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How To Use A Gift Card On Airbnb

Let Airbnb Invest In Your Savings

How To Redeem AirBnb Gift Card? AirBnb Gift Card Tutorial 2021

There are various sites offering cashback incentives when you book an Airbnb.

One of the best is Robinhood, a micro-investing, options trading, and stock brokerage app. Youll get a free stock when you sign up with the link above . Ive made thousands from Robinhood from shorting stocks and was able to finance my trips this way.

Now youve learned how to save for travel with your credit cards youll be kicking yourself for all the missed past opportunities. Airbnb doesnt have a reward program, but that doesnt mean you cant maximize credit card sign-up bonuses, air miles points, and other hacks and save money.


How To Check Your Cards Balance

To check a gift cards balance, click your account icon in the upper-right corner, then select Account from the drop-down menu. Then, click Payments and payouts.

From here, scroll down to the Airbnb gift credit section, where youll see the credit balance in your account and where you can add a gift card.

Does Airbnb Have A Membership Program Or Credit Card

No, Airbnb does not yet have a points program or credit card.

This can be off-putting to travelers who are new to Airbnb. You may feel you dont get a good deal with Airbnb if you are used to collecting rewards and free nights from booking sites or hotel chains.

However, Airbnb has partnered with various other loyalty programs. I also believe that Airbnb is working on a loyalty program. Lets hope 2020 is the year theyll release it.

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Video Transcript: How To Check The Balance On Your Airbnb Gift Cardvideo Transcript

Im Shelley Hunter, Gift Card Girlfriend. If you have an Airbnb gift card, theyre super easy to use. All you have to do is log into your Airbnb account and redeem the gift card there or add it to your account. Once the funds have been added to your account, they never expire. And you will use them on your next trip. If you want to know how much money you have to spend on that next trip, however, youll want to check the balance of your Airbnb gift card. The links are here on this page that will tell you everything you need to know to find out how much you have to spend. Happy travels!

Other Issues And Challenges With Airbnb Gcs

Airbnb Gift Card

Beyond the express terms and conditions, there are other issues and challenges with Airbnb GCs that you should be aware of, including:

  • Velocity loading limits
  • In our recent experience, we purchased $1,800 in Airbnb GCs 5 GCs in the amounts of $500 , $200 and $100. All of the GCs were purchased through third-party Raise. We were able to load two $500 GCs and the $100 GC immediately for a total of $1,100, but the others failed to load. A call to Airbnb customer service failed to resolve the issue. The issue eventually resolved itself. After 24 hours, we were able to add a 4th GC, and after another 24 hours, we were able to add the 5th/last GC. At that point, we were able to make our reservation and use the entire GC balance to pay for it immediately.
  • We are not sure of the exact parameters of the velocity loading limits. For us the cap was 3 GCs in a day, 1 more GC the next day, and 1 more GC the day after that. Others have reported different velocity loading limits.
  • Fellow blogger Stephen Pepper had a great tip in the Comments: If you run into a velocity limit roadblock when adding codes to the Payment Methods portion of the Airbnb website, try switching over to the following web page: and vice versa, if you get stuck on the gift/redeem site, try switching over to Payment Methods.
  • If theres a problem with a booking using a GC, you have limited or no recourse, unlike if you pay with a credit card and can request a charge-back
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    Us Gift Card Terms And Conditions

    These Gift Card Terms and Conditions for US Users apply to you if your country of residence or establishment is within the United States. If your country of residence or establishment is outside of the United States, find the gift card terms that apply to you.

    These US Gift Card Terms and Conditions govern the purchase and use of Airbnb Gift Cards . The Airbnb Terms of Service and Payments Terms of Service separately govern your use of the Airbnb Platform and Payments Services, respectively. All capitalized terms have the meaning set forth in the Airbnb Terms and Payments Terms unless otherwise defined in these Gift Card Terms.


    Gift Cards may be purchased at various online and retail locations, and can be claimed by United States residents with an Airbnb account at Gift Cards may only be applied toward the purchase of eligible Host Services offered on the Airbnb Platform.

    Gift Card purchases are deducted from your Gift Card balance. If a purchase exceeds your existing Gift Card balance, the remaining amount due must be paid with another Payment Method.

    To view your Gift Card balance, visit your dashboard after signing in to your Airbnb account. No fees apply to Gift Cards, and Gift Cards do not expire.


    Risk of Loss.


    Limitation of Liability.


    General Terms.

    Can I Pay For Airbnb Bookings Using Cryptocurrency

    Officially, no. But there are some ways to use your cryptocurrency investments to book your next best Airbnb stay with ease. We will tell you how.

    As we said, Gift Cards are one of the most popular Airbnb payment options. Although not as popular as credit cards or PayPal, Airbnb gift cards are used by thousands of users across the United States. People see them as a convenient way to gift someone a few days vacation via the great rental spaces on Airbnb.

