as a .VCF. Your code never expires, so if you save your business cardâs QR code to your phone or computer, you can print it on any marketing collateral. When scanned, it will always link back to your digital business card.

    If your brand is important to your business and a QR code is a primary way you want to share your business card, consider subscribing to HiHello Professional or HiHello Business. Both plans allow you to insert your logo into your QR code for optimal branding.

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    How Do Digital Business Cards Work

    There are several digital business card apps out there, and youâll need to find the one that works the best for you. We recommend HiHelloâHiHello is a free digital business card, business card scanner, and contact manager app. HiHello lets you make multiple digital business cards with different information on each card, so you can have a card for your work contacts, one for clients or customers, and one for your friends. Unlike other business card apps, with HiHello you can share your card with anyone, even if they donât have the app. â

    Text Or Email Your Business Card

    How to redeem a Google Play Store gift card from ...

    HiHello lets you text or email your digital business card from within the app. Double-tap your card to pull up the Send screen and select âEmailâ or âText.â Youâll be prompted to enter the recipient’s name, email, or phone number, and an optional message, and then you can send your card.

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    How To Create Digital Christmas Cards This Holiday Season With Daz 3d

    We all know the families, couples, or individuals who year after year deliver impeccable Christmas and holiday cards. If that describes you, good on you! For the rest of us who can never bring ourselves to get out into the freezing weather with a professional camera or photographer, this is for you. With Daz Studio, you can make your very own family Christmas card using unique 3D modeling, clothing, props, and environments. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, Daz Studio is a quick and easy way to design something fun with Christmas-themed 3D models.

    How To Create Digital Membership Cards With Qr Codes

    DISCLAIMER: Im the author of the AnyMerge Mail add-on.

    In the previous article, I introduced the AnyMerge Mail add-on I created for Google Spreadsheets. In todays post, Im going to show you how you can use the add-on to create digital membership cards with QR codes within five minutes and literally for free.

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    What Else Should I Put On My Business Card

    HiHello supports a number of different fields, and more are always being added. Currently, additional fields include:

    • Any link in general

    HiHello is the most versatile business card app when it comes to card sharing and offers nine different ways to send cards. Once you have a digital business card, use the style that work best for you and your business. Here are the nine different ways you can share your card with HiHello:


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