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How To Pay For Icloud Storage With Itunes Gift Card

What Payment Methods Can I Use For Icloud

Can You Use iTunes Gift Card To Buy iCloud Storage Space?

Apple offers a range of payment options for iCloud, which you can add to your Apple ID account. The exact payment methods available to you vary based on your region, but most countries can choose from the following:

  • Apple ID Account Balance
  • PayPal

You can use iTunes Gift Cards to pay for your iCloud purchases, but you need to add that gift card as a balance to your Apple ID account first. To do this, open the App Store and go to your account, then select Redeem Gift Card or Code.

Unfortunately, you cant use Apple Store Gift Cards in the same way. You can only use these gift cards to buy physical goods from the Apple Store or Apple Online Store. Although you might be able to use them to buy an iTunes Gift Card instead.

How To Save Money On Icloud Storage

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The situation with iCloud storage would be funny if it wasnt so ridiculous, and weve already made our feelings clear on whether Apple should offer more storage for free. But if you really must pay, why not save some money?

Even though Apples pricing of iCloud storage has improved, that doesnt excuse the fact that it should be offering more of it for free, and theres a school of thought that it should give away enough to fully back up any iPhone or iPad they sell. Thats problematic in many ways, not least the fact that with iPhone sales slowing, Apple is relying more than ever on its services as a way of making money.

Its true that Apples iCloud storage pricing is more competitive than some, but that doesnt excuse it from offering a paltry 5 GB of storage when its sat on Scrooge McDuck levels of cash. Its for that reason that we have no qualms about sharing a couple of ways you might be able to save some money, should you absolutely need some more storage for your photos etc.

So with that said, lets get started.

How To Buy An Itunes Gift Card

You can buy an iTunes gift card in the following ways:

  • At the Apple Store online.
  • On an iPhone or iPad: Launch the App Store app, tap your user icon, then choose Send Gift Card by Email.
  • Using a Mac running macOS Catalina or higher: open the Music app, click iTunes Store in the sidebar, and choose Send Gift.
  • On older versions of macOS or a Windows PC with iTunes: Click the Store tab, then choose Send Gift.
  • At physical retail locations like the Apple Store, supermarkets, and convenience stores.

iTunes gift cards are a good way to pay for items if you don’t have a credit card, or are traveling and want to make a purchase on another country’s iTunes Store. When needed, you can often find these online from secondary sellers.

If you’re lucky, you can find discounted iTunes gift cards for cheap. Just be cautious when browsing gift card deals, as scams are prominent in this area. Review some important tips on how to recognize free gift card scams to keep yourself safe.

Speaking of safety, you should know that many common phone scams demand gift cards as payment for outlandish claims, such as overdue taxes or ransom payments. These are never legitimate, so if a caller demands that you buy thousands of dollars of iTunes gift cards for some reason, just hang up.

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You Use The Same Payment Method For Everything

Many of us pay for several services and products from Apple: iCloud storage, Apple Music, and individual apps or iTunes media. Unfortunately, you cant save different payment methods for each of these services.

The credit or debit card you use to pay for one Apple service is automatically used to pay for all the others as well. Thats just the way it is, sadly.

Everything you buy from Apple comes through your Apple ID account . You can attach multiple payment methods to this account, but Apple always tries to use the same one.

If you came to this article hoping to change the payment method for your iCloud storage plan without changing the method for App Store or iTunes purchases, Im afraid it just isnt possible.

Apple Gift Card Options

Apple iTunes Gift Card US $5

An Apple gift card can usually be used in an Apple Store, just as a credit card would be used, but Apple Stores are restricting access currently, due to the pandemic. At present, online use is best. After redeeming the card, the amount will show as a balance associated with the user’s Apple ID and can be used in the App Store, iTunes, Apple Music, Apple TV and Apple Books to buy content or subscription services. After signing in at Apples website, the balance can be applied to any product or service that can be bought from Apple, including devices, accessories, and subscription services. The balance can be used fully or in part, with any remainder available for future purchases. Only a couple of restrictions apply. Apple gift cards cannot be used to buy other gift cards and cant be used by family members when family sharing is enabled. This is because family sharing requires payment only from the primary account.

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How Much Storage Are You Using

Its easy to figure out how much iCloud storage you are using.

In iOS: Tap the top section in Settings. Then tap iCloud. You should see a chart detailing how you are using iCloud storage. Tap Manage Storage to reach a page listing every item storing data in your iCloud . You can also delete stored data for each app or service, but dont do so until you have first backed up that information elsewhere.


In macOS: Access System Preferences> iCloudand choose the “Manage…” option at the bottom right of the window.


