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How To Sell Gift Cards On Shopify

Gift Cards & Loyalty Program By Riseai

How to set up gift cards || Shopify Help Center

Rating: 4.8/5

Price: Starting from $19.99/month with a 7-day free trial.

Gift Cards & Loyalty Program is undoubtedly one of the best Shopify gift card apps for online merchants. When combining this Shopify app with gift cards, you can rest assured that your revenue and loyalty will increase dramatically.

This Shopify gift card app allows merchants to set rules for better gift cards management

More than just creating your Shopify gift card, you can use Gift Cards & Loyalty Program by to build a gift card program.

  • Online merchants can make a gift card and Store Credit program for their store without worrying about which Shopify plan theyre on.
  • Customers are enabled to send branded gift cards and gift vouchers to gift recipients via email.
  • This gift card app also offers you multi-channel capability. It means that you can offer your gift cards across multiple stores.

Additionally, you can set rules to get more retention and loyalty for your Shopify store. Therefore, you can easily manage rewards and loyalty cards by using Store Credit and Loyalty Points.

Moreover, Shopify merchants can also establish automated bulk gift cards and gift vouchers that operate based on specific conditions. For example, if customers purchase at your store 3 times, they can receive a gift. With this, you can encourage customers to buy more and keep returning to your business.

If you are curious about Shopify Plus, you can read more about it and when to upgrade your Shopify account.

Promote Them In Your Email Marketing Campaigns

As an ecommerce store, were sure youre sending out regular newsletters to promote discounts, deals, offers and new products on email. Give your gift cards a place in your email content as well, promoting them during the holiday season. Ensure you add them visibly with a section dedicated to them so that they dont go unnoticed.

You could even set up a separate email marketing campaign for it!

Heres how Roxy promotes their gift cards:

Gift Cards Are Convenient Safe And Secure

Customers lose physical gift cards all the time. Sadly, once the gift card is gone, its gone for good. The same cant be said for the digital gift cards you can use on Shopify. Sending a digital gift card is effortless and secure. The amount will always stay the same, too.

Shopify has excellent security, which is another plus. As such, your gift cards are guaranteed safe and secure. Thats a benefit for customers as well.

Gift cards arent only convenient for customers, either. As a merchant, managing your gift cards is a total breeze. They offer a fast and convenient way to sell your products to customers around the world.

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Let Customers Add Gift Cards To The Cart Upon Click

Assuming youâve already created gift cards in your Shopify store, here is what you need to do. Click the first button and change the text on it to reflect the smallest gift card amount you have. Then hit + Add action and proceed to âAdd custom product variants.â From there, go to âGift cardsâ and select the corresponding gift card from the list.

Now, when a customer clicks that button, the gift card will be automatically added to their shopping cart. When it happens, a brief confirmation message will pop up to indicate that the card has been added. In our example, itâs â$10 gift card added to your cart,â but you can type any other text ð

Repeat these steps with the rest of the buttons. If there are too many of them on the template, click on those youâd like to eliminate and hit âRemove button.â

The last button on this template is designed to take a customer directly to their shopping cart. To set it up, click the button, select âOpen URL,â and type your shopping cart URL, as illustrated below.

They Increase Your Revenue

How To Use &  Benefit Shopify Gift Cards For Your Store?

Gift card sales bring in money when theyre purchased, but they also offer an opportunity for additional revenue when theyre redeemed. The average card user will spend an additional $38 on top of the card’s pre-loaded amount, according to a survey by First Data.

Shoppers with gift cards are also more likely to purchase some of your higher-priced items since they see the gift card as being free money to spend. And heres another fun revenue fact: 72% of people who go to a store to purchase a gift card for someone else end up spending money at the on themselves, according to Retail Touchpoints.

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Shopify: Gift Cards Integration

Metorik integrates deeply with Shopify’s native gift card functionality, which as of 2020 is available on all Shopify plans. Since Metorik is a reporting and segmenting tool, it’s important to understand how the sale and usage of gift cards impacts your reports and other features in Metorik.

In this article

Disadvantage You Need To Work On Additional Book

It is a fact that you wont be able to record sale of a gift card as revenue. It means that you need to provide services or merchandise for the value of sold gift cards online. So, when customers redeem a gift card for services or merchandise, you can record it as revenue.

Hence, if you are doing all your accounting stuffs yourself, you need to be ready to deal with extra burden. You need to work on additional book-keeping stuffs.

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What Are Gift Cards

A gift card, also known as a gift voucher, is a type of prepaid stored-value money card that usually gets issued by a retailer to be used as an alternative to cash for making purchases from the brand.

Simply put, if youre gifting someone a gift card worth INR 1000 for Christmas from brand ABC, they can use it to make a purchase worth the amount on that brands online store or at a physical retail store.

