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How To Make A Gift Card

Beautiful Versatile Gift Certificates Creative Cloud Express Can Help You With That

How to Make Gift Cards from the Heart – Fun DIY Holiday Craft

Gift certificates are a great marketing tool and an easy way to promote your business, organization, or cause. Creative Cloud Express puts the power of creativity in your hands so you can let loose and design your gift certificate the way you like. Best of all, Creative Cloud Express is free to use and easy to master, so you can always get the perfect gift certificate made every time, quick and stress-free. And with all your previous designs saved in your project folder, Creative Cloud Express makes it easy to come back and dust off an old art to re-imagine it and re-used it in new and innovative ways.

Ornament Gift Card Holder

It looks like a shadow box Christmas ornament but its really a gift card holder on the BACK!

  • Add a gift tag so everyone knows who its for. You can snag some free printable gift tags here.
  • Slip a gift card or cash in the back and hang on the tree.

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DON’T want to give the same boring gift cards this year?Give Adventure Gifts instead click here to see how.

Smart Marketing Teams Entrepreneurs And Independent Professionals Use Desygner To Execute Their Ads Faster

Sophia Mcdonnald

Business Owner

I started using Desygner to create greeting cards for our best customers. We can now design, print and sign a personalised card in under 5 minutes.

Jessica P.

I have been looking for an app like this. I LOVE this app!! It’s great for making greeting cards and more!!


Love this app does exactly what I need and more that I didn’t know I needed ð

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What Happens When Someone Purchases A Gift Card

Your clients’ gift card purchasing process will happen in two steps: first, they’ll enter their contact information, and any other info you’ve requested in your gift card flow. Then, they’ll receive an email which will prompt them to complete the process by entering their payment information.

You will be alerted via email, and an in-app notification when each step is completed.

A Project and a contact will also be created in HoneyBook when your client submits their initial information. Since the Project is meant to just house the gift card, and you’ll likely create a new Project when the client wants to redeem down the line, the Project associated with the gift card will not be tracked in yourProject Pipeline unless you manually change the stage of the Project. You can find the Project by searching the client’s name via the search icon on your home page, or by using the gift card filters in your Contacts tab.

Want to learn more about your clients’ experience purchasing gift cards? You can find more info here!

Other Digital Gift Card Platforms

How To Make a Gift Card Bouquet

Although we mentioned Square earlier, the new Gift Cards feature in Websites + Marketing will also accept gift card URLs from other sites. Here are a couple of other platforms that are compatible with the Gift Cards feature:

  • Clover. This is another POS service, similar to Square, that lets you order custom physical and digital gift cards.
  • Toast. This POS platform is geared towards restaurants and other dining options.

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> Step : Select Gift Certificate In The Template Category

Upon clicking the New button, a list of different templates will appear and you can choose from the categories. Browse through the available templates to locate a category that encloses the certificate templates. Once you locate it, click on it to display to you various folders which include coupons, gift certificates and season and holiday certificates folders.

once you open the gift certificate folder in the templates category, choose one that looks more appealing to you. Click on it to select and then right click to download it by clicking on the download button at the panel on the far right hand side. The template will the be downloaded and you will be able to view it in an open Ms Word document.

Awesome Otters Card Class

Awesome Otters Card Class with Stampin Up! Demonstrator Angie Juda

This is our first card for the Awesome Otters Card Class. The colors are Misty Moonlight and Just Jade.

For this series of cards were using the Pattern Party Host Designer Series Paper. Our embellishment is the Blue Adhesive Backed Sequins.

How to VideoAwesome Otters Card Class Card 1

Stampin Up! Supplies

Card Class Featuring Awesome Otters

  • FREE Class Packet with Minimum $40 order
  • or
  • FREE Class Packet & Blue Adhesive Backed Sequins with a minimum $50 order

    • Supplies to make three cards shown during our Card Class series
    • Cardstock, Designer Series Paper, Ribbon, Envelopes
    • PDF Instructions

    Free gift with a minimum $50 order.

    **Please read all the details before placing an order using a Host Code.**

    • Receive it FREE with any Stampin Up! order placed with me this month.
    • Purchase the PDF tutorial for $9.95 .

    Chic Candy 127 includes a brand new Mini Stampin Cut & Emboss Machine!

    You have two ways to enter to win!

  • Two entries for every $50 when placing an order with me between Jan 4th Jan 10th Be sure to leave a comment also. to get more entries.
  • One entry Leave a comment at the bottom of Chic Candy 127 blog post. to go there now.
  • Reminders

    • 20 percent off all your purchases no selling is necessary
  • Have a question? Please use our help desk email when you have a question.
  • Thanks so much for stopping by, have a great day!!

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    Make A Gift Card Holder With A Library Card Envelope

    If youve been a papercrafter for more than 5 years, I know you have a big ole stash of library envelopes. We HAD to have them when they were the trend in 2011??

    Library card envelopes are perfect for making gift card holders. This gift card holder is coffee themed but you can customize your envelope to whatever theme you want.

