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How To Word Bridal Shower Invitations For Gift Cards

How Do You Say Your Presence Is Present Enough

How to Word Lingerie Bridal Shower Invitations?

Suggested Wording for Invitations

  • Your presence is the only gift we need.
  • Please, no gifts. Consider a donation instead.
  • The gift of your presence is enough! No presents, please.
  • Instead of a gift, please consider donating to
  • Please, no gifts!
  • Your presence is gift enough.
  • Your gift of time is present enough.
  • How Do You Ask For Money For A Bridal Shower Gift Card

    Fortunately, cash gifts and gift cards are also popular to an extent as they have become socially accepted in most events. So, the best thing to do when requesting money at a bridal shower is to ask politely. Avoid putting your request for money on the bridal shower invitation or any physical correspondence.

    What To Include In A Bridal Shower Invitation

    The bridal shower traditions are a huge part of your wedding experience. Planning a successful party begins with writing your invitation cards, and the first step is to pick the right wording.As the host of the bridal shower, you must let your guests know what to expect. A good invite will not only announce your party, but it will provide all the necessary details. Cover everything from the date and the address to the registry information. Heres a list of everything youll need to include:

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    It Can Be Kept For Keepsakes

    Although almost all gifts given at a bridal shower can be kept, in terms of value over time, a card is incomparable. Just the fact that it increases its value to the person over the years makes it a more meaningful and special gift. Also, whenever one opts to keep cards for keepsakes they can, and that is truly one of the assets of a card. Not to mention, when nostalgia kicks in you get to recall the beautiful memories the card entails. You may also see bridal shower thank you cards.

    Can You Put Registry Information On A Bridal Invitation

    Bridal shower invitation wording

    Absolutely! Including registry information is a great way to indicate to guests whether or not the bride wants gift giving to be part of the party. It also puts the pressure off your guests who wonât have to perform a guessing game to figure out what the bride needs for her new life.

    With Paperless Post, your guests get to click the link on the invite to reach the bridal shower gift registry or wedding website. Way easier than typing the link into your browser from a paper card.

    Letâs explore the many options to craft the perfect bridal shower invitation below.

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    How Do You Address Virtual Bridal Shower Invitations

    Virtual bridal shower invitation etiquette is actually much simpler than you may think, and not much different from a regular bridal shower invitation. The key thing to remember to include is the platform it will be on and to include a link and instructions. If there are some tech-challenged people on the guest list, let everyone know they can contact you directly if they have any questions, or offer to do a trial run ahead of time. You can also include a link to the registry so everyone can shower the bride with gifts.

    Registry info and link

    Note any theme or dress code

    Provide a custom background for everyone to have up during the call

    How Can I Make Sure My Gift Card Isnt Lost Or Stolen At The Wedding

    Answer: Put a trusted friend in charge and move the gift cards to a secure location after most guests have arrived.

    With a bunch of gift boxes and gift bags piled high on a wedding reception table, its easy to see how a small gift card envelope could get lost among the bigger-sized presents. As hostesses increasingly look for creative ways to collect gift cards at the wedding such as hat boxes, bird cages and baskets, a new problem has arisengift card theft.

    Though not a widespread issue, protecting gift cards is certainly on most wedding planner radars. To make sure the gift you send doesnt fall into the wrong hands, deliver it to the couples home before or after the wedding or send a digital gift card instead.

    A note to wedding planners: If you have a gift table at the wedding reception, make sure gift cards are dropped into a secure container, the table is monitored by someone the couple can trust and that gift cards are moved to a more secure location after the bulk of the gifts have been deposited. Here are more tips on how to prevent wedding gift cards from being stolen.

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    Paperless Postcards With Flowers Make Beautiful Bridal Showers

    Sending invitations for an upcoming bridal shower has never been easier. Instead of hand-stuffing 5 envelopes, you get to pick an exclusive design from our collection.

    After that, write your invite with the help of our expert bridal shower wording suggestions. Then, with one click, send out all your invitations, keep track of your guest list, receive RSVPs, and message guests. One platform, no stress.

    If youâre the visionary behind the bridal shower, but youâre still not seeing the invite of your dreams, no worries! Our Personal Design Services team is here to bring your custom bridal shower invitation to life. Weâll work with you every step of the way, from graphics to RSVPS to the perfectly worded message.

    Never sweat over last-minute post office trips again. Take cards, invitations, and thank-you notes into your own hands with Paperless Post.

    We make thoughtful look easy.

    Bridal Shower Wishes: What To Write In A Bridal Shower Card

    Bridal Shower Invitations

    At a bridal shower, love is not the only thing in the air. Theres also the laughter of good friends, the oohs and ahs as gifts are opened, and plenty of excitement and anticipation.

