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How To Send A Dunkin Gift Card

Earning Points & Rewards

FREE Dunkin Donuts Coffee & $5 Gift Card – EASY How To- The DD App

How can I earn points and rewards?

You can earn points and rewards by using by scanning your Loyalty ID or by placing a mobile order through your DD Perks account. Please note that using the Guest Checkout option does not collect points or rewards.

How will I receive my free beverage Reward Coupon?

There are a few ways to access your coupon. All free beverage Reward Coupons will be available in the Dunkin app in the Offers tab as well as at when you sign in to your account. It will also be emailed to you as a reminder 7-days from its expiration date.

How will I receive my free birthday beverage?

A few days before your birthday, your birthday beverage coupon will be available in your DD Perks account in the Offers tab. If you havent provided your birthday yet, you can sign in to your account and head to Manage Profile to add it.

Reward coupons are one-time use, regardless of the channel used for redemption. DD Perks points will reset to 0 when a free beverage Reward Coupon is earned.

Do my points and Reward Coupons expire?

Yes. Point balances of less than 200 points will expire in one year if you do not make a qualifying purchase in that time. Free beverage Reward Coupons expire 30 days from the time they are issued, and Birthday Free beverage Reward Coupons expire 7 days from the time they are issued.

Can I earn DD Perks points at any Dunkin location and on all Dunkin purchases?

Some examples of unqualified purchases:

What Is The Safest Way To Send A Gift Card In The Mail

Consider using a padded envelope. Select an envelope that is strong enough to hold the card or attach the gift card to a thin piece of cardboard. Place an extra label or notice on the gift card with the delivery or return address, this ensures the safe return should the outside label become damaged or fall off.

Can You Print An E Gift Card

Although egift cards are typically delivered via email, text or social media, some companies give customers the option to print egift cards at home. In all honesty, every egift card can be printed at homethey just dont all look like gifts. For example, you could order an egift card and have it delivered to yourself.

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Can I Buy A Dunkin Donut Gift Card Online

canDunkin Donuts gift cardsonlineDunkin Donutsgift cardcardgift cards

. Correspondingly, where can I get a Dunkin Donuts gift card?

You can purchase DD Cards at any participating DunkinDonuts location, by enrolling in DD Perks > , or in the Dunkin‘ app.

can you send someone a Dunkin gift card? But in addition to letting you buy a coffee or donut with your phone, the app also includes a gifting feature, so you can send friends and family anywhere from $2 to $100 to spend on caffeine and sugar the gifts can be sent either via text, email, or Facebook.

Hereof, can I buy Dunkin Donuts gift cards at Dunkin Donuts?

DunkinDonuts $25 Gift Card1.0 eaCard good only toward purchase of DunkinDonuts products at participating U.S. locations. No expiration date or management fees. Visit the website listed on the back of the card to register, recharge and auto recharge also check balance, find shops.

How can I get a free Dunkin Donuts gift card?

How to Get a Free Dunkin’ Donuts Gift Card

  • Step 1: Download the Fetch Rewards App for FREE. Fetch Rewards is free and available in the App Store and Play Store.
  • Step 2: Scan Any of Your Grocery Receipts.
  • Step 3: Accumulate Points in Seconds.
  • Step 4: Redeem Your Points for a FREE Dunkin’ Donuts Gift Card.
  • Does Dunkin Donuts Pay Weekly

    $50 Dunkin

    Some Dunkin Donuts pay on a weekly basis while others pay biweekly. This all depends on your store owners and how they have their payroll set up. When you apply, this is one of the most important questions to ask. Some store owners pay you through direct deposit and some give you a paper check if you so desire.

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    Design Your Own Cards

    Upload a photo to create a custom Baskin-Robbins gift card, or choose from one of our premium designs.

    Baskin-Robbins gift cards are now accepted in select participating Baskin-Robbins locations in Oregon, Montana, Idaho, and Washington state. Many Baskin-Robbins stores in Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Tennessee do not accept the Baskin-Robbins gift card.

    Baskin-Robbins Gift Card Terms and Conditions: Cards can be loaded or recharged from $5 up to $100. Card good only toward purchase of Baskin-Robbins or Dunkin Donuts products at participating US locations. No expiration date or management fees. Card value may not be redeemed for cash, check or credit unless required by law. Use of a card constitutes acceptance of these terms. We are not responsible for lost or stolen cards. This card may not be resold by any unauthorized vendors. Unauthorized resale or attempted resale is grounds for cancellation. Cards obtained through unauthorized channels will be void. Card issued by SVC Service II LLC. Call to check balance on the card or for customer service .

    Employment Vendors & Franchising

    How can I apply to work at a Dunkin?

    We are excited to hear you want to work for Dunkin. Our restaurants are individually owned and operated. We suggest visiting our Careers page or contacting your local restaurant for further information on employment opportunities.

    Where do I get information on franchises or franchise opportunities?

    Find all the information you need related to franchises and franchise opportunities on our dedicated website: or contact 1-800-777-9983 with specific inquiries.