Note: Shopify gift cards is a feature that is now available on all Shopify plans. You can read more about it here.

What Is Shopify Gift Card And How To Take Advantage Of It

Selling gift cards to grow Shopify holiday sales – (how) does it work? | Clarice Lin

Many of you should heard of Shopify’s COVID-19 offers to help merchants in this hard period. For those who haven’t heard or want to get more info, I recommend to check their domain in which you will find all the details. One of the biggest offers of Shopify is about gift cards. They are now available on all new and existing Shopify plans. In this article, we would like to tell you about what is a Shopify gift card, and how to leverage it for your business. If you are ready, let’s dive into it!

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They Drive People To Your Website

Digital gift cards are becoming more popular, with an estimated value of $15 billion according to Gift Card Granny. The giver can conveniently purchase a gift card through your website, saving a trip to the store perfect for last-minute gift purchases. The card is emailed to the recipient, eliminating the need for paper or plastic gift cards or certificates.

Nearly 40% of consumers prefer digital gift cards that are scanned from their phone over a physical card, according to research by Gift Card Granny.

How Gift Cards Work On Shopify And Shopify Plus

The best part about using gift cards with Shopify is that paying using a gift card is integrated seamlessly into the online store checkout process. Once enabled, gift card codes can be entered into the promo code box and applied automatically. Gift card codes and promo codes can be used simultaneously they are not affected by Shopifys single promo code limitation.

For Shopify Plus clients, there are a number of additional benefits, particularly when using the Shopify POS . On Shopify POS, gift cards are simply another payment method during the tender process. In addition, physical gift cards can be ordered and sold using either the Shopify POS or the online store. Finally, for merchants with a single Shopify Plus store, omnichannel is built into Shopify.

For merchants with Shopify Plus expansion stores, this is a bit more complicated. But working with a Shopify partner, like Command C, merchants are able to build a true omnichannel experience using custom apps.

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How To Set Up Gift Cards In Your Shopify Store

Gift cards are a valuable addition to any business. They offer extra gift-giving options to your customers and provide you with cash flow during hard times.

To support small businesses during COVID-19, Shopify enabled their gift card feature on all Shopify store plans starting last year. This means you can now set up and sell gift cards at no additional cost to you.

Like most things on Shopify, the process of setting up gift cards is straightforward.

Lets take a look at how it all works.

How To Set Up Gift Cards In Your Shopify Store

What Is A Shopify Gift Card?

Like other gift cards, Shopify gift cards are pre-paid cards that can be used to make purchases at a specific store.

Most Shopify store gift cards are created online and sent to the recipient using a one-off code. They can be used in place of cash within a given timeframe.

Why Your Business Should Offer Gift Cards

From a customer viewpoint, gift cards are a great gift-giving option. They make it easy for people to buy presents for loved ones while allowing the recipient to choose something they truly love.

Gift cards are an excellent way for customers to support small businesses during COVID-19, when many are struggling to survive. The shopper gets to support you outright by securing a future purchase, and your business gets paid the cash upfront to help maintain cash flow.

Often, customers will spend more than the card’s value when making their purchase, increasing cash flow at the point of sale.

      Use Social Media To Promote Them Organically

      How to Sell Gift Cards on Your Shopify Site PLUS Free ...

      Social media influences 71% of online purchase decisions. Use your brand accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and other channels to promote the availability of gift cards on your store.

      For example, you can create a carousel sharing the benefits of giving gift cards to your family. Or you can create a short video to post as an Instagram Reel showing how happy people are when they receive gift vouchers of their favourite brands.

      But remember, you need to do this consistently over a period of time and not just at the last minute. Organic marketing takes time to be noticed, so start early!

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      Shopkeeper Gift Card Scheduler

      One of the major pain points for digital gift cards is ensuring that the recipient gets them at the right time. Sometimes people forget to print and forward on the details on time because theyve bought it well in advance or they send it so far in advance that the gift card is forgotten about. This is where this app comes in. It allows for the buyer to schedule when the recipient will get the gift from them.

      It works simply by forwarding a message to the purchaser. In that message is a link where they can enter the email address of the recipient and then select the date and time which they should receive the gift card. This can be any time within the next 365 days. Then everything is done for the purchaser. The gift card will be sent at this time.

      The gift card can be sent at any quarter hour, in any time zone. Plus, if the recipient doesnt want to use the gift card , the purchaser can still redeem the money through the original email. And if the gift card is a last minute purchase, then the card can be sent immediately.

      Use Sms Marketing To Let Subscribers Know About It

      With an average 98% open rate on SMS campaigns, its a channel you dont want to miss while promoting gift cards. Create a separate SMS marketing campaign that is focused on promoting the benefits of your gift cards, or combine a discount with it to encourage their purchase.

