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How To Use Babylist Gift Card

How Do I Return A Gift Purchased From Another Retailer

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Returns are processed by the retailer where they were purchased. If your gift was purchased from another retailer, you’ll want to contact them and let them know you need to make a gift return.

We ask your guests for all the information youll need to make returns easier. Visit your Gift Tracker Page for the purchasers name and email address, along with other order information theyve provided to us.

In most cases, the retailer can look up the order under the gift giver’s name and email address if there’s no order number provided.

Please note: Every retailer has a different return policy. If you have any questions regarding a retailer’s return policy, please contact them directly.

How Do I Use My Babylist Discount

Are you using a computer?

Make sure you are logged into your Babylist account. You can then shop items in the Babylist store. You can also click the link at the top of your registry that reads “Your 15% registry discount is ready!” to see all of the items you’ve added to your registry that are eligible for the registry discount. You are not limited to only the items on your registry, so be sure to look ateverything we have to offer in the Babylist store. Onceyou’veadded all the items to your cart, click the yes button where it asks Apply your one-time 15% registry discount to this order?

Please note:discounts will only be seen by the person who created the registry, and not by partners added to the registry.

Are you using the iOS app?

Like the website, you can add items directly from the Babylist store or you can click the Your 15% registry discount is ready! tile on the home tab to see eligible items thatyou’vealready added to your Babylist registry. Once you are ready to checkout, tap the small blue up-arrow at the bottom of the screen above the “Proceed to Checkout” button and tap Apply 15% Registry Discount.

Please note: The 15% discount is only for purchases made in the Babylist Store and cannot be applied to items sold by other stores.

What Should You Put On Babys Wish List

Now that weve covered the why and the where, lets get to the whatall the things you might consider asking loved ones to buy for your little one this holiday. If youre not sure what you need or where to start, or if youre feeling like there might not be an end to that list of things , hopefully our suggestions for what to include and how to organize your list can make the process feel more manageable.

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Does It Cost Money To Use Babylist

Babylist is free for you and your gift-givers. Gift are purchased by your gift-givers directly from each store. Gift-givers are only responsible for the purchase price + shipping of the gifts.

The only exception to this is if you add a cash fund to your Babylist and the gift giver wants to donate. Your friends and family will see a handling fee added to their cash fund order of 2.9% plus $0.90.

All other purchases made from or through Babylist have no additional cost.

How Do I Get Started Building My Registry

Where can I check my Babylist gift card balance ...

Are you using a computer?

Get our browser button to add to Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, or Safari.

Are you using an iPhone or iPad?

Download our iOS app. You can then add items to your registry by clicking the plus sign in the lower right of your Registry screen, or you can turn on the “Share to Babylist” feature in your mobile browser.

To turn on the “Share to Babylist” feature, go to your mobile browser and click on the center “Share” icon in the bottom navigation bar, select “More” and switch Babylist on:

Browse sample registries. .

Once this is turned on, to add items to your registry, click the “Share” icon in your mobile browser again, then your new “Add to Babylist” button.

Note: “Share to Babylist” only works if your iPhone or iPad is running at least iOS 8. You won’t see the “Share to Babylist” button if your device is on iOS 7 or less. The only way to fix this is to update your device to a more recent version of iOS.

Are you using an Android device?

How to pick which items to add to your registry?

We offer lots of expertadvice and suggestions!

Take our checklist quiz to get a personalized list of baby gear tailored and personalized for your specific lifestyle.

See the most most popular items in our Babylist store.

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How Long Will It Take To Have The Money Transferred To My Bank Account

Once you request that we transfer any available funds to your bank, it may take a fewbusiness days for the money to be available in your account. Wait times will vary based on your bank. The delay is caused by the need for fraud protection.

There is no time limit for manually requesting a transfer of your funds.However, after 30 days of inactivity, our system will automatically submit the transfer for you. We do this to ensure you receive your cash gifts.

What Is Your Return Policy

If you purchased an item or received a gift purchased directly from the Babylist Store, we are happy to accept returns within nine months of the purchase date. Returned items must be in the same condition received, unopened and in the original packaging. We do not accept returns on opened or used items.

We offer refunds to the original method of payment or as a Babylist Store credit. If any portion of your order was paid for using a Babylist Gift Card or store credit, funds will be returned to the gift card first and then the credit/debit card originally used for payment.

