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How To Use Shopify Gift Cards

Publish Reminders On Social Media

Shopify Gift Cards Walkthrough

Whether youâre selling gift cards or not, remember that some of your social media followers might be unaware of that. Make sure you remind them that they can purchase gift cards from you! If your store has a Facebook page, you can even add gift cards as products to the Shop using âCommerce manager.â

Pick A Floating Button Or Bar To Launch Gift Card Selection

Okay, weâre almost there. Now you need to select a floating button or bar that will launch the gift card selection. Again, check the gallery, pick a template, and add it to your dashboard.

You already know how to customize the text, adjust the design, and change the default displaying conditions, so weâll skip that. Instead, letâs move on to the fun part.

How Gift Cards Work On Shopify And Shopify Plus

The best part about using gift cards with Shopify is that paying using a gift card is integrated seamlessly into the online store checkout process. Once enabled, gift card codes can be entered into the promo code box and applied automatically. Gift card codes and promo codes can be used simultaneously they are not affected by Shopifys single promo code limitation.

For Shopify Plus clients, there are a number of additional benefits, particularly when using the Shopify POS . On Shopify POS, gift cards are simply another payment method during the tender process. In addition, physical gift cards can be ordered and sold using either the Shopify POS or the online store. Finally, for merchants with a single Shopify Plus store, omnichannel is built into Shopify.

For merchants with Shopify Plus expansion stores, this is a bit more complicated. But working with a Shopify partner, like Command C, merchants are able to build a true omnichannel experience using custom apps.

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Customize Your Shopify Store

With your gift card ready, the next step is to set up your online store.

Our goal here is to launch quickly and start selling, so Ill only be covering the essential elements for creating your homepage. You can always go back and improve the look and feel of your online store later.

To start customizing your store, go to Sales Channels > Online Store > Themes . For the purposes of this tutorial, Ill be using Debut, which is Shopify’s default theme , but you can also click Explore free themes for more options.

When youre ready, click Customize to be taken to the theme editor, which will let you edit the homepage of your online store.

Your homepage design is split into several Sections on the left-hand side, such as Featured Productor Testimonials, which you can add, remove, hide, or reorder to design your homepage. You can play around with the sections to design a homepage that feels right to you, but for this tutorial lets keep it simple:

  • Click on each section and click Remove section to permanently remove them until youre left with one Image with text overlay section. You can also click on the eye icon to quickly hide each section if you want to add it back in later.
  • Click on the Image with text overlay section to start editing it. Add an Image that reflects your business that customers will recognize.
  • When youre happy with your store, click Save and then use the Shopify logo in the top left corner to finish your setup.
  • How To Use Shopify Gift Cards: A Step

    How To Use &  Benefit Shopify Gift Cards For Your Store?

    Customer experience has been highly altered in a time of essential spending like this. Clothing stores that were bustling until just days ago, pleasing shopaholics with unconventional concepts, now sit unsure of when customers will next pass through their doors.

    Applicable to both online and offline businesses, Shopify gift cards can help boost the overall performance in the long run. For brick and mortar stores, Shopify gift cards help tackle temporary shutdown and warm customers up to reopening. For online enterprises, this practice comes off as a reward and incentive for the next shopping experience of their customers.

    How can this method be simple and powerful at the same time? Lets dig deeper!

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    Select The Gift Card Code

    Choose the gift card code that you want to send email to your customers. At the same time, if you want to view its detail, also click that code.

    On the detail page, you can see the gift card information, containing the remaining balance, the number of order linked with the gift card, customers name ordering the card and the experience date. You can easily change its expiration date by selecting a link located under the Expiration Date or review the history of events linked with the gift cards in the History section.

    They Increase Your Revenue

    Gift card sales bring in money when theyre purchased, but they also offer an opportunity for additional revenue when theyre redeemed. The average card user will spend an additional $38 on top of the card’s pre-loaded amount, according to a survey by First Data.

    Shoppers with gift cards are also more likely to purchase some of your higher-priced items since they see the gift card as being free money to spend. And heres another fun revenue fact: 72% of people who go to a store to purchase a gift card for someone else end up spending money at the on themselves, according to Retail Touchpoints.

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    How Can Shopify Gift Card Apps Help

    Using a Shopify gift card app will allow you to manage gift cards on another level.

    Your customers can save their gift cards for another purchase. And you can use gift cards as a marketing ploy with your branding across the gift to promote your store.

    Plus, a Shopify gift card app will show you the number and use of gift cards. These data will give you more insight into your customers and help you build your marketing strategies.

    And the best gift card apps can add extra design classes and functionality to improve the user experience.

