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How To Transfer Money Off A Visa Gift Card

Use Visa Card To Buy A Money Order

How to transfer gift cards money to your bank account – Money Maker off gift cards!

Walmart and other grocery stores will let you purchase money orders using your gift card. However, first, check if this option is available in your area since the service is dependent on state law. The money order can be deposited into your bank account for you to access the money.

One more thing is that, if you have too many money order deposits, there is a possibility of banks closing down your account for security purposes.

How To Transfer Money From Bank To Debit Card

As your debit card is linked to a bank account, all you demand to do to accept money so that you can spend it from your card gives the person sending you your money your account details. These usually involve:

  • Your name as it looks on your card
  • Your account number
  • Your sort code

When assigning the funds, the payee accesses your account information. The transfer will perform directly to you, transmitting you able to use your debit card to spend the money the moment it has profited in your account. This makes debit card transfers by far one of the most comfortable ways to send and receive money and is one of the principal reasons.

How To Cash Out Money Off A Gift Card Through Paypal

  • Log in into your PayPal account
  • Select Wallet option
  • Click Link a card or bank and continue through the prompts
  • When PayPal asks for your personal information, add your Visa Card details. Then click link card

In case an error occurs, which is normal, there will be a need for you to register the card with your issuer so that an address is linked to the Visa card. After that, PayPal should have no problem accepting it.

Create a PayPal account here.

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Cash Your Gift Card On Jour Cards Store

Are you struggling to find a simple route to exchange Visa cards for cash? Try Jour Cards Store. This is an online payment and games e-shop. The platform comes highly recommended with a 4.3-star rating on Trust Pilot.

They offer several services including the exchange of Visa gift cards for liquid cash. The store uses online currency through platforms such as PayPal and Bitcoins.

Jour Cards gives you 80% of the total value of your Visa Gift Card, and take the remaining 20% as commission. Before the deal goes through, the company tests your card for viability through their exchange department.

Jour Cards store will either wire your money to your e-wallet or account email. The whole process takes around 1 to 3 days.

Other Jour cards offers include steam wallet gift cards.

Easy Ways To Transfer Visa Gift Card To Bank Account In Less Time

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  • 7 minute read

To transfer visa gift card to bank has been somewhat difficult for individuals and even impossible for most people.

Having visa cards have saved individuals the stress of carrying cash around and going out of budget with their expenses because they can load their cards with a set amount of funds that can carry their purchases for a long period of time.

But where by a person has enough funds in the visa card and lacks cash at hand, there becomes the need to be able to transfer the visa gift card to a bank account in order to access the cash and use however they want.

So the common question is How do you transfer visa gift card to bank account?

This content is going to help you understand the modules of transferring visa gift cards to a bank account. But Its important you first understand what a visa gift card is.

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How Do You Get Prepaid Cards

Many businesses offer prepaid cards as incentives to sign up for services, buy products, and refer other customers.

Here are two recent personal examples. I earned three of these cards by signing up for Internet service with AT& T. I also just received one from my web hosting company, HostGator, thanks to their referral program .

In addition to business incentives, other ways you might come across prepaid cards include winning one as a prize or receiving one as a gift. You can even get one for test driving a car!

Making A Purchase With Your Visa Gift Card

What if I change my mind and want to cancel a purchase?

If a merchant cancels a purchase transaction for you, it may take three to seven business days for the cancellation to show up on your Visa Gift card record and for the funds to be credited to your card and available for use. Check the balance on your card, either online or by phone, to see when your cancelled purchase transaction has been processed. Refer to the back of your card for the web site address/phone number of the financial institution that issued your card.

Why was my Visa Gift card declined?
  • Your card may have expired. Check the expiry date printed on the front of your card. In this case, let the merchant know how much remaining balance you have on your card. The merchant may split the transaction and allow you to pay for part of your purchase with the Gift card, and then the remaining part of your purchase with another form of payment, such as a credit, debit or cash.
  • Your remaining card balance may be less than the value of the item you wish to purchase.
  • Merchants who only possess a manual imprint machine cannot accept Gift cards which have the phrase “ELECTRONIC USE ONLY” printed on the front of the card.
  • Some internet merchants use fraud protection software that may decline a Gift card purchase transaction.
  • Your card may not be activated or registered yet. Follow the activation and registration instructions that came with the card, or contact the card issuer

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How Long Will It Take For The Money To Be Transferred To My Bank Account

How long the transaction takes depends on your bank. Some transfers can be completed within a few hours or on the same business day.

For most banks though, it usually takes a few business days before you see the money in your account.

For example, if you have a Bank of America prepaid card and you are doing a transfer to your bank account for the first time, this could take up to 7 business days.

