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How To Sell Gift Cards Online

Sell Gift Cards Online Direct Deposit

How to Sell Gift Cards safely and at the Best Price (Amazon, google play, iTunes, Steam, Xbox, etc)

There are several sites where you can sell unwanted gift card like CardCash and GiftDeals . However, usually you will sell a gift card cheaper than its face value. All you need to do is to state the merchant of your card and then check for the highest offer. The price of the card depends on how popular the card is. Different gift cards have different procedures for selling.

We have selected for you some marketplaces where you can consider selling your gift card. Be aware that you will be paying a small fee or commission at most online gift card exchange sites. Therefore you also may want to look into the options to sell your gift card locally.

How Do I Sell My Unused Gift Cards

If theres a gift card taking up space in your wallet or cluttering your bedside table, you can always sell it for cash.

Its possible to sell gift cards just about anywhere you can sell things online. Just make sure you get compensation before you give away your card number and PIN. Otherwise, the buyer could wipe out your card balance before you see a penny.

There are websites that people visit specifically to buy and sell unused gift cards. Ill go over a few of the primary options in this article.

Gameflip Is The Safest Way To Sell Gift Cards For Cash

Gameflip is the simplest way to sell unwanted gift cards for cash. You can sell any unused, prepaid and non-reloadable gift cards on Gameflip. Popular gift cards on Gameflip are Steam cards, PSN, Xbox Live, Amazon, iTunes, and Google Play cards.

Your gift card will be listed in front of the thousands of buyers participating in the marketplace. To sell gift cards quickly, set the price between 2% and 15% off the original amount. Depending on the popularity of your gift cards, you may need to adjust the asking price to attract buyers.

Simply list your gift cards using our website or our free mobile app. We recommend choosing auto-delivery for fastest and smoothest transaction. After the buyer receives your git card code, redeems and completes the transaction by rating, the sale proceeds are immediately deposited into your Gameflip wallet. You can choose to withdraw your sale proceeds any time.

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Buying A Gift Card Through Gift Card Granny

Gift Card Granny has some features that other gift card purveyors lack. For one, you can check out as a guest rather than save all your information . And while you’re more limited in gift card denominations with Gift Card Granny, you have the option to give e-gift cards to people, much like if you were purchasing through the retailer’s website itself.

But unlike with CardCash, the savings are not upfront. You earn cash back on your purchases, though you must create an account to collect it. But that’s not all — you must earn a minimum of $5 cash back to redeem for gift cards, and a minimum of $10 to redeem for cash. Unless you find yourself buying gift cards frequently or at high prices, this isn’t a great route for savings.

Security, though, is a benefit here. When I received the e-gift card, I had to click through from my email to the Gift Card Granny website and input my email address to retrieve the gift code. This helps prevent hackers from accessing your gift card through your email. Gift Card Granny also has a “100% Lifetime Guarantee” on its gift cards. The site claims you’ll never have to worry about your purchased gift card losing value or expiring, but the wording is vague.

Sell Gift Cards For Cash Online

How to Sell Gift Cards Online Instantly for Cash

Selling your unwanted gift cards for cash is probably the best option to consider. There are a number of websites that allow you to either sell or exchange your gift cards to ones that you will actually use.

Lets say you have a $100 gift card from Target. Selling it online, you could get as much as $90.

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Ask How Will I Get Paid

The first question to ask if you are interested in a gift card exchange program or you want to sell gift cards online is how you will get paid.

Most online gift card companies pay out via PayPal, a check in the mail, or even direct deposit. Some even allow you to trade-in your gift card for another gift card that might be useful.

Look for a website that offers the best payment method for your needs.

How Can I Get Cash For Gift Cards Immediately

When you sell your gift cards online, its possible to get a quote immediately. That is, you can easily and quickly check how much your gift card is worth. But the entire process of selling the gift card online will take much longer, especially if mailing the gift card is required.

One option for faster cash is through GiftCardBin, which partners with more than 600 businesses nationwide to buy gift cards in person. Use its store locator tool to see if a partner is nearby. Then you can sell your gift cards for fast cash. However, you should expect a quote much less than the online exchanges.

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Buy & sell Gift Cards: Reviewing The Options

There arent many gift card-dedicated websites where you can actually sell gift cards online.

It seems like a tough business model. Several of the major brands that operate in the space went out of business recently, citing COVID-related issues.

Looking at previous reviews of these gift card sites, theres a clear pattern of high turnover with companies going out of business and new companies forming.

As of October 2021, here are some of the main, legitimate options I found for buying or selling gift cards online.