In both cases youll see how much storage youre using, what items are using it , and where to enable and disable online storage for various applications and Apple services.

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Upgrade Icloud Storage Plan On Macos Catalina Or Earlier

Step 1. First of all, take your cursor on Apple Menu and Select System Preferences

Step 2. Next, go to Apple ID at top right corner of the screen of System Preferences.

Now Go with the iCloud on sidebar. On iCloud Preference pane, Find Manage button bottom corner of the screen.

Note: macOS Mojave and Earlier MacOS can access iCloud option directly under the System Preferences.

Step 3. Click on, Buy More Storage Plan or Change Storage Plan.

Step 4. Choose an upgrade plan, then click next and enter your Apple ID and password.

If you already bought an extra iCloud storage, but still iCloud storage upgrade not showing then please you should contact Apple Support.

How To Upgrade Your Icloud Plan For Free

How to buy iCloud storage plan on iphone

My current iCloud plan was one of the legacy plans and was no longer available. I was paying $10.99 for 20 GB/year. Apple has since offered a comparable plan that was a little more expensive at $0.99/month. Fortunately, when the new plans were announced, I was now able to upgrade to 50GB of storage for the same $0.99/month price of the existing 20GB plan. However, I had to manually select this plan to acquire the extra storage. Perhaps this was due to the fact that I was currently on a yearly billed plan that didnt expire next August. It is unclear whether or not Apple would have increased my storage at the time of renewalor at least alerted me to the new storage options when my current yearly plan was due for renewal.

To view your iCloud settings, and upgrade your storage plan, got to Settings> iCloud> Storage> Change Storage Plan.

When you choose to change your storage plan you will be shown the all the current available options. At this time I could increase my storage by 2.5X from 20GB to 50GB for the same monthly price. It was a $1/year increase for me only because I was still on a older, discontinued plan.

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Icloud Storage Gift Options

Running into a somewhat unusual situation hereMy dad has his own appleid & lives in india.I got him a new 13″ macbook pro while my parents on a visit here to the U.S I see that his 5gb storage is almost full ….I can’t seem to find any sane way to increase his storage & pay for it without attaching a credit card to his account.Any card that I use is a U/S card & doesn’t seem to work on the app store in india Basically I would like to be able to purchase 50gb so all the pix he takes with his phone gets backed upHe’s 81 & really frail so I’m trying to get all this sorted about while they are on vacation so they don’t get hassled when they are at home.if anyone has run into this situation & solved it then any help would be appreciated..

Posted: Thu Jul 14, 2016 11:55 am

This strikes me as something Apple might be able to do for you if you call themcharge you the fee, but add the credit to his account. I can’t imagine what you’re trying to do is all that unique. Otherwise, I’d be tempted to try using a Visa or MC-logoed cash card/gift card. They work just like a CC. But my first concern would be whether they’d work outside of the U.S. .

How To Get An Additional 30gb Of Icloud Storage For Free

When Apple first introduced the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus back in September they also, without much fanfare, increased iCloud storage plans. Although they didnt upgrade the standard 5GB of iCloud storage that comes with every iOS device, Apple did drastically improve the cloud storage limits of their existing plans.

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Receive Your Apple Gift Card Code Instantly By Email

Select the amount you want on your digital gift card and choose from one of the 82 payment methods we accept to complete your purchase. Your code appears instantly on your screen and, within seconds, you receive an email containing the code, invoice and redeem instructions. It couldnt be easier! All you have to do is redeem it and youre ready to shop all Apple has to offer! Should you have any questions while redeeming your code, just reach out to our customer service team. They are happy to help!

Buy Your Apple Gift Card Easily Online

App Store &  iTunes Gift Cards 50 Pack

Looking for a safe and easy way to refill your Apple ID balance quickly? Buy an Apple Gift Card online now! Forget about linking credit cards or sharing bank details, use this secure prepaid credit to spend on your favorite Apple purchases instead. That means, no surprise charges! Great, right? At Dundle , get your code in seconds with 24,7 instant digital delivery. So why wait? Redeem your code straight away for more store credit, app downloads, music, movies and more!

