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How To Make Gift Cards For Business

How To Activate Gift Cards With Your Point


The simplest way to activate gift cards is through your point-of-sale system. The process starts when a customer wants to purchase a gift card for a certain value. Your team collects payment up front the same way as any other sale. If youre offering physical cards, the customer selects their favorite design and your employee swipes the gift card through the terminal. Then, the dollar amount is keyed into the POS to process the payment. The card is now loaded with a dollar value, and your team can give the card and a receipt to the customer.

When a gift card recipient comes in to use their card, your employee accepts the card as they would any other payment type. Your POS will have an option to select gift card through the payment menu. The gift card gets run through the card reader, or, if youre using a barcode card, scan the barcode. Your merchant account processor approves the payment and the balance will be removed from the card account. If the balance is used in full, you can recycle the card or ask the customer if they want to reload a balance. The whole process is relatively seamless when run through your POS.

Merchants seeking to expand their gift card program should encourage the use of e-gift cards online. If you have the infrastructure, allow customers to access cards online, check balances, add more funds or make online purchases. Your gift card program can tie-in to a customer loyalty program, building engagement and encouraging repeat purchases over time.

What Is Gift Card Flipping

What is gift card arbitrage and how exactly do you start gift card flipping? Selling or trading gift cards can be very confusing for those who arent familiar with the practice.

In a nutshell, the goal of flipping gift cards is to purchase a gift card for less than its face value and make a profit during reselling.

The scenario plays out as follows.

  • The seller buys a $50 gift card for $40.
  • The seller sells the $50 gift card for an amount of $45.
  • A buyer purchases the card and earns $5 in saving , while the seller makes $5 in profit
  • For the seller to generate profit, he needs to have purchased the gift card for less than $45 his intended selling price. If, however, he got the gift card for free, then he takes home the entire $45 in profit.

    The challenge of gift card trading is two-fold: where exactly do you get discounted or free cards, and where do you find people to buy what youre selling?

    In this guide, well teach you how to get gift cards for free, how to purchase them at discounted rates through websites like MyGiftCardsPlus, and how to sell them to your friends or through online selling platforms.

    Ready to make money? Read on below!

    How To Set Up Gift Cards For Your Business

    As a business owner, youre constantly on the lookout for ways to improve your company. How can local marketing efforts reach further? How can you reduce costs? How can you increase customers? And how can you accomplish this with the limited amount of time in a day?

    Asking and answering these questions are how small businesses grow.

    Its also how you get better at separating worthwhile ideas from potential time pitfalls. Take gift cards, for example. Youve already identified that gift cards are a worthwhile investment to boost cash flow. Now, its time to put the idea into practice.

    Thus, this guide is here to help you set up gift cards for your business.

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    Give Cards Instead Of Cash

    When a customer returns merchandise with or without a receipt, offer a gift card in exchange. The money stays in your store and the shopper is encouraged to find something else to buy. Posting the stores new return policy may also decrease fraud since shoplifters will know they can no longer steal merchandise, return it without a receipt and get cash back.

    Ask Your Friends And Family

    Printable Gift Certificate Template with Logo Small ...

    A great place to look for discounted gift cards is from people you already know. Ask your friends and family if they have gift cards lying around that theyre willing to let go of.

    They could offer you a bargain of 10% to 20% of the total face value. This means that you could purchase a $100 gift card for $80, which leaves room for profit-making.

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    How To Make Gift Cards For Your Business

    Now that youve got a better idea of why you should be making gift cards for your business, its time to find out how to do this. As a small business owner, you may not have the budget to spend money on physical gift cards. These can also be pretty costly and not very simple to set up. Instead, well share some simple ways you can make a digital gift for your business.

    Input Gift Cards Into Your System

    Each POS system will have a different method for inputting your cards, but theyre all similar. Scan or swipe a blank card. Youll be prompted to choose the amount of money for that card. Your customer will pay the amount on the card to complete the transaction. When customers come in to use a gift card, the gift card should appear as an option for tender in your POS system.

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    How To Offer Gift Cards At Your Business

    Gift cards are one way businesses are generating revenue during the coronavirus outbreak. Here’s how to offer them at your business.

    By: Emily Heaslip, Contributor

    Setting up a gift card program for your business requires just a few simple steps and increases customers’ spending potential.

    Gift cards are a simple way to attract new customers, increase sales and reward loyal fans with little to no effort. Customers who buy gift cards for others spend 38% more than the actual value of the gift card they purchase. Likewise, a study by First Data found that 72% of gift card shoppers spend more than the value of the gift card when they come in to redeem their present.