Refunds are issued within 3-5 business days after your return arrives to our warehouse. Once the return has been processed, youll receive a final confirmation email containing refund information.

To return a gift purchased from your registry, click the return link next to the item youd like to return from your Gift Tracker page.

To return any gift you purchased directly from the Babylist store, just head to our Returns Center to begin.

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What Can My Discount Be Used On

The Babylist registry discount only applies to items sold in our Babylist Store. When your discount is ready, click Your 15% registry discount is ready! at the left side of your page.Well show you a filtered view of your registry with all the eligible items listed.You are not limited to things already on your registry,so be sure to look ateverything we have to offer in the Babylist Store.

The registry discount expires 6 months after your babys expected arrival date.

How To Register For Everything You Want

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Traditional registries are helpful, but they have their limitations. A universal registry lets you add any item from any store, as well as other things you may need like home-cooked meals and hand-me-downs.

What makes a universal registry different?

Traditional baby registries are great for letting friends and family know how they can help, but are generally provided by a retailer, which restricts you to the items available in that particular store. With a universal registry service like Babylist, you can add any item from any store to your registry.

Diapers, breast pumps, and pacifiers arent all you need with a new baby: sometimes the best gift of all is a hearty home-cooked meal, or help with cleaning, or something else you just cant find at a big box store. A Babylist universal registry lets you add specialty favor coupons, so your friends and family know exactly how to support you, and not just which diaper bag youve got your eye on.

With the option to include Babylist gift cards on your registry, friends and family have even more flexibility when it comes to what to get you. A gift card to a universal registry store means you can order absolutely anything you need from the Babylist Store.

How do I add to my universal registry?

Short answer simply! Babylist gift cards lets you browse popular catalogs, check out all sorts of registries that other moms have made, and read articles that are jam-packed with registry-building guidance.

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How To Create A Baby Registry

Feeling stressed out by the thought of adding one more thing to your to-do list? Weve broken down registry-building into five easy takeaways to help keep you organized and on track.

1. Evaluate Your Lifestyle: Think Before You Add

Youre going to encounter a lot of different types of baby gear on your registry journey. Before you add anything to your baby registry, pause and ask yourself this:

How will this item fit into my family and our particular lifestyle?

Do you live in a 700-square-foot one-bedroom apartment in a busy city or a spacious home in the suburbs? Is minimalism your jam, or do you love allll the things? Are you having twins, or are you building your family through adoption?

Ask yourself these questionsand spend some time truly thinking about the answers, as theyll influence what products you add to your registry. City dwellers without a car need a roomy, durable stroller that goes the distance, while suburban parents may be more concerned if that stroller fits in the trunk of a car. A tech-loving parent may relish in the idea of a monitor that gives them access to babys every breath, movement and sleep pattern, while someone whos overwhelmed by too much information may prefer a simple audio option.

2. Needs vs. Wants: Keep It Simple

I cant imagine my life with my new baby without the 225 items I added to my registry! said no new parent, ever.

A few other tips to keep in mind when youre trying to figure out what you need:

When Should I Make My Baby Registry

Theres no right answer to this one, as the answer depends on whatever timeline youre most comfortable with. Some parents start a registry toward the end of the first trimester, while others wait until theyre a bit further along. Some parents kick off their registry shortly after finding out about baby but wait to begin adding items to it until around the 20 week mark, which is right around when the anatomy scan takes place.

Keep in mind that most registries allow a private mode so youre the only one who sees the registry until you decide to make it public.

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Is My Address Private

We keep your address private until a gift giver reserves a gift. Then we provide it to them in their confirmation email and on their reservation page.

Otherwise, your address is not visible.

We do this because Babylist will not sync with other retailers. Your address will not be auto-populated onto their checkout pages. For the ease of your gift givers, we provide your address for them to enter so they can send their gifts directly to you.

How Do I Cancel A Gift I’ve Reserved But Not Yet Purchased

How do I add gift cards from other stores?  Babylist Help ...

If for any reason you don’t end up buying the items you reserved, search for the email we sent you about your gift reservation. The email will be titled: “Did you buy this gift from Name’s Registry?”If you click on “Cancel Reservation” within that email, you will be redirected to your reservation page where you can proceed to confirm your cancellation.

