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How To Set Up Gift Cards On Shopify

Connect Floating Button And Selection Popup

How to set up gift cards || Shopify Help Center

If youâve selected a floating button, scroll down to Background click, remove the default action, and select âShow widget.â Then pick the popup youâve just created from the dropdown list.

If youâve selected a floating bar or banner, click the button that is meant to launch the gift card selection popup, remove the default action, and select âShow widget.â Then pick the popup youâve just created from the list.

Thatâs it! Go ahead to Save & close in the top right corner and activate both widgets in your store. To view their performance, keep an eye on the Statistics report in your Getsitecontrol dashboard.

Edit Customer On An Issued Gift Card

If no customer information was added to a previously issued gift card, then you can add customer information. You can’t replace existing customer information.


  • From your Shopify admin, go to Products> Gift cards.

  • On the issued gift card’s page under Customer, click Edit.

  • Enter the correct customer information and select whether to send the gift card.

  • Click Save.

  • Pick A Floating Button Or Bar To Launch Gift Card Selection

    Okay, weâre almost there. Now you need to select a floating button or bar that will launch the gift card selection. Again, check the gallery, pick a template, and add it to your dashboard.

    You already know how to customize the text, adjust the design, and change the default displaying conditions, so weâll skip that. Instead, letâs move on to the fun part.

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    What Is Shopify Gift Card And How To Take Advantage Of It

    Many of you should heard of Shopify’s COVID-19 offers to help merchants in this hard period. For those who haven’t heard or want to get more info, I recommend to check their domain in which you will find all the details. One of the biggest offers of Shopify is about gift cards. They are now available on all new and existing Shopify plans. In this article, we would like to tell you about what is a Shopify gift card, and how to leverage it for your business. If you are ready, let’s dive into it!

    Give Something Extra Back

    How to Set Up a Gift Card in Shopify  Sunbowl

    Don ât just ask for help but give back. Offer an additional discount on the value of a gift card or extra value. For example, if a customer is buying a $50 gift card, you can add $10 on top of its value. Or you can sell it with a 10% discount for $45.

    Customers will appreciate the extra value and see you are not just asking for help but also giving something back to them. The extra value or discount.

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    Final Word: 9 Best Shopify Gift Card Apps

    When it comes to encouraging shoppers online to buy presents, nothing works better than gift cards. They are also a useful way to generate more loyalty by offering them as a reward for customers spending more in a single order or a way to apologize when mistakes have been made. Use one of the Shopify gift card apps included in the list above to add this functionality to your website and see more sales come to your store.

    Tips To Create Gift Card On Shopify And Set All Up

    Want to know how to create gift cards on Shopify? Customer experience has been highly altered in a time of essential spending like this. Clothing stores that were bustling until just days ago, pleasing shopaholics with unconventional concepts, now sit unsure of when customers will next pass through their doors.

    Applicable to both online and offline businesses, Shopify gift card store can help boost the overall performance in the long run. For brick and mortar stores, Shopify gift cards help tackle temporary shutdown and warm customers up to reopening. For online enterprises, this practice comes off as a reward and incentive for the next shopping experience of their customers.

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    Better Gift Card Auto Fulfill

    This simple to use, yet beautifully designed, Shopify gift card app will really take your gift cards to the next level. You can automatically fulfill gift cards bought online. This is in contrast to the standardized gift cards, which can only be fulfilled after the order has been paid for.

    With this app, gift cards can be sent before the payment has been cleared. This is brilliant for not missing out on a critical moment in the purchasing process and meeting customer expectations.

    What Is Shopify Payments

    How to Setup Gift Cards in Shopify

    Shopify Payments is Shopifys built-in payment processing feature, which allows you to accept credit and debit cards, as well as additional payment methods. By default, Shopify Payments is a white label version of Stripe and has most of that payment processors strengths and weaknesses.

    Merchants using Shopify arent required to use Shopify Payments as their processor. Its possible to plug a different service into the app, but this can come with some added costs and inconveniences.

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    Gift Cards In Candy Rack

    Using Candy Rack you can offer gift cards as cross-sells to all your customers once they click on the Add to Cart button on the product page.

    Example of offering gift card on the Candy Rack pop-up

    Simply create a new upsell offer, select Product Upsell and load your gift card. Customers will be able to select the value right on the pop-up. You can also add a discount on top of that.

    You can also use a customized gift card offer which adds a possibility of adding a custom note.

