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How To Sign Up For Free Gift Cards

Inboxdollars: Convert Cash To Gift Cards


InboxDollars is an online rewards club, where you can earn free gift cards from doing surveys, playing online games, signing up for offers, and reading emails. Read our full review of InboxDollars here.

When youre on the site, look out for the purple buttons, which say things like Earn, Answer and other similar phrases, as that is showing you where you can earn money on there.

There are also headers across the top of the site, which you can click on and it will take you to that specific part. For example with the Surveys tab, you can click on that and it will take you to all of the available surveys to answer, with the time it will take to complete it listed on them as well.

You will just be asked some questions, and get paid for doing so this is usually an easy way for companies to do some market research.

If you have a bit of spare time every day, such as when you are winding down in the evening watching a bit of Netflix, then this is an easy way to earn cash to convert into gift cards online.

You will need to get to $30 in order to cash out, and there are loads of retailers gift cards that are available, such as Amazon, Adidas, or Walmart to name a few.

Sign up with InboxDollars today and claim your $5 sign up bonus!

Free Gift Cards By Using Shopkick

ShopKick is a cash back app that helps you to earn points for doing things like linking a credit card and making purchases, submitting receipts, making online purchases through their app, scanning product barcodes or even things as simple as just walking into a store.

The process for earning free gift cards is pretty easy and they claim that most users can earn their first free gift card in a week. It definitely helps that they have so many different ways to earn points.

They have a ton of available gift card types from Starbucks cards to Amazon and Walmart gift cards.

Get Free Gift Cards When You Join The Gift Card Granny Rewards Program

The Granny Rewards Program allows you to rack up points to exchange for Visa, Target, Bath & Body Works, Panera, and other popular gift cards.

Earn points by creating an account, signing up for the newsletter, referring friends, sharing coupons, and more.

Keep an eye on Grannys Secret Deals, which features daily deals offering bonus gift cards or something else equally cool. Today Smashburger and Fuddruckers are offering $50 worth of gift cards for only $37.50.

Also, you can earn Granny Rewards when you refer a friend you get $5 in credit for each friend who signs up.

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Snag Free Gift Cards From Lifestyle Brands

Fetch Rewards partners with some of the biggest household brand names, including Pull-Ups, Dove, Lays, and dozens more. According to their site, Every time you purchase one of these brands you are guaranteed to get points and save on your shopping trip.

The best part? You dont have to preselect your offers with Fetch Rewards. Just download the free app, shop as you normally would, then scan your receipts after.

You can also earn points for referring friends and family. Every time someone signs up through your referral link, youll each receive 2,000 points when they submit their first receipt. Theres no limit to how many people you can refer.

You need at least 3,000 points to cash out for free gift cards to retailers such as Airbnb, Sephora, Best Buy, and Stitch Fix. However, some offers require a minimum of 5,000 points or more.

S To Get More Rewards When You Shop With Your Free Gift Cards

Gift card

When youre shopping online to redeem your free gift card, there are a couple of things you can go to get even more rewards:

  • Shop through a cashback portal. Shop through Rakuten, Swagbucks, or Honeywhen you want to buy things. They will ask you if you want to activate your cashback, and you press yes.
  • Search for coupon codes on checkout. When you have found what youre looking for, you can go to the checkout process. When you land on the page where they ask for the coupon codes, activate Honey. That will make sure youre not missing out on any additional discount coupons. The Honey extension will search for available coupons automatically.
  • Pay your products through After you know what the total balance is that you need to pay, go to Giftcards.comand buy gift cards to cover your total amount.
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    Buy & Sell Gift Cards

    On you can buy gift cards at a lower price and receive points towards more gift cards as you shop. They have every gift card you can think of on their platform.

    Want to earn more points? Read their newsletter and install their browser extension on your computer. You will earn gift cards as you go.

    Get Multiple Plates Spinning At Once

    What I mean by that is, these sites are multi-tasking friendly.

    Do searches in one tab while videos play in the other, or take your phone with you and do tasks while youre waiting for your friend to join you, or while youre waiting for your dentists appointment.

    Youll get the most benefit out of these websites if youre also maximizing your time.

    The participation theyre asking for isnt too personal, so you dont need to take it too seriously if youre not giving them your full attention.

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    The Best Ways To Earn Free Gift Cards

    Free gift cards come in different flavors, but a lot of companies use this to get you to perform a specific task. For instance, a company may offer to pay you via gift card to complete a paid online survey or watch a video online. Other companies use gift cards as a way to reward shoppers for a purchase.

    Whatever the case may be, this is a great opportunity to earn free money.

    Dont Spread Yourself Too Thin


    Carefully consider all of the sites above before you start going in deep on one.