If you can’t find an email from us about your reservation, be sure to check your spam folder. If you have access to the registry you were shopping off of, you can also click on the item you had originally reserved directly from the registry to have the link to your reservation page sent to you via email.

Since gift reservations never expire, it is very important to unreserve gifts you don’t plan to buy so someone else can purchase them.

If you still can’t locate your confirmation email, and well be happy to help you unreserve your gift.

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Why Is It Important To Mark A Gift As Purchased How Do I Do It

After you purchase your gift, you can simply return to the reservation confirmation email sent by Babylist when you first reserved your gift. Clicking on the link will allow you to update your gift’s status from “Reserved” to “Purchased.” It’s important to complete this step so that Babylist can then stop sending you reminder emails!

Additionally, when marking your gift as purchased, you have the opportunity to include information which is useful to the registrant: the retailer where you purchased the gift and the order number. Including this information makes any necessary necessary returns or exchanges much easier for the the new parents.

If you’re not able to locate your reservation confirmation email , please reach out to our Happiness Heroes and we’d be happy to update this information for you.

Who Hosts A Virtual Baby Shower

Its totally okay for the expecting parents to host their own shower. You can also have a close friend or family member help you host, especially if you live with them. But even if your chosen co-host lives far away, its still totally possible to coordinate via text, email or social media since the party is entirely virtual anyway.

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Do I Need To Worry About A Login

Youdon’tneed a Babylist account to reserve or purchase a gift. Simply visit a registry and click “Give This Gift” next to items you wish to buy. We allow you to reserve your gift just by entering your email: no password or login required.

After you reserve a gift, wesend you an email confirming your reservation. You can go back and view your reserved gifts at any time by clicking the link in that email.If you can’t locate the email, check your spam folder, or ask for help from one of.

How Do I Handle Shipping

Babylist Registry Welcome Gift Box 2019 Unboxing Free Hello Baby Items

Where the gift is shipped is entirely up to you! During the checkout process, you can use your own address or the registrant’s. If you need the registrant’s shipping address, it is listed in the email we send you and at the bottom left side of your reservation page.

Babylist Store orders:

If the gift is sold by Babylist, you will see a red “Checkout” button on your reservation page. Clicking this button will take you directly to our checkout page. If the registrant has provided their address it will automatically give you the option to ship to them. If you prefer to ship to another location, you can manually enter the address.

Other store orders:

Most gifts listed on Babylist registries are sold and shipped by other retailers. When purchasing a gift from another retailer, it is important to remember that the registrant’s address will not auto-populate during checkout. You’ll have to manually enter it. You can locate the registrant’s address on the bottom left side of your reservation page.

No address?

No worries! If there’s no address listed on the registry, our Happiness Heroes can reach out to the registrant to request it for you.

Need to change where the gift is shipped?

If the order is from Babylist, contact our and we will be happy to update the address for you. Note: there is only a limited time for us to make changes to an order. Once it is shipped we cannot make changes.

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What To Do If Your Subscribed Directly On Ba’s Website

Here’s how to cancel your Ba subscription when billed through a payments provider that is not the Appstore, Playstore or Paypal.

Sometimes, you may start a subscription directly on a company’s website without using an extra layer of security like Paypal or Apple. To unsubscribe, you might have to sign into Babylist Baby Registry’s website or directly reach out to the payments provider.

Generally, here are two steps you can take if you find yourself in that fix:

  • Finding the company’s information, then reaching out. Contact Babylist Baby Registry here
  • If the company has an app they developed in the Appstore, you can try contacting BabyList Inc for help through the details of the app.
  • Great For Parents Not For Your Guests

    Its easy and great to use but a lot of my guests had issues using it such as wanting to purchase multiple items and having to complete 3 different check outs. Also when buying multiple items from the same store the cart would empty when they would add the item from each of the pop ups Babylist pulls up when an item is selected. Im starting to end up with texts and calls asking if they can just send money or give a gift card because they wanted to get a few items but thought that Babylist wasnt easy for them to use in the sense that it kept redirecting them and they just had to check out like 6 different times which I could COMPLETELY understand as being annoying. I really liked this app and was hoping that it would be a great way to consolidate my gift registry but now I feel bad and a little bummed that this being my first baby and people cant get the items I want so were just getting money and gift cards to these places. Or just items that we didnt ask for because it was easier to buy than to use the registry. Shouldve rethought this from the gift givers perspective before using it. 🙁

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