This is because you must create a new transfer-to account online, which can take up to 5 business days to authenticate.

After that, it can take another 2 business days to receive the money in your account.

If you use the MoneyGram method though, the money will arrive in your account within the same day. Even new accounts take less than a day to be verified.

How Do I Turn My Vanilla Visa Gift Card Into Cash

How To Turn Visa Gift Card into Cash Using Paypal

The Vanilla gift card is a Visa prepaid gift card that is available for purchase in amounts from $10 to $500. Its great for special occasions and a great gift to give to people if you arent sure what to get them for an occasion.

Similar to a regular Visa gift card, if you are looking to convert a Vanilla Visa gift card to cash, you can use all the options recommended in this post to get started. So even though you cant get money directly from a Visa Vanilla gift card, you can use the options in this post.

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Sell Gift Card On Raise App

One way to convert a Visa gift card to cash is to use an app. There are many apps that buy the card from you, then resell it for a profit. This method can be a fast way of converting those Visa gift cards into cash.

However, a word of caution to bear in mind. The fees involved can be high which means this method is best if no others are available or if you need the cash quickly.

A great app to use is offered by Raise. The Raise app is available on App Store and Play Store. Once downloaded you can easily sell your gift cards, but Raise does take a 15% commission. When you sell a gift card on Raise you can get paid via PayPal, check, or straight into your bank account.

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Transfer Gift Card To Bank Account Through Moneygram

MoneyGram is the second-largest money transfer provider in the United States. They are quick, inexpensive, dependable, and, most importantly, safe.

Visit the MoneyGram website and follow the steps below to transfer money from a Visa gift card to your bank account.

1. Sign up to create an account at MoneyGram

Verify that youve successfully made an account by checking your email.

2. Click Send Money on the MoneyGram website

Sending a Certain Amount

Choose either a debit or credit card.

Choose between Account Deposit and Debit Card Deposit.

Check to see if your visa gift card is linked to the bank account to which youre sending money.

3. Fill in Bank Details

Youd be taken to a page where youd fill in your bank details after sending the payment information. Here youd enter

Receivers Name

Card information

You could transfer money from your visa gift card to your bank account in a matter of minutes.

MoneyGram charges a fee based on the amount being sent. And, thankfully, their cost is incredibly little. For amounts under $200, its $1.99. It charges $1.99 + 1% of the deposited amount for quantities over $200.

When sending money using MoneyGram, there is also a limit. The maximum amount you can send online is $10,000 per transaction.

If you need to spend extra money, youll have to do so in person at a MoneyGram agent store close to your location.

Transfer Visa Gift Card to Bank Account through PayPal

Easy right?

Get started by

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Sell It To A Gift Card Exchange Website

Using a gift card exchange website, like Gift Card Granny or CardCash, is the most straightforward method for converting your gift cards into cold hard cash. All you have to do is go on their website and sell your gift card.

Both Gift Card Granny and CardCash take a wide variety of gift cards, including Visa ones. You can easily trade Visa gift cards for cash payments. The best part is they offer up to 90% cashback during the entire process.

First, youll need to select an offer. Once you choose the Visa gift card with an appropriate balance, you can submit it and go through a verification process.

After this is done, youll be able to get paid. This online method allows you to earn more money compared to more expensive rates of gift card kiosks. Keep in mind it might not work for every Visa gift card, as offers come and go.

Can you sell a Visa gift card to another person?

Yes, you can sell your Visa gift card to another individual without it affecting the gift card. If you go this route, youll likely find that people will only be interested in buying it from you if its offered at a discount.

Otherwise, they could avoid the hassle by buying a gift card from a regular retailer. This is a valid option though if you can sell it for more money than a gift card exchange offers you.

By Step Ways To Transfer A Visa Gift Card To A Bank Account

Prepaid Visa Card

00:03 3 minutes.

MoneyGram can be used for visa gift card to Bank account transfer. You can transfer money from a prepaid card to your bank account indirectly by trying some of the following options:

  • Sign up to create an account at MoneyGram

    Once you open the MoneyGram website, click the Sign up button, fill in your email address, provide a strong password and sign up. Go to your email and verify that youve successfully created an account.

  • At the top menu bar of the website, click the Send money icon and it would take you to a page where you are required to fill in the payment details. Make sure you link visa gift card to bank account you are sending the money to.

  • Fill in Bank Details

    You will be taken to a page where youd fill in your bank details after sending the payment information. Here youd enter Receivers Name, Address, Card information. After entering these information, click Next and your money transfer would be processed. You have now transferred money from your visa gift card to bank account.

