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How To Put Gift Card On Paypal

Using Your Bank Account On The Mobile App

How to transfer your gift card balance to paypal
  • 1Open the PayPal app on your phone or tablet. It’s a blue icon with a white “P.” You’ll usually find it on the home screen or in the app drawer.
  • Transferring money from your bank account is free.
  • 2Make sure you have a PayPal Cash or Cash Plus account. Beginning in March of 2020, PayPal requires personal account holders to have a PayPal Cash account if they want to store money on PayPal.XResearch source Once you’re signed in to PayPal, scroll down and look for a “PayPal Balance” section:
  • If your account was verified before March 29, 2020, and/or you have a PayPal Cash card, your account was automatically converted to PayPal Cash. You will see a balance and can add funds with your bank account or any other method.
  • If you created your personal account after that date and/or don’t see a PayPal Balance section, you don’t have PayPal Cash. You can still link a bank account, credit, or debit card and send/receive payments, but you can’t add money to your PayPal account to store it there.
  • If you don’t have PayPal Cash and want to be able to keep money in your PayPal account, you can get it in one of two ways:
  • Ask someone to send money to your PayPal account. Then, tap the transaction in PayPal and select Keep it in PayPal. Follow the on-screen instructions to enter your personal information so you can add money.
  • Sign up for a PayPal Cash Debit Card. Check out the Using PayPal Cash at a Store method to learn how to sign up, or visit .
  • 9
  • How Do You Use A Perfect Gift Card

    To use the card at a point-of-sale terminal, simply swipe the magstripe on the back of the card and sign the receipt. Each time the Visa or Mastercard prepaid card is used, the purchase amount, including taxes and any other charges, is deducted from the available balance until that balance reaches zero.

    How To Use A Paypal Cashcard On Amazon

    A PayPal Cash Card is a very useful accessory to a PayPal account. The card is effectively a Mastercard tied to your PayPal balance. Its accepted anywhere a normal Mastercard is accepted, including Amazon.

    The good news is it is completely free to apply for a PayPal Cash card. There are some fees involved in withdrawing money from an ATM. However, it doesnt cost a penny to maintain the card or make purchases on Amazon. Take note that the card isnt available in all countries. And, even if you are in one of the supported countries there are some special requirements. The requirements for US accounts are as follows:

    • No current issues No outstanding PayPal account issues.
    • Phone number You must have a telephone number tied to the account.
    • Confirmed address You must have a confirmed address tied to the account.
    • Confirmed DOB and SSN Confirm your birth date and social security number with PayPal.

    If your PayPal account meets all the requirements, all you need to do is apply. Business account holders can also apply for a PayPal Business Debit Mastercard. In either case, the process is largely the same. Once you have your PayPal Cash card, its a breeze to use it to buy products on Amazon. Just enter the card number at checkout, and Amazon will accept it like any other debit card.

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    What Is Paypal Gifts

    This is a program where you can buy digital cards, also called e-cards. These cards have financial value, and you can send them to your loved ones. Once they receive it, they can use the card to buy stiff online.

    Examples of these cards are:

    • App Store
    • Dominos
    • Nintendo

    So, if you have a nephew who loves Nintendo, you can buy a Nintendo gift card and send it to him online. He can use that card to buy things he can download from Nintendo. If you buy a Google Play Card, he can use that card to pay for items he bought on Google Play Store. You can also buy PayPal Gifts for dining and other services.

    Thin thing is, Amazon Gift Card is not part of this program. You can only buy the Amazon Gift Card from Amazon or from 3rd-party sellers.

    Sell It On The Raise App

    Jack Wolfskin Men

    Another way to convert a Visa gift card into cash is by selling it on an app called Raise. Raiseis a site where you can sell your unwanted gift cards with ease.

    Its really simple! All you have to do is find all your unwanted gift cards then list them to sell on the platform. Lastly, you will get paid either via Check, PayPal, or by direct deposit when someone buys the gift card.

    Raise is an amazing site if you have unwanted Visa gift cards or any other gift cards from stores such as Target, Amazon, and Walmart. In addition to selling unwanted gift cards on the site, you can save money when you buy other gift cards on their site.

    You can also check out their coupon section to find some of the latest deals on popular stores and brands.

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    Buy Amazon Gift Cards With Paypal

    One of the easiest ways to use PayPal with Amazon is to purchase Amazon gift cards from your PayPal account. You can buy an Amazon gift card from a site like using a PayPal balance. Then you can use that gift card to shop normally on Amazon. Just be sure you verify safety and security with any site from which you are buying a gift card.