    Not only are gift cards a great tool for spreading the word about your business, but they also bring new customers through the door and increase basket size across two separate sales transactions. Heres how to get started with gift cards at your business.

    Deliver The Gift Card

    How to make an origami Business/Gift Card Holder

    Now all thats left to do is decide how the gift card will be delivered. If youre sending an egift card, then you will enter an email address and schedule delivery. For most websites, egift cards will be sent as soon as your payment is cleared. Many gift card sellers also allow you to schedule delivery. That way you can create a gift card, pay for it in advance and then have the egift delivered on the perfect dayright on moms birthday, Christmas morning or during your Hanukkah celebration.

    Plastic gift cards can either be sent to your home for personal deliver or you can ship them directly to the recipient. If you have the opportunity to deliver a gift card that you created yourself, then you might also consider making a homemade gift card holder. On my free printables page, there are several free printable gift card holders that you can download, print at home and craft up for a complete D-I-Y presentation.

    Lastly, if you opted for a print-at-home gift card, then the last thing to do is download the gift and print it on your home printer. If you dont have a good quality printer at home , then you should be able to take the file to an office supply store to have it printed in full color on a nice piece of card stock. You can also mount the paper gift card to a piece of scrapbook paper for a personal touch. Thats what I would do, anyway.

    See our collection of free printable gift card holders here.

    Happy Gift Carding!

    ~Shelley Hunter, Gift Card Girlfriend

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    Our Custom Gift Cards Work With The Following Pos Systems

    A& B POS Pro Adora POS AIM Aireus Aldelo Aloha Amigo ARC POS Aspex GO barnetPOS BIM POS Bindo Booker BPA Restaurant Software BrewPOS Brigade POS Cake Point of Sale Cash Register Express Cin7 CISEPOS Counterpoint Clover Clouddish COMCASH Eats365 Envision Epicor EposNOW Erply EZ-Chow eZee Optimus Firefly Focus Restaurant POS Software Fooditter Franpos GASTROFIX gastronovi Office Harbortouch POS Heartland Retail HungerRush Point of Sale IndicaOnline Infor POS Innkey POS Insight ITWERCS Jonas Katalyst POS KORONA POS Lavu Lightspeed Loyverse MaitreD POS MHungry POS Micros MicroSale Microsoft Rms Mink Foodiee Mindbody MyOrder Box Nobly NCR Silver NorthStar Odoo Openbravo OrderMate Ordyx POS Restaurant Software Paytronix Phorest Salon PHP PixelPoint POS Bistro POS Nation Point of Success Positouch Power 8 QuickBooks POS Radiant Rain POS Rapid Bev POS RPower Retail Edge Retail Pro Rezku POS Revel Systems Salon Iris Self Ordering Kiosk ShopKeep Shopify Shoptree Simpra EPOS Sineron SkyWire POS SmartSwipe SP-1 SpotOn Restaurant StorePoint POS Stripe talech Thrive Tillpoint Toast POS TouchBistro POS TouchSuite Restaurant TRAY Trivec uniCenta Upserve POS Vagaro Vend Visual Retail Plus Windward WooPOS Zenoti And More!

    Reward Employees With Gift Cards

    Rather than cut checks or buy less useful incentive products , where applicable, reward top salespeople and other star performers with gift cards. Not only does the money come back to your business, but employees get the opportunity to act like customerstry the food, buy the fashions youre selling or use the services offered. You may get valuable feedback in the process.

    Thats just the beginning. I truly believe any business should be able to make a gift card program profitable. For some, that means customers buy their gift cards in droves and recipients quickly return to the store to shop. For others, a gift card is more of a marketing tool that businesses use for sales incentives, customer rewards, come back offers and more. I do find that smaller businesses frequently make the mistake of simply putting a gift card display on the counteror worseputting a stack of gift cards underneath the register. One store owner told me she removed her card display because kids were taking the cards. I would suggest moving the display to a higher level, replacing it with one that does not hold physical cards or more fully analyzing the tradeoff. Is losing ten cards to kids in a month worth sacrificing what you might earn in potential gift card sales? Not in my mind. When in doubt, I suggest following the example set by large department stores in making sure your gift card is visible and available in as many places as possible.

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    S To Make Business Gift Cards

    • Contact your point-of-sale system provider and let them know that you will be purchasing gift cards directly from a gift card manufacturer.
    • Request card data from your POS provider, which will be encoded onto your cards magnetic stripe or used to print barcodes onto your card, depending on the type of card reader that your POS system uses. Card data will typically be provided as an Excel spreadsheet or delimited file, such as a .csv file.
    • Send this data, along with your artwork for gift card printing to the gift card manufacturer.
    • Approve your proof, which is typically a PDF file depicting the appearance, quantity, and options chosen for your gift card. Once your proof is approved, your custom gift card will be put into production.