    Custom gift card offer in Candy Rack

    How To Promote Gift Cards On Shopify Using Getsitecontrol

    Getsitecontrol is a zero-code app, so all you need to do is select a popup template from the gallery, tweak a few settings, and publish it on your website. Even if you consider yourself a non-techie, the entire process should take less than half an hour.

    Before getting started, we suggest that you add the Getsitecontrol app to your store.

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    They Introduce You To New Customers

    Gift cards can expose your business to people who may not have otherwise shopped in your store. Customers who already know and love your business will purchase gift cards for friends, helping to grow your customer base.

    You can also give gift cards when youre asked to make a donation to a local fundraising event. By providing a gift card in lieu of a product or service, you open the door for the recipient to use their prize and perhaps spend extra money in the process. Providing gift cards to fundraisers also boosts your brand recognition as well as creates a reputation of being a business owner who supports their community.

    Export Your Gift Card Products To A Csv

    How To Set Up, Activate &  Manage Shopify Gift Card ...

    You can export your gift cards to a CSV file to view their details in a spreadsheet. This can be useful for reviewing information about outstanding balances, or for other records. You can’t import the gift card CSV to create gift card products. The gift card CSV contains the following information about your gift cards:

    Gift card CSV fields

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    Import Your File To Create Gift Card Products

    Now we can again go into the Matrixify app, in the Home page Import section you can upload your file.

    Inspect all details about your import, to read what each detail means when importing, look into Matrixify How it works page.

    Press the Import button to start your import.

    When importing new Gift Cards you will see Products being created as New when importing:

    If changing existing products to Gift Cards you will see the Products being Replaced:

    How To Transfer Money From Shopify To Your Bank Account

    If youre using Shopify Payments, you dont need to do anything more. In fact, your money will never really be in Shopify in the first place. Shopify Paymentsor whatever processor you use in place of itwill first route your sales money to a merchant account where transaction fees will be deducted from your sale. Afterwards, your money will be automatically routed to the bank account connected to your payment processor.

    The exception to this is, of course, is Shopify Balance, which replaces your bank account in the payment process. Once youve enabled Shopify Balance, your Shopify Payments deposits will be routed to it instead of your bank account. You can still switch back to your bank account. You can also transfer funds from your Shopify Balance account to a bank account by going to Finances > Balance > Move Money. Find Transfer funds from Balance and enter the appropriate account details.

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    Increasing Sales And Revenue

    Its a fact that e-commerce gift cards are notorious sales boosters. Why is that? Its because gift cards are the most requested present during the holidays.

    As stated before, gift cards are so prevalent because theyre time-saving and convenient. Buying a gift card is the easiest way to alleviate the pressure of searching for a gift.

    Like anything else, quick and easy will always win. Gift cards are like the fast-food version of holiday shopping.

    Last-minute shoppers adore gift cards, for example. Often, last-minute shoppers have to select something from near-empty shelves. Gift cards allow them to save face by giving a present that wont upset their loved one.

    The revenue boost doesnt end there, though. Even when its not the holiday season, gift cards are still big sellers. Birthdays happen all year round, as do anniversaries and parties.

    Not only that, but gift card users often opt for more expensive products. In other words, theyll spend more than they would have if they didnt have a gift card.

    Thats because you can use the money on a gift card as an effective discount for higher ticket items.

    So incorporating gift cards in your online store can help you move more expensive items. If youve noticed that your high ticket items are accumulating dust on the shelves, gift cards can be the remedy you need to get them moving.

    Gift Cards For Your Online Store


    If you are on the Professional or Unlimited Shopify plans, you can activate your gift card by clicking on Products, and then Gift cards in your Shopify admin dashboard. Click on the Start selling gift cards on my store button to activate the gift card product.

    Once the gift card product is activated, you have the option to Edit product or Show preview. Click on the Show preview button to get an idea of what the default gift card looks like for your store.

    In order to edit, and start selling the gift cards, click on Edit product under the Gift cards section, or click on the Gift card product in your stores Products list.

    On your Gift card product page, you can edit the description that appears on your gift card product. If you havent created a branded and unique image for your gift cards yet, you canmodify the default reddish gift card image that Shopify creates. Hover over the image, and click on the pencil to edit image in order to make it more unique to your store.

    Next, you can add or remove the various denominations for your gift card by modifying the variants. You can create a gift card value that is slightly higher than your current average order value, as an example. To add a different gift card value than the default options, click on Add a variant, and fill in the name of the variant along with the Price to set the value.

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    Construct The File Manually

    Now we can get to our spreadsheet!

