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How To Use Whole Foods Gift Card On Amazon

Six: Double Check Your Claim Code And Hit Apply To Your Balance

Whole Foods Gift Card

We cannot stress this enough:

Always double-check your claim code!

If you type in the wrong code and get an error message, you may mistakenly think the card is a dud when in actuality, you just made a typing error, as we all do at times.

See below for the error code we received when we entered an invalid code:

Once you verify the code, hit Apply to Your Balance

At this time, you should see a success screen with your new gift card balance.

Ensure that the balance matches the gift card balance.

Can I Use Two Amazon Gift Cards At The Same Time

When youre shopping on Amazon but your cart total surpasses the balance on one of your gift cards, you can always add another gift card to the account.

Amazon allows you to combine gift card balances and also use them with credit or debit cards. The balance of all your gift cards will simply be deducted from the total at checkout.

Want To Turn $99 Into $65838 Just Use The Amazon Credit Card At Whole Foods

    Amazons announcement that its co-branded Amazon Prime Rewards Visa credit card will now offer a 5% cash back reward on all purchases at Whole Foods is just one more shopper incentive that will gain market share for the chain.

    The $99 per year Amazon Prime membership is quickly becoming the most valuable membership for shoppers, with free same-day delivery in some areas, two-day shipping and unlimited streaming of movies, TV shows, books, magazines and music. The no-fee credit card also gives consumers 2% back at restaurants, gas stations and drugstores and 1% back on all other purchases, with an instant $70 gift card upon approval.

    This new perk with the credit card, which undoubtedly many Whole Foods shoppers will start to take advantage of, will also give Amazon Whole Foods an important tool that has been lacking shopper data from Whole Foods which will then enable the retailer to target special offers and more.

    IBMs Customer Loyalty Trends Report points to three trends that are accelerating the growth of these programs: personalization, omni-channel and connected devices. Amazon is arguably the leader in personalization, which according to the IBM report is offering the right incentive, in the right amount, targeting the right behavior, in the right channel, at the right time. It goes without saying that Amazons omni-channel grocery strategy is now well ahead of the competition with Whole Foods, Amazon lockers, and delivery.

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    How It Works And How To Shop

    Just Walk Out technology is made possible by a combination of computer vision, sensor fusion, and deep learningsimilar to what youd find in a self-driving car.

    At these two Whole Foods Market stores with Just Walk Out Shopping, customers will be greeted by a Team Member at the stores entry gates and can then choose if they want to shop using Just Walk Out technology or the self-checkout lanes. No matter how they decide to shop, Whole Foods Market Team Members will be available throughout the store to assist customers and offer expertise in every department.

    Anyone will be able to shop these stores using self-checkout, but customers who want to skip the checkout line with Just Walk Out Shopping can enter in three ways: by scanning the QR code in the Whole Foods Market or Amazon app, hovering their palm using or inserting a credit or debit card linked to their Amazon account. Customers who want to use cash, prepaid cards, Whole Foods Market gift cards, EBT, or eWic can use the self-checkout lanes. Once inside, customers will shop like normal and at the end of their trip, they simply scan or insert their entry method again to exit. After customers leave the store, those who use the Just Walk Out experience will receive a digital receipt, which will be available in the Whole Foods Market app.

    What Stores Accept Amazon Gift Cards

    Amazon Gift Cards

    We love to get from our friends and family, especially during the holiday season.

    There are millions of products on Amazon that you can purchase using your Amazon gift card. However, there are limitations to the use of Amazon gift cards.

    Amazon gift cards can only be redeemed and spent at or on the Amazon app. There are no other third-party stores or websites that accept Amazon gift cards.

    I called the Amazon Customer Service to find out if an Amazon gift card balance could be used to purchase another gift card on Amazons website.

    The customer service rep. said this was a great question and put me on hold for 10 mins to find the answer.

    This would be a great workaround if it worked, but unfortunately, it is not allowed to use your Amazon gift card balance to purchase another brands gift card.

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    Pay Your Amazon Prime Subscription

    provides excellent deals for members on delivery as well as a plethora of little-known benefits and features that undoubtedly make Amazon Prime worth the monthly fee.

    You can use your Amazon gift card to pay for your Amazon Prime subscription either monthly or annually .

    Your primary card will be charged automatically on the due date after you have used up your gift card, so keep track of when your services end if you dont want to continue paying for Prime out of pocket .

    Get Groceries Delivered Through Amazon Fresh And Amazon Whole Foods Market

    Amazon Fresh brings groceries and everyday essentials to your home quickly.

    In many cases, you can get free delivery the same day as long as you purchase more than $35 worth of items.

    You simply shop in the Amazon Fresh category and then select the delivery window when you check out.