Trade Gift Cards / Exchange Gift Card

How to Sell Gift Cards Online Without a Website

In case you have received a gift card other than the one you had targeted, you can exchange it and get your target gift card. Several stores deal with the exchange of gift cards. Even in instances when you have used some part of a gift card, you can still exchange the remaining part. You can ask people within your circle if they would consider exchanging their gift cards.

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When Does Ownership Of The Gift Card Transfer

When you sell us a physical gift card, ownership of the gift card transfers when we receive the gift cards, verify the unused balance on the cards, and issue payment for the gift cards. When you sell us an electronic gift card, ownership of the gift card transfers when we verify the balance on the cards and issue your payment.

Where To Avoid Buying Gift Cards

The list of places to avoid when youre buying second-hand gift cards is long. It includes Craigslist, eBay, Facebook Marketplace anywhere outside of well-vetted sites.

Fraud is rampant in the online gift card market. Most gift cards bought and sold online are electronic. So its possible for someone to commit fraud by listing a card, retaining the card number and PIN and wiping the card balance clean after receiving compensation.

Its also possible for a scammer to buy a gift card with a stolen credit card and then sell the gift card. But the gift card sale could get voided before the unsuspecting buyer uses it.

There are other types of fraud as well.

Some of the gift card sites try to mitigate fraud. It doesnt seem possible to prevent it completely. But some sites guarantee any card balance you purchase for a certain time period. Ive seen guarantees between 45 and 365 days.

In fact, money expert Clark Howard says he recommends only those gift card sites that guarantee all balances.

If the gift card exchange site guarantees that the card is good or your money back, then go for it, Clark says. But if there is no guarantee for the buyer, youre taking too much risk to use it.

gift cards where you get more in value than what you pay in dollars, its an opportunity but with definite hazard attached to it.

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Can I Trade A Gift Card For A Gift Card

SHORT ANSWER: Kinda, sorta.

A few years ago, you could take a gift card back to a retailer and use the gift card to buy a new gift card at full value. That is seldom the case any longer. Now to trade a gift card for another gift card, you generally have to sell the unwanted gift card to a reseller for less than face value and, if possible, accept a different gift card in return. Here are some examples:

  • Target Gift Cards. At some Target stores, you can trade unwanted gift cards for Target gift cards. I just traded a $25 Best Buy gift card for a Target gift card valued at $16.50. The offer is much lower than it would be if I sold the gift card directly to an online reseller, but the payout is instant and easy to use since I was already at Target.
  • Amazon Gift Cards. At some gift card resellers, you can select an egift card as payment and receive a payout that is 6% higher than if you opt to sell a gift card for cash. The egift card will be delivered fairly quickly via email. I entered a $25 Best Buy gift card and received an offer for a $22.38 check in the mail or a $23.72 Amazon egift card sent to my email.
  • Any Gift Card. On the CardCash website, it says you can get a higher return if you select another brand gift card as your payout option.

As I find other ways to trade gift cards, I will add them to this list.

Buying A Gift Card With Cardcash

Sell Gift Cards Online: What You Need To Know And Where To ...

Operated by its founders since 2009, CardCash has been unscathed by the blights plaguing the BlackHawk Network. CardCash is best when you’re buying for yourself and want to score extra savings: You can buy partially used or unused gift cards for amounts over $10. The interface is intuitive and tells you the percentage you’ll save on each discounted gift card. For example, I saved 1.8% of the value of a $25 Home Depot e-gift card by paying $24.55 for the $25 value. Just note that once you add a product to your cart, you have 20 minutes to check out or your selection may not be reserved.

CardCash offers a 45-day money-back guarantee on all purchases if something goes wrong with the gift card value. You also have the option of paying with BitPay. When I finalized the purchase, I was notified it would take up to 24 hours to receive my gift card in my inbox, but I received it almost immediately. The gift card itself came in the form of an email attachment.

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Where Can I Sell Egift Cards

Cardpool is a fast, easy, and accessible option to sell your gift cards. One of the key factors that makes this site appealing is the option to sell online gift cards, also known as eGift cards. Some of their competitors dont offer the option, so if you find you have an abundance of eGift cards, Cardpool is your best choice.

You can use Cardpool to sell a wide variety of gift cards, too, from the Banana Republic to Bed Bath & Beyond to Home Depot.

You have the choice to receive payment through a mailed check or with another gift card, and the site boasts that users receive up to 92% of the value of the card they sell. You can choose to accept the instant offer you receive from the Cardpool site, or you can wait it out to receive a better offer from a potential buyer.

Another option to consider for eCard sales is Gift Card Granny. While we did mention that they offer in-person locations for sales, the platforms preferred sales method is online.

