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How To Reload Disney Gift Card

How To Redeem Disney Rewards Dollars Toward Airline Travel2

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First, purchase airline tickets with your Disney® Premier Visa® Card.

  • Any airline
  • No block-out dates
  • Book directly with the airline, a travel agent or travel website

Then pay yourself back by redeeming your Disney Rewards Dollars for a credit on your monthly statement.

  • Must redeem within 60 days of purchasing your tickets
  • Each Rewards Dollar is worth $1 when redeeming
  • Do not load your Disney Rewards Dollars to a Disney Rewards Redemption Card
  • Disney Rewards Dollars will be deducted directly from your account
  • Must have and redeem at least 50 Disney Rewards Dollars from your account
  • If you dont have enough Rewards Dollars to cover the entire price of your airline ticket, you can apply as many Rewards Dollars as you have for a statement credit toward the ticket price

Or redeem by phone by calling

Your credit will appear on your monthly Chase credit card statement within 1 2 billing cycles.

Disney Gift Card Discounts At Kroger Save Up To 20%

If youre lucky enough to live near a Kroger supermarket, then you can easily take advantage of a unique strategy that will save you up to 20%.

Not only can you use the AMEX Blue Cash Preferred to buy your Disney Gift Cards at Kroger , but you can also maximize your saving by utilizing their Fuel Points promotions. Kroger frequently offers a whopping 4x Fuel Points on gift cards which you can apply to Disney gift card purchases.

Heres the best way to maximize your savings at Kroger:

When you buy $250 in Disney gift cards during the 4X Fuel Points promotion, you will receive 1000 Fuel Points . Therefore, if you buy 35 gallons of gas, you automatically save $35 on the $250 cost .

Combine this promotion with your American Express Blue Cash Preferred Card and you will save an additional 6%. Add the 14% and 6% and you have a 20% savings to apply to your Disney World vacation!

Note: If your car doesnt hold 35 gallons, you can always bring your second vehicle to fill up at the same time.

Buying Gift Cards At Office Supply Stores

If it has been a minute since you have gone inside an office supply store, it is time to revisit. Office Max, Staples, and Office Depot are some of the biggest ones that easily come to mind, and you can get some great discounts on Disney gift cards in each.

Office supply stores are also a category you can often get cashback on with credit cards. With so many options it is pretty likely that at least one of the stores will be available when you need to buy some gift cards.

Honestly, using your credit card is the best strategy for a discount at an Office supply store since the gift cards themselves are rarely discounted, but a solid 5% back is nothing to sniff at. Plus there is usually no big membership fee to get in the way of actually saving money here!

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Get Ready For Your Next Disney Experience

Once you accumulate your Disney gift cards to use on a magical Walt Disney World Vacation, it is best to combine them onto one card. This can be done on the Disney Gift Card website. You need to create an account before you can proceed. Once your account is set up, log in and click Manage Cards. Here you will type in your barcodes from your gift cards. Next click on Transfer Balance. Once you designate one card to be your main card you can transfer the remaining cards to your one main card. However, a maximum of $1,000 can only be put on any given card. Another great benefit of registering your gift cards on the site is that if you lose one of your cards that still has money on it, you can simply go online and transfer the money onto another gift card.

How Do I Reload Additional Disney Rewards Dollars To A Disney Rewards Redemption Card I Already Have

Free $10 Amazon Reward w/ $100 Gift Card Reload  Recipes ...

You can reload additional Disney Rewards Dollars to an existing, active Redemption Card online by going to the My Disney Account section and selecting Load Disney Rewards Dollars on that page, or by calling. You must have a minimum of 10 Disney Rewards Dollars available in your account. For Disney® Premier Visa® Cardmembers, once Disney Rewards Dollars are loaded to a Redemption Card, they can no longer be redeemed toward airline travel.23

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Are Disney Gift Card Deals Better Than Cash

If you are planning to use your Disney gift card at Disney World or Disney Land, then heck yeah they are better than cash! You can get them for a discount, thereby spending way less than you would just paying cash!

You can also use them as a clever budgeting hackif you do not want to spend more than $50 while you are inside the park, then just bring a $50 gift card! You cannot overspend if you do not have the money to overspend, even if that limited issue t-shirt that you will only wear twice is seriously calling your name.

The one caveat here is if you plan on spending way more than you actually do and then have a lot of gift cards left over. Disney gift cards are good for Disney annnnnndthat is it.

If you are a Disney regular and know you will come back to use the rest up this is no trouble. But if this is your once-in-a-lifetime trip to Disney, maybe be a little cautious with your gift card purchasing.

Definitely still do it! But keep in mind that you will not be able to use them outside of Disney and err on the side of caution. We are trying to help you save money, not waste it!

After all, that is the whole point of discount Disney gift cards!

Deals And Discounts On Disney Gift Cards

One favorite of many readers for getting a deal on purchasing a Disney gift card is to use a Target REDcard to buy the gift card at the Target checkout. Because the Disney gift card is considered an entertainment card at Targets POS, it is eligible for a 5% discount when purchased with a REDcard .