    Some showers are especially for brides and are more commonly called bridal showers. Others shower the happy couple together at a wedding shower. Either way, you can add to the good vibes of the occasion by adding a warm personal message to your bridal or wedding shower card. Whether youre inclined to write just a little or a whole lot, weve got tips and inspiration to help.

    Read on for Hallmark-writer-approved ideas on how to make your bridal shower card perfectly youand also perfect for a party this happy!

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    Paperles Post Bird Logo

      We may be living in complicated COVID times, but you can still celebrate major life events in socially distanced ways that are safe and responsible. Planning a virtual bridal shower? We can help.

      Itâs normal to feel a little lost on how to plan such an event, especially virtual bridal shower invitation wording. What do you say in them, anyway? The good news is virtual bridal showers becoming increasingly popular and are simple and convenient for guests from all over. We have plenty of ideas for celebrating and examples of virtual bridal shower invitation wording to get you inspired. You can also check out our selection of bridal shower invitations and virtual party invitations that let you include a Zoom link for guests to easily access the party when the time comes.

      How To Host A Card Shower

      Step one: Decide the recipient, occasion, address and dateUsually, this is the easiest part. Decide who youre going to shower, where to send the cards and when they should be mailed.

      • Name and occasion: As the host, youll let participants know why theyre sending cards. Is it for the family matriarchs 90th birthday? A popular teachers retirement? A friends final chemo treatment?
      • Address: If youre sure your guest of honor will be OK with your participants knowing their home address, great. If not, you can ask their partner or a close family member for permission to share. If youre mailing to a school or retirement home, check with their office to see how the mail should be addressed they can also hold mail that arrives early until the right delivery date. You can also ask people to mail the cards to you, so you can deliver or mail them all at once.
      • Date: USPS typically delivers first-class mail within one to three business days, but it can take up to a week. Give participants enough time to find a card, write the perfect message and get it in the mail to arrive on time.

      Pro tip: The beauty of a card shower is that everyone involved can participate on their own time frame. But for a big impact, its fun for the person receiving the cards to get many of them at onceor at least somewhat close together. Set a deadline or a window of time for participants to send their card.

      Here are some sample messages you can edit and send:

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      Give The Guest Of Honour The Spotlight

      Kick off your invite with a short salutation and then move right along to mentioning of the guest of honour . You can be as formal or as playful as you want with your bridal shower invitation wording, just make sure it gets straight to the point.

      Examples: Please join us in showering or Before the Miss becomes a Mrs. lets shower with love and good wishes.

      Include Additional Wedding Details Gift Card Bridal Shower Invitation, Burlap ...

      Lastly, your wedding shower invitations should include the couple’s wedding website. Add the URL along with a brief line that reads, “Please visit wedding website for gift and wedding registry information.” Guests can then use this link to find out where the couple are registered and purchase shower gifts accordingly.

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      Have A Theme And Decor

      A theme, even if general , can make the virtual bridal shower feel like the real, special event it is! Decor and attire help set the mood. âDecorâ in this case usually means a virtual background that makes everyone feel like theyâre celebrating in the same place, even if they arenât. You can make your own graphics, use an image, or download a free background on the Web. Here are some examples of things you can use as your virtual party background:

      An image of balloons in the coupleâs wedding colors

      A tropical island or tiki bar

      A fancy cocktail lounge

      A skyline or image of the place where the couple plans to have the wedding

      The coupleâs favorite restaurant, vacation spot, or local watering hole

      âIntimate Situationâ by Paperless Post

      How To Acquire Your Very Own Bridal Shower Card

      There are tons of ways one can acquire her very own bridal shower card. Ways that differ but ultimately provide similar results. However, among the options known to people, one remains a dominant choice because of its practicality and efficiency. The choice is still yours to make with how you wish to have yours done, but this is to convince that there is an option you can easily go to that does not compromise quality amidst its affordability, and that is the pre-made option. The pre-made option is simply buying designs and templates that are readily available online. You may also see beautiful bridal invitations.

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      Stock The Kitchen Shower Wording

      Is the bride-to-be a self-described foodie? Does she plan her meals days ahead of schedule? Is her version of date night cooking a 4-course meal together?

      Organize a fun bridal shower party thatâs all about the kitchen. This âSave the Plate, Stock Their Kitchenâ invitation will have guests drooling over the party before they reach your door. Another suggestion: âLetâs Get to Breading Before the Wedding.â Cheesy, we know. But what are bridal showers for if not reminiscing on delicious old times?

