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How To Use Amazon Gift Card Balance

How To Use Up Remaining Balances On Prepaid Gift Cards

How To Redeem An Amazon Gift Card (And Use Your Gift Card Balance To Buy Stuff)

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Get The Retailer To Cash Out The Balance On Its Gift Card

There is actually a way that you can get the cash from a gift card with a remaining balance.

In some states, there are laws that require retailers to cash out balances on the gift cards they issue.

This means that if you have a small balance that you cant really use in the store, that cash wont go to waste.

The balance will need to be under a certain amount for you to redeem it for cash.

But this amount varies from state to state.

Here are a few examples of the gift card balance threshold in different states:

Its important to note that not all states have such laws.

So check with the laws in your state.

If your state doesnt have a law about cashing out balances, then ask them anyway. They might do it for you!

This is such a good way to use gift cards with less than $1 remaining.

Amazoncom Balance And Amazoncom Gift Card Terms And Conditions

The following are the terms and conditions applicable to your Balance and Gift Cards. By purchasing, accepting, or using a Gift Card, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions on behalf of yourself and all members of your household and others who purchase, accept, or use a Gift Card under your account.

  • Gift Cards Balance Redemption.
  • Gift Cards are issued by ACI Gift Cards LLC, a Washington limited liability company, and include Gift Cards that are automatically added to your Balance when you reload your balance, receive an allowance, or use an Amazon Cash barcode . Your Balance displays the total remaining balance of all Gift Cards that have been applied to your account but not yet applied to a purchase. We may refer to your Balance as your Amazon Balance, Gift Card balance, or GC Balance. To view your Balance, visit Your Account on Purchases are deducted from your Balance. Any unused Balance will remain associated with your account. If a purchase exceeds your Balance, the remaining amount must be paid with another payment method.

  • Use of Balance or any Gift Card in Violation of these Terms and Conditions.
  • Disputes.

    Any dispute or claim relating in any way to Gift Cards or your Balance will be resolved by the dispute resolution terms in the .

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    Sell It Via Reddit Or Facebook

    Social networking sites like and Reddit are other places where you can sell your Amazon gift cards.

    Reddit has a separate subreddit called r/giftcardexchange for trading unwanted gift cards. Users can create a post with all the necessary details and interested parties will contact to make the exchange happen. Additionally, subreddits like r/barter can also be a great place to do the same.

    Facebook also has its own peer-to-peer platform called just like Craigslist which brings buyers and sellers together on the social network. Apart from that, you can search for groups that buy and sell gift cards in your area. Another way is to put up a post in your timeline or send a group message to a number of people to let them know about the offer.

    How To Locate The Claim Code

    Amazon credit card balance

    Keep in mind that the 16 digit number is not a claim code.

    Step 1: Go to Your Account.

    Step 2: Add the claim code and Tap for Apply.

    Note: If your order total is more than your gift card funds, the extra can be paid for by credit card.

    If your total order is more than the gift card funds, then you can make extra payment with the credit card.

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    Where Can You Use Amazon Pay Balance

    You have almost infinite options for using your Amazon Pay balance as follows:

  • Amazon India website: The Amazon India website lists crores of products to choose from. You will get almost everything under the sun on the Amazon India website. You name it and they have it. You can pay for your purchases using Amazon Pay balance.
  • Bill payments: Got to pay your utility bills? Pay them on Amazon using Amazon Pay balance
  • Booking travel tickets: You can book flight tickets or bus tickets on Amazon and pay using Amazon Pay balance
  • Movie tickets: Want to catch the latest Bollywood blockbuster? Book movie tickets using Amazon Pay
  • Partner websites: You can use Amazon Pay for making payment for your purchases on Amazon partner websites in various categories including entertainment, food, travel tickets, health and fitness, home services, etc. Amazon India has more than 100 partners.
  • Offline stores: You can use Amazon Pay for paying for your purchases at offline stores. Right now the offline acceptance is low but will increase soon.
  • How To Pay For Prime Membership Using Your Amazon Gift Card Balance

    This blog post may contain affiliate links. For more information, please read the full disclosure here.