    The biggest mistake I see when people try to take advantage of these opportunities is spreading themselves too thin.

    You should look into what will work best for you and commit to it, after all, youre trying to build small amounts of points into a worthwhile sum!

    And that will be very hard to do if youre on 6 different sites throughout the day.

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    How To Get Free Amazon Gift Cards

    1. Ibotta Earn Gift Cards Buying Groceries

    Are you earning cash back every time you visit the grocery store? If not, then youre missing out on a steady stream of free Amazon gift cards. After you arrive home from the grocery store, open the Ibotta app, snap a picture of your receipt, and cash is immediately sent to your Ibotta wallet. Ibotta money is redeemable for free Amazon gift cards.

    Ibotta is full of money-saving opportunities.

    2. Drop Automatic Cash Back at Select Stores

    Drop turns your debit and credit cards into free-Amazon-gift-card-earning machine. Simply link your card to the app, activate a Dosh offer , and youre done. The app is set and ready to begin working automatically. Just swipe your card at the activated store, and you are earning money through Dosh. And Dosh money can be redeemed for a free Amazon gift cards.

    Great news! Drop has a welcome bonus. Simply enter the promo code BudgetingCouple when signing up for the app, and you get a $5 Welcome Bonus .

    Current Drop offers

    3. Rakuten Cash Back for Shopping Online

    Full disclosure: Rakuten pays you in cash, not free Amazon gift cards. But since the free $10 welcome bonus *can* be redeemed for a free $10 Amazon gift cardand the fact that Rakuten is probably the most lucrative cash-back service availablewe couldnt not put it on our list.

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    4. Online Surveys


    Check out MyPoints to start earning easy money in your free time.

    Opinion Outpost

    Take Paid Online Surveys

    For those that enjoy completing quizzes on social media, taking online surveys will be an easy way to earn gift cards. With polls as short as a single question to full-length market research, you’ll be able to make money no matter your schedule.

    Swagbucks is one of the leading rewards programs. Earn points called SB by completing surveys. You can also watch videos, play games, or browse the internet with their search engine to earn even more. Payout is available with as little as $1 with enough points. But if that’s not enough for you, there are recurring sweepstakes open for even better gift card prizes and giveaways.

    InboxDollars is a popular survey site that conducts market research. You can get paid for answering surveys and completing everyday online activities. The payout can be in the form of PayPal, Merchant eCards, or a check to deposit into your bank account.

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    Use Specific Shopping Apps

    If you dont have time to complete surveys or play games, you can get free Amazon gift cards for something youre already doing using online shopping apps.


    Shopkick offers users eight ways to earn rewards, also known as kicks.

    For example, you can automatically earn kicks when you purely walk into select stores and earn additional kicks when you scan barcodes of specific products in those stores.

    As long as you allow the app to use your location as you would with dozens of other apps it will automatically record if and when youre near an eligible store.

    Furthermore, youll earn kicks every time you make a purchase with a linked card.


    With Drop, users earn rewards by shopping through the app or with a linked debit or credit card. When you download the free app, youll choose which stores you want to earn cashback with. Options include Starbucks, Target, Sephora, and other major retailers.

    When you shop at one of your chosen sites, Drop rewards you with points for every dollar spent. Youll also receive 5,000 points for the first 10 friends you refer to the app. Every 1,000 points is worth $1. Once you reach 5,000 points, you can cash out for a free gift card to Amazon, Uber, Lululemon, American Airlines, and more.


    For more details on how to get cashback with this app, visit our Rakuten review.

    Learn more about this money-saving browser extension in our Honey review.

    Easy Ways To Get Free Gift Cards

    Free $100 Woolworths Gift Card When You Sign up to Their ...

    The content of this website often contains affiliate links and I may be compensated if you buy through those links . Learn more about how we make money. Last edited March 31, 2021

    If youve read this site for any period of time, you know I like getting free stuff.

    Why pay good money for things, if you dont have to?

    In the past couple of years Ive realized that there are a ton of easy ways to earn free gift cards.


    There are any number of websites, services, cash back sites and survey companies that will ask you to do certain tasks, and in return theyll give you points that you can use towards , Walmart, Target, Starbucks, Visa gift cards or any number of online and bricks and mortar stores. Free gift cards are just as good as cash in most instances.

    Im a technophile, I love new technologies and gadgets. The problem? I dont want to pay for all those gadgets.

    So what do I do?

    I write about those products on this site, and often companies will send out free gadgets for me to use in a review. For the ones I cant get free, I use free gift cards that Ive earned online to pay for them. Or I sell gift cards I cant use to get cash.

    Todays article will show you how you can get free gift cards of your own.

