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How To Offer Gift Cards

Why Create Digital Gift Certificates

Increase Sales by Offering Gift Cards on Your Website

A gift card, or gift certificate, works similarly to a prepaid debit card, allowing consumers to use the funds for purchases at specific stores. With the advent of e-commerce, most companies are now offering digital gift cards. Some are reloadable, while others can only be used before the expiration date or until the balance is spent.

Generally, e-gift cards come with a lower price tag for businesses and offer more perks than their traditional counterparts. These products can be a powerful marketing tool as they make it easier to track customer behavior, reward loyal buyers and expand your reach.

A well-thought-out gift card program also allows companies to maximize their omnichannel strategy, bring in new business and increase brand awareness. For example, you can use e-gift cards to automatically notify customers about special offers when they are near a physical store. Organizations may also offer gift certificates to their employees, business partners or suppliers.

Tips For Running A Successful Gift Card Program

Simply ordering a bunch of gift cards does not ensure that you will get the maximum value from your gift card program. These tips can make the difference between a halfhearted program and a spectacularly successful one:

  • Enable gift cards to be part of the customer’s digital wallet.
  • If a physical gift card is ordered online, mail it out within 48 hours.
  • Enable purchase, transfer and redemption of gift cards across all channels .
  • Allow digital gift cards to be sent via text message. Consider working with a top text message marketing provider for this service.
  • Give customers the option to customize digital gift cards with personal notes, photos and designs, if possible.
  • Set up your website to recognize curated digital gift cards and make appropriate selections. For example, a Mother’s Day theme template might prompt your e-commerce site to suggest jewelry or other appropriate gifts.
  • Use gift cards as thank-you gifts to loyal or high-volume customers. This will increase their loyalty and encourage them to buy more.
  • Instead of offering a discount during a promotion, give customers the same amount in the form of a gift card, ensuring that they will visit your business again.
  • Request Gift Cards As A Gift

    Just ask for cards. Gift cards are an easy solution to figuring out what to give your friend or family member a gift for Christmas or their birthday.

    As part of your wish list, tell your friends and family some of the places where you usually spend your money.

    That way, you might not receive gift cards to an obscure restaurant or store you will never visit and likely re-gift to one of your other friends.

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    Unused Cards Are Pure Profit

    This one speaks for itself, sometimes gift cards go by unused for whatever the reason may be. When this happens, its pure profit for your business.

    Whether your goals include building relationships, generating more revenue, or increasing traffic to your business gift cards can help you reach new business goals.

    If you want to learn more about gift cards, download out free “Ultimate Gift Card Guide for Business Owners”:

    How Small Businesses Benefit From Selling Gift Cards

    5 Reasons You Should Offer Gift Cards at Your Business ...

    There are many reasons why you should consider setting up a gift card program. Here are the top three:

    • They increase your revenue now. When a customer buys a gift card today, you get that revenue today. You collect the payment upfront and remove purchases from your stock when customers redeem their cards. This can be especially helpful in generating revenue during the coronavirus outbreak.
    • They can attract new customers. Existing customers can give gift cards to a friend or family member who doesnt know about your store. Its a great way to promote word-of-mouth marketing.
    • They boost customer loyalty. Once a customer purchases a gift card, they have to return to your store to use it. Customers may even spend more than the gift cards balance, meaning more revenue for your store.

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    How Do I Create And Design My Gift Cards

    Most gift card providers allow you to upload your artwork or personalize gift cards with templated designs via a web page or online portal, similar to how many business owners order custom business cards online. Once you design your gift cards, you can contact your provider to place an order or submit the request via their online store.

    Your Guide To Small Business Gift Cards Plus 10 Best Gift Card Pos Systems

    • Shannon VissersThe former editor-in-chief of SteelOrbis, Shannon has been researching and writing about small business software and financing since 2015. Her shopping and retail expertise has been cited in numerous publications, including Reader’s Digest, MSN, Yahoo Finance, and GOBankingRates . She has also published articles for LIVESTRONG.COM, eHow, Life’d, and other websites. Shannon attended San Diego State University, graduating in 2005 with a BA in English.

      Expert Analyst & Reviewer

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    Redeem A Gift Certificate Or Gift Card

    When a client wants to redeem a gift certificate they have received:

    Verify the Invoice

  • If the physical gift card has the original bill number look up the bill number by selecting Store.
  • Enter the bill number in the upper right corner, click the return key to search.
  • Verify that the bill is for a gift certificate, add the bill information in Step 5 below.
  • Adding the Gift Certificate as account credit to the appropriate account

  • Go to Clients, find and click the name of the client who received the gift certificate.
  • On the right side menu, choose Account Credit.
  • Select + Add Account Credit.
  • Add the amount of the gift certificate to the recipients account.
  • Under Description, be sure to include the bill number and any other information you would like to include about the gift certificate.
  • Choose whether to email a receipt to the gift certificate recipient.
  • The recipient now has the correct amount of Account Credit on their account to use for purchases. Click For more information on using account credit.