    If someone would ask me what Prime membership benefits I love and enjoy the most, then my answer would definitely be Prime Reading, Prime Video, First Reads, Prime Video Channels, Prime Music, , and Prime Gaming by no mean in a particular order.

    Thanks to those Prime benefits I have been able to save some money that I would otherwise have spent on magazine subscriptions, ebooks, video, music, games, photo storage, and other streaming services.

    Of course, when you are a Prime member, they are not the only seven benefits that you can enjoy because there are obviously a lot more benefits to enjoy, from , , Free Titles at Audible, , Prime Wardrobe to Prime Member Deals at Whole Foods Market and more. I am pretty sure that more and more new Prime benefits will be added in the near future.

    What is not to love about Prime membership? Well, it is the fact that Amazon does not currently allow you to pay or renew your Prime membership using your . It is quite disappointing if/when your Gift Card Balance is more than sufficient to cover your Prime membership for the next few years.

    Important Amazons Policy: Sign-in Required

    Alternatives to Prime: Prime Discounted and Prime Student

    What you need to know before paying for Prime membership using your Gift Card Balance

    How to pay for Prime membership using your Gift Card Balance

    Bonus tips:

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    Transfer Your Gift Card Balance To Your Amazon Account On Amazoncom

    1. Open your web browser and go to .

    2. Sign in and go to the “Your Account” page by clicking on “Accounts & Lists” to the right of the search bar.

    3. On the “Your Account” page select “Gift cards.”

    4. You’re now on your gift card balance page, where you can see your current balance and your previous transaction activity. Now click “Redeem a Gift Card.” Note: you can also select “Reload Your Balance” if you want to add funds from a bank account or credit card instead of a gift card.

    5. Enter the claim code on the back of the gift card and Amazon will inform you how much money you’ve got left on the card. Click “Apply to your balance” to transfer the money to your Amazon account.

    6. Your account gift card balance will be now be updated to include the transferred funds. The money will be available to use the next time you purchase an item from Amazon.

    Tricks To Transfer Your Amazon Pay Balance To Paytm Or Bank Account

    How to use Amazon Gift Card Balance for ebay Dropshipping

    It goes without saying that many people around the world are now shifting to online payment modes and e-wallets over cash transactions. Apps such as Paytm, PhonePe, Google Pay, Amazon Pay and more have become quite popular among people. This is because these payment apps offer ultimate ease and convenience, and allow users to make payments from the comfort of their home or on the go.

    However, apps such as Amazon Pay dont provide users with the option to transfer money from Amazon Pay balance to bank account or other popular wallets such as Paytm. This causes problems for many Indian users as the receiver may not have or prefer Amazon Pay.

    That being said, here are some tricks to transfer your Amazon Pay balance to Paytm or bank accounts.

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    Can I Add An Unwanted Visa Gift Card


    Lets say you have a Visa gift card with $2.37 remaining on it and youd like to use it up and get rid of it.

    Consider adding the balance to your Amazon account instead of holding onto it and probably forgetting to use the balance.

    To make it happen just follow these easy steps.

    Step 1 Go to your Amazon Gift Card Balance page and click on Reload Your Balance.

    Step 2Next youll want to enter the remaining balance of your Visa gift card in the Custom amount box. Call the number on the back of your card if youre not sure of the exact amount.

    Step 3 Before you submit youll want to click Add a Card and enter the details of your Visa gift card.

    Step 4 Then make sure you click/tap the circle next to your newly added Visa gift card so Amazon knows thats the card you want to use to reload your balance.

    Step 5 Click Reload at the bottom and your gift card balance will get transferred to your Amazon account so you can use it on your next purchase.

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    I Purchased An Email Gift Card Or E

    • E-mail gift cards or e-gift cards generally arrive within 15 minutes of ordering. Sometimes it may take up to 24 hours.
    • Scheduled E-mail gift cards or e-gift cards are delivered to the recipient by 5 AM on the scheduled date of delivery.

    If none of these seem to be the reason, please check:

    • If the recipient’s email ID was correctly entered.
    • Try resending the gift card using the Resend Gift Certificate button in Your Orders, next to your gift card order to resend the gift card to the same or a different email id.