    Lets create two different Gift Card Products from scratch.

    Create a blank spreadsheet, name sheet/tab in the file to Products as we will be importing Products.

    To create Gift Card Products from scratch we will only need 5 columns:

    • Title
    • Variant Price

    Gift Card Products without variants

    First, we will create a Gift Card Product that does not have variants with different selectable values.

    • Title column set name of your Gift Card Product, for example, My Single Gift Card.
    • Gift Card set the value TRUE in this column as we wish for the app to know to create this Product as a Gift Card Product.
    • Option1 Name and Option1 Value for a product without variants, these columns can stay empty. If all your gift card products will be without variants then you do not need to have these two columns at all.
    • Variant Price the price of your Gift Card.

    Gift Card Products with variants

    Now lets create a Gift Card Product with multiple variants that are handled as denominations for Gift Card Products.

    You can also add other details to the product, such as images, description, etc. Check Matrixify Products documentation to see all listed fields.

    How To Use Shopify Gift Cards To Increase Engagement And Conversions

    Once youve addressed the Shopify-specific logistics of gift cards, youre ready to use them to boost conversions to your store. For example, using your Email Service Provider , you could give your customers the opportunity to send an Id love a gift card from this store message to their friends and family, as a holiday or birthday gift idea. You could also consider allowing social sharing of your gift card product page, to allow customers to share their interest in a gift card to their followers.

    Another common use of gift cards is to increase customer loyalty and engagement. For example, you could use a loyalty partner to offer free or discounted gift cards to reoccurring customers. You could also consider a program where if a customer buys a certain denomination of gift card, they receive a free gift card themselves. For instance, send a $50 gift card to a friend and get a $5 gift card for yourself. Or you could institute a program for a bonus gift card. In this case, a customer buys $100 or more, they receive a $5 gift card for future purchases. These are just a few examples of all the different ways your company can use gift cards as a way to build customer relationships.

    Gift cards are an excellent way to increase customer engagement, improve current cash flow, and grow your store. Once your ecommerce and development teams solve for the unique intricacies of gift cards on Shopify and Shopify Plus, your company can take full advantage of the benefits.

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    Integrating Your Gift Cards To Shopify Pos

    In this article we are going to cover-

  • How to activate Rises integration with Shopify POS

  • How customers can purchase gift cards through your Shopify POS

  • How customers can redeem store credit using Shopify POS

  • If you’d like to learn about this topic in video format, Sam from the customer success team has got you covered-

    Activating the Shopify POS integration

    Rise automatically integrates with your Shopify POS. Please make sure your POS is on the same account as your online store.

    If your physical and online stores are under different Shopify accounts, you can use the Multiple store option, to learn more please reach out to us

    Purchasing Gift Cards through Shopify POS

    To create physical gift cards to sell in your brick and mortar store, check out this article.

    You can also sell digital gift cards in your POS, just make sure that you insert the customers email upon checkout, and we will send the gift card to that email address. Please note, the Send as a gift option is not available with Shopify POS. Learn how to create digital gift cards here.

    Redeeming store credit using Shopify POS

    When proceeding to checkout, you can choose gift cards as the payment method, and then choose if you want to scan a QR code or barcode . You can also manually insert the code.

    Got any feature requests?

    Feel free to add them to this feature request form.

    Have more questions?

    Add Or Update Your Gift Card Product

    How to Set Up a Gift Card in Shopify  Sunbowl

    Start adding or updating your gift card product by entering its information according to the fields below:

    • Title: Type a name of your gift card product, such as Holiday Gift Card.
    • Description: Write a short description of this card to get it appeared on the store and to attract your customers attention.
    • Images: Images play an important role in selling your gift card products, hence, do upload one or even more images related to your selling product. All pictures will be displayed on the page of products on your online store, but they will not be shown on gift cards before the uploading.
    • Denominations: Different default denominations are created for the gift card product basing on the currency of your own store. You can edit or delete or add more denominations under your requirement.
    • Search engine listing preview: This search engine listing preview is to help you with a look at how your products are shown on search engine results. You can make your products more detailed by click Edit Website Seo and fulfill Page title, Meta Descriptionand URL and handle with each required characters that are exactly shown as pictures below:
    • Sales Channels: Go to Sales Channels and then click Manage to see and change the availability of your sales channels so as to ensure your gift card products are published and sold through the selected ones. As you are done, dont forget to click Done to save. Besides, click Online Store to set the publication date of your products.

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