    Gift Cards For Reviews: Choose Your Strategy

    How To Offer Gift Cards For Your Business

    So, how can you offer gift cards for reviews and get reviews fast? While theres certainly no guarantee that your customers will respond, gift cards can provide an extra incentive. Its important to plan your strategy upfront, so theres no surprises later on.

    Consider the following as you make a plan:

    • Who gets a gift card? You might offer a small gift card to everyone who submits a review or offer one, larger gift card as a giveaway prize. Or, you might have a few gift cards up for grabs, and choose a few winners.
    • How much are you spending? Consider the value of each review as you decide how much to invest in this strategy. For example, reviews on sales pages increase conversions by 34%, on average. Or, using customer testimonials regularly can generate approximately 62% more revenue.
    • What is your timeline? Youll need to make this clear when you offer gift cards for reviews, so customers know how long they have to claim their card or enter a giveaway.
    • How will you ask for reviews? Will you send review requests via email, in your store, or another method? Would you like customers to submit reviews directly to a landing page or to a third-party site? Will you send your gift cards via email, mail, or another method?

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    Key Features Of The Gift Card Magento 2 Extension

    1-Allows creating multiple gift card templates associated with different gift card products

    2-Separate categories are made available for all gift card products

    3-Provides for attaching messages/notes from the customer along with the gift card

    4-Allows previewing the gift card template

    This extension allows the recipients to apply a gift card coupon when theyre placing the order. All the information related to a gift card is available on the customer account dashboard.

    How To Use Gift Cards In E

    How to use Gift Cards in e-commerce business to grow your sales?

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    An online business constantly calls for the entrepreneur to keep tracking the market nerve. What the customers need, what marketing campaigns could immediately click, what trends are attracting people and what exactly do they expect from you. Unless youve been living under the rock you must be aware of how gift cards in e-commerce business are becoming a rage. Customers are loving ecommerce gift cards and so are the business owners. Theyre almost acting like a marketing tool for e-commerce businesses, one that has not been tapped enough but has the potential to rake in lots of traffic. And traffic that converts, not just leads. Lets address the pressing question of why gift cards are good for business?

    Get an effective gift card for your e-commerce business

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    How To Set Up Gift Cards For Your Small Business Asap

    Rallying cries to support small businesses through the economic turbulence of social distancing are spreading like wildfire on social media. But if your small business doesnt currently offer gift cards, you dont have any way to capitalize on your customers impulse to support your business and bolster your cash flow.

    To help you launch gift card sales as soon as possible, weve put together a list of cheap and easy ways for a small business to offer gift cards. Because each option usually focuses on one aspect over the other, weve arranged this list from the easiest to the cheapest. The best news: every option is fast.

    Hot tip: Many point-of-sale systems offer gift card sales. Your easiest option will likely be to go through the POS system youre already using. Depending on the system, you may be able to start running gift card sales within the day or the hour.

    Why Gift Card Programs

    16 Fun &  Creative Ways to Give Gift Cards  Fun

    With so many other ways to drive business, from successful marketing campaigns to loyalty and discount programs, you might be wondering how a gift card program would benefit your business. Offering gift cards to your customers can help you:

    • Increase sales and generate cash flow, regardless of whether cards are redeemed
    • Bring in new business, especially when given as actual gifts
    • Promote impulse buys, as shoppers are more comfortable investing in additional goods or services when part of the purchase is covered. 65% of gift card users spend more than the face value of the card.
    • Improve brand awareness, as most gift cards are branded with logos and business colors
    • Offer real-time tracking, simplifying reporting and management
    • Possess superior security measures to reduce fraud and minimize duplicate usage
    • Offer speedy transactions with immediate benefits to the user
    • Track sales trends and monitor outstanding activity

    Affordable and practical, gift cards can provide plenty of opportunity for your operation. With so many advantages, the better question is, why not gift cards?

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    Ways To Maximize Your Gift Card Program

    Maximizing the amount of money you can make from a successful gift card program requires doing more than simply putting the plastic on the counterthough that is a great place to start. Youll definitely sell more gift cards through impromptu sales from customers who intended to shop for gifts and you might find that loyal customers that see a gift card is available will now give your card in lieu of others. While profits from these sales are good and might even cover the cost of running the program, there is so much more you can do to market and use a gift card. Below are ten ways small businesses can make money with a gift card program.