    How do I suggest a site for development?

    If your site meets our current development objectives, one of our Field Executives will contact you directly to discuss next steps.

    How can I become a vendor for Dunkin’?

    If you are interested in establishing a business relationship with Dunkin’, send your written information and contact information via U.S. mail to:

    Inspire Brands-Boston Support Center130 Royall StreetCanton, MA 02021

    Your information will be forwarded for review. If were interested or if additional information is required, someone will contact you. Please note that our internal policies prevent us from giving out directory information.

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    Corporate Sponsorships & Donations

    Does Dunkin’ provide corporate sponsorships or donations?

    Dunkin’ does not accept unsolicited requests for corporate sponsorships or donations, including product donations. Dunkin supports a targeted group of non-profit organizations within three focus areas: hunger relief, safety, and childrens health. We believe we can make the greatest impact in our communities by focusing our resources on these organizations. Thank you for thinking of Dunkin’ and for working to support our communities.

    Do local Dunkin’ stores provide sponsorships or donations?

    If you are seeking sponsorship or a donation from your local Dunkin’, it is best to speak directly with the owner. We suggest providing franchise owners at least 3 weeks notice. Please keep in mind, due to the volume of requests our local franchise owners receive, they cannot honor all requests.

    Need A Last Minute Gift Give A $20 Dd Card And Get $10

    How to Merge Your Balance

    Are you looking for a last minute gift for the holidays? Youre not alone last year we sold more DD Cards on December 24th than any other day of the year!

    Last minute shoppers know the quickest gift that is sure to delight is the gift of Dunkin Donuts coffee! Whether its your childs teacher, your neighbor or a loved one, a DD Card is the perfect gift for all the coffee lovers in your life.

    This season, we are giving you even more reason to share a DD Card. Just in time for the last minute holiday rush, we are expanding our DD Card holiday offer. Starting December 21 and running through December 30, when you purchase at least $20 in Dunkin Donuts gift cards at, you will receive $10 worth of promotional eGift cards.*

    You can pick up DD Cards at Dunkin Donuts restaurants, or send them digitally via text, email or Facebook Connect, through the Dunkin Mobile® App or You can even personalize a DD Card with a special design or photo for that special someone!

    To make your gift extra special, check out these four creative ways to dress up a DD Card.

    So what are you waiting for? Give the gift of Dunkin this season, and be sure to share how you are celebrating the holidays using #DDCoffeeJoy on , , and .

    To stay up to date on all things Dunkin’, sign up for our email news alerts at

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    The Nitty Gritty About Dunkin Gift Cards

    Also known as DD Cards, you can use these cards at any participating Dunkin Donuts location. Enroll in DD Perks, apply for one via your DD Account, or download the mobile app on your Apple or Android device. If you purchase the DD card on your Dunkin app, then your card is virtual, and the use of the card is from within the Dunkin App. You will not receive a physical card unless you buy one in store for $2.00.

    Draw Your Signature Or Initials Place It In The Corresponding Field And Save The Changes

    How to add a dunkin gift card to my account. If you send a dunkin brands card using a text message, standard message rates will apply to both the gift sender and gift recipient. The gift card balance can range from $5 to $100 and is reloadable. You may send a dunkin’ brands card using various means including email, text message, social media platforms, or through certain of our mobile applications.

    Based on the amount of points you have, you can redeem a gift card of different value. I did register a zip code by going to the website on the back. Click on the menu button in the top left corner.

    The reloadable dunkin’ donuts card is a convenient everyday way to pay for all your dd favorites and is accepted at any participating dunkin’ donuts restaurant we aim to show you accurate product information. To check the balance of your dunkin’ donuts gift card you will need the card number and pin code located under the scratch off panel on the back of your card. How much is on my dunkin gift card?

    Personalize a dunkin’ card for someone specialthen send it instantly. 10.3.1 sending a dunkin’ brands card. Go to your app and tap reload > manage cards > add dd card.

    If youre not sure how to earn points quickly, below are some tips and tricks. Make every dunkin’® run easier by loading value on your dunkin’ card. Go to the microsoft rewards page.

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    Registering A Card & Dd Perks

    Do I need to register my Dunkin’ Card in order to use it?

    You do not need to register your Dunkin’ Card to use it. However, we encourage you to register your Dunkin’ Card to earn points and to protect your balance in case your card is lost.

    Where do I find the 16-digit card number and PIN?

    Your 16-digit card number and PIN is located on the back of your physical Dunkin’ Cards. Your PIN may be covered by a scratch-off sticker.

    Why does the back of my Dunkin’ Card have a scratch-off sticker with a number beneath it?

    The number beneath the scratch-off sticker is your Personal Identification Number or ID Number . You will need this PIN/ID# to check your balance and transaction history, register your card, reload your card, and set up auto-reload on your card at If your card does not have a PIN/ID# on the back, please contact the Loyalty Support Team at 1-800-447-0013.