Because I dont like to have store credit cards, I use my Disney Visa from Chase . We get 2% back on all Disney purchases when we use this card. I put the cash back on a Disney Rewards Card . The Disney Visa does have a yearly fee, but for TouringPlans, we charge enough that the 2% back is a good deal for us. If I did not have a Disney Visa, I would use my no-annual-fee credit card that gives 1% cash back into my bank account.

Another tactic I havent tried, but would love to hear about it you have, is online gift card exchanges. These are sites online where you can trade the gift card you got for, say, Williams-Sonoma when your mom knows the tool reached for most often in your kitchen is a takeout menu for a card you would use, like Disney, where you will buy your weight in Dole Whips. Or you can just buy others cards at a discount. I checked a few sites to see if they were selling any Disney gift cards at a discount and didnt see any right now.

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Where Can I Use My Disney Rewards Redemption Card

There are many locations both inside and outside of Disney Theme Parks where you can use your Disney Rewards Redemption Card loaded with Disney Rewards Dollars. Go to the Where to Redeem page in the Rewards Dollars Details section to find out where you can use your Disney Rewards Redemption Card.

  • Toward Airline Travel
  • What Are Disney Gift Cards

    How to Buy Disney Gift Card Online

    If you are not a big fan of carrying a big wad of cash around, or all of your credit cards with you while traversing the Disney World parks, you are going to love Disney gift cards. They are a convenient way to carry money around without actually carrying money!

    Great. So what are they?

    Disney gift cards are pre-loaded cards much like any other gift cards. You can find them in tons of grocery stores, major chains, and even from online vendors! Their easy accessibility is just one of their many wonderful features.

    Now, they are not to be confused with a Disney Rewards Chase Visa. This is a credit card where you earn points that count as cash in Disney stores. Those points are transferred to a Disney Rewards Redemption Card, which functions like a gift card, but is not a gift card.

    Disney gift cards, on the other hand, can often be found for a discount. If you are paying full price for your Disney gift card, you are doing it wrong. Trust us, we do not go around telling people that they are doing things wrong very often but you should not pay full price for a Disney gift card.

    Trust us. There are discounts to be had all over the place. We are going to tell you about all the best ones!

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    Target Disney Gift Cards

    While Target doesnt sell discount Disney gift cards per se, you can use a Target REDcard to save 5% on Disney gift cards.

    A REDcard saves you 5% off of all your purchases, even Target Disney gift cards.

    I especially like that there is a REDcard Debit card so I dont have to open a credit card to save on Disney gift cards!

    Just add Disney gift cards to your cart on and use your REDcard as your payment method at checkout.

    Can This Be Used At Any Disney Location

    The Disney Gift Card is just about limitless when it comes to its use, not to mention the magic you will experience as a result. Once purchased, you can use the gift card at select participating locations at Walt Disney World® Resort, Disneyland® Resort, Disney Cruise Line, Disney Store locations in the United Stores,, Disney PhotoPass, Disney Vacation Club®, and Adventures by Disney®. A complete list of locations and restrictions can be found at

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    Save 6% Or More At Grocery Stores

    Target isnt the only retailer that sells Disney gift cards. Youll often see them sold in supermarkets, as well.

    One strategy to get Disney gift card discounts is to buy them in grocery stores and use a credit card with high supermarket cashback rewards to make your purchase.

    The best card to use for this trick is clearly the American Express Blue Cash Preferred Card, which gives you a whopping 6% cashback on grocery store purchases .

    So, if you want an easy way to get 6% off your Disney World expenses, simply sign up for this card and buy your Disney Gift Cards at your local grocery store using the Blue Cash Preferred Card.

    Sign up for the American Express Blue Cash Preferred Card and earn 6% at grocery stores, plus an additional $200 cashback. For more details, click the link below.

    Where Can I See How Many Disney Rewards Dollars I Have

    Batuuan Spira Star Wars: Galaxys Edge Exclusive Metal ...

    To find out your Rewards Dollars account balance, go to the My Disney Account page, log in and see your Disney Rewards Dollars balance at the top of the page. You also can check your latest credit card statement from Chase.

    To find the balance on your Disney Rewards Redemption Card since your last credit card statement, go to My Disney Account page, log-in and see the balances on your Redemption Cards at the top of the page. You may also call a Customer Service Representative at .

    Or, if you have made a purchase using your Disney Rewards Redemption Card at a Disney retail location since your last monthly statement, your remaining Disney Rewards Dollars balance will be printed on the receipt. Refer to your last purchase receipt to obtain the most current balance.

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    Cheap Disney Gift Cards Summary

    In summary, BJs offersthe most reliable and hassle-free way to get Disney gift card deals.

    Though you can definitely buy Disney gift cards at other locations, you will need a special card or pricey membership to get access to the best prices.