    Please note that the Resend button will not appear, if-

  • The gift card is already redeemed by the recipient.
  • The gift card is scheduled to deliver at any specific time.
  • Checking The Balance Of An Unredeemed Giftcard

    Can I use multiple gift cards for one purchase ...
  • 1Login to your Amazon account. Open whichever browser you want to use and go to Click the Sign-in button near the top right of the screen. Once you get there, type in your email address and account password to log into your Amazon account.
  • 2 Look at the top of your screen for the search bar. Underneath the search bar, youll see words that are each a link to a different part of the site. Click on the words that read Gift Cards and Registry. This will take you to a screen with various options.
  • 3 Your screen will most likely display three square pictures in a row. Under this, youll find a row of six boxes. The second to last box toward the right side of the row says Redeem a gift card. Click on this link.
  • 4Scratch off the silver strip on the back of the card. If you have a brand new Amazon card, there may be a silver strip covering the claim code on the back of the card. Use a coin or your fingernail to peel or scratch the strip off of the card, which reveals the claim code.
  • 5Type in the gift cards claim code. Look at the back of your gift card for a long series of letters and numbers. Type the code in exactly as it appears, including capital letters and dashes.XResearch source
    • QuestionHow do I check the balance of a gift card if I don’t have an Amazon account?Community AnswerYou will have to make an Amazon account. You will also need to have an account to use the gift card.Thanks!

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    Go To A Brick And Mortar Store

    If you have a really small gift card balance and you want to use it all up you should definitely consider going into a physical store.

    Usually, the cashier will apply the value of your gift card to your whole purchase, and therefore lower your purchase total.

    All you have to do is ask.

    Even if you only get $1 off your purchase, youve still completely used your balance.

    How To Add An Amazon Gift Card To Your Account

    Glad you asked, lets break it down in 4 easy steps.

    Step 1 Login in your . If you dont already have an account youll be prompted to create one.

    Step 2Click on your Account and then find the Gift Cards section and click on it. See pic above.

    Step 3 Take a look at your physical gift card and find the Claim Code located on the back. It most cases youll need to scratch or peel it to find it. On E-gift cards you can just copy and paste the claim code.

    Step 4 On the Gift Cards page, select Redeem a Gift Card and then enter your claim code in the box and click Apply.

    Note: The next time you make a purchase your Amazon gift card balance will automatically be applied unless you choose otherwise on the Payment page.

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    Can I Buy Am Amazon Gift Card For Someone In Germany

    If you buy Amazon gift cards from German Amazon, then it will only work for German Amazon.

    Friends, this gift card will not be accepted by any other region. The reason behind this is that their system does not have its own code. thats why they cannot accept it for this reason.

    Yes, but if you want to purchase from the USA without a gift card, you can. But it takes longer.

    Sell Trade Recharge Or Regift

    How to use Amazon gift card | How to Shop at Amazon using Gift Card Balance or Gift Certificate

    There are many people who try to sell their unused gift cards on Ebay. This may work for larger cards, but its still a hassle. Id much rather make it work some other way. Also, sites that allow you to trade unused gift cards are becoming popular but again, I dont want to have to mess with mailing addresses and postage for a tiny balance. There is still the possibility of reloading a card, if its allowed .

    Maybe you could regift a card that had its original balance on it? Any other ideas?

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    How Do I Add Gift Card Balance To My Account

    For Physical Gift Cards:

  • Enter the Gift Card Code given on the gift card and tap on Add to your balance.
  • For eGift Cards :

    If it’s an e-mail gift card, you can directly add it from your email by clicking on the Add to my Account link. If it’s a gift card shared via link, you can directly add it by clicking on the Add to your balance link.

    You will be asked to login to your account and your gift card funds will be automatically added to Your Account.


    • An eGift Card Code is 14 characters long and contains both letters and numbers .
    • A physical Gift Card Code is 14 characters long and contains both letters and numbers ).
    • You should NOT enter the Gift Card Reference ID in this field. A Gift Card Reference ID is different from Gift Card Code and is 16 characters long containing only numbers .


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