Create Your Gift Card

You can create your eGift card using one of several online programs like Visme, for instance. Create printable or electronic gift cards in a matter of minutes. Make sure your gift card is easily recognizable and clearly identifies your brand.

What to Keep in Mind

When creating a gift card to sell, keep these factors in mind:

  • The best gift card designs tend to be attractive and consistent with a merchants brand
  • The cards design should align with the merchants customer demographic
  • Focus on the intent behind the gift card. Is this for a special occasion or just because?

Make sure your design stands out or represents a unique and memorable product.

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Check Into Cash Stores

Im not a fan of payday loan services, but the Check into Cash stores will buy your gift cards off you on the spot. No, you dont have to get a payday loan to qualify, either.

The only downfall is that you wont know what you get unless you call or visit a location, which you can find via the companys official website at

If you do decide to sell, bring in your gift card, a valid ID and you will walk out with cash in hand as long as the card is confirmed. This is a great place to sell your gift cards and get cash in person.

  • Website:

How Much Will I Get Paid For My Gift Card

Sell Gift Cards Online: Can You Really Make Money On eBay With This?

SHORT ANSWER: Depends on supply and demand.

Just like you learned in Econ 101, the cash back offer largely depends on supply and demand. The more popular the card is, the higher the cash back offer will be because the reseller will be able to sell the card quickly. Gift cards that can be used at many nationwide locations and for a wide assortment of merchandise will generally fetch the highest value, and gift cards to specialty shops like teen clothing retailers or lesser-known restaurants will be worth less. If a reseller already has several gift cards from a particular merchant in stock, then cash back offers may temporarily decrease until the supply evens out. And lastly, as mentioned above, the payout offer can fluctuate based on the payment method selected.

Gift Card Resellers generally boast returns as high as 92% cash back, but I have also seen offers as low as 65% online and 50% in stores.

Is it worth it? If you do not believe youll ever use the gift card, then yes, I think its better to have money you will use than a full-value gift card that sits in your wallet indefinitely.

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The Pros Of Flipping Gift Cards

  • You dont need to invest a lot of money when getting started in gift card flipping. You can get started with only a few gift cards and work your way up from there.
  • Gift cards can be very popular during peak seasons such as the holidays, so you can take advantage of the shopping trends of big retailers to earn more.
  • Gift card flipping is a flexible side hustle you can work on during your free time. With zero targets and commitments, its a great gig for people who dont have a lot of time in their hands.
  • Tips On How To Sell Gift Cards

    Have the following in mind when you sell gift cards instantly.

    • Sell gift card online instantly instead of physically to avoid shipping costs.
    • It is also possible to sell gift cards online instantly that are partially used and if possible, opt to trade a gift card instead of selling it.
    • Finally, since gift cards do not have expiry dates, you can wait to sell it at your preferred price.

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    Figure Out Where You Will Sell Your Gift Cards Online

    Whether you own a brick-and-mortar business or eCommerce site, you can sell gift cards to your businesss website and/or store. If you havent already, start by launching an eCommerce site for your brick-and-mortar store where you can display and sell your gift cards. This will help you secure immediate cash flow and provide customers with a contactless purchasing option. These steps will help you initiate a gift card program:

    • Evaluate your options for a system where the gift cards can be tracked and redeemed
    • Set up your gift card system so they can be redeemed at checkout
    • Deliver purchased gift cards through email
    • Make sure your eGift cards never expire

    If customers walk into your brick-and-mortar location, set up an advertising display to show them, in steps, how they can purchase an eGift card on your website. You dont have to spend money to set up a display of plastic gift cards. Everything can be done online, whether you feature products or services offline or online.

    A Checkered History Of Gift Card Companies

    How to Sell Gift Cards Online Instantly for Cash

    First, some history. A lot of gift card sales and arbitration companies have struggled financially and shut down over the last few years. In some cases, like that of The Plastic Merchant, many customers were left with uncompleted transactions and lost their money permanently when the company officially . Much mystery surrounded the ordeal, but not much could be done without consumer protections in place to protect gift card customers. Even the attorney general for Missouri declined to interfere.

    Then there’s the BlackHawk Network, which has its hands all over most things “gift card.” You know those physical gift cards for sale in your local grocery store, maybe conveniently near the checkout? BlackHawk Network is responsible for that integration, a concept it launched back in 2001. Since then, the company has had an impressive history of acquiring gift card exchange and sale websites, but its overall record is spotty. Over the last several years, BlackHawk has left a trail of defunct gift card websites, including CashStar, CardPool and Gift Card Lab, and its remaining sites — including and GiftCardMall — are not kept entirely updated. BlackHawk’s level of investment in those remaining websites appears low, and whether their customers will see the fate of Cardpool or The Plastic Merchant remains questionable.

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