    So below, we will review 6 best Shopify gift card apps: They are:

    • Gift Cards & Loyalty Program by
    • VITALS | 40+ Apps in Oneby VITALS
    • Gift Box Free Gifts Purchase by Digismoothie
    • Shopkeeper Branded Gift Cards by Shopkeeper Tools
    • Shopkeeper Easy Gift Cards by Shopkeeper Tools
    • Shopkeeper Gift Cards by Shopkeeper Tools

    Iv Issue Gift Cards And Track With Your Shopify Gift Card Codes

    How to Setup Gift Cards in Shopify

    When you issue a gift card, you generate a Shopify gift card code and email it to a customer without receiving any payment in return. You decide how much the gift card is worth, and the customer who receives it can use its value toward other products in your store.

    From your Shopify admin, go to Products > Gift Cards.

    Select Issue gift card.

    In the Issue gift card dialog, you can adjust these following sections:

    • Initial value: The value amount of the card that you can redeem later
    • Customer: The customer you send the Shopify gift card to. Either name or email is required.
    • Expiration date: If you want to set an expiry date for the gift card, then click Never, and uncheck Never expires to select a date
    • Notes: Optional. The note is visible when viewing the gift card in your Shopify admin, but is not visible to the customer.

    Click Save to generate the Shopify gift card code. This is the only time you will be able to view the entire Shopify gift card code.

    Your customers will receive an email as follows. This email contains a unique Shopify gift card code that they can use at checkout to redeem its value.

    After sending out the Shopify gift cards, you can view the issued gift card information in your Shopify admin dashboard.

    From your Shopify admin, go to Products > Gift Cards.

    On the issued gift card’s page, you can view its details and Edit.

    Enter the correct customer information and select whether to send the gift card.

    Click Save.

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    How To Use Shopify Gift Cards

    In other words, give a gift card to a client for free as a bonus, incentive, refund, or part of a promotion, and create a card for sale in a store. A gift card is a special type of product.

    Shopify Dropshipping for Beginners Setting up Your Store

    Custom Shopping Gift Card Template

    Build customer loyalty and provide a flexible way for your customers to purchase a gift for someone from your store. Our shopping gift certificate maker is fast, easy and free. Just fill in the required information in our pre-built gift certificate template and get your printable shopping gift certificate in an instant.

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    Pick A Gift Card Selection Template

    Explore popular use cases, and proceed to gift card promotion

    This button will take you to the template gallery, where you need to pick a template featuring a gift card selection.

    Once you find the one you like, click on it, and follow the prompts on the right-hand side to add it to your dashboard.

    Ii Why Should Businesses Use Shopify Gift Cards

    Shopify gift card

    Expenses such as wages, rent, utilities and critical supplies are becoming more and more unaffordable, leaving businesses vulnerable with cash going out and less cash coming. Online stores bear no less burden since customers nowadays tend to make more budget-conscious buying decisions than ever before.

    Creating Shopify gift cards is free. This practice allows supportive customers to make a purchase and redeem at a later date, which can help free up cash flow for your business. You can also issue a gift card to a customer for free as a reward or incentive.

    Note: Due to Covid-19 situation, gift cards are temporarily available to sell on all Shopify subscription plans.

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    Identify The Denominations Label

    This is what well change:

    First you need to login into your Shopify store. If you do not know how to do that please read this article.

    Once you are logged inside the store youll see the Shopify dashboard page. Click on the Products menu item on the left sidebar to open the product page:

    On the All products page go to the search input box and type the name of the gift card that you want to change the select box label.

    Once the gift card product is displayed select it to open the product editing page.

    On the product editing page go to the Variants section and click on the More options .

    A drop-down menu will display with 2 options. Click on Edit options .

    Ill change the Denominations word with Values:

    Change the word Denominations by typing the new word you have selected in the input box . Once completed click on the Done button .

    Now Save your new changes by clicking the Save button:

    Everything is completed. Clean and quickly.

    Please go to the storefront to see your new value listed:

    If you want to translate the Denominations word, for the moment it is not possible, at least not in the correct way via locales files.

    Create Your Gift Card

    With your store setup and a plan selected, you can now create a digital gift card by going to Products > Gift Cards, or by . You can then turn on the gift cards feature by clicking the Sell gift cards button and then Edit product.

    From there, youll be able to customize your gift card product:

  • Title: What your product will be called. I called mine Katies Cafe COVID-19 Relief Gift Card to make it clear what it is customers are purchasing.
  • Description: Where you can describe your product and how it will help your business with COVID-19 relief. Explain how customers can redeem their gift card. Be specific and clear. If youre not sure yet, be upfront about it.
  • Media: You can use the default image to represent your gift card or quickly create a custom image for free using a tool like Canvas gift certificate template.
  • Denominations: Here you can set the different amounts that customers can purchase. The default amounts should be fine. Customers can always buy multiple gift cards if they want.
  • Product availability: This is where youll select which sales channels you want to sell your product on. For now, you can select Online Store. You can set up additional sales channels later.
  • When youre done, hit Save and your gift card will be created.