    Is It Possible To Transfer Ebay Gift Card Balance To Paypal

    eBay gift card is another popular choice that users stick to. However, next time you plan on gifting it to your loved ones, keep in mind that it is not possible to send money from eBay card to PayPal.

    • This means the eBay card can only be used to show at eBay.

    Although it is a great pick for someone who is interested in majority of the items for sale there but if you want to keep the horizons open, it is better to go with other gift cards that allow the balance to be shared to PayPal or other payment apps.

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    Add It To Your Venmo Account

    Similar to PayPal, you can convert your Visa gift card to cash via Venmo by putting your gift card balance on your Venmo account. And this is actually a better option than PayPal if you were planning to transfer the money to your own account as cold, hard cash.

    This is because Venmo doesnt charge any fee to transfer money from your Venmo account to your bank account, unless you select the Instant Transfer option. Otherwise, the money should arrive in your account within one to three business days.

    To do this, go into the Venmo app and find the option that lets you add gift cards. Theres a chance that youll get a warning message here for fraud prevention, so either try again or give Venmo customer service a call at their helpline to see if they can clear up the issue.

    How To Transfer Money From Gift Card To Paypal Balance

    How To Add Visa Gift Card To Paypal Balance

    It is quite easy to exchange gift card balance for funds on Paypal. This comes in handy when you get a card that you dont need or cant find anything of interest at the related store.

    You are not just going to let the money go to waste, right?

    You can convert it to usable cash by by transferring the funds to PayPal balance via CardCash.

  • Check for a stable and speedy internet connection. Then open the web browser and type in
  • Provide card issuers name along with the amount present in your gift card.
  • Tap on Get Offer.
  • Wait for the message to pop up that states the amount of balance you can send from the gift card to PayPal.
  • You are free to reject or accept this offer. If you wish to proceed, tap on Continue.
  • Now provide your gift card number and secret PIN.
  • Tap on Connect with PayPal.
  • Now login in your PayPal account via web service or mobile app.
  • Provide the required information in all the necessary fields.
  • Tap on Get My PayPal Balance.
  • This will complete the transaction between gift card merchant and your PayPal account. Typically, the funds will reach you in a day.

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    Buy A Money Order With The Visa Gift Card

    Places such as Walmart let you purchase a money order using a Visa gift card. Keep in mind this can vary depending on the location, so make sure to call the Walmart you are going to visit to make sure this option is available in your area.

    Once you receive your money order, you can deposit it into your bank and use it as cash. If you arent sure how a money order works, check out this article by Nerd Wallet. It goes through everything that you may need to know before getting started with getting a money order.

    How To Add Money From Amazon Gift Card To Paypal Account

    Before you begin to transfer money from Amazon gift card to PayPal, you need to link these two together. After that, the card can support all sorts of transactions. Lets take a look at how that works.

  • Open your PayPal account by providing the login credentials.
  • Tap on Wallet. The option will be visible at the top of the page.
  • Then click on Link a credit/debit card.
  • Choose Debit Card and enter its card number, expiration date, address, CVV, and other data if required.
  • Click Continue.
  • This will complete the process. Now you can easily send funds from Amazon gift card to PayPal whenever you want.

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    How To Transfer Money From Gift Card To Paypal

    These methods can come in handy when you want to use a store-specific card balance to purchase items elsewhere.

    So if you have a Visa or Amazon gift card and you are worried that the funds will go to waste then heres how the money can be shifted to PayPal account. Time to save some dollars, check this out!

    1. Send Gift Card Balance To PayPal Using

    • Make sure that your internet is working fine or otherwise, you would encounter login issues and more.
    • This is the place where you can avail different offers on transferring card balance to other accounts. Share card issue details and then click on Get Offer.
    • Once the offer is on your screen, you can choose to turn it down or go ahead with it. If you press Continue, the website will then ask you to provide the gift card number and password.
    • Note down the transfer details that the website provides, then open your PayPal account by providing sign-in information.
    • Past the details here and click on Get My PayPal Balance. You will get the money as per CashCard deal.

    2. Amazon Gift Card Allows You To Send Funds To PayPal

    3. You Can Transfer Balance On Your VISA Gift Card To PayPal

    4. You Can Transfer The Money To Your Bank Account Instead.

    Add It To Your Paypal Wallet

    Free 100 paypal code

    Another way to convert Visa gift cards to cash is with PayPal. That is, PayPal lets you add prepaid cards, including Via gift cards, to your PayPal wallet. What this means is that youre then able to treat the balance like cash, by using it to purchase things from any merchant that accepts PayPal which is most major ones, these days.

