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How To Make Your Own Gift Card

How To Make Your Own Card

Card Making : How to Make Your Own Gift Cards

Create your own custom greeting cards and send your loved ones a smile with a one-of-a-kind piece of snail mail. Get started by browsing through our custom card templates. Our folded cards make it easy for you to add your favorite photos and a personal message to friends and family. Whether you want to create a Christmas card, thank you card, wedding invitation, and more, you can add your own personal touch to our high-quality custom cards. Our personalized greeting cards make it easy to use your own designs and create a message that is unique to you. Your recipients will notice the work you put into making your own card and feel special. Our custom cards are printed on high-quality cardstock that will give your greeting that extra special touch that it deserves.

Use our design tools to make your photo cards and invitations perfect. Dress your personalized greeting card up even more with our variety of trims and photo card finishes. Creating custom greeting cards online is easy with Shutterfly. Simply choose the card template and personalize it to your needs, including photos, backgrounds, colors, personal messages, and more. Our custom card project template is easy to use and send life updates to family, friends, and loved ones.

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Creating And Choosing Imagery For Your Greeting Cards

Cards come in a dizzying array of styles, so it can be tricky to decide on the type of image you want to feature on your card design.

Illustrated images are universally popular across contemporary card design. Naively-drawn patterns, animals, or people will help you to channel a cool, modern vibe with your designs.

You can either create your own illustrations by hand or using vector software like Adobe Illustrator. Alternatively, why not adapt stock illustrations to create your own unique designs?

Look to Shutterstock contributor Alenka Karabanova for quirky patterns and characters that are perfect for fun greeting card designs.

A thank you card design created using an illustration by contributor Alenka Karabanova.

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What You Need To Get Started In Card

To get started in making handmade greeting cards, you just need a few basic paper craft suppliesI took the liberty of making a list. Although the following list is not exhaustive, it will give you a rough idea of what you need so you don’t have to run to your local crafts or scrapbook shop.

The first things you will need are:

  • A cutting mat
  • Card stock
  • A pair of scissors
  • A trimmer/cutter tool and/or guillotine
  • Glue
  • Colourful designed papers
  • A rule/ruler
  • Craft knife
  • Optionals that are not strictly necessary for a beginner but can add a finishing touch to your cards: brads, ribbons, coloring mediums , rubber stamps, and ink pads

Notes About Card Stock

This type of paper is measured based on its weight, and the unit of measurement depends upon the country in which it is purchased. In the US, card stock will be measured in pounds and in all other countries it will be measured in grams per square meter. As a general rule, thicker card stock usually results in higher quality homemade cards.

Card made by Fabrizio Martellucci using Hot of the Press Artful Card Kit Santa Baby.

Circle Flap Gift Card Holder

How to Make Your Own Gift Card Envelopes

There are two ways to make this circle flap gift card holder. The first way is to cut out four circles, fold each one in half, tape them together perfectly and then fold the tops over to create the envelope. The second way to make a circle flap envelop is to download this template, trace around the lines and cut the card out. The fold lines are obvious and you dont have to jockey the circles around to get everything lined up. To me, the second way is much easier.

I also like that there are two ways to fold a circle flap envelope. You can fold the flaps clockwise to create a fan design or you can fold the sides in first and then fold the top and bottom flaps last for a symmetrical design. Secure the flaps with washi tape or ribbon for a festive finish.

Heres how to make the circle flap holder .

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Its Never Been More Important To Be Able To Reach Out To Friends And Family And A Thoughtful Greeting Card Is One Of The Loveliest Ways To Put A Smile On Someones Face

If youve ever wanted to give your greeting cards a more personal touch, designing your own DIY cards is simple and fun, and allows you to have more creative control over the result.

Here, well look at how you can design your own stylish greeting cards for printing at home or sending out as eCards. From birthday and thank you cards to Diwali and holiday postcards, youll pick up top tips for choosing fonts and graphics, using illustrations, and giving your cards a professional layout.