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    Scan Your Grocery Receipts

    Did you know your grocery receipts can earn you free gift cards or cash? Two of my favorite apps are simple to use and allow you to quickly earn cash back on food something we all need!

    IbottaIbotta gives you cash back for grocery shopping and online shopping.

    For in-store grocery shopping, youll need to browse the app for offers you want to buy, then upload a photo of your receipt. Depending on where you shop, you may be able to link your store loyalty cards to your Ibotta account to skip the receipt scanning step.

    Ibotta also offers cash back at online retailers, restaurants, pharmacies, and more.

    Once your cash back accumulates to $20, you can select a free gift card of your choice or have the money sent to your PayPal or Venmo account.

    Fetch RewardsPut the kids to work scanning your grocery receipts with Fetch Rewards. Fetch Rewards keeps tabs on 250+ participating brands and will give you points every time you buy any item from those brands.

    You can also link your account to select online retailers to earn Fetch Points. Once youve earned enough points, redeem them on free gift cards.

    Get Free Gift Cards Via Cashback Apps Like Topcashback And Honey

    When you shop with cashback apps like TopCashback and Honey you can opt to get your earnings via a gift card.

    TopCashback even offers you an extra 3% bonus when you select Amazon gift cards as your payout. The best part, unlike receipt apps, you dont have to scan anything to get cashback with these apps. For TopCashback you have to shop via their online portal.

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    Browse In Stores With Shopkick

    Love to shop? Get your kicks through Shopkick. This app rewards you for shopping both in-store and online. You can earn points just for walking into popular stores or browsing around and scanning product barcodes.

    You dont even need to buy anything! But if you do, you can scan your receipt to earn kicks that way.

    Shopkick will also give you kicks when you shop through the app or link your eligible payment card.

    If you have a little extra time to kill in a store, Shopkick is a fun app for just walking around and browsing .

    Use your kicks to cash out for free gift cards when you reach 500 or more, depending on the gift card option you choose.

    BONUS: Right now you can get a FREE $5 gift card when you and use the code COUPONPROJECT at signup!

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    Sign Up For Sweepstake Offers

    Make $5 To Sign Up Free And Buy $5 Gift Card For $1

    If youre looking for ways to earn even more rewards and gift cards, consider joining sweepstakes. These can be underrated, and although they may not be the most reliable ways to earn gift cards, its still worth a shot.

    Vet all sweepstakes companies before you participate, and read the fine print to make sure that you are dealing with a reliable source.

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    Free Gift Cards By Using Product Tube

    Product Tube is a website were you can help do market research by taaking videos and get paid for your time with free gift cards.

    So what do you have to do?

    To earn gift cards youll be asked to do a couple of different kinds of videos.

    First, they may ask you to do a video in-store. Theyll ask you to take a video while youre shopping in a certain category at a store, or when buying a certain type of product. You just video your visit, narrating it while you go.

    They also ask you to do at home videos of you using a certain product, and talking about your experience with that product.

    Once youve uploaded a video via their app or website youll be paid in Amazon gift cards within 48 hours.

    Refer Friends To Services You Love

    When we find something we really love, the first thing many of us want to do is share it with the people in our lives. In many cases, you can earn rewards and free gift cards for doing just that.

    Banks, apps , and retail websites are all good places to start.

    Even the game apps most everyone has on their phone have a referral link you can share.

    Check to see if any of your favorites have referral programs. If they do, grab your referral link or code and send it to people you think would also enjoy or benefit from using it. Anyone you refer will likely need to complete a certain action, such as setting up direct deposit or booking their first ride or trip, before you receive your referral reward. Be sure to read the program details for each one so you know what to expect.

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    Get A Free Amazon Gift Card When You Cash Out Your Ibotta & Fetch Rewards Earnings

    If you havent started already, you need to use receipt apps like Fetch Rewards, ReceiptPal, Receipt Hog, and Ibotta to save money. Besides the option to get the cashback, you can also opt to redeem your rewards for free Amazon gift cards .

    Stores may change, but you can expect gift cards from , Whole Foods, Target, , Applebees, and Best Buy.

    Use Bing Instead Of Google

    FREE $5 Gift Card Credit to Raise!

    There are a handful of ways to get paid for searching the web, but they typically dont pay much by themselves. To earn enough for a gift card, you have to pair them with some other activity .

    One exception to that rule is Microsoft Rewards, which gives your points for running searches on Bing. Unfortunately, there are limits to how much you can earn per month, which means youre likely to max out at around $10 in earnings per year.

    Still, if youre willing to switch your default search engine from Google to Bing, its an easy and passive way to score a small gift card.

    The reviews of Microsoft Rewards are solid across the web. The big downside is that you can only exchange your rewards for Microsoft-related purchases, such as Xbox or Skype credits, or for items at

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