    You can also use the gift card to make purchases through Amazon Whole Foods Market.

    Whole Foods only sells organic, eco-conscious products.

    Similar to Amazon Fresh, you can get the food delivered to you the same day.

    Amazon Fresh and Amazon Whole Foods Market are different services, and they have unique processes and locations.

    You cannot combine your order.

    You cannot use your gift card toward tips for the delivery driver, so have cash available or use a different method of paying to make things fair for the delivery driver.

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    How To: Buy Things On Amazon With Paypal Balance

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    How To Redeem An Amazon Gift Card

    Saving With The Amazon Prime Discount At Whole Foods

    There are two ways of redeeming an Amazon gift card on or the Amazon app.

    For either of them, you will need to have the claim code to redeem your card.

    If you received an eGift card, you could find the claim code in the e-mail.

    If you received a physical card, you could see the claim code on the back of the card

    To redeem your card on the Amazon website:

  • Go to and login to your account
  • 4. On the gift card page, you can see your gift card balance. Click Redeem a Gift Card to proceed to the next step. You can also see the history of your gift card activities on this page.

    5. Enter the claim code found on your gift card and click Apply to your balance

    Your gift card amount will be added to your Amazon account balance and used next time you purchase on Amazon.

    To redeem your card using the Amazon app:

  • Launch the Amazon app on your mobile device or tablet
  • Tap the Menu
  • Tap Gift Card & Registry under the Programs & Features section
  • You will see your current gift card balance on this page. Tap the down arrow to expand the menu
  • Tap Redeem an Amazon Gift Card
  • Enter your claim code found on the gift card and click Apply to your balance
  • Your gift card amount will be added to your Amazon account balance and automatically taken off the next time you purchase on Amazon.

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    Whole Foods Gift Cards: Where To Buy And How To Use Them

    Whether to celebrate a special occasion or for another reason, you can never go wrong with a gift card. While you might be quick to reach for that Amazon or Starbucks gift card, you should also consider a Whole Foods gift card for your loved ones.

    You can purchase Whole Foods gift cards at Whole Foods stores, on their website, on Amazon, or at CVS. Whole Foods gift cards never expire and can be redeemed at any Whole Foods location. Unfortunately, you cannot use Whole Foods gift cards online, including Amazon. Whole Foods gift cards cannot be replaced if lost or stolen.

    In this article, we will cover everything you need to know about Whole Foods gift cards, including where to purchase them, whether you can use them online, how to check the balance, and more.

    Thank you for reaching out, Vladimer. You can buy Whole Foods Market gift cards on our website! Select Shop Online and select the gift cards option. You are able to purchase a physical or digital gift card. Here is the link:

    Whole Foods Market

    Can I Use Amazon Gift Cards For Buying Other Gift Cards

    Amazon gift cards cannot be used to buy any other gift cards, and can only be used for products and services on

    Amazon does carry a wide variety of third-party gift cards for popular restaurants, shops, and entertainment venues.

    If you want to buy one of these gift cards, you will need to use a credit or debit card.

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    What Can You Do After You Check The Balance On A Whole Foods Gift Card

    Once you perform the gift card balance check, you may discover that you have only a couple of dollars left.

    Depending on whether you want to continue using the card or not, you have a few options for the remaining funds:

    • Recharge the cardYou can recharge the card online by accessing the Whole Foods website and clicking on the Gift Card section. There are two available options:
    • Reloading the balance one time
    • Setting the card on auto-reload
  • Assess if there is enough money for one more purchaseIf youre not interested in using the card anymore, you should check if theres enough money to make one last purchase and clear out the card
  • Get the remaining balance in cashWhile Whole Foods may refuse to provide reimbursement for the remaining cash on your gift card, they will have to if the state law says so. If you want to request the money from your gift card in cash, the balance mustn’t exceed $5 for most states
  • Ways To Perform A Whole Foods Gift Card Balance Check

    The So Delicious Dairy Free 3 Course Recipe Contest

    You can check the balance on your Whole Foods gift card in one of the ways presented in the table below:

    In personIf theres a Whole Foods market in your vicinity, you can walk over there and ask one of the staff members to help you. They will ask for your card information and tell you the current balance
    Via phoneYou can call 1-866-WFM-CALL and give your card information over the phone. The employee will inform you of your gift card balance instantly
    OnlineIf you access the Whole Foods website, you can check your balance there. You should scroll down to the bottom of the page, find the Check the Balance section, and enter your card information in the required field

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    Is The Amazon Whole Foods Card Worth It

    If you dont, youll earn just 3% back on Amazon and Whole Foods Market purchases. In other words, the card may be worth it if you regularly shop at Whole Foods Market already and have a Prime membership. Otherwise, the cost associated with shopping at the pricey grocery store may not be worth it.