    I like that you only need a $10/year membership to buy gift cards from BJs and that you can use any payment method .

    How Do I Use Multiple Disney Gift Cards Online

    If you have multiple gift cards, its best to combine them into one. This can easily be done on the Disney Gift Card website. After you have logged in, click on Manage Cards and then Transfer Balance. You can designate one of the cards to be your main card and then transfer your remaining cards to that one.

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    Pros Of Using Discount Disney Gift Cards

    You might think this is obvious but stick around for a second. Using discount Disney gift cards is great because at the end of the day you are spending less than a dollar on a dollars worth of stuff. But because there are other ways to save money at Disney, sometimes you can get a bigger discount with a different method than a gift card.

    Disney Cruises are not an example of this. Definitely do use your Disney gift cards for Disney Cruise Lines and Adventures by Disney! Neither of these options hardly ever has any other means for a discount, and a gift card is a great way to save some cash.

    Another area where gift cards are worth your while is Disney merchandise! If you are an annual pass holder then that will actually give you a bigger discount, but if you do not live close enough to a Disney location to use that, use a gift card!

    After all, souvenirs are not that important to someone close by who can go to Disney anytime they want. If you are not able to go often and this is a special trip buy your souvenirs with your gift cards!

    The same goes for dining at Disneyif you are an annual pass holder then you already have great discounts. But if you are not, using a gift card will still save you a decent amount of money.

    Basically at the end of the day, Disney gift cards are the most helpful if you are not an annual pass holder.

    What If I Dont Have A Physical Card

    How To Get FREE DISNEY GIFT CARDS! Money Saving Tips For Disney has steps to take if you dont have your original card OR a card to transfer your balance to. If you are no longer in possession of your physical or digital Disney Gift Card that are currently on your account, you will need to transfer the balance to a Disney Gift Card that you do have available.

    The site also states, Please keep in mind that the total balance allowed on a single card is $1,000. If you dont have another card to transfer to, please Contact Us and provide the original gift card proof of purchase. The contact number is 1-877-650-4327.

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    Can I Return Disney Rewards Dollars From My Disney Rewards Redemption Card Back Into My Rewards Dollars Account Balance

    No. Once Disney Rewards Dollars are loaded onto a Disney Rewards Redemption Card, they cannot be returned to your Disney Rewards account. Remember, for Disney Premier Visa Cardmembers, when Disney Rewards Dollars are loaded to a Redemption Card, you can no longer use them to redeem for a credit on your monthly statement towards airline tickets purchased with your card.23

    How To Save Money Using Discount Disney Gift Cards

    • Pin

    Looking to save money in Disney World? You might have heard about things like booking in advance, bringing in your own water, and going in the off-season, but we have a new one for you. Discount Disney gift cards.

    Yeah. You read that right. You can buy discounted Disney gift cards, and there are actually some genius strategies for it.

    After all, you are going to need that extra pocket change for those classic Disney churros or the fantastic Dole whip! Really, it is easy to overspend in Disney World. So, so easy.

    Saving money at Disney is a topic that is near and dear to our hearts. We have strategies for saving money on food, lodging, and generally just doing Disney on a budget.

    That is why we were so excited when we found out about all the Disney gift card deals out there! Buying a Disney gift card might not seem like the cleverest tacticyou are just exchanging money for money, right?


    That is where the whole discount thing comes in. Surprisingly, when it comes to Disney World gift cards there are a lot of ways to get them for less than their dollar value. Keep reading and by the end of this article you will be an expert on it too.

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    Faqs For 10% Off Disney Gift Cards Promo Code

    • Does Disney Gift Card offer 10% Off Disney Gift Cards Promo Code?Yes, 10% Off Disney Gift Cards Promo Code is valid on Disney Gift Card purchases.
    • Where to find the latest 10% Off Disney Gift Cards Promo Code?There are many methods to find out the latest 10% Off Disney Gift Cards Promo Code, continue to read and find the best for you.Check at Disney Gift Card official website, and you may find the latest offers on homepage.You can visit Disney Gift Card Facebook, Twitter and other social media for the latest 10% Off Disney Gift Cards Promo Code.Ask help from coupon sites like HotDeals, the latest Promo Codes & Promotion Codes are always available there.
    • How do I use 10% Off Disney Gift Cards Promo Code?Select Disney Gift Card items and add to shopping cart along with number, sizes, colors, etc.Browse the 10% Off Disney Gift Cards Promo Code list, choose one of coupons, and then open it to copy.Go back to the shopping cart page, and finish your billing and shipping address.Look for the box of ‘Coupon/Discount Code’, and enter the coupon code to apply savings.
    • How to save more at Disney Gift Card?You can save extra money with 10% Off Disney Gift Cards Promo Code, and besides that, you can also try:Sign up for Disney Gift Card Newsletter and receive your exclusive code.Have a look at the banners at their homepage, and get the big sale information.Subscribe for HotDeals, and get the most valuable offers at Disney Gift Card.


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