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Redeem A Gift Card With Your Iphone Ipad Ipod Touch

  • Peel or gently scratch off the label on the back of the gift card to reveal a 16-digit code that starts with X.
  • On your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, open the App Store app.
  • At the bottom of the screen, tap Today.
  • At the top of the screen, tap the sign-in button or your photo.
  • Tap “Redeem Gift Card or Code.” If you dont see Redeem Gift Card or Code, sign in with your Apple ID. Learn what to do if you forgot your Apple ID.
  • Tap “Use Camera” and follow the instructions on the screen. If you have trouble redeeming the card, tap “You can also enter your code manually,” then follow the instructions on the screen. Make sure that you enter the 16-digit code that begins with X.
  • Tap Done.
  • How To Change Your Icloud Storage Payment Method

    To change your iCloud storage payment method, you need to update the details on your Apple ID account. If there are multiple payment methods on your account, make sure the one you want to use is at the top of the list.

    As we already mentioned, this changes the payment method for all your other Apple purchases as well. That includes anything you buy from these services:

    • App Store
    • and more

    Follow the instructions below to change the iCloud payment method on your Apple ID account from any device.

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    Redeem A Gift Card On Your Iphone Ipad Or Ipod Touch

  • Find the 16-digit code on the back of the card.
  • On your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, open the App Store app.
  • At the bottom of the screen, tap Today.
  • At the top of the screen, tap the sign-in button or your photo.
  • Tap “Redeem Gift Card or Code.” If you dont see Redeem Gift Card or Code, sign in with your Apple ID.
  • Tap “Use Camera” and follow the instructions on the screen.
  • For Ios 14/ios 13/ios 12/ios 1:

    How to Upgrade iCloud Storage Space Without Payment Method on iPhone 11

    Launch Settings App -> Tap on Profile name -> iCloud> Manage Storage> Change Storage Plan

    Also Useful: Clear Up iCloud Storage on iPhone iOS 11/ 10

    Tap on Change Button link,

    Select New Plan and Tap on Buy at upper right corner of the screen,

    Tap on Continue for Verification payment, You Need to enter CVV number again,

    Tap on Buy, And Purchase done.

    New iOS 11, Alternate option PayPal is available into use in App Store, iTunes Store available. Just go to your Account settings and payment method, add new Paypal account and Verify it.

    Now we can use PayPal for purchase Apple Services.

    iOS 10.2.or earlier we offer this guide which is done in our lab on Apple iPhone 7.

    Open up Settings App scroll down to iCloud and tap on Storage.

    iOS 10.3 or later

    Step 1. Launch Settings App > Tap on appears above the Airplane Mode.

    Step 2. Tap iCloud, then tap on visually iCloud Storage bar.

    Step 3. Next, Tap Change Storage Plan or buy more storage and select a Plan and tap on Buy.

    Youll be asked to enter Apple ID & Passcode to Upgrade iCloud storage plan.

    Follow up the on-screen instructions and complete the process. Youre done.

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    How To Buy More Icloud Storage

    Follow these instructions to buy and add iCloud Storage plan to your Apple account. Once you have added a paid plan it can be used on all Apple devices that are connected with this particular Apple ID.

    Apple iCloud Storage plans are charged on monthly basis, and you need to have a valid payment method with your account to buy iCloud Storage. You can buy iCloud Storage with a debit card, credit card or Apple Gift Card balance. You can buy iCloud Storage without credit or debit card with the help of Apple Gift Card.

    How To Buy A New Icloud Storage Plan On Windows Pc

    The situations and the need of more space for PC go hand in hand with Mac. There might be many reasons to upgrade the storage plan from person to person. So let’s see how you can do that on your Windows PC. Before moving ahead, you need to download iCloud for Windows on your PC.

    Step 1: Open iCloud on Windows PC and sign into you account, then click on “Storage” icon.

    Step 2: Click on the “Buy More Storage” button at the top-right corner.

    Step 3: Select the option “Change Storage Plan” that suit your need and click on “Next”. The pop-up will appear asking you ID and Password, enter them and click on “Buy” button to buy iCloud storage.

    Whether you buy iCloud storage on iPhone, iPad, Mac or PC, you can upload more files to iCloud for backup. And then sync the iCloud files to different devices with ease. Just as mentioned, get more space for iCloud can only be accepted for a part of Mac users. Is there any alternative solution for purchasing iCloud storage plan? Check out more detail as below.

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    What Is An Apple Gift Card

    Its all things Apple – all in one card! Finally, for users in the US, Apple has combined its three gift cards into one single convenient card. Redeemable for every Apple product you could want! This card takes the place of the former Apple Store Gift Cards, iTunes Gift Cards and App Store Gift Cards. So gone are the days of choosing between app and music gift cards or store credit. Redeem your card code for anything from a Macbook, to your favorite song on iTunes, to a brand new e-book. Even for more iCloud storage or a new phone case! Just use your code as payment at checkout in any US Apple Store or redeem it to refill your ID balance in seconds. One card – endless possibilities.


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