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How To Make E Gift Cards

Get Gift Cards For Grocery Shopping

How to Create an eGift Card | Gift Card Suite

The sites and apps in this section reward you for completing simple in-person market research tasks, like scanning barcodes, taking photos of product displays and uploading copies of your receipts.

As a rule, you cant earn as much with these platforms as with survey sites or cash-back portals. But they do give you a way to monetize your grocery shopping, earning free gift cards with minimal effort as part of your regular routine.

Enabling And Disabling Gift Card

To start selling gift cards:

  • From your Ecwid admin, go to Catalog Gift cards
  • Click Create Gift Card.
  • Follow the one-page wizard: Either click Create Gift Card and start selling gift cards with the suggested settings or choose Edit settings.
  • Once a gift card is enabled, it appears among your other products in your Ecwid admin, in Catalog Products.

    Here is an example of a gift card with default settings in the storefront:

    You can edit gift cards from the setup wizard or anytime later from your Ecwid admin, in Catalog Gift cards. Here is what you can customize in your gift cards:

    To stop selling gift cards:

  • From your Ecwid admin, go to Catalog Gift cards.
  • Change the status to Disabled.
  • A disabled gift card disappears from the storefront, but it remains in your catalog with all the settings so you can easily enable it back anytime later. Previously sold gift cards can still be redeemed.

    Choose How You Want To Deliver The Gift Card

    Though Ive been making personalized gift cards for years, Im still surprised that few people know that plastic gift cards can be customized. You can add a personal photo, change the message on the card and have it delivered in about a week. If you need a gift delivered more urgently than that, you can either send an electronic gift card or make one that can be printed on your home printer. Heres what each type of gift card looks like:

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    Upload A Picture Or Video

    Picking an image or video to use is the most fun part of making your own gift card. Here are a few tips for picking the perfect image to put on a gift card:

    1. Horizontal Orientation.

    Since the image will be placed horizontally on the gift card, images taken in landscape mode will be easier to place on the gift card. If youre taking an image with your phone, turn the phone sideways to get a wider shot.

    2. Dont Fill Up the Frame.

    For plastic gift cards only, keep in mind that there will be a Visa logo plus the card number, name, greeting and good thru date printed on the bottom half of the gift cardover the top of the image. So you will want an image that is still visible above the numbers. Shots that include ample space around the focal point or have simple backgrounds are good choices.

    For egift cards or print-at-home cards, go ahead and fill up that frame! The more close-up the shot is, the better youll be able to see it on a mobile device or paper print-out when it gets delivered.

    3. Get an Action Shot.

    Though not easy to do, some of my best personalized gift cards include pictures of the coachs kid in actionswinging a bat, sliding into home plate, kicking a soccer ball or doing something more than just standing there. That said, Ive also taken several shots that just didnt work on a gift card and opted for a headshot instead. Both will be equally amazing when done.

    4. Take a Team Photo.

    5. Use a High-Quality Image.

    Customers Can Reload Their Gift Card And Check Their Balance

    Where Can I Buy Printable Gift Cards?

    Your customers can reload their eGift Card and check their eGift Card balance from the original eGift Card email by clicking on the View Your eGift Card button. The page will have information about the card balance, the ability to add funds to the gift card, transaction history, methods for redemption, and the original gifting message.

    To reload their eGift Card, customers will need to confirm their eGift Card number, PIN , and payment card information.

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    How Are Sephora Egift Cards Delivered

    • Your recipient will receive an email message from that contains a link to the Sephora Gift Card.
    • The link will take the recipient to and prompt the user to enter the email address that received the eGift card and a captcha must be completed. From there, they will be taken to a page that has a link to the activation page.
    • You will also receive a confirmation email. If the recipient does not receive the merchant eGift card, instruct the recipient to check their email as well as any SPAM or promotion folders or automatic filters for an email from
    • Please refer to for further questions.

    Powerful & Easy To Use Online Gift Card Creator

    Are you ready? Please use Drawtifys free gift card maker to start online creating your own custom to express your heart and show your business.

    No design experience? No problem. Because Drawtify is an online graphic design software with vector editor, layout, , and typography tool. It works on all platforms and everyone. It is powerful and easy to use, you can use it for free.

    • Drawtifys free gift card maker has excellent layout features and advanced typography tools, artistic fonts, and artistic fonts. And its easy to use.
    • Drawtify is as powerful as CorelDRAWs vector drawing capabilities, and you can easily add creative icon graphics to gift cards.
    • Drawtifys rich photo editing functions are not only professional but also easy to use, and most special effects are one-click operations.
    • In addition, Drawtify also has a built-in design plug-in, huge design resources, and high-quality editable gift card templates. All of these will provide effective assistance in creating gift cards.Drawtifys online gift card creator has excellent layout features and advanced typography tools that can help you easily get artistic fonts and creative layouts.