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    How To Add Gift Cards To Shopify

    Gift cards are a popular present that is given to friends and family. In 2018, there were $160 billion gift card sales in the US alone. Having them on your store can have numerous benefits. For one, it guarantee you a sell of a product later on, but gives you the funds upfront.

    They can also be a great benefit for spreading your brands name about. Gift cards can also be a good way to offer customers a refund for certain products.

    Gift cards are easily accessible on your Shopify store. But you do need to activate the feature first. This is the quick guide to have gift cards on your store.

    How To Sell Gift Cards On Shopify

    How to set up gift cards || Shopify Help Center

    Learn how to sell gift cards on your Shopify Store. Your gift cards can be used on your online store and your physical store through the Shopify POS.

    If you are a local business that is struggling due to COVID-19, please read on. P3 wants to offer our help, FREE of charge.

    Brick-and-mortar stores are being hit hard as foot traffic grinds to a hault. It can be overwhelming to pivot your business to adapt to the changing times but we want to help. For many businesses, transitioning online by setting up an eCommerce store, setting up gift cards, or enabling features like buy-online / pick-up-in-store will be part of the solution.

    We can help by offering to design and set up your eCommerce store at no charge.

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    How Is This Better Than Just A Discount:

    To answer this I would like to quote a great explanation from the article of Mr. Khouja in the Journal of Retailing: âConsider the following example due to Dolan : âBuy a case of assorted bottles and get 20% offâ at the wine store. In this case, the revenue received by the retailer from a consumer who buys a case is reduced from $X to $0.8X at the time of purchase. Now consider the promotion âReceive $10 in-store gift card for every $50 you spendâ. This time, the retailer receives all $X at purchase and incurs the cost of gift card redemption later.â

    What Is Shopify Gift Card

    I know no one to tell better about Shopify gift cards then the Shopify itself 🙂 Here we go:

    1. A gift card is a special type of product. Its value can be used as payment toward future orders from your online store.

    2. You can sell a gift card like any other product. You can also issue a gift card to a customer for free as a reward or incentive.

    3. When you fulfill an order with a gift card, the customer receives an email that contains a unique gift card code that they can use at checkout to redeem its value.

    So it is actually works like a product. But the redeemer decides into which product of your store it will convert to 🙂 It can become a t-shirt, a pant or a skirt… And here is how it looks when you create one. Down below…

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    What Is Shopify Gift Card And How To Take Advantage Of It

    Many of you should heard of Shopify’s COVID-19 offers to help merchants in this hard period. For those who haven’t heard or want to get more info, I recommend to check their domain in which you will find all the details. One of the biggest offers of Shopify is about gift cards. They are now available on all new and existing Shopify plans. In this article, we would like to tell you about what is a Shopify gift card, and how to leverage it for your business. If you are ready, let’s dive into it!

    Connect Floating Button And Selection Popup

    Shopify enables gift cards on all plans to help stores ...

    If youâve selected a floating button, scroll down to Background click, remove the default action, and select âShow widget.â Then pick the popup youâve just created from the dropdown list.

    If youâve selected a floating bar or banner, click the button that is meant to launch the gift card selection popup, remove the default action, and select âShow widget.â Then pick the popup youâve just created from the list.

    Thatâs it! Go ahead to Save & close in the top right corner and activate both widgets in your store. To view their performance, keep an eye on the Statistics report in your Getsitecontrol dashboard.

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    Gift Cards & Loyalty Program By Riseai

    Rating: 4.8/5

    Price: Starting from $19.99/month.

    Gift Cards & Loyalty Program is undoubtedly one of the best Shopify gift card apps for online merchants. When combining this Shopify app with gift cards, you can rest assured that your revenue and loyalty will increase dramatically.

    This Shopify gift card app allows merchants to set rules for better gift cards management. Source: Shopify

    More than just create your Shopify gift card, you can use Gift Cards & Loyalty Program by to build a gift card program.

    • Online merchants can make a gift card and Store Credit program for their store without worrying about which Shopify plan theyre on.
    • Customers are enabled to send branded gift cards and gift vouchers to gift recipients via email.
    • This gift card app also offers you multi-channel capability. It means that you can offer your gift cards across multiple stores.

    Additionally, you can set rules to get more retention and loyalty for your Shopify store. Therefore, you can easily manage rewards and loyalty cards by using Store Credit and Loyalty Points.

    Moreover, Shopify merchants can also establish automated bulk gift cards and gift vouchers that operate based on specific conditions. For example, if customers purchase at your store 3 times, they can receive a gift. With this, you can encourage customers to buy more and keep returning to your business.

    If you are curious about Shopify Plus, you can read more about it and when to upgrade your Shopify account.


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