Dont Miss Out On The Expanding Gift Card Trend

Plastic gift cards are not just for the big retailers anymore. Since most shoppers are now accustomed to the convenience of gift cards, they expect all merchants and business owners to offer them. Duracard® provides custom plastic gift cards to a wide range of businesses, large and small, including: grocery, pet and gift stores boutiques and specialty shops florists and garden shops automotive, oil changers and car washes dentists and chiropractors health clubs and golf courses clothing and jewelry stores and beauty shops restaurants and night clubs and equipment rental stores.

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How To Make Gift Certificates

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Gifts certificates are a great way to get more attention and customers for your business. While you might not know where to start, youll be happy to hear that making your very own gift cards is a lot easier than you probably think. All the tools are right at your fingertips. The easiest method is using the templates in Microsoft Word. If you dont have Word or want more decoration options, then there are other design programs that work too. Whatever option you choose, you can have you own personalized gift certificates in just a few minutes.

It’s So Easy To Operate


Cards are not only polite, but can be used to send people gift cards or cash if it’s a birthday or Christmas, so making sure that the card sends the right message is important. Choosing the right upbeat message to send your friend recovering in the hospital can be the right touch to help them feel better about their situation. Just go to Fotor’s card maker and customize your own cards in a few minutes. Click the free card design templates made by professional designers, add your image and personal message, then your heartwarming greeting card is finished. Save the image on your phone or print it out for your next meeting.

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Use A Pvc Card Printer

Another option is to buy a special PVC card printer so that you can print your own professional looking PVC cards in-house.

There are also some inkjet printers that will print onto PVC cards, which reduces the cost of having PVC cards if you already have one of these printers.

This kind of setup is often expensive so is only likely to make sense if individualised membership cards are critical to your membership offering and you have a large membership base.

PVC cards are also less environmentally friendly, so decreasing in popularity significantly.

Freeform Folded Gift Card Holder

This folded gift card holder starts out the same as the folded holder above, but I wanted to show it to you so you could see that you dont have to cut the lines straight. In this example, I cut the pocket along the curves of the water on the printed design. Ive also made similar pockets where I used decorative scissors to cut zig-zag lines, scallops and other fun edges. So when you make the pocket, dont be afraid to get a little crazy with your cuts.

Heres how to make the freeform folded gift card holder.

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Business Cards That Stay

Your business card design is saved to your Canva account, so you can make changes when you need to.

Changed your phone number? Moved office? Got a new title? Our business card maker takes the hassle out of changing your details. Simply open your design, click on the text and change anything you like.

Print Your Greeting Card Or Share It Online

20 Ways to Make Your Own Gift Card Holders

If youre after a traditional greeting card to print or send in the mail, Canva is the perfect option! Send your newly-created card designs straight to Canva Print and receive beautifully-printed copies of your card right at your doorstep.

You can also show your friends and family that you care with a beautiful online design. Simply click the Share button and choose whether to send your greeting card via email or post it directly to your social media account.

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How To Use The Gift Card Maker

  • First things first, determine how many increments you want to offer, how many different designs and if you want holiday-specific gift cards.
  • Jump into your Visme dashboard and click Create to start working on a new design project.
  • Head over to the Printables section to find Gift Card templates and pick one that looks closest to your vision. Remember, you can completely customize these templates.
  • Add in the gift cards value, relevant stock photos or icons to design the card, your companys logo and the website or store address.
  • Customize the fonts and colors to match your brand. Use the fonts available and the color picker, or set up your Brand Kit with your specific fonts and colors to have easy access.
  • If using the two-sided option within the gift card maker, add another slide to design the backside of the card. Use the same fonts and colors as the front side. Maintain a balance between front and back designs.
  • Send the files to your local printer or have them added onto plastic gift cards with magnetic strips.

Choose A Free Template

Business owners can easily create digital gift certificates with Adobe Spark, Canva, Microsoft Office and other apps or software programs. Canva, for example, offers free gift certificate templates that can be customized with your logo and message. Users may choose the desired size and shape, add frames, upload images and change the fonts. When you’re done, you can send the gift certificates directly to your customers by email or download and print them.