      Join us for a cooking-themed gift shower to celebrate

      Natalie and Ethan

      Letâs dish out some love.April 16 at 4 pm

      8910 Hillcrest South

      Hosted by Lizzie and Dan

      If You Have A Gift Registry Or Honeymoon Registry

      Floral Bridal Shower Invitation Template for MS Word

      If you have registered for gifts or your honeymoon at a particular store or travel agent, youll need to include the details in your invitations for your guests – store name or street address, website and any codes or details they need to reference. Here are some examples:

      Your presence at our wedding is the greatest gift of all. However, should you wish to honour us with a gift, a list has been registered with

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      How Much Money Should I Put On A Wedding Gift Card

      Answer: Let your budget be your guide.

      Never overspend on a wedding gift, no matter how much the person means to you, how much you think others are spending on gifts or how much the bride and groom collectively paid for the wedding. The only dollar value that matters is the one you can afford.

      Keep in mind, however, that a gift card should be redeemable without requiring the newlyweds to spend their own money. For example, if your budget says 25 dollars is the amount you can give, then the gift card should be redeemable for food or merchandise within that price range. Gift cards to the couples registry can be in any denomination because chances are good theyll get several gift cards to the same place and can put the gift cards collectively to good use.

      Asking For Gifts On A Wedding Invitation

      Asking for gifts on a wedding invitation is acceptable to many. Especially, if it is done by registering with and using a wedding gift registry. All that you need to do is to write at the name of the registry at the bottom of your wedding invitation for example, We are registered with .

      A poem to let your guests know that you have set up a registry is also a nice way of asking for gifts

      An example is:

      The only thing that we really want for our wedding day

      is for you to be there to celebrate with us,

      but if you would like to give us a gift,

      we have a gift list at , and .

      All our love

      If you would prefer to receive money instead of items, your wording on your invitation is important. This is where the many poems that have been created come in handy as they are straight to the point but put in a really nice way. You can also take a look at some cute ways to ask for money as a wedding gift.

      With many of the poems, they mention the reason why the couple doesnt want any item gifts, like for instance that they already have everything that they need. The poem also then gives the purpose of the money, like it will help pay for their honeymoon or repairs on their new home.

      An Example of such a poem is:

      We have been together for long

      We have all that we really need

      Your presence at our wedding is a gift enough

      And if you are thinking of giving us something,

      A contribution towards our dream honeymoon would be appreciated.

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      Postponed Bridal Shower Cards

      This bridal card postponement wording is written by the bride and reads,


      At this time, the health and well-being of my beloved family, friends and members of the community are the most important concern for me.

      With that in mind, I have decided to postpone my bridal shower.

      It goes on to say that when the time is right, the date will be changed and guests will be informed. By The Spotted Olive.

      buy here

      Rsvp Details Are A Must

      Pin on Dream Jar

      Youll want to know whos attending your soiree, so dont forget to add in the RSVP details in your bridal shower invitation wording. This will let everyone know who they should confirm with and how to do it. So add in the name of the contact, their phone number, email or address and a deadline .

      Example: To RSVP please contact by at

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      Video Result For Bridal Shower Recipe Cards Wording

      Stampin’ Up! Simple yet Elegant Wedding/Bridal Shower…
      How to Word Lingerie Bridal Shower Invitations?
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      Can You Ask For Cash For Your Wedding

      Answer: Yes.

      Since many people feel that cash and gift cards are nearly synonymous , I thought it would be important to additionally ask if it is okay to request cash instead of gifts for a wedding. To this survey question, 77% said that it is acceptable to ask for cash instead of traditional wedding presentsabout 10% less than the number of people who said it is okay to request gift cards. Reasons for saying it is okay to ask for cash included things like offsetting the cost of the wedding, contributing to a honeymoon or saving the couple from having to return duplicate or unneeded gifts. Still, not everybody thinks asking for money is the polite thing to do.

      So, for me, the way in which you ask for cash or gift cards is the more important thing to consider.

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      Things To Consider Before Writing A Thank You Note

      Before you begin writing, theres a few key questions you should ask yourself that will make crafting your thank you note easier.

      1. What is your relationship to the guest? If youre close with the guest, such as a bridesmaid or your best friendyour message should be personal and heartfelt. However, if you dont know the guest well, or just met them for the first time, a short and sweet thank you note is just fine.

      2. Was the guest able to attend the shower? If the guest was able to celebrate with you in person, make sure to call it out in your thank you note. If they were unable to attend, let them know how much you missed them.

      3. Did the guest provide a gift? If so, what was it? A thank you note is required for every guest that attended your bridal shower, whether they brought a present or not. However, if a guest did purchase a gift, its important to specifically mention it in your note . The same goes for guests who mailed a gift but were unable to attend the party.


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