    Choose A Free Template

    Business owners can easily create digital gift certificates with Adobe Spark, Canva, Microsoft Office and other apps or software programs. Canva, for example, offers free gift certificate templates that can be customized with your logo and message. Users may choose the desired size and shape, add frames, upload images and change the fonts. When you’re done, you can send the gift certificates directly to your customers by email or download and print them.

    Another popular choice is Adobe Spark. Simply choose a theme and size for your gift certificate, select a stock photo or upload an image that reflects your brand and then add your logo, message and business name. Next, download the design to your computer or smartphone and print it out or share it on your website and social media pages.

    These apps don’t offer the same functionality as a POS system or a more advanced program like Square, Shopify or Toast. They only provide a free gift certificate template and no analytics or marketing tools. A better option is to set up an online gift card program that allows you to track customer engagement and other key performance metrics. Although you may need to pay a commission per sale, you’ll gain valuable insights into your audience.

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    How To Offer Gift Cards At Your Business

    Gift cards are one way businesses are generating revenue during the coronavirus outbreak. Here’s how to offer them at your business.

    By: Emily Heaslip, Contributor

    Setting up a gift card program for your business requires just a few simple steps and increases customers’ spending potential.

    Gift cards are a simple way to attract new customers, increase sales and reward loyal fans with little to no effort. Customers who buy gift cards for others spend 38% more than the actual value of the gift card they purchase. Likewise, a study by First Data found that 72% of gift card shoppers spend more than the value of the gift card when they come in to redeem their present.

    Not only are gift cards a great tool for spreading the word about your business, but they also bring new customers through the door and increase basket size across two separate sales transactions. Heres how to get started with gift cards at your business.

    How To Offer Gift Cards In Your Small Business

    How to Offer Gift Cards on Instagram

    Increasing your sales, attracting new customers and competing with big companies: these are some of the benefits that offering gift cards can bring to your business.

    Gift cards sales were estimated at 160 billion dollars in 2018, and their popularity is predicted to continue increasing over the next years.

    The reasons? They are practical, especially for those who dont know what to buy as a gift or leave their shopping for the last minute the recipients can decide what to spend them on they are available in many physical stores, and can even be purchased online.

    Nowadays, it is possible for any business, regardless of its size, to offer gift cards as part of its . The best part? Selling gift cards is not as expensive or difficult as you might think.

    In this article, well explain you everything you know about how gift cards work, from the benefits they could bring to your business, to the best techniques to make the best of them at your establishment or online store.

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    Pay People A Discounted Rate On Unused Gift Cards

    You wont earn entirely free gift cards by using this method, but it is a good way to get a nice discount on your gift card purchase.

    You can do this by buying used gift cards through marketplaces like or Giftcard Granny, on which members sell the unused balances on their gift card for cash. You can find some good deals this way.

    How To Sell Your Digital Gift Cards

    Equally important as finding a gift card program is getting those gift cards into the hands of your customers.

    We probably donât need to expound upon the importance of online marketing to do exactly that, but now is really the time to double down on your efforts. There are lots of subcategories that fall under the âonline marketingâ umbrella, but for now, social media marketing is an approachable channel to funnel your efforts. In the age of social distancing, social media is where most of your customers are hanging out, even more often than they did before.

    In terms of selling gift cards, many digital gift card services, whether directly through your POS system or a third-party app, allow easy integrations or promotional features across social media channels. Still, itâs important to create your own posts and tweets to promote and consistently remind your customers of your gift card system. Not only does this achieve the obvious , but creating bespoke messages is so important for keeping you and your customers connected.

    To make it really easy for your customers to purchase gift cards, you can also include a link in your Instagram and Twitter bios. Donât forget to update your website to reflect your updates, too. For example, you might consider adding a pop-up window or announcement bar promoting your gift cards .

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    What Is A Gift Card Program

    A gift card program is an opportunity through which customers can buy cards that carry a small balance to be used in your business, usually at a later date. Similar in size and appearance to a credit card or debit card, gift cards are made of PVC plastic and can be loaded using .

    In the grand scheme of commerce, the gift card concept is relatively new. While gift certificates have had a long history in retail shops and restaurants, cards themselves are only several decades old. The original gift cards, introduced in the 1980s, were thin pieces of plastic that could be used to track purchases and redemptions.

    The appeal of this type of loyalty program began to gain momentum in the 90s, replacing previous gift certificate systems, as stores quickly realized that these loyalty cards not only enabled the tracking of sales, but they provided free revenue from the volume of cards that went unredeemed.

    The popularity of loyalty card programs is quite evident. Global gift card sales are expected to reach $1 trillion USD globally in 2020 alone and $2.7 trillion USD by 2027. Gift cards can be found in businesses of all shapes and sizes, from restaurants to retail boutiques.


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