      Hey Sara,

      This Christmas, give your friends and family the gifts they really want with our GIFT CARDS. Also get an exclusive 10% off on purchases made via gift vouchers. Get them here:

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      Iii How To Add A Shopify Gift Card

      From your Shopify admin, go to Products > Gift Cards.

      Click Sell gift cards if you are a new user with no gift cards available.

      If you already have some gift cards in-store, select Create gift card product

      Provide necessary information for your Shopify gift card. To help your customers find your Shopify gift cards, add them to a collection.

      Click View to see the gift card you just created in the storefront.

      Now that you have activated the gift card feature, you can easily change the settings by accessing Gift cards > Gift card products.

      Hit Make products available to display your product on the sales channel.

      How To Use Shopify Gift Cards: A Step

      How To Add and Manage Shopify Gift Cards (2020 Tutorial)

      Customer experience has been highly altered in a time of essential spending like this. Clothing stores that were bustling until just days ago, pleasing shopaholics with unconventional concepts, now sit unsure of when customers will next pass through their doors.

      Applicable to both online and offline businesses, Shopify gift cards can help boost the overall performance in the long run. For brick and mortar stores, Shopify gift cards help tackle temporary shutdown and warm customers up to reopening. For online enterprises, this practice comes off as a reward and incentive for the next shopping experience of their customers.

      How can this method be simple and powerful at the same time? Lets dig deeper!

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      Add The Gift Card Product To A Collection

      You can add gift card products to a manual collection or an automated collection like any other product. You can also add a gift card to an existing manual collection on the gift card’s product details page.


    • From your Shopify admin, go to Products> Gift cards.

    • Click View gift card products.

    • In the Collections section, enter the name of an existing manual collection to search for it.

    • #app : Shopkeeper Gift Cards

      • Multiple gift card layouts can be used on different occasions.
      • Dont cut your processing fees when gift cards are sold

      Why you should use it?

      If you want to create the best buying gift card for your customers, Shopkeeper Gift Cards by Shopkeeper Tools allow your customers to freely customize a gift card tailored to their needs. With more than 300 templates that can be used for many events like birthdays, Christmas, etc, they can have a personalized gift card with only a few steps. Also, Shopkeeper offers users the easy process to make many complicated codes that are necessary for producing mobile, animated, and print-friendly gift cards.

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      Should You Enable Gift Cards On Your Shopify Store

      Consumer purchase behaviour has evolved dramatically over the years. The pandemic for instance has emphasised on the importance of making meaningful purchases, and gifting is a part of the same.

      This is why we believe gift cards are a must in your holiday marketing strategy!

      Dont wait, and help your customers give meaningful gifts this season with gift cards.

      Rise Gift Card Loyalty Program Highlights:

      How to Sell Gift Cards for Your Brick
      • Issue gift cards when customers have returned items.
      • Set rules that automatically generate gift cards when theyve been met.
      • Offer discounts on credit when customers spend more. For instance, offer a $100 gift card for just $90.
      • Easily installed into your store and customization takes just a few minutes.

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      Why Offer Gift Cards

      According to a First Data study about the U.S. gift card market, closed loop cards remain more popular than open loop cards . The reason is that closed loop cards are perceived as a more personalized gift than open loop cards. Creating a gift card for your Shopify store allows you to take part in the closed loop gift card market.

      Gift cards specific to a merchant are perceived as a more personalized gift than cash or use-anywhere gift cards like Visa or American Express.

      Some more reasons to start selling gift cards on your store include:

    • You can potentially gain new customers as more than half of consumers bought at least one gift card for the holiday season in 2011. For a happy customer, these can be a great way to share your products with others.
    • Gift card purchases typically exceed the gift card amount as customers try to use the entire value of the gift card. This can help increase the average order value on your store. Make sure to offer gift card in denominations that are above your current average order value. For example, if your current average order value is $65, selling a gift card worth $75 would help boost your average order value. Read more about increasing average order value in our previous post.
    • Shopify allows you to set up, personalize, and sell gift cards on your online store or the Shopify POS system.

      Selling Gift Cards To Grow Holiday Sales

      Gift cards are a holiday classic, whether youre the uncertain shopper or the recipient who is thrilled to pick out your favourite products after the holidays. This year, theyre available on all Shopify plans to help you navigate the uncertainty of the selling season.

      In this video, youll learn how to:

    • Use gift cards strategically to help avoid selling out of popular products.

    • Make sure last minute shoppers are happy by selling digital gift cards, which ship instantlyand for free.

    • Add gift cards to your store and convert uncertain shoppers, even if theyre not sure of the best gift to give this year.

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