    Here’s how to make it:

    BONUS: Here’s another card you can make using the same techniques!

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    How To Fold A Landscape Card

    How to Make Custom Made Gift Cards : Various Crafts

    Two landscape cards can be made from a single piece of letter-size or A4 paper by cutting the paper in half first. The fold line should go through the center of the narrow width of the card.

    • A piece of letter-size paper folded in two makes a single card measuring 8.5 inches by 5.5 inches.
    • A piece of letter-size paper cut in half and then folded into a landscape card in two will make two cards each sized 4.25 inches by 5.5 inches.

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    How To Create Online Gift Certificates For A Business


    Gift cards have been the most popular items on consumers’ wish lists for more than 13 years, reports the National Retail Federation. As a small business owner, you can create digital gift certificates to raise brand awareness and increase sales. All you need is a free gift certificate template or a POS system that offers this feature.


    The easiest way to create digital gift certificates is to use a free template, like the ones offered by Canva or Adobe Spark. An even better option is to choose a POS system that integrates digital gift card services so you can track sales and other performance metrics.

    Hide The Gift Card In A Jar Of Candy

    Fool a candy lover by filling a mason jar with their favorite candy. They wont know theres a surprise inside.

    They think they’re getting candy, which is awesome, but they’re getting a gift card WRAPPED in candy!

    For this project youll need:

    • A mason jar with lid like this
    • Candy get candies in themed colors here:
  • A bag or paper envelope to put the gift card or money in
  • Ribbon or cute embellishments to put on the lid
  • Here’s how to wrap a gift card in candy.

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    Make Giving Gifts Fun For Everyone

    The excitement of giving an unexpected gift with a surprise inside entertains you, the person receiving the gift, and everyone watching.

    Use these 12 creative ideas for giving gift cards to make this years gift card experience exciting for everyone!

    This post contains affiliate links if you click and buy we may earn a commission from the seller without any extra cost to you.

    Gift Card Ugly Sweater Holder

    How to make Special Birthday Card For Best Friend//DIY ...

    If youre into the ugly holiday sweater craze, then this is a gift card holder you will be able to appreciate. The idea is that any gift card is better than a sweater. Print the gift card sweater out, cut a hole in the neck of the sweater and string a homemade paperclip hanger through the hole. Then tie any gift card onto the hanger. Clothing store gift cards like Kohls, Old Navy and American Eagle Outfitters are especially fitting.

    Heres how to make the gift card sweater holder.

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    Giving A Gift Card To Teacher

    The kids can help you make this! Heres how:

    • Stamp small shapes onto the bag with ink
    • Stamp large shapes onto white cardstock. Cut out with scissors.
    • Color in any stamped shapes if you like.
    • Adhere the stamped shapes to the bag with adhesive foam dots.
    • Add a ribbon to the top of the bag with a sticky glue dot.

    This bag is perfect for a sweet little gift for a teacher or a hostess and your kids can say that they made it!

    Download the FREE instructions for this project:

    Transform A Business Relationship Into A Personal One

    Opportunities to create long lasting business relationships present themselves on a daily basis. Create a personalised card to celebrate special occasions. Our Business greeting card templates can be used to:

    • Welcome new clients.
    • Thank followers for their support.
    • Thank clients for their business.
    • Apologise for something that went wrong.
    • And much, much more

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    How To Make Christmas Cards With Your Procreate Art

    Can you hear those sleigh bells jingle? Todays Merry Maker-mas featured project will show you how to make Christmas cards from your Procreate art. But even if you dont use Procreate you can still print out and use the free card designs I have below. In this post, Ill walk you through step-by-step how to design your own cards, and how to print them using your home printer. As well as a few tips for getting a nice professional look!

    The Easiest Way To Make Your Own Custom Gift Cards

    how to make a gift card holder

    With just a couple of clicks and tips, you can make your own custom gift cards this holiday season. Deliver digitally, by mail or in-person.

    Find out about Gift Card Deals that last beyond the holidays.

    For the umpteenth year in a row , gift cards are the most-requested gift on holiday wish lists. Gift cards have been my favorite gift to give for longer than that. I love that recipients get to create their own experiences with the gift cards they receive.

    Though I may get someone a gift card thinking he or she will spend it one way, the recipient might have entirely different plans. For example, my neighbor just gave me some movie gift cards as a thank you gift and suggested I use the gift cards to go to the movies with my friends. Though I could do that, Id rather use the gift cards to take my kids to the movies on Thanksgiving Dayone of our favorite holiday traditions. She picked the movie theater , but I still get to pick what movie I see, when I see it and with whom I sit.

    If youre planning to buy gift cards for the holidays, an upcoming birthday celebration or as a thank you gift, then I have a tip for you. Make the gift card yourself. If youve never made your own gift card, then youre in for a treat. In just a few simple steps, you can create a gift card that is as unique as the experience it delivers.