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    Trade For Cash Using A Gift Card Exchange Kiosk

    Gift card exchange kiosks are located in supermarkets and shopping malls and are typically bright yellow in color. They can be easily located by doing a quick search engine look up. These can be easily used to get cash from a Visa gift card.

    Once you have identified a kiosk, you can follow the prompts on the screen to enter your gift cards information. Eventually you would receive a series of offers as a trade for your card.

    If you wish you can select the cash offer, if one is presented and to your liking. A voucher would then be issued to you to take to the cashier to redeem for cash.

    Though you would not be capitalizing on the full cash value of the gift card, the bottom line is you can get money off a Visa gift card by using a Gift Card Exchange Kiosk.

    We have made it even easier to find a Gift Card Exchange kiosk to convert your Visa gift card to cash. Just use our Gift Card Exchange Kiosk Zip Code Search below!

    All you need to do is enter your zip code in the search box and hit the button to find the Gift Card Exchange Kiosk nearest to you, ranked by real Google Reviews.

    How To Get Money Off A Visa Gift Card Through Paypal

    To add your Visa gift card to your PayPal Wallet, follow these simple steps

    • Log into your PayPal account
    • Select the Wallet tab in the menu bar
    • Select the Link a card option
    • Enter your gift card information
    • Click Link Card

    The same instructions apply for mobile just select the Wallet tab from the dropdown hamburger menu.

    While Visa gift cards can work with no problems at a physical location, its important to register your card to avoid any potential issues when adding the card to your online wallet.

    Registering your card is as easy as contacting the customer service number indicated on your Visa gift card.

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    How To Transfer Money Using An Atm Card

    Toward an Automated Teller Machine , you can only transfer reserves between your accounts connected to a single ATM card or credit card. You would not transfer funds within unlinked bank accounts, between many banks, to a credit card, to another individuals account, or to pay bills. Although all ATMs fluctuate slightly, the general process is the same for all ATM transfers.

    Step 1:

    Visit an ATM. You dont fundamentally have to visit your banks ATM to transfer money. Whatever some banks require fees for using another banks ATM, in addition to your banks expense, the ATMs financial Organization might also charge a usage fee around $2 to $3 for non-account holders.

    Step 2:

    Next, insert your ATM card and follow the prompts to support you are the account holder. You typically require selecting a language and entering the cards Personal Identification Number .

    Step 3:

    After that, select the option Transfer credits or a similar entry. Any accounts connected with that debit or ATM card will be presented.

    Step 4:

    Confirm the account you desire to transfer money from the account and transfer it to another account. And you have to review for ensuring you have selected the correct statements.

    Step 5:

    Confirm the correct amount and accept any usage fees you may provoke for the transaction to proceed. Select complete to finalize the transfer.

    Step 6:

    Finally, receive the receipt and maintain it for your records and view the new balance directly on the ATM screen.

    Add Visa Card To Your Paypal Wallet

    How to turn Visa debit or gift card into cash using PayPal or Venmo

    PayPal is built to enable its users to transact entirely online for a fee. Normally, the service charges a fee that is equivalent to 3% of the transaction value.

    Additionally, you can use prepaid Visa cards to send money through PayPal. What this means is that you can use your card balance to buy items from any merchant that accepts PayPal.

    As such, you have the power to transfer money to your linked bank account or send it as a gift card to fellow PayPal users. Alternatively, you can sign up for apps such as Ibotta and earn free cashback that you can withdraw to your PayPal wallet- which is as good as cash.

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    Get A Merchant Refund

    In my opinion, this is the easiest and best way to get cash for your Visa gift card, however, it may be a bit unethical. All you would have to do is buy something from a retailer with your Visa gift card and return it a few days later.

    Some stores will process your return and give you cash since you paid via debit. This method is pretty simple too and is not against store policy. This may be the best way to get cash back, the entire amount too, from your Visa gift card. The best part is that you get to walk away with cash!

    Sell It On Facebook Marketplace

    If you are looking to convert Visa gift cards to cash consider joining Facebook Marketplace to sell them. You can check out Facebook Marketplace to sell and buy unwanted gift cards. This is a pretty awesome way to get cash in exchange for unwanted gift cards.

    My recommendation for selling on Facebook Marketplace is to make sure to put up high-quality images of the gift cards you want to sell. Additionally, make sure you know the correct balance on the card before you post it.

    My recommendation for buying items on is to first make sure to read reviews of the seller. Ideally, you want someone with 5 out of 5 stars.

    You can see a sellers rating by clicking on the item that they are selling and looking under the sellers information. If someone has a bad rating, skip getting any items from that person to save yourself the headache.

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