    Give Someone A Dd Card This Holiday Season And Well Give You A Gift Back

    FREE $30 Worth of Dunkin

    Looking to thank a teacher, surprise the paperboy or delight a loved one this holiday season? Heres why giving a DD Card is the perfect gift for you and all the holiday heroes in your life!

    No matter the amount, festive DD Cards are a classic way to spread cheer to all coffee lovers. You can pick them up at Dunkin Donuts restaurants, or send them digitally via text, email or Facebook Connect, through the Dunkin Mobile® App or You can even personalize a DD Card with a special design or photo for that special someone!

    This season, we are giving you even more reason to share a DD Card. Today through December 30, when you purchase at least $20 in Dunkin Donuts gift cards at, you will receive a $5 promotional eGift card.*

    Plus, weve teamed up with Mastercard to share even more joy this season. Beginning December 11 and continuing through December 30, Dunkin Donuts guests who reload $10 on their DD Card on the Dunkin Donuts App or using Masterpass will receive an additional $10. That means if you send a $10 mGift to a friend or family member on the Dunkin Donuts App using Masterpass, theyll receive an additional $10!**

    So what are you waiting for? Give the gift of Dunkin this season, and be sure to share how you are celebrating the holidays using #DDCoffeeJoy on , , and .

    To stay up to date on all things Dunkin’, sign up for our email news alerts at

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    Can You Transfer Money From One Dunkin Donuts Card To Another

    Navigate to the Transfer Funds screen. Click on the drop-down menu below Transfer to to select the card to which you want the funds transferred. Under Transfer From, select the card from which you would like the balance transferred. Click Review, then click Confirm to complete the transfer.

    How Do I Check My Dunkin Donuts Gift Card Balance

    Confirm your balance in any of these easy ways:

    • Online log into your account on or check your app for an updated balance.
    • In-store your balance will always be printed at the bottom of your receipt or ask a friendly Dunkin staff member.
    • call Loyalty Support at 1-800-447-0013

    Follow Dunkin Donuts on social media or check out their latest news to keep up to date with their special offers and freebies.

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    How Do I Get A Virtual Dd Card

    You can also purchase a Dunkin Card through your existing account if you have a Dunkin Account or DD Perks account. For additional ways to purchase a Dunkin Card, visit our Get a Dunkin Card page. Note: Dunkin Cards purchased in the Dunkin app are virtual cards and usable only from within the Dunkin App.

    Dunkin Answers Your Top Gift Card Questions

    Giveaway! – $10 Dunkin Donuts Gift Card

    Whether youre saying thank you, wishing someone a happy birthday, or sending a virtual cheers, Dunkin gift cards are the perfect way to make anyones day, no matter the amount. To make it easy to give the gift of Dunkin, were answering some of the most frequently asked questions about Dunkin gift cards. Keep reading for the inside scoop!

    Where can I buy Dunkin gift cards?

    You can purchase a Dunkin gift card at a participating Dunkin restaurant, through the Dunkin App, or online at .Guests can also find Dunkin gift cards at select major retailers nationwide, such as CVS Pharmacy, Walgreens, Target, Walmart, and BJs Wholesale Club.

    Do Dunkin gift cards come in special designs for different occasions?

    Yes! Guests can choose from a variety of pre-designed Dunkin gift cards that are tailored for all major occasions. Cant find a design that you want? Guests can create their own personalized Dunkin gift card featuring a cherished photo or customized message.

    How do I add a gift card to the Dunkin App?

    To add a gift card to the Dunkin App, follow the simple steps below:

    • Sign into your DD Perks® account on the Dunkin App.

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    What Is A Dunkin Donuts Gift Card

    The Dunkin Donuts gift card is a virtual eGift card that you can gift to your friends, family, coworkers, or even yourself to purchase your favorite donuts.

    You can use it at all DD locations. The gift card balance can range from $5 to $100 and is reloadable. You can add more money to the card using cash, debit, or a credit card whenever you have a low balance.

    A DD gift card has its perks. If you register your gift card on the official website, you can have access to discounts and free food. It also gives you the chance to earn points for more exclusive offers.

    Can You Send Gifts On Imessage

    Starbucks for iPhone adds iMessage app for sending gift cards with Apple Pay & amp, more. Starbucks today updated its iPhone app to add a new Starbucks Gifts iMessage app, allowing users send gift cards through Apples iMessage and pay for them using Apple Pay.

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    Dunkin Donuts Perks & Rewards: Everything You Need To Know In 2021

    More than a donut store, Dunkin Donuts partners with various companies for the greater good and to benefit their customers. The donut store helps initiatives for community needs and trending events. Their loyalty program, DD Perks, and their DD Cards, which are available for purchase, support their charity drives while growing a loyal customer base.

    Does Dunkin Donuts Have E

    Gift Cards

    Dunkin Donuts® eGift Card

    The reloadable Dunkin Donuts Card is a convenient everyday way to pay for all your DD favorites and is accepted at any participating Dunkin Donuts location. Enroll this E-Gift card in with promo code: EGIFT to gain access to great offers and start earning points!

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