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    Deactivating A Gift Card

    You may want to deactivate a card for any reason. For example, perhaps the order with the gift card purchase was canceled or you simply dont want this card to be redeemed. A deactivated card cant be redeemed, however you can reactivate it anytime.

    To deactivate a gift card:

  • From the Ecwid admin, go to Catalog Gift cards.
  • Under statistics, click View and manage all sold gift cards.
  • Find the gift card that you want to deactivate by searching for the customers name, email, or the gift cards last 4 characters.
  • Next to the gift card that you want to deactivate, click on its current status and choose Deactivate:
  • Activate

    Add A Digital Gift Card

    Create eGift Cards

    Set up and embed a gift card link on your website to allow your site visitors to purchase digital gift cards. Gift cards can boost sales, engage existing customers or bring in new customers. Its free to set up and sell gift cards online, though you still pay a credit card payment processing fee.


  • Go to your GoDaddy product page.
  • Scroll to Website Builder and select Manage next to the website you want to change.
  • Select Edit Website or Edit Site to open your website builder.
  • Add a section, look for Gift Card and select Add.
  • In the Gift Card menu, select Gift Card Settings.
  • In a separate tab or window, go to your Gift Up! account or Square account and sign in.
    • Gift Up!: Once youve created your gift card, go to Settings and select Get your checkout code/link. Then select Copy next to your link.
    • Square: Select Gift Cards in the left menu and follow the prompts. From your Square dashboard, check that Sell eGift Cards Online is toggled on. Copy your Digital Gift Card URL from the Square dashboard. If you have difficulty, please read Squares Help article and Squares FAQs.
  • Back in your Website Builder site, paste the URL you copied into the Gift Card URL field.
  • Edit the rest of your section settings, and remember to publish your site to make your changes visible.
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    Earn Points When You Shop

    Earning rewards points on your everyday purchases is the fastest and easiest way to get free gift cards. All you have to do is click a link before visiting a retailers website. It takes seconds, and you can earn as much as 10% of your purchase total back in points. You can then cash those points in for gift cards.

    Looking For Gift Card Ideas

    Clothing Who doesn’t need clothes? Whatever theyre into, get them something that always fits and keeps them in style from top fashion retailers.

    Gifts for HimWhether he’s a gamer, handyman or outdoorsman, pick from his favourite brands and get him something he will truly love.

    RestaurantsTreat someone to an inspired dining experience. Browse our diverse range of dining and restaurant gift card options.

    Gifts for HerFind the perfect gifts for her – from great reads, hot tech to jewellery and cosmetics, surprise her with something special.

    MoviesWhat better way to spend an evening than heading to the movies? Give a movie gift card tonight and let them enjoy the show!

    Gifts for TeensGet a gift that will help teens stay on trend with the latest tech, accessories and fashion from their favourite brands.

    TravelTreat yourself or your favourite travellers with a gift card for the perfect hotel in over 200 countries.

    Gifts for KidsGet them a gift card that gives them everything they want including their favourite books, movies, music and video games!

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    What Is The Shipping Time For Giftcardscoms Sephora Gift Cards

    Like all merchant cards on, orders placed weekdays between 8 AM and 5 PM EST are typically processed within 24 hours of receiving payment. Orders placed over the weekend may take 48 to 72 hours to process. Once processed, gift card delivery is estimated below and is subject to change.

    • USPS Standard Mail: Estimate 5-10 business days
    • USPS Trackable Mail: 5-8 business days
    • UPS Ground: 5-8 business days
    • Priority: 4-5 business days
    • Express: 2-5 business days

    How To Sell Your Egift Cards To Your Customers From Your Square App:

    10 Best Gift Cards 2015

    You can sell eGift Cards from the Square app on all devices . Make sure to update your app to get the latest functionality.

    To sell an eGift Card:

  • From your item library, tap Gift Cards> eGift Card.

  • Rotate your screen to face the customer> ask them to pick a design, eGift Card amount, and to enter their email address.

  • Complete the sale.

  • Note: Customers will receive the eGift Card via email and they can then print or send it to a friend.

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    Can I Use Designs For Commercial Purposes

    Our license allows you to use the designs for your personal or your company’s needs and use them for social media, educational, advertising, printing, digital, ebooks, personal projects. The examples of the design use can be found here . You can also make commissioned works for your clients using Crello account. Please, note that Crello’s license does not allow creating items for resale or reselling the ready-made designs. More info regarding the allowed and prohibited types of usage can be found here

    How To Make Your Own Gift Cards In 4 Easy Steps

    Make a totally unique gift card this holiday season in four simple steps. Tips on how to make your own plastic, paper and egift cards.

    Find out about Gift Card Deals that last beyond the holidays.