    As it happens, many services allow you to buy Airbnb gift cards using cryptocurrency. It means you can spend your Bitcoin, Litecoin, or Ethereum investments to get an Airbnb gift card worth a couple of hundred dollars. Then, you can go ahead and book that wonderful adobe on Airbnb. Sounds cool, right?

    Of course, this method isnt hassle-free. You have to get past a few restrictions to get Airbnb gift cards using cryptocurrency.

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    Another Option For Saving Buying Airbnb Gift Cards

    A lot of people dont know about the Airbnb gift cards. The gift cards themselves can be used for new reservations lasting 28 days or less , and individual gift cards can be purchased from $25 to $500.

    Even better, Airbnb gift cards dont expire. So you dont need to worry about rushing off on a trip as soon as you qualify. You do, however, need to claim them on your Airbnb account within 90 days of receipt.

    Most major retailers, like Amazon, Target, and large grocery store chains, carry the cards either in-store or online.

    How To Redeem/use Your Gift Card

    Airbnb Gift Cards Video

    To redeem an Airbnb gift card, go to

    Here, enter the gift card and PIN number, then click Redeem gift card.

    This will activate the card and transfer the cards value to your Airbnb account. The funds can then be applied to a future stay or experience. If a cards value only covers part of your total booking cost, you can cover the remainder with another payment form.

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    Travel Rewards Credit Cards With Bonuses For Airbnb

    Some of our favorite travel rewards credit cards offer great bonuses towards Airbnb spending. This is a win-win situation if you plan your spending accordingly.

    Take a look!

    earns you 2 points per dollar spent on travel . When you activate with Airbnb the points cover 1 cent per earned mile. You can book travel through the Airbnb website and earn the points that way.

    The value of your points increases if you book through the Chase Ultimate Rewards®, which offers options for stretching your dollars just a bit more.

    The scores you 1 point per dollar on all purchases, travel-related or otherwise, and 3 points per dollar on your air travel and hotel purchases.

    But you dont just earn on travel spending. The Citi Premier® Card gives you 3 points per dollar on your everyday spending. Youll earn extra points at supermarkets, gas stations and at restaurants, whether youre traveling or staying home. You can then put those points toward your future Airbnb stays.

    Can I Reload My Airbnb Egift Card After I’ve Spent The Full Value

    Airbnb gift cards are not reloadable. Once the value of the card is depleted, the card is no longer valid. However, we recommend keeping the gift card until you are certain that items purchased with the card will not need to be returned. We offer reloadable cards to corporate customers at

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    Take Advantage Of Travel Statement Credits

    Some fee-based credit cards come with awesome sign-up bonuses.

    These travel bonuses can be applied to a range of travel expenses. Often this now includes Airbnb. NerdWallet frequently reviews the best credit cards for travel rewards. You should also keep an eye out for special offers and new member incentives.

    2 of my favorite credits cards are from Chase.

  • Chase Sapphire Preferred sign-up bonus is at 60k if you spend $4k in the first 3 months. Thats roughly $600.
  • Chase Ink Business Preferred sign-up bonus is at 80k points if you spend 5k in the first 3 months. Youll need an EINs. If you dont already know, then heres a helpful resource for you.
  • Remember, each point is roughly 1 to 1.5 cents. So 60,000 bonus may seem like a lot, but its only around $600.

    Person Killed During Multi

    $500 Airbnb Gift Card Giveaway

    The person told me, Oh you can only pay it all in full with gift cards, said Peko.

    Thats right, Airbnb doesnt allow you to use gift cards to pay off balances you can only use them for deposits or to pay it all upfront. The gift cards Peko bought still had hundreds of dollars on them, and with no future travel plans, she says the family was throwing away that money.

    I just cried, said Peko. It was heartbreaking, and the people at Airbnb were just so heartless. Sorry its our policy, read it, you should have read it.

    If you dig around on the Airbnb website, youll find its gift card policy. The I-Team asked Airbnb the reason behind the policy, but didnt get a response.

    Its really against the consumer, it seems kinda like a gotcha, said Mark Ostermann, who called out Airbnb on his travel blog for what he calls an unfriendly consumer policy. He thinks the company should post a clear warning when consumers use a gift card.

    A pop-up should come up that says, Hey, youre paying with a gift card and when you go to make a second payment, youre not going to be able to use a gift card, said Ostermann. Some type of warning. But until that happens, Peko leaves fellow Airbnb travelers with some advice.

    Dont buy their gift cards, dont do it, she said.

    Things eventually worked out for Pekos family. The host ended up canceling their reservation, so they booked a new rental house, and this time they knew to use their gift cards to pay it all upfront.

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    The Problems With Airbnb Gift Cards

    As we said, you can use any of the mentioned platforms to get Airbnb gift cards using Bitcoin or some other crypto token. However, there are a few restrictions you should pay attention to.

    • Airbnb gift cards are currently available in the United States only. You cannot redeem it on the Airbnb websites for other countries.
    • Gift card purchases dont entail any refund options. Therefore, once you have bought an Airbnb gift card, you dont have any way backward.
    • There is a limit to how much money you can redeem via gift cards. It could be a problem if you like to pay for premium Airbnb stays through cryptocurrency.