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    Why Create Digital Gift Certificates

    A gift card, or gift certificate, works similarly to a prepaid debit card, allowing consumers to use the funds for purchases at specific stores. With the advent of e-commerce, most companies are now offering digital gift cards. Some are reloadable, while others can only be used before the expiration date or until the balance is spent.

    Generally, e-gift cards come with a lower price tag for businesses and offer more perks than their traditional counterparts. These products can be a powerful marketing tool as they make it easier to track customer behavior, reward loyal buyers and expand your reach.

    A well-thought-out gift card program also allows companies to maximize their omnichannel strategy, bring in new business and increase brand awareness. For example, you can use e-gift cards to automatically notify customers about special offers when they are near a physical store. Organizations may also offer gift certificates to their employees, business partners or suppliers.

    Monster Gift Card Holder

    Such an easy-to-make Creative Gift Card Holders for someone special! In this way, you can present your gift card using supplies you probably already have in your crafting area.

    Another printable that you can transform into some cute items that will match the gift card inside of them. Just remember to keep the idea of your gift card, and the result will be amazing!

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    How To Make A Gift Certificate On Microsoft Word Tutorial

    In the modern world, the use of gift certificates has grown rapidly as it is seen as a better and advanced way of expressing feelings during the special occasions. Receiving gift cards during such occasions brings a feeling of happiness and recognition to the sender and receiver. Gift certificate Templates help you in giving a special someone a special thing and also a great message to make them feel loved and cared for.

    With the latest versions if Microsoft Word, you can easily create gift certificates that suits a particular occasion. If you are looking to pass out a gift to one of your friends, Microsoft Word 2010 version gives you the chance to select the best template that suits your gift certificate. In the following guide, I will clearly guide you into creating a cute certificate for your friends and family

    Tips For Creating Trifold Cards

    Easy Card Making For Gift Cards
    • Get creative with cutting the folds for example, cut the card diagonally so the panels graduate in size.
    • Use scrap paper to work out your designs before cutting the real card.
    • Simple trifold cards are ideal for taller images and designs.
    • Note that a trifold card may not fit in a standard-sized envelope, so consider making your own envelope.

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    Step : Add A Custom Message

    Whether youre making a plastic gift card, a digital card or a print-at-home gift card, all types of gift cards will give you the option to add a personal message. Although you can certainly add a canned greeting such as Happy Birthday or Happy Holidays, I think its particularly fun to be creative and use inside jokes, nicknames or other messages that are obviously of your own creation.

    For example, you might write BEST PAPA EVER,LOVE YOU J-DAWG or TURNING 29 AGAIN on the 18-character message line of a plastic gift card. For an egift card or print-at-home card, youll have even more room to write.

    Have fun with the message line, but please use the recipients actual first and last name in the recipient name field because that is the name that will be associated with the gift card. If the recipient uses the gift card online, the online payment processing system may look for the name on the card to match the name on the customers online account. If the names match up, then the transaction is more likely to be approved.

    Need some inspiration? Heres a list of puns and other things you can write on an egift card.

    More Than A Gift Card Maker

    The gift card maker caters to whatever you want. It can be used as a birthday gift card maker, a restaurant gift card maker, a holiday gift card maker and so much more. Start with a template and customize it to fit your needs perfectly.

    Animation & Interactivity

    Create and share animated and interactive gift cards online with your audience. Add animated graphics, an interactive QR code directly to your shop and more.

    Icons & Graphics

    Choose from over a million stock photos, icons, illustrations, characters, lines, shapes and more to create an enticing and easy-to-browse gift card design.

    Charts & Graphs

    Create unique visualizations and design accents with charts, graphs and data widgets available in Vismes editor. Showcase sales and numbers with visuals.

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    Creating Your Gift Card & Flow In Honeybook

    1. From your HoneyBook home page, click the Tools menu.

    2. Select Gift Cards from the menu.

    3. You can work off of the default gift card flow we provide, or create a new one by clicking the Gift Card icon in the sidebar, then selecting Add Gift Card.

    4. Choose the type of gift card you’d like to create. You can choose:

    • An amount-based gift card, which allows clients to simply purchase a certain dollar amount to put towards a project with you later

    • A service-based gift card, which allows clients to purchase a specific service with you

    HoneyBook Tip:Both types of gift cards can be offered with discounts, or at full price!

    5. Name your gift card by clicking the title in the top left corner. This is just for your internal use!

    6. Now, begin creating or editing your gift card and the flow your clients will experience. You can edit or remove any pre-populated Question or Content Blocks by hovering over the block to display edit options. Then, you can:

    • Highlight text to edit the content, font, text color, etc.

    • Choose images

    • Click the trash can icon to delete blocks entirely

    HoneyBook Tip:You can rearrange the order of your blocks by hovering over a block, and using the 6-dot icon on the left to drag and drop. You can also delete a block by hovering over a block and clicking the trash can icon on the right.

    7. To customize things like fonts, text size and color, background colors, etc. for the entire flow, click the Design icon in your sidebar.

    13. When you’re ready, click Publish.


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