    For the 10th year in a row, gift card are the most-requested gift on holiday wish lists. Gift cards have been my favorite gift to give for longer than that. I love that recipients get to create their own experiences with the gift cards they receive.

    Though I may get someone a gift card thinking he or she will spend it one way, the recipient might have entirely different plans. For example, my neighbor just gave me some movie gift cards as a thank you gift and suggested I use the gift cards to go to the movies with my friends. Though I could do that, Id rather use the gift cards to take my kids to the movies on Thanksgiving Dayone of our favorite holiday traditions. She picked the movie theater for me , but I still get to pick what movie I see, when I see it and with whom I sit.

    If youre planning to buy gift cards for the holidays, an upcoming birthday celebration or as a thank you gift, then I have a tip for you. Make the gift card yourself. If youve never made your own gift card, then youre in for a treat. In just a few simple steps, you can create a gift card that is as unique as the experience it delivers.

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    What Is Crello Premium 500000 Collection And How To Use Premium Images

    For now, all the images are part of PRO plan. To generate your certificate, simply choose the format, go to the editing interface and browse available photos in the Photos/Media tab on the left. Images with a diamond in the right corner are premium images you need to download free as part of your plan.

    How To Create Gift Cards For Your Small Business

    Wix eCommerce | How to Sell Digital Gift Cards for Your Online Store

    Kevin Lynch

    May 07, 2018 · 4 min read

    Toolkit for download in this article

    Personalize automated emails

    If you want to give a gift that is going to make the recipient happy, dont give them what you think theyll like. Give them a gift card. Theres data back this up. The National Retail Federation, reports that 62 percent of consumers prefer to receive a gift card over pretty much anything.

    Why does this matter to you as a small business owner? Because another fact unearthed by the National Retail Federation is that a majority of all gift card recipients will overspend the value of the card. You can almost hear the cha-ching, cant you? Business gift cards can translate to more revenue at redemption.

    Personalize automated emails

    The time, cost, and redemption barriers that once made the gift card more of a hassle than it was worth are over. The new reality is that creating a gift card system for your small business is easy and inexpensive.

    Here are a few tips on how to make a gift card for your business.

  • Gift cards dont sell themselves, youve got to promote themYou cant purchase a gift card if you dont know they are on offer. If a customer has done business with you multiple times in the past or is using your services regularly, its a safe bet that they like what you have to offer and would be willing to share gift cards with their friends. For loyal customers, you may consider offering a discount on your gift cards.

  • Tracie Rollins contributed to this article.

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    Our Top Pick: Capital One Shopping

    Capital One Shopping offers a free browser extension that will let you know whenever cashback is available.

    Capital One Shopping has a number of valuable features.

    • It lets you earn points on the things you already buy at hundreds of major retailer websites.
    • It can tell you if an item youre browsing on Amazon is available on a different website for less money.
    • It automatically checks if theres a discount or coupon code available for the items in your cart.

    The screenshot below shows some of the gift cards you can redeem your points for.

    You can choose gift cards from dozens of big-name brands.

    The service is free and you dont need to be a Capital One account or card holder to use it. You can learn more in our Capital One Shopping review, which provides an in-depth rundown of the platforms features and how they work.

    More Options For Earning Points

    Weve tested and recommend each of the sites below.

    Visa Or Mastercard Virtual Account

    Visa or Mastercard Virtual Accounts can be used for online purchases at any store where those cards are accepted. You or your recipient will have almost unlimited spending options! Its simple to personalize Visa and Mastercard Virtual Accounts with a photo and custom message. The Virtual Account will be emailed to the recipient. Easy!

    *Visa and Mastercard Virtual Accounts do not qualify for G-Money rewards

      Number of items here

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    What Are The Best Travel Egift Cards

    Theres nothing like the gift of travel to delight people of all ages! We carry the best travel gift cards that give the recipient a discount on their next adventure. Here youll find eGift cards for use on®, which offers users the chance to locate discount hotel rates for hotels around the world, as well as eGift cards for Southwest® Airlines, one of the major airline companies in the United States. For families and the young-at-heart, there may not be a better eGift card than one for Disney®! This top-rated gift card gives the bearer massive discounts on vacation packages at Disney World in Florida, Disney Land in California, stays on the Disney Cruise Line and purchases at any Disney Store.

    Wrap It Around Or In Something They Love


    If you cant think of something that matches the theme of the gift card, why not print it out on paper and then tape it or wrap it around something small that you know they will love?

  • Wrap it around a theatre sized box of their favorite candy.
  • Wrap it around a king-sized version of their favorite chocolate bar.
  • Tape it to the bottom of a small box of assorted chocolates.
  • Put it inside the middle of a canning jar that is full of their favorite candy.
  • Put it inside the front cover of a dollar store crossword or word search book.
  • Put it inside the front cover of the latest edition of their favorite magazine that you know they rarely buy themselves.
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