    Upload A Picture Or Video

    Business Thank You For Purchasing Card

    Picking an image or video to use is the most fun part of making your own gift card. Here are a few tips for picking the perfect image to put on a gift card:

    1. Horizontal Orientation.

    Since the image will be placed horizontally on the gift card, images taken in landscape mode will be easier to place on the gift card. If youre taking an image with your phone, turn the phone sideways to get a wider shot.

    2. Dont Fill Up the Frame.

    For plastic gift cards only, keep in mind that there will be a Visa logo plus the card number, name, greeting and good thru date printed on the bottom half of the gift cardover the top of the image. So you will want an image that is still visible above the numbers. Shots that include ample space around the focal point or have simple backgrounds are good choices.

    For egift cards or print-at-home cards, go ahead and fill up that frame! The more close-up the shot is, the better youll be able to see it on a mobile device or paper print-out when it gets delivered.

    3. Get an Action Shot.

    Though not easy to do, some of my best personalized gift cards include pictures of the coachs kid in actionswinging a bat, sliding into home plate, kicking a soccer ball or doing something more than just standing there. That said, Ive also taken several shots that just didnt work on a gift card and opted for a headshot instead. Both will be equally amazing when done.

    4. Take a Team Photo.

    5. Use a High-Quality Image.

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    Can You Use A Gift Card To Buy A Gift Card

    One thing merchants who sell closed loop gift cards should keep in mind is that from an accounting perspective gift cards are recorded as a liability to the merchant, not a sale. In other words using a closed loop gift card to purchase a closed loop gift card is a revenue recognition concern for small business owners and in our opinion should be avoided.

    Why Choose Us For Your Custom Plastic Gift Cards

    At Plastek Cards, we have built our reputation on providing the highest quality gift cards at affordable prices. In fact, we guarantee that your gift cards will be made with 100% accuracy. Dont take our word for it, see what hundreds of customers have said about the quality, service, and price they have received from Plastek Cards.

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    Tactics For Increasing Gift Card Sales

    Gift cards are a great way to drive revenue and bring customers back to your store, but they dont always sell themselves. Some businesses are content with limited sales, but if you want to build a successful gift card program, a little creative thinking and additional marketing may be required. While theres no need to use every method under the sun, changing up your to account for gift cards can increase sales.

    S To Custom Gift Cards For Your Business

    How to Create an eGift Card | Gift Card Suite

    In the world of retail and restaurants, gift cards are not a new idea. However, many businesses still dont offer them to their customers. This may come as a surprise when one considers the fact that they increase revenue, encourage customers to spend more than they normally would, and grow your customer base.

    MPIs gift team works with merchants to create a stunning and fully customized gift card that is printed in-house to save you money. Our ability to print the gift cards ourselves also provides added flexibility in the design process as well as shorter turnaround times.

    To show just how easy it is to get started with gift cards, we have laid out the process in five easy steps below.

    • Speak with an MPI agent or shop directly on the MPI Online Store to place a gift card order.
    • Work with one of gift card specialists to land on the perfect design for your cards.
    • Review the digital proof that is created and sent to you for approval
    • If changes need to be made, our team will make the edits changes and another proof will be sent until the design gets the final approval.
  • Your gift cards are printed at our head office and go through a quality control process to ensure they meet our production standards.
  • Your gift cards are shipped to the desired location!
  • See the Design Process In Action

    Once you have received your cards, you will see the benefits first hand!

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    Join Drawtify Enjoy Drawtify’s Free Gift Card Maker And Start Creating Your Own Custom Gift Card Online

    With the powerful and easy-to-use free gift card maker, you can create excellent custom gift cards in a short time. Just like a professional designer, fully demonstrate your creativity.

    No download, expensive design fees, and learning difficulties.

    No need to find design materials across platforms, and worry about any copyright issues.

    Ways Gift Cards Can Benefit Your Business

    Worldpay Editorial Team

    Everyone seems to love gift cards, especially consumers. Gift cards offer seamless convenience to givers. Gift cards recipients are empowered with choice and armed with an easy payment method.

    Businesses like yours have even more reasons to love gift cards. Merchants everywhere use gift cards to raise awareness and grow sales. Adding gift cards to your marketing mix engages customers and keeps them coming back.

    A September 2018 report by Mercator Advisory Group estimates the total loads on open-loop gift cards will reach $22 billion in 2019 in the US alone. Is your business ready to take advantage? Gift card programs are easy to implement and affordable for businesses of all sizes.

    Consider these seven ways gift cards can benefit your business.

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