Another popular choice is Adobe Spark. Simply choose a theme and size for your gift certificate, select a stock photo or upload an image that reflects your brand and then add your logo, message and business name. Next, download the design to your computer or smartphone and print it out or share it on your website and social media pages.

These apps don’t offer the same functionality as a POS system or a more advanced program like Square, Shopify or Toast. They only provide a free gift certificate template and no analytics or marketing tools. A better option is to set up an online gift card program that allows you to track customer engagement and other key performance metrics. Although you may need to pay a commission per sale, you’ll gain valuable insights into your audience.

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Personalized Cards For Any Occasion

There are so many occasions for you to make your own card. Whether you are sending birthday cards to a friend, Christmas cards to family members, or thank you cards to guests, there’s a custom greeting card for everyone. From photo cards for Mother’s Day to graduation announcements to celebrate incredible achievements, you can make your own card designs that stand out to your recipients. Personalize a greeting card for family and friends with unique designs and beautiful imagery to make your piece of mail one-of-a-kind. Say Happy New Year to loved ones, send party invitations for baby showers, or share life updates with special birth announcements or moving announcement cards. Use your own design and add a personalized message to make your own card that’s high-quality and special. From announcements and invitations to holiday cards and thinking of you greetings, your loved ones will be wowed when they open your personalized card.

How To Choose A Size For Your Greeting Card

How to Make Your Own Unique Gift Card Holder for a Birthday Surprise

Commercial greeting cards are generally printed in a limited range of standard sizes. This allows senders to mail the cards within standard-sized envelopes, and helps stationery stores stack product on display shelving.

While you can create your own greeting card to any size you wish, if you want to send your card in the mail you will need to ensure your card will fit into a standard envelope size.

An A7-sized birthday card design, featuring an illustration by contributor Alenka Karabanova.

Some of the most common standard greeting card sizes are:

  • A7 the most popular standard card size youll see in most card stores.
  • A6 a slightly neater card size that matches an A6 envelope size.
  • A9 or Half Fold a large size usually used for programs and menus, as well as large-scale novelty cards.
  • A1 a small-size card usually used for thank you cards.

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Make A Business Card Thats Unique And On

We know that your brand image matters to you. Thats why Canvas free business card maker makes it easy to brand your business card. Upload your logo, use your brand colors, and choose complementary fonts to showcase your brands look and feel.

Weve also got a huge library of free images, icons, and illustrations to help you customize your design further. Browse and choose exactly the right imagery you need to showcase what your brand and business are all about.

Your business card is what people will remember you by. With Canvas business card maker, youll be remembered for all the right reasons.

Your Guide To Small Business Gift Cards Plus 10 Best Gift Card Pos Systems

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Benefits Of Custom Gift Certificates

Custom certificates encourage individuals to shop and to spend more money. Hand them out during the holiday season to ensure everyone gets what they want. Distribute them with a minimum purchase to ensure repeat business. Use them in a baby supply store to give as a present to new parents at baby showers, or add educational icons to hand out to graduates on graduation day. Gift certificates work well as employee gifts on birthdays or other special occasions, they also make excellent gifts at retirement parties and as rewards during games at trade show events and conferences.

Create A Digital Membership Card

Make Your Own Cute Gift Card Envelopes

Another important approach to consider with membership cards is a digital membership cards. Many membership management platforms, including White Fuse, offer tools to allow members to log in to an online account and view an online membership card that can be presented digitally to gain entry or discounts.

While this may not be right for everyone, the advantages of moving to a digital approach are significant:

  • Large cost saving

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Resize Your Birthday Card

Its your card, make it the size you want. Make a big splash with printable cards in an extended size or crunch a big birthday card down for social media sharing – or both! Resizing your completed card is easy, just click the resize button and use a preset size or choose your own custom size.

Have Members Print At Home

Having members print their own cards at home is another option. To make sure your members have a professional looking card, you can send out a hand laminating pouch to members.

This is a more environmentally friendly option as only members who will use a printed card will actually print one. However, members may perceive printing their own cards as inconvenient or unnecessary and then not reap the benefits of having a membership card.

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