    How can I get money off of a gift card through PayPal?

    To get money from a Visa gift card to PayPal accounts, just do the following:

  • Log in to your PayPal account.
  • Select the Wallet option at the top of the page
  • There should be an option on the left to Link a card or bank. Youll be able to find this under any existing cards or banks you have linked. Click this and continue through the prompts.
  • When you get to the point where PayPal asks you for the relevant information, add your Visa gift card details. Then click Link Card.
  • Theres a chance that you may get an error when trying to do this. If that happens to you, you may have to first register the card with the issuer so an address is linked to the Visa gift card. After that, PayPal should have no problem accepting it.

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    How To Convert Visa Gift Cards To Cash

    There are a bunch of different ways to get your Visa gift card balance converted to cash. In a few cases, theyll let you end up with actual cash in your hand, while others will let you treat the card as if it were cash in terms of how you use it.

    There are a few ways though that involve a transfer of the Visa gift card to your bank account. From there, youll then be able to withdraw the money as cash.

    Want to get started with a free $5 Visa gift card? Simply and youll get a free $5 welcome bonus, which you can then convert into a Visa gift card

    Whichever option you choose though, the outcome is the same. So it just becomes a question of which one is easier for you.

    Use A Second Paypal Account

    The trick is pretty much self-explanatory if you think it through here is the process you need to follow to cash your gift card:

    • First, you need a second PayPal account you can either ask a friend to help you out on it or can open a new account. Opening an account takes a few minutes, and a new email address is not associated with the primary account.
    • Once you have the second account ready, log into it, go to the Wallet option, and add the card to that account. You can follow the process Ive mentioned in the previous section to understand how to add a debit gift card to your PayPal account.
    • Now, click on the Send & Request button located right before the Wallet menu to start the transfer process to your primary account. It will take you to a new page showing the card youve just added earlier in this process click on Continue.
    • From the next page, select the Friends & Family option to send the money for free of charge. Dont forget to put in the amount you have in the card all the way through if PayPal charges, calculate the charge, and put it all in.
    • Now that youre all set go ahead and click on Send Payment to complete the transfer from your secondary account to the primary one.

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    Digital Gift Card Purchases

    The PayPal Digital Gifts site facilitates the gift card purchasing process for those purchasing gift certificates for someone in the United States. Dozens of gift cards are available for purchase directly from the site — just click on one of the indicated dollar amounts, or type in your amount within the ranges indicated. Cards can be loaded within a specified value range. As of this publication, for example, an iTunes card purchased through PayPal can be anywhere from $10 to $100 — you’ll get an error message if you enter a number that falls below the minimum or above the maximum threshold.

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    Once you decide on the amount, note whether this is for yourself or intended to be a gift for someone else, and confirm that you’ve read and accepted the terms and conditions, you’re prompted to pay with your existing PayPal account to complete the purchase. As an alternative, you can set up a new PayPal account and use it to pay with a credit or debit card. The “gift card” comes in the form of an electronic code rather than a physical object, which the recipient then uses to make her purchase.


    You’ll need to have a PayPal account to use this service, or PayPal will make you create one before checkout. However, the recipient doesn’t need to have a PayPal account to accept the gift card. All you need to do is provide her email address for the electronic delivery.

    Re: How To Use Gift Cards With Paypal Express Payment Provider

    Can You Add Visa Debit Gift Card To Paypal

    Even though your store only offers PayPal Express as a payment option, your customers should still be able to checkout using PayPal Express and a gift card. However, they will need to add the product to the cart and proceed to the checkout in order to do so if they select PayPal directly from the product page or from the Express Checkout section at the very beginning of the checkout, then they won’t have the option to redeem their gift card. This is because this is an accelerated one-click checkout.

    In your case, it might be worth removing the dynamic checkout buttons from your product pages to prevent customers from using the accelerated payment method. With the dynamic checkout buttons removed, the customer will have to proceed through the checkout normally, which will give them the ability to redeem their gift card and pay via PayPal.

    I’ve also tested this out in my own test store and with only PayPal Express enabled, I was still able to proceed through the checkout, enter a gift card code, and pay for the difference via PayPal. Have you tried testing this out on your end yet?

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