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    Can I Use A Target Gift Card At Walmart

    Target GiftCards can only be used in Target stores and online at as of 2021. However, Target GiftCards can be used at Starbucks, CVS, and Target Optical, as long as the store is located within a Target. Unfortunately, Target GiftCards cannot be used at Walmart, Amazon, Home Depot, Walgreens, etc.

    Does Trader Joes Take Visa Gift Cards

    Amazon Prime Visa Rewards Card Now Offering 5% Back On Whole Foods Market Purchases

    Combine the thoughtfulness of a gift card with the flexibility of money. You can only buy Trader Joes gift cards from a Trader Joes store. We contacted Trader Joes corporate office in Monrovia, Calif., to confirm this information. The Visa Gift Card can be used everywhere Visa debit cards are accepted in the US.

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    Is Amazon Cash The Same As Amazon Gift Cards

    uses the same balance as Amazon gift cards but is marketed as another way to make purchases on Amazon without a credit or debit card.

    With an Amazon gift card, you need to receive a card or purchase one yourself on Amazon or from a participating third-party retailer.

    However, with Amazon Cash, you get a barcode or a verified phone number attached to your Amazon account.

    You can visit select stores and add money to Amazon Cash at the checkout register, kiosk, orATM.

    Keep in mind that the Amazon Cash balance is available to use right away and is the same as a gift card, except instead of a physical card, its all loaded onto the balance.

    If you want to know more about shopping on Amazon, you can also read our related articles on , , and .

    Not For Promotional Use

    Cards may be used as personal or business gifts, but may not be used in connection with any marketing, advertising or other promotional activities unless you obtain Issuers prior written approval. Such approval shall be conditioned on, among other things, execution of and compliance with Issuers gift card license agreement. If you are ordering more than 1,000 Cards or are interested in using the Cards for any promotional purpose, please email and an associate will contact you by the next business day, or call us at 512-542-3419 Monday-Friday, 9:00 a.m.-5 p.m . From time to time, Issuer may issue or award rewards, “promotional gift cards”, “credits”, “vouchers, or similar physical or electronic gift cards . Generally, these Promotional Cards have the same terms and conditions as the Cards described here, however, they may have expiration dates, delayed activation dates or may be subject to additional restrictions or exemptions as provided on the Promotional Cards themselves or any packaging or other written materials that accompany such Promotional Cards or any applicable law.

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    How To Use Amazon Prime At Whole Foods

    Whole Foods became part of the Amazon ecosystem through the acquisition in 2017. Soon after the acquisition, Amazon completed the integration and rolled out discounts and exclusive perks for Prime members shopping at Whole Foods.

    In this article, well cover the benefits of having an Amazon Prime membership at Whole Foods and how to use these benefits.

    How Does Whole Foods Pickup Work With Amazon Prime

    All Gift Cards Available:

    If you prefer to pick up your groceries at Whole Foods, you need to select the pickup option and location before moving to checkout. You can follow the instructions below on how to choose pickup at Whole Foods:

  • Use the Amazon app or the website to shop for groceries.
  • Tap or click the banner at the top left corner of your screen and select Pickup
  • Select your preferred Whole Foods store.
  • Move to checkout and choose a pickup time from available options.
  • You can choose a pickup time as early as 1-hour after checkout. If your order is over $35, the pickup is free for Amazon Prime members. You can find the list of Whole Foods stores that offer pickup on the Whole Foods website.

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    How To Buy Whole Foods Gift Cards

    You can purchase Whole Foods gift cards at any Whole Foods Market store or online. Purchasing in-store is done at the register or online via the Whole Foods gift cards page. If you purchase Whole Foods gift cards online, you can choose the card design, amount, and delivery method.

    You can follow the steps below to purchase a Whole Foods gift card on their website:

    1. Go to, scroll down to the bottom of the page, and select Gift Cards in the bottom left corner under Shopping.

    2. Select the type of gift card you want physical or e-gift card.

    3. Customize your card by choosing the card design, recipients name, sender name, amount, quantity, and message. The amount can be as little as $5 all the way up to $500, and you can add up to 30 gift cards in a single order.

    4. Enter the shipping information. You can send it to yourself if you want to give it to the recipient in person, or you can send it directly to them. All orders will be processed the following business day and shipped within two business days.

    5. Select the shipping option and add the gift card to your cart. Standard USPS shipping is free. However, if you need the gift card quicker than that, you can select one of the expedited shipping options that range from $9.95-$19.95.

    6. Once you have added the gift card to your cart, select checkout on the right side of the screen.

    7. Enter your valid credit card information. MasterCard, Visa, and American Express are accepted.

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