    If you think you can handle these restrictions, you should check out the methods mentioned above.

    Combine Card Points With Airbnb

    If youre flying to your destination you can rack up extra points by traveling on an airline that partners with Airbnb.

    The biggest US carrier that runs Airbnb promotions is Delta. Booking through earns you SkyMiles, which works just like points.

    Usually, youll get one SkyMiles per dollar spent on an Airbnb booking. You dont need to use a certain credit cardpay with whatever card you want, or with an Airbnb gift card. This is a great way to stack or maximize points towards future stays.

    For international travelers, the Australian airline Qantas and the Japanese airline ANA run Airbnb partnerships as well. Be sure to follow their instructions for booking to get the promotion.

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    $150 Guest Suite Airbnb Gift Card

    Come experience history at The Whalehouse Guest Suite. This stylish Airbnb apartment resides inside a grand Victorian mansion circa 1855 in historic New Bedford, MA. Its the former home of Herman Melvilles sister, and this is where he used to stay while visiting her.

    The Guest Suite is a separate two-floor apartment, and is available for rent via AirBnB. It can sleep up to 2, and has its own private entrance. Heres what awaits: one bedroom with a queen sized bed, a beautiful new bathroom with luxe finishes, small kitchenette, living room with a gorgeous fold out sofa bed, and a dining nook.

    The Good News About Airbnb Gcs

    How to use Bitcoin to book your Airbnb for Bitcoin 2019

    There are some good features of Airbnb GCs, in addition to the opportunities for savings and points-and-miles earning that we outlined in our previous article, so lets start with those:

    • You can load Airbnb GCs directly into your Airbnb online account, where they are all combined into a single GC balance
    • This makes the GCs reasonably secure
    • This prevents any issues with using multiple GCs for a single reservation
    • Best practice is to load the GCs into your account immediately after purchasing them
  • Airbnb GC funds never expire
  • When you book an Airbnb, the GC funds are automatically applied to your charges
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    Three Ways To Use Credit Cards For Airbnb Travels

    There are three key ways to travel with credit cards.

    You can earn rewards by using your card , earn the sign-up bonuses, and redeem your rewards for flights or stays.

    side note: I havent paid for a flight in almost 10 months. I use my card for everyday purchases and get points for all of the purchases. Did someone say free flights to Europe? Yes, bought a round-trip ticket to Italy with my points!

    Airbnb Gift Card Issues They Are Not Customer Friendly

    My buddy ran into some issues with Airbnb gift cards which I covered a few days ago. His was a somewhat specific case that dealt with their split payments service for group bookings. I thought that was where Airbnb gift card issues ended until I received a few comments on the article The comments brought even more Airbnb gift card issues to light.

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    Airbnb Gift Card: From 25 Airbnbcouk Available From 9 November

    Holiday rentals from the popular travel company have certainly been in high demand of late, and now Airbnb has launched its gift card service in the UK, making present-buying a whole lot easier. With an Airbnb gift card, travel-lovers can finally take that eagerly anticipated trip theyve been lusting over, and you can help them realise their dreams.

    You can even choose the design of the card from a range of fun drawings. If you opt for the digital card, itll arrive by text or email to the lucky recipient, and once it has been loaded onto their account, it never expires, so they will be able to use the credit whenever they like particularly great for those who arent quite ready to venture further afield.

    Physical gift cards are currently available to buy in Tesco and Morrisons shops, while digital gift cards can be bought from the Airbnb website from 9 November. Give the gift of a getaway this Christmas and help make someones 2022 their year of wanderlust.

    Canada Gift Card Terms And Conditions

    Buy an Airbnb gift card

    These Gift Card Terms and Conditions for Canada Users apply to you if your country of residence or establishment is within Canada. If your country of residence or establishment is outside of Canada, find the gift card terms that apply to you.

    These Gift Card Terms and Conditions govern your use of Airbnb Gift Cards on the Airbnb Platform. Your use of Gift Cards and the services available via the Airbnb Platform shall be subject to Airbnbs Terms of Service if you see an undefined term in these Gift Card Terms, it has the same definition as in the Terms.

    Claiming and Redemption.

    You must have an Airbnb account in order to claim and redeem a Gift Card you can claim a Gift Card by visiting or . Upon claiming, the entire Gift Card value will be shown on your Airbnb account as your Gift Card balance. Gift Card balances may only be redeemed toward the purchase of eligible goods and services provided via Airbnb Ireland UC and its affiliates via the Airbnb Platform. Any booking made with a Gift Card will be deducted from your Gift Card balance, and any unused Gift Card balance will remain on your Airbnb account until used. If a purchase exceeds your existing Gift Card balance, the remaining amount due must be paid with another Payment Method. You can view your Gift Card balance by signing in to your Airbnb account.


    In Canada, Gift Cards can only be purchased by or gifted to individuals in Canada.

    Risk of Loss.



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